end of the world

The End of the World

With displayed on the banner below ‘Rayat’ the odd number of 1999 (09991) in rationality with an even number of the Kaaba to 1 618 033 who is none other than the sign code and encrypted Union O for the community Muslim woman between 19 letters of the Basmallah with the 99 most beautiful names of Allah (swt). In a link obvious with sign by Allah (swt) who is none other than that of the last eclipse solar total of the 20th century that took place on 11 August 1999 in order to open the era of the 3Rd Millennium and which was found throughout the northern hemisphere of Europe but especially in Paris who is none other than the city of light (truth) in rationality with the other city of light (truth) is the Holy City of Medina. The encoded 19 digit letters of the Basmallah which is other than the true ‘el haq”and one of the 99 servants of Allah has been verified (accessed) during a night of the 9th month of Ramadan of the lunar calendar of the Hegira (1433) emigration blessed in the direction of Mecca, and just before the Hajj from 2012 in conjunction with the 9th 2012solar calendar month.

The hour of truth and the total overthrow of the Novus Ordo Seclorum (of secularism) approach to the followers of deception, manipulation and democratic corruption that are the Franks near secular masonries of the Socialist International, as well as to close the Illuminati world of Zionist and capitalist ideology that are supporters of the antichrist, and after order global and Satanic in the United States, Russia, the European Union, China, the India and the Brazil, have in the land Islam called for censorship, tyranny and dictatorship of the military juntas who set up the mess after be separated laws of Allah with the principle of secular disbelief came from France, in order to repopulate the Earth sai of Zionist settlers and lay NTE Muslims of Palestine while expelling them from their homes and their land, who in front of Allah who is not blind, this land not lay Muslims, it is sacred and inviolable in front of Allah who is not blind, as is the God of the franc anti-religious military lay masonry and anti-islam.

In order to unite it under one banner to return to Jerusalem and set up the Islamic foundations with real rules, real justice, real principles of equality and true laws, in the lands of Islam, all of which each must comply by following the will of God the Lord (swt) that is unique and without partner (es) being above justice and laws established by the infidels and hypocrites, for having sent the last Messenger and last Prophet of humanity that is Muhammad (saaws), but also in order to unite the Muslim community to defeat the cult of the occult, hidden in the shadow of the religions, that are the pyramids of the illuminati in the service of their false Messiah and his single eye, which is none other than thought unique elite, not only by being close to Zionism, and then the horns of satan responsible for the fitna to have followed the United States in 1947 created Israel, without forget the fascism of Freemasonic with their Novus secularism Ordo Seclorum (global secularism) was put in place in the Arab country, as in Algeria to then implement censorship and slavery world of the 3 great pyramids of Giza that capitalism whose Arab monarchies are political in are supporters of this ideology of race to riches came from Britain, not to mention censorship and global slavery of 2 other pyramids of the secular masonry, that are those of socialism and communism whose evidence you are introduced to new world order from this website chapter

END of the PYRAMIDS on Earth and its very high technology (UFOS) and space BASES
as an ultimate and final warning for the FRANC Masonic INYERNATIONALE
with his cult of secularism GLOBALIST ANTI Islamic in powers LAND OF ISLAM

Here is the chapter on the beginning of the end, not world, just like the supporters of Kabbalah and israel want to think in the media of manipulation Zionist, secular and evangelist, but the chapter on the beginning of the beginning of the end of a World pyramids privatization, then race to wealth and the dictatorship through the world of censorship with their dresses (obelisks) stones, but also the chapter that highlights the end of a world of high technology (UFOs) followed by the 10 great signs of the end times that will follow one after the other for a new world of peace, he also will be followed by the end of the time then the resurrection of all mankind who will be gathered in front of the face of Allah (swt) q UI will appear in heaven, and then in the space for the judgment last of each individuals (men, women and children) and in a common point with the observer of the terrestrial magnetic field displayed on Earth’s magnetic field with metal core fusion and solar flare with earthquake who will be other than the destructive earthquake of the Earth and that will precede the time of resurrection, because of the conspiracies anti power Islamic in the land of islam, and then because of censorship against this website set up by francs-masonry of Satan, that of the followers of secularism, which their supporters and their servants who will go to their grave then will be risen, will taste the worst punishment that Allah (swt) can inflict upon the followers of Satan with their anti Islamism, which he (Islamism) in the name of God by the 19 letters of the Basmallah, fight Islamic Masonic societies Franc secularism and without having any respite or reduction of their punishment in a common point with this chapter on the end their pyramids and their manipulations.

With shown below not only the hadith of the beloved prophet Muhamamd (saaws) but also in image with the circle, the symbol of the opening of a black hole located in the center of our Galaxy (the Milky Way) that caused a break in space and time interdimensional and tri-temporel, the evidence that is censored by the supporters of the ideology atheist, secular, anti-religious and globalist of the disorder (anarchy), who is so close to the sex riot in Russia, similarly information censored by the supporters of the ideolodie Zionist and internationalist of the children of israel with their francs-masonry became rebellious and unfaithful to the will of the Lord of the heavens and the Earth (swt), here’s the proof on the existence of the time distortions and interdimensionelles on Black holes star Sirius, interruption of the time and space distortions.

