The Iraq Nuclear Genocide

With displayed on the banner below ‘Rayat’ the odd number of 1999 (09991) in rationality with an even number of the Kaaba to 1 618 033 who is none other than the sign code and encrypted Union O for the community Muslim woman between 19 letters of the Basmallah with the 99 most beautiful names of Allah (swt). In a link obvious with sign by Allah (swt) who is none other than that of the last eclipse solar total of the 20th century that took place on 11 August 1999 in order to open the era of the 3Rd Millennium and which was found throughout the northern hemisphere of Europe but especially in Paris who is none other than the city of light (truth) in rationality with the other city of light (truth) is the Holy City of Medina. The encoded 19 digit letters of the Basmallah which is other than the true ‘el haq”and one of the 99 servants of Allah has been verified (accessed) during a night of the 9th month of Ramadan of the lunar calendar of the Hegira (1433) emigration in the direction of Mecca, and just before the Hajj from 2012 in conjunction with the 9th month of the solar calendar in 2012.

Genocides and races to the riches for oil, Uranium and gas

The hour of truth and the total overthrow of the Novus Ordo Seclorum (of secularism) approach to the followers of deception, manipulation and democratic corruption that are the Franks near secular masonries of the Socialist International, as well as to close the Illuminati world of Zionist and capitalist ideology that are supporters of the antichrist, and after order global and Satanic in the United States, Russia, the European Union, China, the India and the Brazil, have in the land Islam called for censorship, tyranny and dictatorship of the military juntas who set up the mess after be separated laws of Allah with the principle of secular disbelief came from France, in order to repopulate the Earth sai of Zionist settlers and lay NTE Muslims of Palestine while expelling them from their homes and their land, who in front of Allah who is not blind, this land not lay Muslims, it is sacred and inviolable in front of Allah who is not blind, as is the God of the franc anti-religious military lay masonry and anti-islam.

With the evidence displayed in this chapter that shows the complicity between monarchies of oppression (Illuminati) and cult of the pyramids (secular Freemasonry), because anyone who is a friend or an ally, see a supporter of the lifestyle of the United States and Israel, in having been tempted by the delights of this world who offered to them by the nation having been blessed by Satan. While this person to know, that it will go straight to hell without the benefit of no intercession of the last (saaws) Messenger, by Allah (swt) who is not blind being the only and unique to see and to know the content of my heart which is on the side of the real victims of Western nuclear. By Allah (swt) who is not blind, I made a promise, because according to your “Bismillah” this nuclear genocide has been committed in the name of God (swt) then you associate God (swt) with Satan

Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim
in the name of God, the most merciful, the most merciful “Al-Karim the generous”.

Holy Qur’an: surah 17 , Al-Isra (Centre) / verse 85
“and they ask you about the soul, – say:”the soul is the order of my Lord”.”. And you have been given only a little knowledge. ”
But we must see the website called ascension of the dust of atom (soul reborn/reactivated)
on the rise from the dust of atom at the service of the Lord of the universe, Allah (swt)
for understand what means be of service in the service of the Lord of the universe, Allah (swt)
in a sign for the community that is truly “obedient” Muslim has all the will of Allah (swt)

In order to unite it under one banner to return to Jerusalem and set up the Islamic foundations with real rules, real justice, real principles of equality and true laws, in the lands of Islam, all of which each must comply by following the will of God the Lord (swt) that is unique and without partner (es) being above justice and laws established by the infidels and hypocrites, for having sent the last Messenger and last Prophet of humanity that is Muhammad (saaws), but also in order to unite the Muslim community to defeat the cult of the occult, hidden in the shadow of the religions, that are the pyramids of the illuminati in the service of their false Messiah and his single eye, which is none other than thought unique elite, not only by being close to Zionism, and then the horns of satan responsible for the fitna to have followed the United States in 1947 created Israel, without forget the fascism of Freemasonic with their Novus secularism Ordo Seclorum (secular) dayant been implemented years Arabic countries, as in Algeria and then implement the censorship and global slavery of the 3 great political pyramids of Giza that is capitalism whose Arab monarchies are supporters of this ideology of race to riches came from Britain, not to mention censorship and global slavery of 2 other pyramids of the secular masonry, that are those of socialism and communism whose evidence you are presented to the new world order of this website chapter

THE chapter on race to RICHES, FAMINES, the DELIGHTS and luxury
but especially the chapter on genocide nuclear with the mushroom cloud of URANIUM- 238
and who is none other than the tree forbidden to death IMPLEMENTATION
by the 10 commandments of the supporters of the ANTICHRIST displayed below
then PLACE in SILENCE (censorship) through the media of FRANC-MASONRY and privatization

The stele to the 5 pillars which was erected in 1980 following the arrival in power of the Star Wars program designer (Ronald Reagan) the guidance for Freemasonry and the Illuminati having register in Georgia (United States) in 12 languages, except in French, which is one of the most spoken languages in the world, their 10 commandments, which to reduce the world’s population.

The 10 commandments of each (Illuminati) and others (francs-masonry) that today are only the winners of a slaver and anti-religious, ideology that was first established with the productivity of the fossil and the atheists Communist hammer and other agnostics, for then and by design of globalization and internationalization implementation by francs-masonry have infiltrated the religions are the followers of Zionism, of Evangelicals and cults, esoteric and mystical, pass stage of consumption of socialism which is none other than the Big Apple utopian to the Socialist International, for then, and finally, a stage of great profits through the privatization of goods, materials and people offered by the sytseme of capitalism in a vile profit materialistic and financial elites of this world, and the so-called elected of God and followers of the false religion that is not only secularism then the democracy of the powerful of this world feeding their goodwill if you submit has their wishes, in food and in drinking water 7 or 8 see 9 billion humans, for then to pay the ticket a trip all risk to the past of humanity by copying the story of Noah’s Ark (aws) revealed in the Holy Qur’an and then to other extra-planetary colonies in accompanied by their close families by the grace of their fleets of UFOs built by their slaves (you) that are hidden in underground and underwater, and after that bases these flying objects have been built by slaves badly paid, poorly fed, badly dressed while being victim of genocide, nuclear power, and all competing in very high constructions building that competes with God in the creation of all things, like the towers of Babel that are the pyramids, the plotters to reach the heavens, after their world pyramids was destroyed.

Holy Qur’an: Sura 102 At-Takatur (the race to riches) / verses 18
‘the race to riches distracts you, until you visit the graves.
But no! You will know soon! (Once again)!
You will know soon! Surely! If you knew some science.
You see, of course, the furnace.
Then, you see, with the eye of certainty.
Then, certainly, you will be asked, that day, on the delights. »

With Moreover, and as further proof of the authenticity of the Qur’anic message, here is an authentic hadith that is shown below and which was predicted by the beloved prophet Muhammad (saaws), who parenthetically, today this hadith, is find be authenticated and verified on the ground, in being supported by indisputable evidence which are presented in pictures and videos in this chapter.

And especially, the photo shown below, showing the color of shiny and glittering, uranium refined once located being a base of gold with which, the irradiation of the civilian population is committed has small fire for generations and generations, such a Novus Ordo Seclorum. And to understand its operation of irradiation of the population Muslim and civil committed for thousands of years, but also to contemplate the evidence, then go visit the site in question on decay chain radioactive uranium-238

Especially, in order to well ponder the meaning of the races to the riches of the raw materials and energy, in order to reach the top of the mountain of gold, one of the cult of the pyramids and the calf of gold of the children of Israel, first after have implemented then manipulated Saddam Hussein pictures below with this principle of secularism that was imported from France and through the Bath party came from Syria.

And then entered a race to wealth for power between Shiite, Kurdish elites and sounnites for better control of the pyramid of black gold of oil on behalf of the plotters in the countries of the Gulf and then to the United States to raise fortunes with the U.S. dollar, after have been introduced in terrorism which was a pre; text to invade Iraq, then the Afghanistan and all Muslim nations which is dresseraient, not only against globalization, but also and especially against the dictatorship of the Zionist of the children of Israel having been implemented in 1947 by resolution 181 of the vote of the nations of the dictatorship of the 33 nations lay and evangelicals who have nothing angelic being close allies each and another with the hypocrites who pretend to be Muslim (es).

Then and in a first step of the secret plan of the illuminati, set up a hidden genocide and cencure by media of secularism, to murder one which all they dread the coming “Al-Mahdi al-mountadar” and which the plotters were deliberately lost by Hadith locating the place of appearance of the Mahdi, to protect and to protect its pretty by Allah (swt) to reverse the order of anti-religious globalization having been established by close plotters of secularism and the imposture of the human rights established by the dictatorship of the United nations very close of the pyramid and the unique look of their false Messiah.

