September 9/11

The hour of truth and the total overthrow of the Novus Ordo Seclorum (of secularism) approach to the followers of deception, manipulation and democratic corruption that are the Franks near secular masonries of the Socialist International, as well as to close the Illuminati world of Zionist and capitalist ideology that are supporters of the antichrist, and after order global and Satanic in the United States, Russia, the European Union, China, the India and the Brazil, have in the land Islam called for censorship, tyranny and dictatorship of the military juntas who set up the mess after be separated laws of Allah with the principle of secular disbelief came from France, in order to repopulate the Earth sai of Zionist settlers and lay NTE Muslims of Palestine while expelling them from their homes and their land, who in front of Allah who is not blind, this land not lay Muslims, it is sacred and inviolable in front of Allah who is not blind, as is the God of the franc anti-religious military lay masonry and anti-islam.

With displayed on the banner below ‘Rayat’ the odd number of 1999 (09991) in rationality with an even number of the Kaaba to 1 618 033 who is none other than the sign code and encrypted Union O for the community Muslim woman between 19 letters of the Basmallah with the 99 most beautiful names of Allah (swt). In a link obvious with sign by Allah (swt) who is none other than that of the last eclipse solar total of the 20th century that took place on 11 August 1999 in order to open the era of the 3Rd Millennium and which was found throughout the northern hemisphere of Europe but especially in Paris who is none other than the city of light (truth) in rationality with the other city of light (truth) is the Holy City of Medina. The encoded 19 digit letters of the Basmallah who is none other than the true ‘el haq”and one of the 99 servants of Allah having been verified during a night of the 9th month of the Lunar Hijri calendar Ramadan ( 1433) emigration in the direction of Mecca, and just before the Hajj from 2012 in conjunction with the 9th month of the solar calendar in 2012.


Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim
in the name of God, the most merciful, the most merciful “Al-Karim the generous”.

Holy Qur’an: surah 17 , Al-Isra (Centre) / verse 85
“and they ask you about the soul, – say:”the soul is the order of my Lord”.”. And you have been given only a little knowledge. ”
But we must see the website called ascension of the dust of atom (soul reborn/reactivated)
on the rise from the dust of atom at the service of the Lord of the universe, Allah (swt)
To understand what means be at the service of the Lord of the universe, Allah (swt)
in a sign for the “obedient” truly Muslim community has all the will of Allah (swt)

In order to unite it under one banner to return to Jerusalem and set up the Islamic foundations with real rules, real justice, real principles of equality and true laws, in the lands of Islam, all of which each must comply by following the will of God the Lord (swt) that is unique and without partner (es) being above justice and laws established by the infidels and hypocrites, for having sent the last Messenger and last Prophet of humanity that is Muhammad (saaws), but also in order to unite the Muslim community to defeat the cult of the occult, hidden in the shadow of the religions, that are the pyramids of the illuminati in the service of their false Messiah and his single eye, which is none other than thought unique elite, not only by being close to Zionism, and then the horns of satan responsible for the fitna to have followed the United States in 1947 created Israel, without forget the fascism of Freemasonic with their Novus secularism Ordo Seclorum (secular) having been set up in the Arabic countries, as in Algeria, then implement the censorship and slavery world of the 3 great political pyramids of Giza are capitalism, and whose Arab monarchies are supporters of this ideology races to the riches came from Britain, but also of the censorship and global slavery of 2 other pyramids of the franc lay masonry, that are those of socialism and of communism, including the evidence you are introduced to the chapter new world order of this website as the enemies of the true religion of Allah attack.

Here’s the (11/9) or 11 September 2001 reversed having implemented the globalization of the dictatorship and censorship of francs-masonry and the Illuminati are the 2 towers of the rebellion) Illuminati and Freemasonry) and, just after the fall of the Berlin wall took place on 9 November 1989 (911) in a global conspiracy of elites that are the Illuminati and the masonry close to Zionism and its franc International, in order to repopulate Muslim Palestine of Zionist settlers and lay people from around the world or the Muslims all over the world and especially Palestine and Gaza are oppressed by these same cabal of rebels and infidels after being abandoned and then sold by the munafik (the hypocrites in the monarchies of countries of golf, but also by those of the Morocco and Jordan) for all the dounias (financial reward and that of power) which are offered to them by a Protestant majority nations and secular, including the United States, the European Union, the Canada, England, the Australia, the Brazil and the Mexico, in Exchange for recognition of Zionist ideology, having implemented the disorder and corruption in the world into land Islamic.

Holy Quran: surah 5 Al – my ‘ idah (the table spread) / verse 72 “ones, certainly, kaafirs (infidels and unbelievers) who say:”truly, Allah is the Messiah, son of Mary”then the Messiah said:”O children of Israel, worship. ” Allah, my Lord is your Lord.” Anyone who associates with Allah (of other deities) Allah forbade paradise; and his refuge will fire. And for the unjust, no helpers! »

Holy Qur’an: Sura 48 Al-Fath (the victory) / verse 28 ‘ it is he who has sent his Messenger with the guided and the religion of truth (Islam) to triumph over any other religion, Allah is sufficient as a witness “and Allah) SWT) is not one-eyed, as are the followers of socialism, communism and then capitalism just as close to the worship of Satan and the Antichrist massih’s materialism of the calf of gold and his race to wealth ( 2 Al-Baqarah Sura)

With shown below, the significance of the 3 fateful dates revealed in the Holy Qur’an by the figure of the Trinity:
‘And don’t say 3, it’s over, it’s better for you’ because after 3 there is 4 ) Judgment based on the Holy Quran) and 5 (last judgment).

11 September 1941 (11/9): beginning of the construction of the Pentagon with the 5 sides of a nerve center of the military high command American to launch an emergency 911call.

