29 Countries Accepting Refugees From Syria And The Mideast

29 Countries Accepting Refugees From Syria And The Mideast

Justin Trudeau mentions he is visiting import 25,000 Syrian evacuees through Christmas time. That’s seven full weeks coming from currently. An estimated 129,000 persons of Syrian-Lebanese-Palestinian origin remained in the U.S. by 1920, based on researchers at the Moise A. Khayrallah Facility for Lebanese Diaspora Research studies at North Carolina Condition. Arab-Americans cleared up in […]


September 9/11

The hour of truth and the total overthrow of the Novus Ordo Seclorum (of secularism) approach to the followers of deception, manipulation and democratic corruption that are the Franks near secular masonries of the Socialist International, as well as to close the Illuminati world of Zionist and capitalist ideology that are supporters of the antichrist, […]

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Conspiracy Theories

In order to unite it under one banner to return to Jerusalem and set up the Islamic foundations with genuine established rules, real justice, real principles of equality and real laws, which in the lands of Islam, everything has Everyone must comply by following the will of God the Lord (swt) which is unique and […]