Then and in a second step of the energy plan of the thirsty financial dounia and resources, in order to bury underground and in Muslim land, traces of radioactive waste of their uranium 238 has been used by the armies of the Coalition of the 33 nations, that homes cannot bury beneath them those same of; waste radioactive, then use the same nuclear weaponry in Afghanistan, which here is the proof that you can contemplate on in Afghanistan. America sows a perpetual death but also and especially on the site of an Annointed free and independent journalist titled Perpetual Death From America

And finally as evidence of the corruption of some and others close to the United nations and his unique eye Socialist of the consumption of the delights of world making you fear poverty while pretending pure of the poor, in order to better you reduce into slaves of their close system of deception and manipulation of their Antichrist frizzy and thick hair, here is displayed below the question references 1822 hadeeth narrated by Al-Bukhari and Muslim that you can consult to page 845 of the chapter concerning the signs of the hour in the Riyadh’re-Saliheen’s police station “Gardens of virtue” book of Yahya Ibn Sharaf Ed-DIN An-Nawawi to universal editions, so that the followers of the cult of massih dajjal (Antichrist) that are the hungry for wealth, delight, beautiful things (cars, houses, motorcycle etc…) who like the cult of the exhbitionnnisme with their materialistic ideology, can inch’Allah (swt) by providing them with a bit of energy light ‘knowledge’ they need to start well ponder their destiny, then on their property by becoming the slaves of the system of the United nations, while being chained with their spirituality dedicated to the delights of this low world that their are provided by the nearby elite Capitalism and socialism has implemented the principle of laïcité to better make you a slave of the eye blind and unique of the masonry have infiltrated the 3 monotheistic religions, which it is time to clean up something in common with the time of awakening and the spiritual awakening of the people believing (es) monoteiste religions that don’t want this principle of secularism that elites Nations spread over all continents want to impose on the world to remove any form of religion, by the grace of their denial of God.

The Messenger of Allah (saaws) from Abou Houraira (may Allah be pleased with him) said:
“the hour won’t come until that Euphrates (today the Iraq) leaves appear a mountain of gold. “People will entre-tueront for him, to the point where about 100 fighters, 99 will be killed, all of them will tell: maybe I’ll be one who escape death.

And in another version:
‘the is almost time for the Euphrates to appear at base of gold treasure. “One who assists has this scene, took nothing.

According to Abu Hurayrah, the Messenger of God (saaws) said: “the hour will not rise until the Euphrates reveals a mountain of gold. People to trencher for her, of every hundred he will be killed four ninety-nine, each of them will say: “Who knows if I’m not the hundredth that will be saved?”. »

And to understand the meaning of a mountain of gold having been predicted by the last Messenger is Muhammad (saaws) so see so this evidence of prices of uranium which in January 2011 was a $70 book (450grammes) about $140 kilos, more expensive even than a barrel of oil to 160 litres, not only in the video titled democracy, secularism and genocides at the top of this chapter with displayed below the map of the producer of uranium, but also on this site Peak of Uranium: follow the Evolution of the price of Uranium

And France with his close to Veolia and universal Videndi Areva company, then the dictatorship and censorship, political and media from China with his company The China Uranium Development Company, Russia with its Uranium Holding Co Societearmz and countries majority Protestant and Evangelical as the United States with his company Uranerz Energy Corporation, then Canada with its companies SXR Uranium One Inc. and Cameco and its Gold filialeCenterra or Alain Juppe stayed there awhile, not only after having been former Prime Minister Jacques Chirac in pictures below in the company of Saddam Hussein lay, and having been convicted by French justice finally be reminded by Nicolas Sarkozy as Minister of the Banana Republic of the untouchables, but in front of the justice of Allah (swt) all these plotters and dogging the French secular dictatorship, are not untouchables.

Not to mention Britain with the company Rio Tinto Zinc then Australia with its companies Peninsula Energy Ltd. and Aura Energy Limited ASX and South Africa with Nuclear Energy Corporation and the emerging as the Brazil and his company NVI) Brazil nuclear industries) not to mention Mexico close to the IMF have a huge need uranium to build hundreds of nuclear power plants in the world, as evidenced by this information posted on this site of finance you can contemplate on Uranium: A 32% increase in prices in 2011?

But well enttendu, if this very telling link of AGORA media manipulation of the Agora Vox site close has not been censored by the followers of Satanism Chinese and good be material and temporal (Paradise) which is nothing more than a a sham secular by being immersed in a plot of the international and the secular dictatorship converted monarchy just as close capitalist of interest financial evangelists met in World Freemasonry, as a certain journalist by the name of Camille Yihua Chen, of Chinese origin who wrote the article (in photo below) that she even did censor, because his home country or she lies (Canada) sells its Uranium its country of origin (China communist and Socialist converted capitalist) who needs a growing uranium in the context of a campaign of building large-scale nuclear power plants 100, and more than 30 are already under construction.

A campaign of censorship of secular French Freemasonry with those lay sites such as Agora (Agora Vox) or the Post that censors religion and that islam-2012-newworldorder website being very close to the dictatorship of the secular Freemasons so close media publications of the financial speculation of Money Week, that on the Internet, and by the grace of their networks of the global secular censorship which is none other than the great friend policy hycpocrites of false Muslims in Africa, that are the secular military dictatorships producers of uranium and oil (Niger, Mali, Algeria, etc.) implementing their censorship and their dictatorship on Google, as proves it their secular message of the masonry of Satan which is hidden on the internet and who is spying on with its cult of the eye of espionage agents of the Israeli MOSSAD, Moroccans services, then the CIA of Barack Obama hand in hand with those of the DCRI French which are other than friends of the antichrist with its unique thought globalist and Zionist which hidden under the principle of the secular banner of the masonry of the Nations – United with this blatant evidence of the word (censorship islam-2012) which is published on the site

So close Lepost site of Le Monde newspaper which these Franc Macon Socialist-Zionist leaders are Louis Dreyfus and his staff of Shepherd headed for the hell is Pierre Bergé hidden behind Socialist lobbies of the Franc Lay masonry so close left of the journalist of junk that is Jean-François Khan (Freemason in England).

A secular monarchy of the masonry that infiltrates its officers in the public service from a person to better spy on him, while infiltrating the web (Youtube and Google) censoring this Web site, as demonstrated by this evidence formal.

And all this conspiracy on behalf of stock speculators (Illuminati) climbing courses with the supply and demand for uranium policy by speculating on prices of uranium and gold which suits the interests of powerful lobbies of the nuclear if close military dictatorships who runs uranium-producing countries on a large scale in Africa friends of Russia, from China, the United States, then Israel and the secular France with its nuclear industry that is EDF, Areva and Veolia.

While going through the American continent, as for example with the Canada and its Crown British close the Australia and South Africa, not to mention the Russia of a certain Vladimir Poutine near the Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan country producers also uranium, and finally the Namibia Africa near China and his need for uranium to aliementer his hundred nuclear power plant under construction, including the leaders of all these nations and their military monarchies and their francs-masonries of Satanists implementing their new world order secular, go burn in a fire of burning hell, not only for their censorship on the internet against this website (islam-2012), but also for their anti-Christ (anti religion conspiracy ) by cyber attacks on this internet site, but also and above all, for their their material lust of Uranium by installing secular military dictatorships in Africa, and which is none other than the cause of their race to riches in their responsibility of this nuclear genocide with their doctrine world secular and materialist, that this genocide is a crime against humanity committed by laymen on Civil and Muslim populations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Besides there is another proof of this spiraling of prices of uranium as evidenced by this revealing link you can contemplate on uranium values: between + 60 and + 192% increase since July 2010 where it is revealed that a rising uranium prices benefits Chinese speculators but the lobbies of the French nuclear puissanst, Canadians, Nigerians, Kazakh, Uzbek, Namibians, Australians, British, American, Russian, South Africans and Brazilians.

And for this race to the oil and gas wealth having placed on orbitre everywhere in the world the race for uranium and the superprofits of the powerful groups of pressures of nuclear power are those industries and armament in order to continue so has polluted the environment in burying in the waters of the oceans and then under your feet their radioactive nuclear waste which are for thousands of years, not only in countries run by dictators and corrupt them but also in the world Western false democracy that sells as a prostitute in the world of speculation, finance and the nearby banks of the powerful industrial lobbies of armament, after setting up the nuclear genocide having been committed with bombs fragmentation enriched uranium 238or of every hundred of the civilian population it is killed 99 on 100 individual, not with abortions and congenital malformations, by the grace of the radiation only of this genocide, who served on a platter gives you any form of cancer and congenital malformation, as you can see you same in this chapter evidence of this genocide nuclear, however, if you are not perverts in bad faith spiritual.

The genocide that the media of the dictatorships of the elites of the West, of Asia, of Africa, Maghreb united, the near and Middle East, then the Gulf censorship and prevents you so to know the truth about the genocide that is taking place has the shelter looks to mie UX install tyranny, censorship, then their indoctrinations, with their heads of language media close Arab of the global elites, these impostures of Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya that censors this genocide at the industrial service of powerful lobbies of the nuclear weapons in the United States, France, Russia and China, and we understand why when you make the link between the signs of the hour with this genocide and the hadiths posted above where mothers in Iraq and during the delivery of their child, they asked if their child is normal in having been announced by the last Messenger, the seal of the prophets is Muhammad (saaws), the last sent alarm has a community of hypocrites, whether those in the West that all over the world who call themselves Muslim (es) taking advantage economically, physically, politically and financially the system of Western modernity, one with which this nuclear genocide is committed.