9 November 1989 (9/11): fall of the Berlin wall to start the reconciliation between blocks East/West (Russia/United States) then, and a year later by G. H. W. Bush’s speech, implement the policy Satanist of globalization in which takes place the repopulation of Israel and the expulsion of the Muslim from Palestine, Gaza, and Cis-Jordannie peoples including this policy and this Machiavellian plot is implemented by followers of Zionist ideology and hiding behind a Jewish identity and identity lay Protestant pro-Israel.

11 September 1990 (11/9): speech of George H. W. Bush before Congress decreeing the implementation of the new world order (Novus Ordo Seclorum) having been illuminated by the followers of the blind eye and the single eye of the antichrist, which currently is imprisoned on an island in its dimension of space and has another temporal dimension of ours off the coast of Africa which will be be released of his world in order to get out of a rocky place to appear on a path between the Iraq and Syria, through a time warp and interdimensionelle of one of the gates of heaven “El-Arch”, after that the followers of Antichrist massih are francs-masonry, the Illuminati, the evangelists, the Zionists and the hypocrites who hides within the Muslim community, have put in place, not only the drying up of the sea of Galilee, then caused the sad events of a certain 11 September 2001

11 September 2001 (911): Destruction of 2 twin towers of the World Trade Center in an equation of the Pentagram, not only in order to discredit and demonize the Muslim religion, which is not compatible with this new order world followed by his new deal, but also to prevent Al-Ajamiy (not Arabic) to return to the religion of Islam, so that the truth will be revealed.

Three fateful dates that are not due to chance, after having been established in coded language between illuminati, in order to prepare, premeditate and implement the world September 11 conspiracy 2001, for the purpose of build their principle of globalisation that has no respect for the choices of peoples, abusing them, by deceiving them, in indoctrinating them, then manipulating them to better exploit them politically, once these same elites have been placed in the top 3 great pyramids, which are other than capitalism with its policy of speculation on the foreign exchange markets by order of magnitude, debauchery and decadence in globalization, implementing the dounia (reward) for vile financial profit of its elites who make demeusurement grow capital, then then socialism with its consumer policy implementing the dounia (reward) for a vile advantage of its elites that make you grow demeusurement your usage for better into debt you, to then be dependent on the rich and the powerful of this world, you thus reducing has modern slavery.

After the elites of these 2 great pyramids of capitalism and socialism plunging you into ignorance by a return to the days of the jâhilîya, have manipulated then manipulated the Muslim religion against the big 3Rd pyramid is that of communism and its symbol of the hammer and the fossil has implemented its policy work and the productivity of the people at the bottom of the pyramid of slavery for a vile political and financial elites profit from then at the stages of socialism and capitalism, after great pyramids of capitalism and socialism that will fall from the top of their was placed at the top of the 3 .

The 2 last pyramids of capitalism and socialism that directs you straight to liberal extremism, then to what previously under the commandments of the Lord of the universe (swt) the hallal then becomes haram, but under the command of the elite close to the ideologies capitalist, Socialist and Communist, thus eventually lead to extremism of materialism and rivalries, races to the riches of the temporal power, then to that of super-profit, of the superproductivite and consumption credit, but with interest (ribaa) for the good to be material and financial of the powerful lobbies that will fall from the top of their pyramids, and after setting up the global elites, who manipulates, lie and indoctrinates populations at the bottom of the pyramid.

Especially, after these same elites having been placed at the top of the 2 last great pyramids of capitalism and socialism have imposed their design of a world order with respect to the Muslim world, which even though say the thirsty hyocrites materialism, is incompatible with the single eye of legislation of the United nations set up with their principle fascistic dictatorship of secularism for a vile profit policy anti-Islam of capitalism, communism, socialism and the rights of the man who aren’t that deception, not only after having led to the creation of a Zionist State of Israel, was subsequently, and as demonstrated by the evidence which are presented in this Web site, have through their Sphinx constitutional for which is other than that of secularism, when in 1947 and by the resolution 181 of the single eye of occult powers hidden in the shadow of the United nations, have led to the creation of the Zionist State of Israel, then and by the grace of the world of the elite conspiracy close to the Zionist ideology and dictatorship United nations, build Israel of nuclear weapons with the construction of the Dimona plant, and finish well, but thanks to this threat to peace in the world by imposing its very existence against the wishes of the Lord of the universe (swt) that is unique and without partner (es) in the creation of all things, just as it is clearly stated in verse 72 of Sura 5 displayed above 2 twin World Trade Center towers that are the plotters of changers “Traders” subject has strong organizations hidden in the United States and around the world, secret organizations who exploited and manipulated the Muslim religion for a vile profit commercial and financial of the children of Israel, but also to a vile advantage of their allies close to the Zionist ideology and those wanting to rebuild the 3Rd temple of Zionism, and on the very foundations of the 3rdand last shrine of Islam, after having been clearly reported in the new testament according to St. John.

The same, who today pretend to be victims after handling the religion of Islam (peace) by peaceful ideology, a weapon of war and terror, as more than 2,000 years ago by posing as victims After plotting to assassinate Jesus (aws), and after plotting against his mother (AAR) to know who are going to take care of his Mama (AAR) to murder, when she was carrying the baby, and keep it so to accomplish and finish its mission.

The plotters of today, with their allies, who in fairness, receive only what they have sown, before harvesting the wrath of the Lord of the universe (swt), including the infiltrators in the Muslim religion that one displays to light in media propaganda lie close to the masonry on the left, and including their refuge, will be the fire of hell, just as it is clearly stated in the verse 72 of Sura 5 that as evidence is shown above then intended for any ally of plotters that are the infiltrated the Muslim religion as being close to the United States, the Russia, China, the European Union, of England, the Brazil and the India, also close to the ideology of the children of Israel, After have installed then decreed for centuries and centuries, their ideology of a single eye and a single thought of globalization, through their design of a new world order of the 20th century which was set up against even the Divine wishes, where the existence and reconciliation of the term with the infidels and plotters words having been used by Allah (swt) by the Arabic word of “Kafirounes” being hand in hand with “Mounafiqoun”.