Then displayed below, proof of the code transmitted in the Holy Quran and revealed in the literalle form in order to warn the community of Adam (aws) with drop of paradise which has never been and will never be on Earth down here with this Kingdom perishable, in order to stay away from nuclear energy to make a weapon of mass destruction, in a warning revealed has humanity then transmitted in the form of the tree of eternity literalle with weapons of mass destruction, including that of the tree of the mushroom cloud in the photo below, the one that the United States of America, France, Great Britain, China, the Russia and Israel are holder part of this clan very closed 6 branches of Zionism then joined by India, Pakistan, the North in a Korean and a policy to lay illuminati devoted body and soul has Zionist for a Jerusalem as politics being the capital one and indivisible from the Zionist State hiding behind Judaism while being protected by the superpower of the United States of America and its allies, not only in order to bring their Lord, the children of Israel, and then in a second step to convert the Muslim population has their way of life while taking the control of the Haram Esh Sharif and the Al-Aqsa mosque to rebuild the second temple of the Jews with a Zionist policy of recolonization of the land of Palestine, and after that the latter be rebelled against the wishes of the Lord of the universe (swt) which is no partner (es) with their resolution 181 of the 5 major dictatorships of the United nations; voted in 1947 in an order established then advised by Satan program itself with great powers of this world.

Holy Qur’an: Sura 20 Ta-Ha / verse 120
“then the devil tried him by saying:”O Adam, you shall I show the tree of eternity and everlasting Kingdom”?

Israel the 6th nation in the world detantrice of the nuclear weapon with his star to 6 branches at the top of the Franc masonry secular world

And to understand, so contemplate this link
tree forbidden life and death

Fresco of the 12th century in the chapel in plaincourault with the tree of the mushroom cloud between Adam and Eve,
which is another tree forbidden forbidden consumption of the mushroom cloud on civilians Muslim and its proliferation in the world.

Just like him proves this historical photo of the 9 September 1975

Jacques Chirac, then Prime Minister did visit the plant of enrichment of Cadarache to Sadam Hussein (then Vice-president eager Iraqi get in the secular Iraqi society level separated the recommended and religious scholars). During this visit, the Vice President Iraqi Saddam Hussein signed an agreement on nuclear cooperation with the France eventually becoming: President of Iraq to life having been placed by the Western dictatorship and Israelite, as Ben Ali, Mubarak,. Gaddafi and much else.

With then displayed below, and in a chronological order of the Atomic proliferation placed at the top of the pyramid of the fascism of secularism in Islamic land, separated the cult of Islam from the governance of the nation, this is the blessed Kaaba of form cubic in an equation which is contrary to the triangular shape of the 3 great totalitarian systems of productive globalization from Communist hammer and the fossil has the internationalization of consumption Socialist stage for the financial profit of elites followed by notable leus and the commereants making up the price of the drinkers for their porpres profit, and in view of their capitalist of the new world order policy putting in place huge profits for the elite who wants rebuild the 3th temple of the Zionist Hill, on the foundations of the Al-Aqsa Mosque which will remain where it is, and in rendered a nuclear genocide on Muslim, including evidence and civilian populations are presented below, perpetrated by the 3 major totalitarian political regimes of the globalization of the followers of Satan, to be put in place by a single, Satanic and totalitarian thought very anti-Islamic, with the complicity of the hypocrites in West who pretend to be Muslim (es), but through their materialistic powerful lobbies, political, financial, lay and economic have infiltrated the Muslim religion and the Muslim countries, after having been illuminated by the cult materialistic consumption, racing to the riches of the single eye of the U.S. dollar, on which is printed the eye blind of the dajjal (Antichrist) massih coming one vortices having been copied from the creation of Allah (the 8 Gates of heaven and the 8 gates of hell)

This terrible nuclear genocide which is be censored and then ignored by the mass media of the world, in order to protect the royalty established by ideology, with in the first place to which, those of the United States of America with his sadly famous “God bless the United States of America” and who is being the only nation in the world has have used atomic weapons, but also and above all, having subsequently placed the crowned heads of their allies providing the same subjects first needed a comettre this genocide because of the lifting of a Zionist ideology born in the 18th century, then set up in 1947 with resolution 181 of the33 Nations of the Organization of United Nations and which is another coalition of infidel and hypocrites, having been appointed in the Holy Quran with surah 33 ‘Al-Azhab’, which are other than the 33 Coalition become capitalist system and after the fall of the Berlin wall the Coalition 66 with 33 elites that are the illuminati from left with their political systems Communist and Socialist in silensieusement being plunged and secretly in their materialistic war against the world religious Islamic, not only in order to impose on the rest of the world their anti-religious policy globalization, but also their religion and their ideologies of the totalitarian of their 3 great pyramids of Giza have been illuminated by materialistic blind eye of the Antichrist, who by his lie posing as a victim, hiding the truth and censorship this genocide.

So if there are lawyers of Muslim religion that contemplate the evidence above/below with a bit of love for the children of Islam victims of this nuclear genocide and the shape of Jihad (holy war peaceful by using the laws of the Criminal Court international and the European Court of human rights) wanting to hang has their record crowned West, heads of Russia, Asia, China, the Zionist State of Israel, as well as their accomplices of hypocrites and tyrants hidden in the world Arab and black Africa, which provide them with the riches of their raw materials buried under their feet with this nuclear genocide is committed against all mankind by the grace of the Uranium while ammassant of Fortune collossales that will not last long; distributed for the good be material and temporal populations of goats and sheep, blind and blind (the elite and their notable), so do you know if you are really Muslim or Muslim around the peaceful form of Jihad in filing complaints of war crime and crime against humanity against the officials who govern you and that have governed you, and this, not only with the International Criminal Court, but also to the European Court of human rights, because in the day of the last judgement and lawyer see lawyer by being born (e) Muslim religion, you will be questioned by the God Allah (swt) on what you have done for the Muslim community, because of the peaceful form of Jihad by using the own laws Western set up by Western elites, but also by their accomplices who pretend to be Muslim (es) being mainly of supporters of secularism, as a result, followers from Kufr and infidelity to the commandments of God (swt).

If you are really thinking (e) and that you have the fear of judgment last of the Lord of the universe (swt) that is not associated, or with each and even less with others, especially if you are not afraid of the big game of tyrants, of impostors materialists, and apostates of Islam and hypocrites who pretend to be what they are not “the slave obedient to the will of the Lord of the universe” after having been implemented on their Thrones by their powerful lobbies of Masons francs, which those This emigration who thinks have been blessed in the West to make policy, in order to quickly climb in the echelon of society of the unbelievers to install censorship against the Muslim religion, but also and above all, if you’re not afraid of the powerful lobbies media of the masonry that distorts the information by practicing politics of misinformation at general public all censoring the truth of the atrocities committed then perpetrated by the real culprits against all of humanity, of which the children of victims of their extra buried uranium Islam their feet who then fed the mouths of their journalists installed comfortably in their chairs on private media channels were they same set up by powerful lobbies industrial, but also, by powerful lobbies of nuclear energy.

Because this raw uranium has not been buried beneath their feet for either saying and after their claims to the “name of God” with their God Bless the United States of America commit this nuclear genocide on children of Islam that you can contemplate below, but also and above all, terrorism having been manipuile then manipulated by the enemies of the Islamic nation, but as well as by the apostates of Islam who have followed the path of the enemies of the true Islamic religion, after this weapon of the @soothsayer of terrorism, was she same employee by the misguided political movements based their ideology on policy Panarabiste of national socialism, as this famous little pinocchio to Colonel Kadhafi in Libya with his nose that grows in having subsequently and as by miracle, was forgiven by the enemies of Islam to then make the very lucrative trade with its oil and gas buried under his feet, but Colonel Kadhafi is not the only one to lead the Arab world secular , especially the Maghreb united and then the close you Middle East, without forgetting the nations led by hypocrites in the Gulf is being detached from the true Islamic Spirituality and true divine justice, after have been implemented by the totalitarian dictatorship of Chinese, Russian, European and American elites with their principle of secularism having put in place their materialistic and totalitarian ideologies of communism, socialism and capitalism who exploited and manipulated the terrorism eventually turned against these same conspirators.

And, if really the dictators of the nations elite claiming of Islam, including the herd of goats and sheep astray (es) who follow them and support their dictatorship, as for example in the Algeria of the conspirators very close to the secularism Syrian and Libyan, temporaly protected by their army and then by those of China and Russia, you do not want to be accomplices of close plotters of the oppression of secularism, which themselves were rebels against the wishes of God in censoring the truth, you’d better rotate the address of this website to spread information to lawyers and destination of Muslim women lawyers “obedient (es)”, in order to enter a peaceful form of Jihad by using their own laws, before comes divine justice, where there will be faces shining light, and still others, terrified, covered with a veil of peace knowing that expect them to have well enjoy materialement and financially the system This order established by followers of secularism having implemented socialism, the Communise and capitalism surrounded by all their small pyramids political and Trade Union which divides the religious communities in different sectarian currents.

Not only, using their own laws on powerful lobbies materialistic and secular who are misinformation, while censoring evidence of this nuclear genocide committed by those who implement them by buying their silence, with the comfortable positions while providing their accounts in banks through industrial and media corruption, otherwise these impostors of journalists around the world as the Georges Malbrunot and other impostors with their ideology Pro-sioniste and ultra-secular, they’d be unemployed, including in Arabic and black Africa, countries where there is no real freedom of religious expression, the community of Muslim real scholars is not corrupted by the elites, while having that fear of the judgment of Allah (swt), and who in the way of Allah (swt) just as it is revealed in the Holy Qur’an in verse 104 of Sura 3 the family of Imran (Al-Imran) fight the evil that spread in the World ‘ QEU is you a community that calls for good, ordered the suitable, and prohibited the blameworthy. ” Because it will be they who will be successful. »

With the height of this conspiracy and set up in the Arab countries of black Africa, who are led by followers of secularism separating Islam from the governance of the nation, the media controlled by the dictatorship of the secular States protected by his armies, which they same are armed, either by China, the United States, Russia or the European Union you cradling soft music to put you to sleep, with some Muslim scholars denouncing their policy which subsequently are tortured in their prisons secret, and their families threatened with reprisals, allusion to the tyrants and dictators who hid themselves in the Arab world and on the continent of Africa by being at the service of the powerful criminal organization, what group of elites world leading the world in being close to the materialistic socialism and communism ideologies, but also being close to the ideologies materialistic capitalism close to that of Zionism and its powerful lobbies displayed top and strong in the media propaganda of disinformation, like for example this powerful propaganda industrial and commercial network television that is close to LCI TF1 and other media of Western as channel manipulation more close to I TV and powerful lobbies nuclear power, which for France, near Areva of Vivendi universal and also near Deveolia of Dailymotion.

With a title of evidence of the power of the lobbies that are inside of the democracy in having been denounced by Dwight David Einsenhower, here is displayed in the video below, the 34th President of the United States who knew this secret after having been informed by an organization very, but very secret from the future of humanity (that of the 4th dimension of relativity described in the flowchart you presented to the new world order chapter), not only to warn the world against this power of the lobbies that endangers the fundamental principles of democracy of the people, by the people and for the people setting up the corruption of the political world which as the prostitute of Babylon and in the middle of the temple of the democracy, to sell to the power of lobbies.

With once again in the video below, and always as a proof of the power of lobbies that endangers the future of humanity, the speeches and the outlandish statement of Mr Barack Hussein Obama on the question of Jerusalem, Mr. the the best known President Barack Obama set up by the power of the Zionist lobbies American of AIPAC, the francs-masonries and reformed evangelical churches African-American but also by the churches of Scientology and their followers are among other things, John Travolta and Tom Cruise have been him even then received by Nicolas Sarkozy, no not a private, since this Mr Tom Cruise was received in a Department of the State which appartinet to the people and not the tenant, in this case finance , who was close to the IMF and the global financial crisis of 2008, this dear Mr Sarkozy (Freemason) is responsible for the debt of France with these 1 billion 700 million euros of deficit, after having deliberately dug its deficit of more than 500 billion euros during the 5 years of Presidency this dear Nicolas Sarkozy israelite and supporter of israerl but sussi in the United States after the French armies in the command of NATO and under American direction, as well as its nuclear force of deterrence.

People of France become an unbeliever and secular, wake up, because you’re headed by a sect of the followers of satan who should be guillotined in public place, for high treason against the people of France, just as these supporters francs-masonry guillotine the French monarchy in 1789 with the revolution of the supporters of Israel and globalization setting up a world dictatorship of English (the empire).

When has Mr. Obama (Freemason) he was also implemented through sects in all close sort of World Freemasonry, which among other Pro-Zionist Evangelical churches in the South of the United States and South America, but also still like for example this cult Raelian which a certain Dieudonné is a member by being illuminated a picture below and accompanied by his spiritual guide what Rael close to its aliens, and including these enlightened ones of lost expect the coming on Board of huge space (UFOs), in having built some embassies all over the world, and having played with genetic manipulation through his company Clonaid while advocating sexual freedom and sharing of women, a bit like in the pop years, the famous hippie years of sex, drugs and rock-and-roll.

All these churches together and their sects of all kinds with their cross of evangelists who have nothing angelic in their policy for the evangelization of the Muslim lands, including that of Philistine (Palestine) and then repopulated of Zionist settlers, and This, since 1947 who set up their established order, that like all everyone will be seen having read the book of the Holy Qur’an or there are guides and light, is not at all consistent with the real divinnes of Allah (swt) wills.

After having been put in place, through powerful lobbies media of the masonry of the false propaganda close to secularism that distorts information in the work of disinformation of the public faisnat, while being supported by the powerful lobbies from the financial world of politics of left, right, the extremes and the Center, which all together, are the enemies very anti-Islam, close of Zionism and otherworldliness of the United States of America.

And this, the President of the United States of America Barack Hussein Obama after denied and turned their backs on the religion of Islam, by being born in this religion, and father to revandiquant of “Islam” as a very close to the sects of lost Indonesian Sufi where held in 2004 stunami and the storm tide, in a destructive sign address to the esoteric and mystical sect Sufi, not only close to dictatorships and tyrannies that are followers of secularism very widespread in “Muslim” lands. but also and above all in being very close to Barack Obama, become miraculously 5 years later, president of the pyramid, American, with his famous reverend protestant Jeremiah Write, after having by his free will, converted has religion Protestant evangelicals, for finally with his famous communitarianism ethnic African American of a certain black power that was exported to Europe, then to the Arab Muslim with his hour world is more serious still that certain (es) could to believe with the eager superpowers recolonize Muslim lands to spread the disorder and chaos, becoming president of the United States, while in reality, allied with each other against the Muslim religion, which is not of differences, or in the color of skin, or in citizenship, but only in the merit, in the experience of life located at the bottom of the pyramid, then in skills, in the faith and the belief in a God unique which is without partner (es).

A blatant ethnic comunautarisme from the United States can export to the world with their principle of globalisation and secularism, just like their slogan says “Yes We Can” in the true Muslim religion, this principle of ethnic difference and racism does not exist, in being immersed in their close ideology of esotericism and mysticism of the Zionist kaballah, to preach for a Jerusalem one and indivisible capital of the State Jew in Israel, whose borders are and would be placed under the Army control Stahal, with a part of speech of Barack Obama having not broadcast in its entirety, and which referred to the false prophet, the last Prophet and Messenger of God, that is the good loved Muhammad (saaws) which you have denied Mr Barack Obama, because of the clear evidence of your speech that was broadcast in the video that is displayed below, and on worldwide TV channels, which especially on the precept of the dictatorship of the Arab and African world media to the service of darkness are the elites of tyrants, was virtually unnoticed, except of course and as usual, on channels pro-sioniste control by powerful lobbies financial, industrial, energy and oil close to the ideology Zionist and secular, but once the followers of politics are politicians close to socialism and capitalism have been at the financial service of groups left and right in having authorized the privatization of the media to spread their ideologies anti-Muslim, ultra-manipulatrice and ultra provocative against the Muslim world for a vile advantage of energy and first material giving the rich and powerful nations like China, the United States, the Russia, the European Union desperately needs. in order to compete against the other to dominate the world and dictate their wishes within the globalization of all economic aspects, political, financial, cultural, religious, sociological, ideological, including in dan, s being plunged their race to riches has to dominate the Muslim world of Islam who has the right to defend his religion and his prophets until the last Muhammad (saaws), but also who has the right to defend his Muslim lifestyle, its principles and its legislation has nothing has do with any secular lifestyle, lifestyle, principles and laws on which is based the 5 pillars of Islam who dislike so much to each and the other conspirators wanting to reform the religion for a vile material, financial profit and policy.

With in addition and as reminder for the lost and the frustrated good be material and delights of this world who does not last very long, and that according to many hadiths of the beloved prophet Muhammad (saaws) that you have only to go look for you same t out as you do by going for the money, the papers (residence permit) and well being material in the West in order to take advantage of this fleeting life which is built and founded on genocide never satisfied and satiated that God (swt) gave you, and all living this life to bite her full teeth while forgetting one of the to the beyond, allusion made to the ignorant who are native to Africa and Maghreb united and who think I got everything, but which in all reality , have absolutely nothing of religion, which the very famous band very popular in the media and record companies controlled by of powerful lobbies, then put at the top of the poster, as they say irroniquement “a light” to be very inffluencable on the spirituality of youth from Africa, for then better towards a lifestyle that please as long, in the U.S., such as for example groups 113, then Magic system, or even a certain Kenza Farah .

Then finally in the continuity of the inffluences, comes amongst comedians who don’t laugh they same caricaturing the rappoche of Allah (swt) that is his Messenger Moses (aws) and just like proves it the video posted below in light of any ignorant (e), the cartoonist Djamel Debouzze put in orbit by the chain of televission Canalplus, who of course and all confirmed the photo displayed below, gets the right to go to Jerusalem to pray at the Western Wall while being covered with a yarmulke, especially when we agree to eat a poisoned plate offered by major producers very close to Israel with that thirst to be set in the light of all to then up quickly in the level of the pyramid society of races to the riches, and inffluencer so this youth to a way of life that please both to some and to others by reducing slaves of the system for a vile financial profit and political of the creators of this system, that of the carrot that is the Award of “dounia” and then the stick is the punishment, the manipulations in order to demonize you, setting up secular dictatorships, then wars and the “surgical” strikes in a world where elites we well studied for a better you indoctrinate and you inffluencer.