And then at the dawn of the 21St century, eventually set up a new deal materialistic, financial and political in their new world order of the 20th century, who was responsible for the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy having was sponsored and planned by the illuminati to the right, are the neo-conservatives close to the Bush family, but also by their allies of plotters Masonic the left caviar, those and those which are based on the principle of secularism, in a reconciliation of enemies of Islam, set up their design of the Zionist State of Israel, then, and with gold, a little as in the parable of a calf in gold with the temples of the global stock market, rebuild on the very foundations of has the Al-Aqsa Mosque that has nothing do with the dome of the rock, the 3Rd temple of Zionism and evangelism, to welcome their misleading false Messiah back in place the Ark of the Covenant, and thus, ending by taking for the Lord of the universe (swt) by controlling the gates of Heaven (vortex) and the divine wills, whose 10 major signs of the end of time, and having been advised by powerful occult forces of services secrets militiare, then to the US Air Force and the NSA, which is none other than the eye of espionage, manipulation and dictatorships, putting in place the eye of the thought unique e of the Masonic sign having started a certain 9/11/1989 with the fall of the Berlin wall in a East-West rapprochement, in the same year of the events of the place Tian Anmen in Beijing China, but with for response to this new world order decreed by the infidels and their allies, the sad events of 11 September 2001.

The 3 devices of death, services, NSA, CIA, Mossad, MI6, Russian FSB, and European left will allow on the 2 towers twins a certain 911 on a New York City represented by his statue of freedom of expression, where the airport is 3 letters of JFK who wanted to reveal all this plot evil and evil of the children of Israel and their allies, after that it was revealed in the Holy Qur’an, by language encoded and encrypted in having been announced and predicted after have so decreed by the Lord of the universe: “by 2 times you create corruption on Earth” for all the children of Israel and their allies hiding in their hearts.

Masonic and political conspiracy world established by are the neo-conservatives close to capitalism, then by others that are neo-conservatives from the near left of the Socialist International who was the military dictatorships friend manipulating and abusing religion, including against the Communist ideology to better mislead the world in being secretly immersed in their war against the Muslim religion that has nothing see, with capitalism or socialism or with Communism, which in this is one evidence displayed in the video below, concerning the female presences have been infiltrated in the political elite entourage, to better use their charms within the world of politics, which among other things, by having used the charms of Marilyn Monroe, but also those of Judith Campbell to have been put into practice on John Fitzgerald Kennedy to better make it sing, in a clear link between the dangerous Mafia with Salvatore Giancana liaisons, which here is some evidence that you can see by clicking on assassination and common interests with secular Freemasonry, but also in other common interests between Jack Ruby (born Rubenstein) club boss carousel in Dallas with the network Stay Behind while remaining hidden behind each network, and who is none other than that of the CIA at the service of the NSA, hand in hand with the Israeli Mossad and another common point of the common interests between anciennemen t the Russian KGB became FSB with Lee Harvey Oswald, in order to plan the Kennedy assassination with the obvious reason to his assassination, was not only that he did not want that Israel has of the weapon and a nuclear power plant, but also because Kennedy wanted to reveal all this global conspiracy, having been put in place and then developed by the illuminati are the elite of today, in being secretly immersed in their crusade against the Muslim religion, by the grace of their new alliance of the 21th century of the illuminati close to fascism and the anti-religion of secularism, having been established in their globalization of the 20th century, through their “Novus Ordo Seclorum” new order Séculaire latin (of the Secularization of) Muslim States) which in 1933 was shown then printed on the greenback to the U.S. dollar by the Franks masonry world after having been illuminated by the materialistic of the dajjal (Antichrist) placed massih blind eye at the top of the pyramid Earth, the one who spies on everything from space via DARPA and network level you can see by clicking on knowledge is be the power

Because in a new world order, the 11 September 2001 was only the beginning of a shock 9 materialistic cultures hidden within the 3 great pyramids, you can contemplate its result to the chapter Nuclear genocide of this site Internet, after being dipped in a race to the wealth of raw materials, and energy of their evil dualities by a shock of energy negative and positive of the blind eye of the liar who was then printed on the green ticket of the American dollar, who as by miracle in 2007, and a year before the global financial crisis of 2008 was implemented with the help of the IMF, was cleared by the U.S. federal reserve after installing the supreme power of the White House, an apostate to Islam, to continue the new materialistic dounia (reward) gives one of the carrot, that is, no more and no less, that of corruption put in place by the followers of Zionism, and after having set up the stick, the strikes and the dictatorship of Israel and its United nations embargoes, then put in place a policy of hand stretched from the United States of America being close to the ideology Capitalist and Socialist of the calf of gold of the children of Israel who themselves are infiltrated in the middle of the 3 monotheistic religions, and then in the middle of the United nations that their building is struck by the number 666, which is none other than that of the elites representing a minority of the people who is sitting at the edge of the waters in New York, after having set up the principle of the 3 great pyramids of capitalism, socialism and communism to spread corruption, disorder,. slavery peoples then the murder on Earth, even in Muslim countries, as the prophecy and the curse of God announced in the Holy Quran against corruptors, the slavers and the Sowers of disorder which has our time and to the middle of the globalization of nations, take to the chosen people of God.

After setting up this culture shock materialistic and ideological totalitarianism, then the race to riches that have absolutely nothing to do with any religious clash of civilizations, and that until the arrival of these ideologies materialistic, monotheistic religions have always lived in peace under the rule and Muslim authority, contrary to the false and propaganda media of the close illuminati of the ideology of globalization materialistic and political the left, right and extreme regimes which voudareint you to believe that Islam is responsible for this corruption on Earth, in being relayed through their powerful lobbies media manipulation with the control and the monopoly on information, while practicing a policy of disinformation against the real Muslim community totally integrated and not corrupt, and that is obedient, only that the will of a God unique (swt) which is without partner (es) in his wishes.