While for others still remained true to Allah (swt) has his religion and his Prophet Muhammad (saaws) while refusing to eat in the plate of the corruptors, is denied the right to pray in the Al-Aqsa Mosque, while verses 9 and 10 Sura 96 Al-Alaq (the grip meaning literally fidelity) are warned anyone banned who has a servant of Allah (swt) that follows the path of the Prophet Muhammad (saaws) to celebrate the prayer anonymously in the 3rdand last holy place of Islam (peace) what is the Al-Aqsa Mosque, meaning literally the Holy.

Holy Qur’an : Sura 96 Al-Alaq (the literally fidelity adherencesignifiant) / verses 914
‘ did you see that prohibiting a servant of God (Muhammad) to celebrate the Salat? You see if it is on the right track, or if he orders piety? You see if it denies and turns back? Doesn’t he know that really God sees? »

With other illuminated well be material and time that are the elites of laity in the maghreb united responsible of fitna, which here is the evidence shown in the photos below, especially for the plotters who should read the hadith displayed at the top of this Chapter “time is almost time for the Euphrates to appear at base of gold treasure. “That whoever attends has this scene, took nothing” in response to the implementation of Mediterranean States who would benefit from nuclear plants enriched has Uranium, and that in Iraq under the regime of secular and Socialist of Saddam Hussein, these same Central osirak and Isis was built by the France, and, by application of the NPT (betrayed of Non Proliferation nuclear) which the french project of the French Government is also subject has this same Non-Proliferation nuclear Treaty, especially in tender hand has secular Algeria and at all also secular United Maghreb that the Algeria and the France having secularised the Algeria became a military dictatorship, including the evidence you are featured on this link and you can contemplate on T.N.P. but has provided for censorship of the site of the nations United with its universal declaration of the rights of man and of his false freedom of expression, not to be put in practice in order to hide the evidence of their lies and their union with States not m Milošević, but rather lay close to the powerful nuclear lobbies, anti-religious and anti-pacifique.

The T.N.P. was concluded in 1968 and ratified by a large number of countries which aims to reduce the risk that nuclear danger spread around the world, and the application of the Treaty of Non Proliferation nuclear is guaranteed by the International Agency for Atomic Energy (IAEA) irroniquement, its Director was a certain Mohamed El Baradei the future candidate has the Egyptian presidential election very close to the United States and the Western route, which the nuclear.

That, in a first time and knowing that as a result of the events of 11 March 2011 at the Japan in a sign for the people of North Africa which are located on a fault line that are the 2 plates European and African, the leaders of the Maghreb united in total ignorance, could set up a civilian nuclear energy with nuclear power plants construction in a general company developed between the 2 shores of the Mediterranean with the complicity of the powerful nuclear lobbies French (near Areva media and policies), in Exchange for economic, social, cultural and religious cooperation, which currently and since the end of the years 90, is none other than one of the many reasons for which in Algeria, see you a lot of conversion to the Evangelical religion, with in return, political objectives to reach, by installing the censorship and tyranny against the Islamic religious world which is subject only to God alone unique and without partner (es), and here is proof that presented to you in photo below, at a meeting between gentlemen Bouteflika, Sarkozy and Kouchner at the same time of the colonization of the Palestinian land, and that was a certain Zinedine Zidane decorated by its secular president being displayed below when you become materialistic by being in the middle of a pyramid of sponsors and genocide plunged into a race for financial wealth by privatizing the clubs and football for better rate IPO in order to drive up wages and subscriptions, therefore the elites of dictators and tyrants are the plotters in Algeria close to the unique thought and unique of the national socialism Algerian eye set up by its principle of secularism, where is so find your solidarity with the people of Palestine Muslim?

Then then comes in the dance of snakes with Israel that goes into this closed circle nuclear warheads to then enter theUnion for the Mediterranean (UFM) with Tribalist and Freemason of the Berbers symbolism if close to the children of Israel, including its Secretary general of nationality Moroccan born of the tribe of Berbers, is be Fathallah Sijilmassi a friends irsael then former president Sarkozy so close from the nuclear lobby and Veolia well-established in the Kingdom Alaouite of Morocco, but also concepeteur of this ideology of a Union for the Mediterranean, same great friend of Mohammed VI, the monarchist Sham Moroccan and Aalaouite of the supporters of the handling of terrorism has sent to the Afghanistan and starting 1979 friends to one day become the enemies of today.

The great friend of Mohammed VI and the Morocco Israel, have not been ratified the NPT and therefore not having ratified the non-proliferation Treaty, the Zionist regime of Israel could benefit nuclear power plants sold and commissioning by the France in the years 70 then finally armed by laid long missiles Made in United States of America having yet all 2 ratified this Treaty of non-proliferation, which makes them Nations of deception which build of centrrales nuclear has the nations that does not ratify the Treaty of non-Proliferation which those Nations lay Arab and North Africa led by military juntas so close to Socialist and secular ideology which are an osbtacle a world peace, but also has the Islamic union between brothers and sisters of the same religion which are borderless, just as was the case in Iraq under Saddam Hussein Freemason secular and Socialist, with the construction of 2 Central nuclear Isis and Osirak built by the France of Freemasons lay so close to its proliferation and nuclear lobbies to then destroy the religion of Allah.

And which Israel has so far has more than 200 nuclear warheads, which makes them (the plotters) enemies of humanity in addition to passing the Treaty of Non Proliferation nuclear which ratified the France and the United States of America registers themselves, obvious that in connection with Dwight David Einsenhower goes against happenings introduced by Dwight David Einsenhower displayed in video above, noting evidence of this conspiracy, with the link of the Einsenhower Institute on one atom for peace, and not to set up 200 nuclear warheads to threaten its neighbours to impose a Zionist ideology on the Muslim world to convert to Judaism but of course if it was not moved by the American technique to another page by its principle of dictatorship and tyranny who wants to censor the truth, that of genocide committed on Muslim nations, and in the case or this link has been moved, in order to lead astray you away from the Muslim religion and the truth so therefore visit this link to see proof that Israel could benefit from nuclear power plant which the United States Evangelical and secular France did not comply with the agreements of the Treaty of non-nuclear proliferation on Israel, Zionism,. American imperialism, secularism, and nuclear but if it was censored by the followers of protestants of Evangelical college of Gettysburg with nothing angelic in their tyranny, with their dictatorship and their close censorship of the powerful Zionist lobbies American crusade against Islam, then visit this link so or it is clearly displayed evidence of the unfaithfulness; of the children of Israel, but also that of the protestants of Americans then lay French having disowned their word on Israel, which informally and in 1970 has a nuclear device given by the France and the USA not acceded to the NPT

With further evidence of the corruption of the dictators in Africa by which a nuclear power plant built currently in the dictatorship Libyan, by powerful lobbies of Zionists hidden in the shadows of Governments and media of the world, by the agreements having been spent with the enemies of Islam who want to impose on the rest of the world, the Zionist ideology and the recognition of the State of Israel on the back of brothers and sisters of the same religion, which in Palestine, forms an indivisible with State Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque as capital one and indivisible from the Palestinian State, just as an African site confirms the information revealing the construction of a nuclear power plant in Libya you can contemplate on Africa online

And after that the dictatorship of the African continent lay and Socialist that are hungry dounia and financial riches are the mounafiqoune (hypocrites of false Muslims in Africa) posing for the Muslim (es) so close some francs-masonries Evangelical and globalist, have sold their uranium to commit this nuclear genocide on Arabo-musulmane populations, while censoring this Web site by their false freedom of expression has nothing to with their democratic emigrants in the West are the lost Africans ultra materialistic, having put into practice their tyranny (that of their false Messiah to frizzy hair has the White House) in order to hide the evidence of their lies, their manipulation of their Sham their disbelief and their infidelity to the commandments of God, by their complicity in this nuclear genocide placed on children of Islam by selling their wealth (uranium has Western companies) in order to enrich their weapon of WMD (nuclear) with their uranium buried beneath their feet, in their commercial and financial slavery African union that are the elite African close to secular States and powerful political lobbies of the international Socialist, but also with powerful lobbies of anti-religious and ultra ultra nuclear anti-pacifique the international capitalist, to make clearer in one word: the anti-Christ.

As time is very close, more still close to what some misguided Africans in the West and African dictators with their herds of transfer posing as Muslim (es) want you to think (the major signs are there), which one of judge humanity by an authentic hadith displayed below, and after that the false Muslims are the laity Arabic and African aeint was lit up by the dark side of good time being one of hardware, power and ephemeral power, then of the Finance and nuclear power plants that their are offered by Freemasonry of the International Socialist, capitalist and Communist, by a countdown of a clock time and a breach in the space/time that occurred in 1947 and in a general relativity with temporal distortions, break time, end times and black holes that will take place in very little time (less), so that the perpetrators and their friends are sent to hell with flocks of sheep who are not in the dark after having received the knowledge revealed in the Holy Qur’an, in order to remain there forever, because if this nuclear genocide is in the name of God, then you associate with Satan, and the idolaters, God not helpers, nor forgiveness even if they do the prayer.

Holy Qur’an: Sura 43 verse 61 :
“he (Jesus) shall be a sign about the hour.” No doubt.”

And finally the hadith in question (Al-Bukhari No.2222 and no.3448, Muslim No.155)
Muhammad (saaws) said: “I swear by Allah, Issa Ibn Maryam (Jesus) will come down judging (humanity) with justice”
(one of the) Holy Quran)


THE countdown to the end of the day of judgment began with the GENOCIDE which is none other than the 4th rider of the APOCALYPSE (those of death) and of sound symbol mystic and ESOTERIC of Illuminati EVANGELISTS PRO-ISRAEL) THE REBELLION, DISOBEDIENCE AND INSUBORDINATION TO THE COMMANDMENTS OF GOD)

With in the first place this countdown which had already begun in being displayed below and in front of the U.S. Congress a certain 11 September 1991, the sign of the great enlightened Father Georges Walker Bush, was followed by his son, Junior set up before nations United a certain 12/09/2002 in the video below, and this, in order to open the new world order of the 21St century after he became a known and very enlightened of the cult of the illuminati of the branch Member conservative of the Skull and bones with his famous chapter 322, following multiple rivalries policy with the other sect of franc masons from the political branch of left of the Scroll and key to John Kerry, in their small plot in order to implement this sham of Obamania Pro-Zionist with Barack Obama, who is just a member lit up with this sect who thinks to be the masters of the world, by being raised to the 32ND degrees of the sect Evangelical African-American of the Prince Hall Mason, who also Barack Obama is also lights illuminated family member of the Bush family, and after being set up by the powerful Zionist lobby American AIPAC by obvious evidence of a large handling each and other broadcast below, after that their new world order (secular: lay) was set up from a certain 11 September 1990, these same masonry francs close to Zionism and evangelists, think have put in place, for centuries and centuries (that of the 21th century), while in reality, Allah (swt) is not one-eyed.

And to understand here also the meaning of this chapter, so after reading this chapter, direct you on the chapters New world order then Roswell and 1947 in order to contemplate the truth they want to censor, because it goes against all their plans which will collapse trying to cross between Muslims sounnites (swords) irons with certainty and Shiites who should never cross swords against each other, as well as several hadiths good loved Prophet Muhammad (saaws) the reminder displayed below in order not to divide what God (swt) ordered to unite around his sacred Word revealed in the Holy Qur’an by language coded letters Alif, Lam, Mim, Ra that are other than the beginning of the recovered memory of the Mahdi who is shown below for the 2 families of Islam who have the fear of judgment last of the Lord of the universe (swt), either to ally with the enemies of Islam and sheltering on their soils buried raw with which this nuclear genocide is committed, not only bases and Western military advisors, Russian, Chinese, South American or Hindu, and, if they declare war to the Iran, then to be closer to the Holy land in order to reform the last Islamic religious nation in Saudi Arabia, as is the plan hidden from the political masonry has the Zionist ideology, not by a hair by their false accusations against Iran (atomic weapons as was the case with Saddam Hussein) being eager export the principle of secularism that separates religion from the governance of a nation in the Holy Land of Arabia in order to put in place policy that divides the Islamic world on behalf of the 3 great pyramids of Giza that policies are of communism, socialism and capitalism which divides humanity and religions with their principle of secular dictatorship on orbitre with their Sham rights of the man who is certainly not above the laws of Islamic justice.

Holy Qur’an: Sura 13 Ar – Ra’d (the Thunder) for the wrath of Allah (swt) / verses 19 to 24
“can be compared to a blind man who is convinced that your Lord has revealed to you is well the truth? But only understand the meaning those who are endowed with intelligence; those who respect their commitment to God and do not violate faith juror; those who maintain the links that God ordered to maintain, who fear their Lord and fear a bad rendering of their account; those who are patient to be nice to their Lord, who perform Salat, who make levies on goods that we have given them for alms in secret and in public, and who repel evil with good. All those are reserved as final residence, the garden of Eden where they will enter with those of their fathers, their spouses and their children who have done good deeds. And the angels knew shall run from all sides to receive. “Peace be with you!, they say.” “Receive as a prize for your patience this beautiful home which will forever be yours!” »

Then verse 25 as a warning to those who do not think in making policy of corruptors which break what God ordered to unite.
‘ But those who break the Covenant of God after be committed, which break the bonds that God ordered to maintain, sowing corruption on Earth, these will be cursed and doomed to the most detestable of houses. “

Then the hadith of the Prophet well liked Muhammad (saaws) who according to Abu Bakr (DAS) said:
“When two Muslims cross the railway, the killer and the killed will both in hell.” I say: ‘O Messenger of God! We agree to the killer, but is how the killing also in hell? “He said:” he would have done anything to kill his companion. “and although the plotters say, a Shiite and a sounite are all 2 Muslim, because they think all 2 in Allah (swt) and they believe any2 to the Messenger Muhammad (saaws).

Especially after that Georges Bush junior, was caught red-handed in a serious false accusation against a notorious tyrant Saddam Hussein became (lay and very few believing), reason for which it was set up by the masons of Franks France, the United States, Germany, Russia and Great Britain while behaving in the same way that Pharaoh did to its people, in having accused of holding weapons of mass destruction, OPCW as 7 totalitarian regimes had sold him, then throw a false accusation which will have serious consequences for the world, one that has an origin and a cause and effect, chain of dominoes that officials are Western nations after handling Abdul Kader Khan, who hated the West, in the having left to steal the plans of centrifuge in Europe, for then approached the security services of Saddam Hussein, for the sole purpose of him selling atomic weapons held by Pakistan.

Abdul Kader Khan in below picture having stolen plans for a centifugeuse, after that the West have welcomed then offered hospitality by a policy of emigration who thinks blessed to be handled, thus eventually bring fear and the terror in the world, Abdul kader Khan who in the years 70 was a young engineer Pakistanis employed in the service of the Urenco anglo-germano-Dutch company stationed in Holland, but after that the materialists who support their ideology on national socialism, then the unbelievers who are in the West and in the Arab world, Africa, South America, Asia, the Middle East, have not preached the truth and the true religion, that of the universalism of Islam which call for the message of Islam and the union between brothers and sisters of the same religion, which does not pretend to believe, and the breast of a messianic era in which we live, the appearance and the lifting of the era of the Mahdi Al-Mountadar.

Above all, after that the plotters have caused what you can see below, the atrocities of nuclear genocide displayed in photo and video below committed against Muslim civilians, affecting women, old men and children, while being committed with the complicity of emigration who feels blessed by Allah za wajal, among others, Abdul Kader Khan be saying father of the Pakistani atomic bomb, while it had been voluntarily let stolen by the conspirators hidden in power in the West.

So that at the same time Abdul Kader Khan can approach colonel Gaddafi, to sell him the atomic weapon, which Abdul Kader Khan was in the service of the sect to Illuminati close to the United States and Israel, when the doctor Abdul Kader Khan, who as a result of the denunciation of dictator Gaddafi colonel, was forced to confess his fault before television Pakistan on 4 February 2004 and Libyans security services are themselves recognized in 2003 after they have denounced Dr. Khan in October 2003 for then in January 2004 IAEA inspectors to do State of the “high level of cooperation of the Libyan authorities.”

Then as by chance (in the plot) and the chronology of the events, in February 2004 the IAEA revealed “strange similarities” between the Libyan and Iranian nuclear programmes which coincidentally and the conspiracy of the children of Israel and allies, are charged to the clandestine network of Abdul Qadir Khan, for what then and as by chance in October 2004 the European Union lift the arms embargo affecting the Libya for 18 years. Besides, this lifting of sanctions was urgently requested by the Italy, who wanted to be able to deliver to the Libya of military equipment to patrol the coast to dry up the flow of illegal immigrants to the Italian island Lampedusa.

For that then and still in the chronology of events (in their plot) in March 2006 a first franco-libyen cooperation agreement in civil nuclear is signed between Moamer kadhafi and Nicolas Sarkozy (in photo below) which should be pursuivis by the High Court of the Republic for high treason against the French State and its people, which has this day, sleeps under the eye of the dictatorship policies and the Israelites, rather than revolt against the manipulations of these leaders who serve their interests and not the interests of the people of France.

Then and as by chance in the rest of the events, in may 2006 the Libya and the United States of Barack Obama to re-establish diplomatic relations, so that then, and in a plot of policy suite and long-term agreements, then in August 2006 the Libya ratified the additional protocol of the NPT, providing for “reinforced and unannounced” inspections of the IAEA. And finally, the height of all this and as a result of this American-Zionist world conspiracy and anti-islam, a memorandum of understanding on nuclear cooperation between the Libya and the France was signed in July 2007.