The powerful lobbies of Freemasonry media having been privatized by politicians for a vile profit powerful lobbies industry, nuclear power, finance, arms and politics 3 pyramids, those of dounia) reward) offered by the systems of capitalism and socialism after having dropped communism, including each and others think having been blessed by Allah (swt), these powerful lobbies against whom I warns you, so really, you have the fear of the judgment last of the true Lord of the universe (swt), in being immersed in this search for the delights of this world, whose followers procce of the fascism of secularism and religious obscurantism only follow their own passions.

Because in all reality, and if you have a spiritual Islam light after having read and meditate calmly on the Sura 102 At-Takatur (the race to riches) of the Holy Quran, the culture shock materialistic whose followers only follow their passions, you may find you even, and all around you the shock of the race to riches for the power, which in all reality, is only one of the 9 materialistic civilization has been declared then implemented by the extremists of secular politics between the religious cult of the governance of the people, wanting to impose their philosophical secular to the rest of humanity to implement global globalization of their 3great pyramids of Giza that Capitalism, socialism and communism, thus, creating a clash of philosophies materialistic, once this fitna (separation of religion) was put in place by infidels, then by the miscreant (es) refugee in the West in claiming of the Muslim religion, while they and they are followers of secularism, but also by their accomplices of hypocrites concealed within the world has nothing of Muslim, what are the horns of Satan had risen in the province of the Nejd after financing the Taliban in Afghanistan on behalf of the United States and the European Union having put in place on their throne dictators of the United Maghreb (Ben Ali, Gaddafi, Mubarak, Bouteflikha, then the imposture of Moroccan monarchy) in order to demonize the religion Muslim, or all that it connected to religion, to thus better implement their new religion, what is the single eye of the fascism of anti-religious secularism and manipulative obscurantism.

Just as proves it, besides, this revelation made by the writer, journalist and short secular Afghan what Latif Pedram where the former Prime Minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto clearly denouncing the real culprits: “only Since 1994 and the arrival of the Taliban in the South of the country, but above all, since 1996 and the fall of Kabul, we have never stopped screaming obscurantist nature, average medieval fascistic group having been manipulated and exploited by the enemies of humanity that are American leaders, European, close Russian allies of the Zionist regime of Israel”

Then in another interview, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto makes clear, I quote: “regret having facilitated the ground to the Taliban,” but stressed “that the project of the Taliban was designed by the British, then supported by” “the Americans and funded by the Arabs” it adds, “what is obvious to us, is the role played by the Governments of Pakistan and Saudi at the time in favor of the Taliban, while wishing to eventually overthrow both the Taliban and” “fundamentalist networks and terrorists on the Afghan soil, including that of Ben Laden”, just as an article clearly indicated on this Web site you can see by clicking on the plotters and their allies who will have none helper against the biggest punishment that God can do his creation, and these people there hidden in the shadow of the powers, should know by now, so that they can sleep soundly at night until death takes them.

Mission who as everyone knows the events of 11 September 2001, was accomplished, especially, after that this anti-Muslim conspiracy was put in place, not only by the services of the C.I.A., and NSA, but after American and European leaders have been; advised by the children of Israel, not only by being close to political and power lay in the West, but also in some countries very close Arab ally of the United States and the European Union to bring down Saddam Hussein in 2003 and so to finish the job started in 1990, and at the same time, to be closer to the Iran in order to take control of the region, but also to try to control the Interdimensional distortions by which will emerge the big 10 signs of the end of time, which one of his distortions opened above the golf of Aden, whose evidence you are presented at the end of the world chapter.

Mission of the global conspiracy done by the grace of an alliance with each other, which here is evidence posted below you are put in the light, not only and just like confirms a hadith of the beloved prophet Muhammad (saaws) you can see below in Arabic pointing the place of appearance of the horns of satan to the East of the province of Hijaz, which is confirmed by the evidence of a blatant video and some photos of illuminati have infiltrated the Muslim to then implement this anti-Muslim global conspiracy, by exposing their Satanic signs of the 2 horns that these same conspirators sends to the horns of Satan in the Nejd in the direction of Riyadh province, and which is none other than the capital political and dynastic of Saudi Arabia having been set up by the Crown of thorns in England with Lawrence of Arabia, including irroniquement Westerners have romanticized history played by a certain Omar Sharif near of the imposture, of manipulation, of obscurantism (ignorance) religious and fascism of the single eye of secularism printed on the Sham of the human rights that you is presented then highlighted at the 12th page of the scientific evidence of the Holy Quran to this Web site.

The dynasty of Saudi Arabia, who, as an ally of the United States, having not only but to the era of Ronald Reagan and as soon as 1979 funded and set up the Taliban, Oussama Ben Laden and Al-Qaeda, whether in Chechnya, in Kosovo, in Afghanistan then in all Muslim countries, which today are affected by terrorism on behalf of the great Russia, the United States and its NATO allies, including the secular France who will drop and all his allies are the Italy, the Germany, the Poland , Great Britain, Spain, Eastern and other countries still directly involved in the echelon network after being dipped in their races to the wealth of raw materials, to implement secular dictatorships.

A clash of extremes which was announced in 1993 by Professor Huntington of the University of Rabat, following the creation of this new world order set up by the fascism of the laity once it was declared a certain 11 September 1990 . for the good be unbelievers, infidels, imposters, hypocrites, but also for the sake of thirsting for materialism, of finance and political power in being immersed in their quest for the dounias and the delights of this world that their are offered by intellectual fascism of capitalism and socialism established by the grace of the principle of secularism, illuminated by the blind eye of the imposture of the rights of man, which not only has been a liberal Sham who appeal to the disorder and chaos, but also a sham that is only a pretext to infiltrate the Muslim nations to fall the Muslim religion, after having armed, financed, manipulated, trained, created and manipulated from 1979 the religion against communism in Afghanistan for then better demonise, as if it were bread blessed in the base of the materialists and the plotters, finally becoming the weapon of terror was put in place by the Sowers of disorder on Earth, who today pretend to be victims after all this corruption on Earth.