The rest of this plot against Kadhafi, against Islam and for the riches Libyan coveted by the West, the Russia and China, you know with the events of February 2011, and after that these same conspirators have installed in Libya and for more than thirty years the colonel Gaddafi who was put in place just as Saddam Hussein who refused to undergo this international fraternity, established by this same fraternity of Freemasonry sioniso-anti-islam dde secularism of the grand East of France, who not only is hidden in Russia, in China, then in the West after has be globalized to the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989…

Not to mention the North Korea who today holds the atomic weapon, but after Abdul Kader Khan sold centrifuge plans, as if this Dear Professor crazy love was at the service of the NSA and the British duMI6 services in their policy for the evangelization of the planet, in order to explode from the inside all regimes hostile to the United States, the European Union and its powerful lobbies, attracting Muslim land underdeveloped western armed forces protecting the security of the State of Israel Zionist and, due to their own wills to globalize and gloabliser the world in order to shape it has the spiritual image of the West, and under the leadership of the new world order, also on this, it is amazing Note that Pakistan was during the Gulf war against Saddam hussein, one of the 33 coalition of the Gulf war.

Because in addition, and in a Western conspiracy, note that Pakistan was one of the 33 coalition of the Gulf war, which you can see the list of 33 coalition in terms of this website titled the coalitionists.

In a sign that the Holy Qur’an was transmitted in a language encoded then encrypted, as for example Alif, Lam, Mim, Ra of the Sura 13 Ar-Raad (Thunder) corresponding has the wrath of the Lord of the universe which will take place on the day of judgment, because of his love that God has for his community which is truly submissive and obeisssante has his wishes, with a title of evidence and warning, which not only are intended for the enemies of religion wanted by the Lord of the universe, having wanted to innovate from inside the Muslim religion, which among other dissenting sects Sufis, Islam, kharidjisme or kharijisme of Oman and the world, then acharisme, druze and other sects, in order to be at the service of the enemies of Islam, those who pretend to be friends of Muslims, including the United States, France, Britain, the European Union and allies of the NATO Pact, between parenthesis then China, the Russia, etc.

Especially after the doctor Abdul Kader Khan who in the years 70 stole nuclear technology to the West, but with the complicity of Western secret services, when the latter worked for the company Urenco, which by through the services of information British and the American CIA , was aware of his intention to steal these same plans of the centrifuge, so that a few years later, Abdul Kader Khan can do good business profit in a race to wealth with atomic weapons, one of the most destructive in history, and at the same time, for services of Western intelligence in the service of politicians, to put in place their plot and their new world order, and, after to have carried with him to Pakistan, plans a centrifuge for the enrichment of uranium, and this, still supposedly in the name of God, but especially according to their own words of unbelievers, so that thereafter this Dear Abdul Kader Khan can approach the intelligence of Saddam Hussein lay, by offering this technology of atomic weapons while the having exploited and manipulated to Kuwait, and at the same time, protect his throne on which the West It had place above, not only to then run against Iran, but also and above all, so that subsequently the 33coalises turns against him, after that the conspirators concealed in Kuwait have plotted against Saddam Hussein by refusing to clear the debt Iraqi woman that she had engaged in its purchases of weapons of any class, causing an overproduction of oil drums then the collapse in prices of the barrels thereby drop all the secular economy of the Iraq that was unrelated to dieting Muslim.

And whose Holy Surahs of the Holy Quran below, are for the attention of all Schemer and manipulator on Earth, by a solemn caution that is not to take lightly by anyone, that there is God as God, and the Lord of the universe (swt) is unique, but above all, it is without partner (es), including with the principle of secularism and human rights on which are displayed the blind eye, one of the unique thought and disorder.

Holy Qur’an: Sura 22 Al-Hajj (the pilgrimage) / verse 45
“that of cities, so did we perish, because they were committing tyrannies. They are reduced to ruined roofs: as deserted well! That Palace built (and deserted too)! »

Holy Qur’an: Sura 22 Al-Hajj (the pilgrimage) / verse 48
“A how many cities I didn’t break so that they were committing tyrannies? Then, I entered them. To me and become. »

The Iran which later was approached by Abdul Kader Khan having received part of plans laid long missiles sold by the tiny nation complicit and ally of the West, and who is none other than the Imperial China, once the latter have embraced the system capitalist United States, and this, by a Covenant of 99 years signed with Great Britain handing over to China on 1 July 1997 the keys to Hong Kong, and, always in a reconciliation between the East and the West, and breast a new world order global under the joint declaration of 1984 and after the call to the gathering of the United Nations who was sent a year earlier by Ronald Reagan in 1983, Chinese see his speech in front of the United Nations in the new chapter world order on this website.

The China that she too, just like the United States, the EU and the Russia, not only aspires to dominate the world by setting up his own business empire to feed these 1 billion 500 million, without forgetting those nationals who broke in the West and in Africa with their blatant communitarianism, through the implementation of “China Town“, very silent Chinese locations and ultra nationalist, that ethnically and as proven the facts on the field does not mix in other populations with them welcomed, who subsequently and home organizes its oppression and tyranny against brothers and sisters of Muslim religion that where the Uighurs are the 25 February 2009 and Beijing, 3 brothers of the same religion of the Uighur community were set on fire, as a sign of protest against the oppression that the Muslim community of Uighurs is victim of imperialism and Chinese nationalism, including its doctrine is founded by the political ideology of communism, then ethnically belonging the same race on the national socialism socialist ideology in therefore has the conquest of the world and its energy resources, then its raw, and finally economically and financially on financial capitalism ideology from without faith or law with the cult of the pyramids, against which I warns all the leaders of the Arab and non Arab country claiming Muslim who in the ground Islamic and Muslim, the veleites of imperialism and Chinese nationalism are worse and just as harmful and destructive to the Muslim religion that are American, European and Russian imperialisms, because this time is contrary to the European colonialism, then in view of Chinese military power and has the size of his army, Muslim nations will not be able to fight and defeat the plans hidden from the Chinese masonry, so really as a Muslim, you have an any love for your offspring that you wouldn’t even reduced has slaves, for the good be material of the population and Chinese elites.

The plans of the masonry Chinese residing in coded Chinese mythology, language be the symbol of the power and the power on Earth, because of the ideology of his dragon want to dominate, populate and develop the riches of the material first buried in the regions surrounding of Asia, but also around the world and within a new world order of globalization of all areas having been set up by the plotters in the United States, the Russia and the European Union to the service of Israel, by the Chinese dragon worship, where the obvious reason why, its close neighbor that is the Iran that I put warn against war Chinese intentions, has put launched on the night of Monday to Tuesday 2 3 February 2009 has the help of a rocket Iranian Safir – 2 satellite telecommunications in a ribaa exchange policy, interest and backup plans.

the Iran being manipulated by regimes tyrannical totalitarian is Communist, capitalist and Socialist masquerading as the saints, while being immersed in their East/West against the capitalist system, into their dirty rivalry materialist ideological war has nothing of logic, then in their races to the energy of raw wealth, to take financial control, not only point of view, in order to impose their concept of a new order Global displayed with their single eye which is other than that of unbelief, of the anti-messianism around their rivalries within a tower of Babel (pyramids or ziggourates) corresponding constructions of high buildings “to the sky” has want to take control of the sky, from the Earth and seas, in order to better take control of energy resources buried under the ground, as well as those of the Fund of the oceans, because of a view that comes from satellites in orbit in space.

With the finish, in this race for the riches of mass destruction of history, this sad result you can see below, that of all the bloodshed of Muslims born in Iraq, in Kosovo, in Afghanistan, and perhaps even in Gaza during the Zionist Israeli attack.


THEN in the middle of a very high building Foundation
globalization of SATANISTS diving in a race to wealth
here is the evidence of the GENOCIDE, nuclear, one of life and death
clerk has small fire with a URANIUM 238 IS SAYING DEPLETED

So, here is the new world order of a mass media where the illuminati sect which has been globalized in order to censor a nuclear genocide committed by this new world order has the help of bombs a fragmentation enriched uranium- 238 can dropped on conventional weapons (tanks and transport of torupes) whose floor is then comtamine to then contaminate the civilian population, be it in Kosovo, Afghanistan or Iraq who is none other than the birthplace of civilization of mankind, the country where flows the 2 rivers of the Euphrates and the nearby Tiger of the kaaba in Saudi, and who was once called Mesopotamia was the cradle of the civilization of humanity.

A nuclear genocide that is committed in Iraq and putting in place the 7 totalitarian and tyrannical regimes with the complicity of the hypocrites in secular materialists in the Arab world, with the complicity of the mass media belonging to the powerful lobbies of arms dealers, nuclear, aviation, telecommunications, space, energy and raw materials which hid themselves in the world of politics, finance, and media, including in nations of the maghreb indoctrinating the populations of mass toward the policy of national socialism close of the Chinese dictatorship a strong presence in Iraq, and which was formerly located nearby Mesopotamia of the cube-shaped Kaaba where all things were created with rules, laws divine, and, unlike the triangular pyramids having been built in a triangular equation of opposing communities against each others by rivalries in an exclusive cult of materialism that you can contemplate in the video below called materialism and globalization: clash of civilizations, while being immersed in their races to the material and financial, wealth for those of raw materials and energy buried in the sub soil, and While having forgotten of God’s creation, humanity which belongs has the community of Islam.

Materialism which is only a cult rivalries between individuals and nations plunged into a race to riches in a new world order that created anarchy, selfishness, chaos, injustice and inequality, whether on the continent African on the European continent in America, in Asia, including Australia. What is be contrary to the will of God who is without partner (es).

Holy Qur’an: surah 5 Al – my ‘ idah (the table spread) / verse 32
‘that’s why we have prescribed for the children of Israel, that anyone would kill a person not guilty of murder or corruption on Earth, it is as if he had killed all the men. And anyone who makes him the gift of life, it’s as if he’s gift of life to all men. Indeed our messengers came to them with the evidence. And then veiled, that, despite this, many of them begin to commit excesses in the land. »

Here is so as your eyes life and death has small fire in a race for the riches of the nuclear, oil, gas, and uranium in being immersed in a race for the riches the number of death not guilty of corruption on Earth then to rule tyranny and the censorship of the United elite hand in hand in adeptres of capitalism with followers of the international Sociaslite, including their established order will come to an end, one of 3 little monkeys with their 3 small monkeys (Communist, Socialist and capitalist) in a foundation pyramidal very high of globalization by partnering with Allah (swt) and all combining to Allah (swt) which must not be associated: the Satanic new world order of nuclear and the race to riches, which that of material oil, tyrants and other gas, uranium and nuclear power to that of finance and accounts in banks of the monarchies of dictators who will be driven from their Thrones in being immersed in a c bear to the number of innocent deaths.


This VIDEO below very revealing was CENSURED by the UNIQUE DAILYMOTION close to AREVA and YAZID SABEG eye
but it is broadcast on YOUTUBE which is other than the SITE of true freedom of EXPRESSION
that the elite) Illuminati) close of FRANCS-MASONRIES of the devil want to CENSOR
with the IMPOSTURE of their copyright they want to GLOBALIZE with their principle of privatization

NOW and after having to CONTEMPLATE the evidence of this GENOCIDE nuclear
that is censored by the mass of the media at the SERVICE of the elite that you put in PLACE
you will not be able to tell that you didn’t know in connection with this chapter on MUSHROOM Atomic
and the weight of an Atom with the 99 most beautiful servants of ALLAH (swt)
because you MEMES and of by the evidence of the language CODE of the Holy QURAN poster below
you will be judged on this nuclear GENOCIDE COMMITTED ON CIVILIANS AND MUSLIM

And Yes, before Allah (swt) and the day of judgment, you will not be able to tell that you were unaware of a crime committed against Muslim humanity, one of the elite that you put in place and that you support “including in countries whose populations claims of Islam”, the elites of the world and their media of misinformation then of populations of mass indoctrination, who thinks he’s untouchable and injugeable their genocide that media censorship around the world.

The genocide veiled coalition of the 33 United nations with dictatorships set up by this coalition in nations which claims of Islam by censoring for a vile advantage of US dollars on which the eye is displayed unique of the Antichrist Satan in made in the USA with American elites who are permetent to give lessons of morality and democracy to other nations, and other nations still are part of Islam that censors for a vile yuan profit Chinese, euros Europeans, including in Niger which claims of Islam by selling them this uranium and the material first necessary to commit such genocides, and including all the flags of the unbelievers are part of religion Muslim, are struck by the seal of the Kufr that does nothing to do with the 5 pillars of Islam, especially when it does not have the 5 pillars of Islamic finance and the laws of the charriah, the seal of kufr which is none other than the star at 5 branches of the ring of Solomon (aws) which soon and in this chapter, a video will be online then shown below by posting these Muslim nations, claiming in the height of their sham and their lies, to belong to the religion of obedience has all the will of Allah (swt), and that their peoples follow the same dictators and tyrants who runs these same nations close to China, the European Union, the Russia and the United States of America…

The coalition of 33 nations of kufr and hypocrisy which you can contemplate on Saddam Hussein and the war of golf in Iraq who with the help of the mass media world, want to hide and censor this crime committed against any humanity in being put in place at nuclear and with uranium 238 supposedly impoverished, so that as evidenced by the photos and videos above, this uranium 238 certainly isn’t and has never been impoverished, being enriched has the isotope 238 by 33 coalition war of golf, as well as by all allies of dictators that governs Muslim nations by providing raw Uranium in order to commit such genocide, and that all collected should be prosecuted in an international criminal court for genocide and crimes against humanity.

And that the plotters in the West and Asia, but also the unbelievers are part of the Muslim religion, which provide them with the materials first necessary to commit such genocides with their materialistic side, know that if they are not judged then condemned by the justice of men in a fair and impartial trial of the basis of humanity that lies at the bottom of the pyramid, then before Allah (swt) and the day of judgement, the other will have no intercessor in their favor , including that of the last alarm is the seal of the prophets of mankind: Muhammad (saaws) but also that of all the messengers who will be totally subject to the will of Allah (swt), and that they (the laity) will have a very painful punishment that don’t will be definitely not temporal, as well as some corrupt false scholars within the Muslim religion close to secularism and Sufism want you to think you cheated on, unless on Earth here down, they repent, reform back on the true Muslim religion ‘of obedience‘, not to the systems of the great 3 pyramids of indoctrination and the slavery of capitalism, socialism and Communism where any other materialistic ideology, but has all the wishes of Allah (swt), while imploring forgiveness of Allah (swt) for his immense mercy.

For a crime committed by the plotters and against humanity, but with the complicity of the laity pervert that became the tyrants and dictators who directs you, incidentally has this connection it is interesting to read the hadith narrated by Al-Bukhaari which is you presented below, to understand its meaning and its meaning once these tyrants and dictators of laypeople close to mate; imperialist ideologies have been placed has the direction of the nations that have absolutely nothing to Muslim women while being followed by herds of goats and sheep, blind and blind whose spirit has been manipulated, indoctrinated and manipulated by demonising real religious scholars to faisnat of fewer and fewer who have fear of the judgment of God (swt) the scholars of Islam who denonee their perversity of materialistic mind, after those same dictators and tyrants to laymen have made hunting real scholars of Muslim religion, whether in Iraq and everywhere in Muslim nations.

And, so that your mind is not manipulated and then manipulated by any other perverse mind who don’t believe in God (swt) what are anarchists, by passing the real religious who have that fear of doomsday, for vulgar fundamentalists, for vulgar extremists, for vulgar fanatics, pure from vulgar Islamists, after having exploited and manipulated Islam to a vile advantage of the raw materials and energy and finance, by passing the followers of the true Muslim religion for vulgar terrorists, while supporting their policy of division of Islam, not only on the principle of the single eye of the fascism of secularism, and then globalize their principle ideological policy of socialism, communism and capitalism are identical to the anti-religious totalitarian ideologies of Nazism, fascism, anarchism, and Zionism.

“people power will govern you after me, there’s some pervert that will govern you with perversity.”

Totalitarian political doctrines of dictatorship and tyranny first founded by Adolf Hitler and his identity of Nazism, and then taken over by Mussolini ideology based on the cult of personality, the leader, which is only a principle of idolatry, that of Pharaoh, while this one is be strictly and completely condemned in Islam, because he has absolutely nothing do with the universalism of Islam because of a policy of pan-Islamic, to follow, not the principle of secularism , but that the Holy Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (saaws), which completely rejects the cult of personality by being Muslim and meaning literally “submissive and obedient” to the will of Allah (swt) unique and without no partner or associate, including the principle of the cult of personality, which was at the time of Pharaoh, and thanks to the cult of the single eye which is none other than the unique peneus, be the same cult of kufr practiced by the infidels to the laws of Allah (swt) are followers of politics secularism, of finance, of the imposture of human rights including the elites of the world Western and asiaitique escaped has any form of criminal justice, and everyone knows what subsequently happened was Pharaoh, so read the Holy Quran.

So finally the freedom of religious expression could finally speak freely and straightforwardly against freedom to censor the true Muslim religion which is put in place by the powerful media by powerful lobbies materialistic and financial policies, lay people, atheists, apostates from Islam and other Agnostics who are followed by the followers of tyranny and censorship wanting to hide the truth about the genocide that is taking place under your eyes and under their close.

And for those who refuse to admit the global conspiracy theory, not only in trying to demonize the religion of Muslims, then undermine the conspiracy theory that comes of plotters, then of the laity and their followers hand in hand in their small plot that will collapse, as well as their handling and their exploitation in any political kind, put in place by leaders who support their policy on their principle to globalize their doctrine materialist of indoctrination, of well being material and temporal, which is a fascist ideology in order to do not enlighten you on their complicity in genocide that is committed for their own good to be material dounia and the delights of this world $, these photos and This video above, are not special effects, but indeed the reality that all media censorship, including those of the Arab world, but especially the world lay people, as well as the censors of the Asian world and the world of deceit in Africa.

As their powerful media have been created by powerful lobbies from the world of politics, business, tourism, telecommunications, military complexes industrial, energy and nuclear power which hides within this false deceptive democracy who sell to the powerful lobbies of all kinds, to then dictate their wishes to the thirsty policies to which manipulates and adopts a policy of deception once in power.

As has as an example, the powerful nuclear lobby of AREVA shareholder of the channel of TV, Canalplus, and Bouygues with TF1, not to mention their partnership “sponsorship” with some websites, but also with some video published on Dailymotion and YouTube, and they are there as examples among many others of the power of the lobbies ultra anti-religious and then ultra-politique, ultra-materialistic, ultra-financier, ultra commercial being close to the sponsors, then into the the world of football, music and media spheres.



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