The same plotters to the teeth well sharpened having manipulated the terror, who today killed Muslim populations, all over the world in reducing its population with silent weapons of mass destruction, the bombs are fragmentation enriched uranium- 238, and which were used against tanks made in the USA, China, Russia, France, Great Britain, what are the 5 great dictators of the world of fake democracy of the United nations which sells has the power lobbies infiltrated among the United nations, by having a permanent seat on the UN Security Council, with soon a 6th nation of the India plunged into his race to wealth, but also in its run to the control of land border has his nation by placing them under his authority to better then repopulate of settlers who came to India.

Because when one handles and manipulates the sword of the religion that must never be manipulated then exploited for vile material profit of capitalism, socialism against communism, so this religion turns against the manipulators of conspirators concealed within the policy having enjoyed all their lusts, after having murder unfairly children of the Muslim religion, by a nuclear genocide veiled and censored by the mass media of the West, but also by their accomplices in countries, Arabic, South American and black African for this decision they have to lose financially, materially and politically with their systems of corruption that corrupt Muslim society in their race’s evangelization of Islamic lands, as proves it here again, the course of history and reality found in the field which is advertised in the video below intituleevangelistes pro-sionistes crusades anti-islam and nuclear genocide in being immersed in their quest for a Jerusalem one and indivisble capital of Zionism, the evangelists and the Laity of a new global anti-Muslim secular order (Antichrist).

With shown below 2 Hadith authentic with their references that you can check, sent in a sign of piety those and those who do not discern the right from wrong, lies and the truth, after having been revealed to the surah 114 year – Nas of the Holy Quran then passed below, in a warning that is not taken lightly and to not fall into disbelief by having truly fear of judgment, and if really, the one (es) and the other to the Breast of the Muslim religion, are truly obedient (es) to the will of Allah (swt), without no partner or associate, including Satan the accursed, to manipulate and then manipulated by the plotters to lay close to the European Union and his imposture of the rights of man, but also by evangelicals hidden in the shadow of the powerful industrial lobbies, military, media and financial just as close to the enemies of Islam that are followers of Zionism and politics, so do not bringing armed Western in the land of Islam (as for example the dispora Iranian in the West), and everything as fact Saddam Hussein had been manipulated and exploited by the media and the plotters in the United States, in France, in Germany, England and Russia, as well as by the leaders of the Gulf countries with first of which, the leaders of Kuwait, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, after you have created, put in place, then directed then manipulated Osama bin Laden and his Al Qaida network on behalf of the masonry to install the new world centuries-old order of the advocates of globalization in the 21St century with their anti Islamic power in the lands of islam so eventually murder of the brothers and the Sisters of Muslim religion are Muslim civilians not guilty of only corruption on Earth.

In order to reduce the weapons of the assassins who stood against brothers and sisters of the same Muslim faith not guilty of corruption on Earth, because anyone who becomes the enemy of Gabriel (as), Michael (as) and the messengers, as became Westerners with their new order world séculaire anti-Christ, then they become irremediablemnt of the enemies of Allah (swt), which among other American leaders, British, French, German, Israeli, then in countries that are spending for the Islamic republics whose constitutions are certainly based on the Qur’anic revelation but especially materialistic ideologies Communist, Socialist and capitalist, as in Iraq have become secular socialist and later in Tunisia secular and Communist who is plotting against a party of Ehnada, as in the Algeria of national socialism became lay with his military coup of 1991, or at the Morocco of the alawite near deception of the globalization of liberalism Economic and financial with its peneus to wealth, then the Pakistanis lay shopping and after the other with the Gulf Arab monarchies have exploited, funded, created, implemented and directed towards the Afghanistan believers against the Socialist invasion of the Red Army from 1979 for then in 2001 murder of brothers and sisters same religion not guilty of only corruption on Earth, and puor on behalf of the Franc masonry with his new order global setting up his new religion with secularism that separates islam from world politics with false Muslims belonging complicity has the world masonry with infilre States Islamic, as was the case in Egypt with the blow the secular Arab masonry against Mohammed Morsi only military coup was democratically elected president for 4 years by the sovereign people expressed at the ballot box and not in the street when Muslims took power, after being ousted by the army for more than 100 years and after that this same army the Franc Egyptian masonry Socialist and secular have in 1978 and camp David, signed the peace agreements with Israel a secular and Franc Macconnique.

Which of course and just like you remarqerez, all these conspiracies that separates islam from political power, as well as anti globalization power Islamic, arranged only one people (the kids of israel) then a single nation blessed by Satan with its NATO allies, the United States with his lifestyle including young astray towards the side material ended up kissing at the expense of single religion which will not be accepted by Allah on the day of the settlement of accounts of the powers anti Islamic, that we don’t not represent with a single eye, bricked of Bolshevism Socialist and secular Franc globalization with its financial and economic liberalism.

With first of all, the first 2 references no.1559 narrated by Al-Bukhaari and Muslim hadiths located at page 730 of the Riyadh’re-Saliheen’s police station book “Gardens of virtue” of Yahya Ibn Sharaf Ed-DIN An-Nawawi in the editions Universal: Ibn Mas’oud (Allah the agre) reported that the Prophet Muhammad (saaws) said: “Insulting the Muslim statement of impiety, and fight statement of disbelief”

And finally, the second hadeeth No.698 narrated by Al-Bukhaari and Muslim references located in chapter 90 of 371 in the Riyadh’re-Saliheen’s police station page “Gardens of virtue”: any after that Ibn Abdullah (Allah the authorized) Muhammad) saaws) said during his last pilgrimage of farewell in asking people to observe silence and listen to his sermon. “Do not become disbelievers after my death (saaws) in you where.”


Then the words of Allah (swt) the Lord of the heavens and of the universe (swt)

Holy Qur’an: surah 114 year – Nas (men) / verses 1 to 6
‘ say: “I seek refuge in the Lord of men.” “The ruler of men, God of men, from the evil of the bad Advisor, stealth, blowing the bad in the breasts of men, that he (the Advisor) either a Jinn or a human being”. »

Holy Qur’an: Sura 77 Al-Mursalate (the enovoyes) / verse 4
“by those who separate much (good and bad),”

Holy Quran: 2 Al-Baqarah (the cow) surah / verse 2
“this is the book about which there is no doubt, this is a guide for the righteous.”

Holy Qur’an: Sura 8 Al-Anfal (the spoils) / verse 29
‘ o you who believe! ” If you fear Allah, he will grant you the ability to discern (between the good and the bad), you will erase your wrongdoing and forgive you. And Allah is the holder of the enormous grace.”

For that, and if you are really believers and Muslim (e), you stop you being manipulated by each other, as this technique of manipulation and instrumentalization of the Muslim religion, is that of the dajjal (Antichrist) massih to the service of satan in his policy for the evangelization of the land musulanes, those who have nothing angelic in their crusade against Islam, not only in order to repopulate Muslim lands of Zionist settlers, including that of Palestine, but also and especially to create the great fitna (division) between Muslim (es), but for the account and the interests of the churches of scientologies and the Evangelical Reformed churches, in a low profit of the Zionist regime of Israel and of the laity with the imposture of their human rights, and thus better settle for centuries and centuries, the black order of the imposture had been prepared by the Group of illuminati close the anti-Christ and the horns of Satan with their worship of the single eye, and including evidence of their cult are displayed in this Web site, but if you’re a believer (e).

In fact about the cult of the single eye, it is interesting to make the link between time loop and the description of the Antichrist, not only with a hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (saaws) who opens a little more eyes in being narrated by Muslim and passed to the page 838 of the chapter of the Hadiths chosen in Riyadh are-Saliheen’s police station (the gardens of virtue) book published by universal from imam Yahya Ibn Sharaf Ed-DIN An-Nawawi then references no.1808, where Ennawas Ibn Sam’ana (Allah the approved) reported this: “the Messenger of Allah (saaws) told us one morning of the Antichrist, the Antichrist is a young man with frizzy hair and eye off”

But also and in another common point between out of a time warp with description of the Antichrist and single eye of secularism, here are displayed in photos and video below, evidence that the Arabian holy land is contaminated by those who not only practice the cult of the blind eye, but also that of the occult, witchcraft, shamanism and shirk, of maraboutism, which is none other than the worship of the Goooo by being close to the Sufi ideology, just as close with ideologies esoteric Jewish Kabbalah, then that of the Trinity, as well as that of the Buddhist cult and Brahminical, we cannot wish them to return on a dedicated unique worship one God who is not a spirit.

With a video, that as evidence for those who are in bad faith, speaks for itself and which was taken by the Saudi religious police entering a wizard using the worship of the spirits of shamanism, Voodoo, of maraboutism , by invocation of human beings, which during prehistoric times and during their invocations of the Goooo showing their hands having been left on the walls of caves in being immersed in their trances invoked the cult of the single eye, then one of the shamans. marabouts and Voodoo is being spread in Haiti, in Louisiana, in Asia, in Africa, then in Europe, which the prints dating back to 9500 years BC (it is 12000 years) e found in a place called Cueva las manos who is on site the Rio pinturas in Argentina, as well as on the walls of the cave of Lascaux and Chauvet in France are the most obvious evidence.

Cults of the blind, the occult eye of witchcraft, of shirk, of maraboutism, the shamanism, which as a result of the global flood was imported from Asia to Africa by the first natives who then be rependirent in France in sheltering in caves, of which that of Lascaux and Chauvet, as demonstrated by evidence posted below for any follower of the deception and the association.

THEN in 1998 comes Osama bin LADEN and the policy of globalization
supporters of DAJJAL (ANTICHRIST) to better to DEMONIZE Muslims

Oussama Ben Laden who was approached, manipulated and exploited by the Saudi prince Turki Al Faisal in photo below, former head of the intelligence services of Saudi Arabia from 1977 to 2001, in a globalization policy implementation place by the United States to approach Oussama Ben Laden and send him to Afghanistan to train mujahedin militias, then fighting the Communist invasion in the interest of the United States capitalist system making the most of demeusurement capital of the plotters in the interest of Israel and his reconstruction of his 3Rd temple on the foundations of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, just as shows clear evidence concerning the collaboration very close Saudi with the State Zionist in Israel and his father are the United States, you can see by clicking on the ulema of Al-Azhar in Cairo protest against the grand mufti Saud, of Israel and the Americans

But if this course has not been censored, see even codes of the link knowingly altered or deliberately placed in a State of hibernation by the web-bot of the super hidden computer in Washington at the Pentagon, one of the internet Cobweb with its 5 sides in order to hide evidence of infidelity to the laws of Allaah, then the hypocrisy of the plotters protecting their common interests are the Franks masonry world, also close to the horns of satan in the Gulf that are the monarchies of the petro-dollars that do not want a weak dollar, being equally close to the fra, cs masonries of petro-dollars to the United States, then the big oil companies of the European Union, also porch of the Jordannie, of Lebanon, of the Morocco and Israel thus protecting the crowned heads of petro-dollars set up by the companies, the Russia, the France and the United States and Israel in the nation of hypocrites (mounafiqoune) and infidelity to the laws of Allah (Kafirine), with their secret organization between masonry called The Elite Network is presented in the chart in chapter new world order from this website in Jihad against the enemies of true Islam, but also against the monarchies of the petro-dollars just as close of the anglo-saxons and their friends evangelists and israelites who created Israel against even the will of God.

So then and in a connection between masonry and globalization francs, the Saudi prince Turki Al – Faisal is named Ambassador of Saudi Arabia in London. Then in 2008 and another reconciliation between the2 families (Saud and Bush), prince Turki Al Faisal was appointed Ambassador to Washington in order to replace his cousin Bandar Ben Sultan displayed in picture below with Georges Walker Bush,. known for being a member of the sect of the Skulls and Bones 322, after that the Saudi dynasty was dirt of Islam and for 22 long years, at the service of World Freemasonry, all as confirmed by the link of Radio France International by clicking Bandar Bush

Bandar Ben Sultan, a graduate of the British Royal Air Force College at Cranwell in Britain, so that then in 1968 he joined the Saudi Air Force. There, during his missions to the United States, established personal relationships with George H. Bush Sr. and then with George W. Bush son, as well as with Dick Cheney. He was known as Bandar Bush, for its links with the president of the United States where the Saudi oil family holds 7percent of the investment, or about 860 billion dollars in a capitalist system that is be good profitable for speculators to make bank accounts, including those of the hypocrites (munafiqun) in the Gulf, the munafiqoune with as they have done with Saddam Hussein, manipulated and exploited Oussama Ben Laden, and which is other than one of the many reason on the conspiracy of the 11 September in a policy of common interests between the horns of Satan with the British Conservatives and the ultra liberal Americans not wishing to change their system which is not in accordance with the will of Allah (swt), except, of course, for the followers of the Antichrist and his single eye.

So that finally attacks are planned for 11 September by a signal having been given the 9 September 2001, with the assassination of Commander Massoud that occurred 2 days before the events of the 11 September 2001 in a sign intended for 2 twin towers, in order to better put in place the globalization of the Antichrist (Dajjal Massih) when 11 years earlier and a certain 11 September 1990 This globalization of rivalries, genocides, shopping at the leisures and individualism was decreed by the infidels and hypocrites, then by the followers of deception and of unbelief, and as obvious evidence presented in this site Internet shows clearly, if however, you’re not hit signs of hypocrisy and bad faith after having been indoctrinated and manipulated, not only so to rid of the horns of Satan and the munafiqoune, but also for to rid of plotters who thought this close globalization of the illuminati are the neocons and followers Freemasonry secular create and export to the country of musulamns to divide.

Two fateful dates of September designed with the complicity of Governments American, Saudi, British, French, Russian, Chinese, German and Israeli, and, by other evidence e; obvious, when the C.I.A. had been warned by the services Secrets French of the D.G.S.E. and as early as January 2001 of an imminent attack on American soil, as an independent journalist and integrated specialized in so-called espionage cases Guillaume Dasquié says in the video that is presented below, and some followers of massih dajjal (of Quackery) in their forums on the internet, pretend to be an accomplice of the dictatorship of the pro-American French Government after having been judicially prosecuted by the Government French censorship at the service of the globalization of capitalism has been shaped by the United States, for the good be elites also hidden on the internet and that manipulating you then you indoctrinates for better lead astray you from the truth of their plot Anti-Christ having the will to rebuild the second temple on the foundations of the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

After that this independent investigative journalist specializing in espionage and terrorism cases have disclosed secret information defense in an article published in the journal the world 16 April 2007 on a meeting that would have occurred between a CLA agent with Oussama Ben Laden who organized Hospital American of Dubai in July 2001, it is to say not only 2 months before the assassination of Commander Massoud in Afghanistan having been the sign 2 days later the events of 11 September, as evidenced also information that was broadcast in a newscast of France Television, the extract of this newscast is presented in video entitled 911, Ben Laden and the global conspiracy located earlier in this chapter.

This is so therefore, obvious reasons why the journalist was pursuivis then put in review by the Minister Michelle Alliot Marie, after disclosing the hidden connection between different plotters who planned these so-called attacks that did not go unnoticed by the occult powers that are the military intelligence of the US Air Force and the NSA who designed the network listening and espionage level including evidence on the existence of the echelon network you are presented to the chapter new world order from this website, in obvious complicity between global elites with powerful lobbies and Freemasonry, whose occult services of the CIA, NSA, the Israeli MOSSAD, the Russian FSB and the D.G.S.E. are directly under each of the policies, which themselves, are placed at the top of the pyramid to be serving Israel and its Zionist policy of globalization, one that goes against the will of the sovereign people of their intended and their free choice to live according to their culture, their traditions and their religion without being constrained by any other form of religions, cultures and traditions, especially when we’re lying to the sovereign peoples of their intended after have manipulated them and indoctrinated for a vile advantage of financial systems of international capitalism and socialism, and after that these 2 great pyramids of globalization have exploited and manipulated the religion of Allah (swt), peace, having transformed the peace into a weapon of war, terror and assassinations, not only, between brothers and sisters of the same religion, but also by making murder innocents not guilty of corruption on Earth, for a vile profit financial, material and political monkeys and the abject monkeys placed at the top of the 2great pyramids have been illuminated by the blind eye of the Antichrist.

The plot of 2 fabrics woven on the internet by Al-Qaida, but also by the Skulls and bones 322, which at the time and in 1998, as confirmed by a capital information displayed in the video below, were met in a Dubai and through their words door American Hospital, which for one, with Osama bin laden, and for another, with the C.I.A. forming only a Satanic sign to organize the 11 September 2001 in a final step of the plan once the Masonic plan was ordained 11 years earlier, a certain 11 September 1990, in order to implement globalization which was thought by the children of Israel having by 2 time, and everything as it was foretold in the Holy Quran, sowed corruption on Earth.

The evidence displayed in this website that shows you in 1979 Oussama Ben Laden was on the advice of the CIA led by neo-conservatives, supported by Saudi troopsstationed, after these same conspirators (recommended) hidden in the shadow of occult powers that are the secret service and the military, have created, then armed, finane, trained and set up in Afghanistan, for better go to a war against communism, but through the Inter-Services Intelligence of Pakistan , which at the time, was also at the head of an Islamic international future into their ideological and materialistic rivalries for the good be capitalist globalization hypocrites within the Muslim religion have done by adopt, so then these same conspirators can go in a new war against a new enemy that they had them even created, in order to implement the blind eye that sees everything, espionage, censorship and dictatorship on the grounds of terrorism.

The religious weapon created has been instrumentalised, to victimize themselves to better attack and melt on prey that they have even created, with for each, Pakistan and the Saudi Arabia have paid 3 billion 300 $ million has the nebula of Oussama Ben Laden, while dépéchant in Afghanistan the Chief of secret services Saudi to set up Al-Qaeda cells, Turki Al Fayçal currently representative of the Saudi Arabia from World Organization of trade, but also with the Council of Foreign Affairs (the American think-tank), including the Saudi Arabia is also part of the G20 not to mention Saudi is also part of the Organization of countries exporters of oil) OPEC) while being close to the Monetary Fund International (IMF) representing the interest of the world’s banks and the global scholarship system making the most of demeusurement capital of the rich and powerful nations, including those exporting to oil and gas while speculating on their own raw materials, in order to draw huge financial profits through speculation and the implementation of a global conspiracy who was prepared and planned long in advance.

With any other plotters lurk in the shadows, that are the occult powers of the C.I.A. had paid to this carpet Nebula on the Internet, an equal amount of 3 billion 300 million dollars through the occult powers Pakistanis that are the secret service through become Hekmatyar Gulbuddin and the Inter-Services Intelligence (I.S.I.) subsequently and as if by miracle, terrorist, after former Prime Minister of Afghanistan, and after being former Chief of the Islamist Hezb-i-islami party created by the occult powers of Pakistan (secret service) who supported this leader policy in Afghanistan, then use it and manipulate against the regime Communist, as confirmed by this link which you can see by clicking on terrorism, manipulation, CLA, and horns of Satan in order to put in place this globalisation capitalist, which is none other than of lies, injustice and corruption while development for the well being financial and political elites plunged in their quest for power all approaching the United States and its dollar on which is printed the blind eye of the fitna to a vile profit economic, oil and gas each and the other co nvoitaient in Iraq in the oil in Basra region, and after handling Saddam Hussien to Kuwait in 1990, but with the help of a notable Iraqi what Hamad Chalabi, widely known to be a notorious crook, and after having been questioned in a financial scandal with the Bank of Jordan just as close to the Hashemite in Jordannie branch, part of this diaspora Iraqi refugee in the United States having fabricated the case of weapons of destruction to the benefit of the eager Iraqi diaspora return to power in Iraq, which was made in 2003 with the American invasion, but also in the amount of a folder of all parts of Atomic in Iran for the benefit of another Iranian diaspora refugee in West, close to the former Shah who wants it also to take back the power to the clerics in Iran, for the benefit of a globalization of capitalism and socialism for the good be financial of its elites who adhere their tyranny of a single thought and totalitarian, who in addition, is being a blatant anti-religious, with their principle of secularism.

But with hidden behind this global mess having set up terrorism in order to censor the truth that is not from a banished Royal family Saudi, Moroccan, Devil Qataris, Kuweitis, very close to the children of Israel Emiratis, who during operation desert shield before the operation desert storm to implore the protection of the United States and everything by combining the power of Allah (swt) with that of the United States having defiled the land holy and sites holy to Islam, paying him an envelope 50 billion dollars, in order to save the heads of corrupt and hypocrites have been implemented by Great Britain for one of Saud, and then by the United States and israel for the Morocco in order to save the crowned heads of Morocco of Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain, of the Qatar, of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Oman after usurping the Muslim commanedment has very close family of Muhammad (saaws) is the last of the 4 Caliphs Ar-rachidun (the rightly guided) Muslims: Ali (ra), and as James Baker himself revealed in an interview streamed video below titled the 33 plotters of the Sura 33 Al-Azhab that the thieves are very close to the kharijites who came from Eastern cities Saint of Medina and Mecca after having renounced their new religion.

And all this global Masonic conspiracy to establish a global dictatorship with a Government global establishment by a false infidel democracy to the laws of God became rebellious to God’s laws after created Israel in 1947 with the King of the israelites) Roswell for the men of understanding) and after that millions of musulmam (es) have been murdered, then horribly maimed by radio activity of uranium- 238, supposedly depleted, by the grace of a massacre and a nuclear genocide, that no only be censored by the mass media of the privatization, but also by the elites, the massacre which you can contemplate the evidence by clicking on Iraq nuclear Genocide having been set up by the 33 coalition of the Gulf war then revealed in the Holy Qur’an with surah 33 Al-Azhab.

In this regard, and if you are really thinking (e), see so some Hadith authentic to about sharks teeth well sharp is running as the hungry while murdering innocent people, not only to Iraq, then to the Afghanistan, and finally, but inch’Allah (swt) to the Iran, not only with for some in being immersed in their race for religious between Sounitte and Shiite power, then between Arab and non-Arab, and others, for all raw materials and energy than the other covets so much, and which today amongst 100 Iraqis, 99 died as a result of mislaying each and the others not knowing not to discern good hurt, the righteous and the unrighteous, hypocrites, of pervert and honest people, because their heart is filled with darkness and intense dark, after that Allah (swt) will revealed to their heart’s content in the Holy Qur’an, the book or there is guide, truth and light.

But we know for what reason, the race to riches for the power that distracts you and distracts you from the divine commandments then religion and Allah (swt), for the good material and financial elite of the population in the middle of the globalization of the 2 great pyramid principles of slavery of the socialism and the capitalism that are 2 recent pyramids of injustices and genocides, abusing and manipulating religions while indoctrinating the population through their power financial, media, military, spatialle, industrial, pharmaceutical and nuclear power, the 2 recent large pyramids elites who will fall after introduction the program hidden from the Angel of extermination of the people of mass (see the symbol of the death of the sect of the Skulls and Bones) which is none other than the 4th horseman of the Apocalypse revealed in the Gospels, to reduce the world’s population by a quarter, which one of the Muslim world, because of overcrowding of others peoples, not only by means of cluster bombs enriched uranium- 238 has been used against armored tanks made in America, Russia or Europe, so that these same benefits radioactive are widespread for centuries and centuries, not only in water, but also underground, for the civilian population to Islam.


But God is more scientist


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