As a warning that was not taken lightly by any conspirator endowed with understanding in the signs of Allah (swt) but also of intelligence who would be tempted by the devil and his demons with any bad intention followers as supporters of dajjal (antichrist) would like to make look good intentions against the owner of this Web site in order to block the road to Mecca and Medina, and after him have stand in the way of Al-Aqsa in 2006 has its age of 40 years, you move a hair in your plot to a worthy of monkeys and abject geunons intellectual lowness obstructing the will of Allah (swt) or you refuse him the hajj visa, and be certain that you will be swallowed by the heavens (space), or by the bowels of the Earth where by the seas and oceans in being screened in another universe time space, then to the place and at the time time when Allah (swt) unique and without partner (es) in all his wishes will have wanted, and in common with the Roswell case that is already happened in July 1947.

Just as it is stated in the warning of a language encoded by Allah (swt) and then revealed in the Holy Qur’an, whose verse 63 of Sura 33 Al-Azhab (the Confederates) then verse 187 of 7 Sura Al – A’raf (a elevated area) are shown below:

“They ask you about the hour:”when will it come?”. Say to them: “only my Lord’s knowledge.
He alone is able to bring it at the fixed end. And suddenly, the heavens and the Earth will be upset! ”
As it will take you to the blue.”
You are asked to his subject as if you owned the secret! Say to them:
“only Allah’s knowledge. “But a lot of people do not know.” »

Holy Qur’an : Sura 33 Al-Azhab (the Confederates) / verse 63
people ask you about the hour. Answer: “his knowledge is exclusive to Allah !” What do you know? Perhaps that time is near. »


With another temporal evidence of distortions and interdimensionelle that you is displayed in the image below, and including a luminous phenomenon which is other than an electro-magnetic cloud, as one who sometimes appeared in the Bermuda triangle, was observed this time in December 2009 at the top of the Norway and after opening a vortex with anything a see with a UFO or a Russian missile any that you can contemplate on proof of the existence of cracks spatio temporal as well as English on electro-magnetic cloud after opening a Vortex that caused breaks spatio temporal has different eras of humanity, just as it is stated in an authentic hadith of the last Messenger of God (saaws) who is remembered in the video below with the shape of a circle (Hall extra time which is nothing more than a passage through time and space.

But to understand the process of the distortion of space and time having started in 1943 and after that this window was open through a crack (fracture) of the time when the Philadelphia experiment, it is important to visit the chapter Roswell and 1947 this website, to understand how and why these same experiences have been developed to implement the program star wars of Ronald reagan set up from the work of research on the effect of the time limitation of the physicist Aaaron Yeoman Blinovitch with veccu by the end of the 19th century until the beginning of the 20th, but also by Nicolas Tesla, in the only goal of the plotters to place on the Koranic revelations having chosen the advice of Satan, but also to control the will of the Lord of the universe (swt) that are other than the 10 great temporal signs which is follow one after the other, and that leading up to time last of humanity which will precede the supreme hour of the end of time and the resurrection to judgment last in front of Allah who is not one-eyed.

And the powerful coalition of the United nations, who allied themselves with the hypocrites who are other than the unjust, seeks a escape has the last hour of humanity which will precede the supreme hour of the end of time and the resurrection to judgment last before Allah that it does not represent with a single eye (that of the secular religion kafirine) knowing what will be reserved for them on the day of the settlement of their accounts, and after to be associated with the Lord of the universe (swt) which is without partner (es) for plotting in the shadows of power, not only after having wanted to murder the Messenger of God (swt) is Jesus (aws) and by 2 times after sown corruption and disorder on Earth, which occurs the second time currently under your eyes and since the creation of Israel in 1947 everything as it was decreed in the Islamic Holy Quran, depending on what the plotters cache in their heart and their soul with their worship of anti power in the lands of islam.

Corruption on the Earth with the release of the antichrist to frizzy hair in July 1947 who was recovered was Roswdell by the American armies, crusade against islam, after have been prophesied by the last Messenger of humanity that is Muhammad (saaws), and that its release in 1947 led to the creation of israel with resolution 181 of the 33 coalies of the United Nations then 19 years later in 1966, the return of the true Messiah Jesus (aws) as a baby in a cradle) Mahdi), whose beloved prophet Mohammad (saaws) sahih hadith describes perfectly the true appearance of the true Messiah (aws) which clearly appeared to him at Al-Isra and Al-Miraj and how you can contemplate the hadeeth Saheeh, which contains the real description of the false Messiah (massih dajjal) antichrist is the friend of the children of Israel, Evangelicals, the laity and their Muslim settlement of land policy through privatization and globalization. the Muslims of the world, be they French, Arab, Berber, African, Italian, English, Spanish, etc… are unjustly deprived of their property, and still others, as in Palestine, in Gaza or Jerusalem, are expelled from their lands and their maissons, to be then recolonized by children sioinistes of Israel who come from around the world and by through globalization of Satanists, with the blessing of the United States, of England, of the Russia, China, the India, South America, and the European Union nations and the hypocrites (mounafikoune) what are the children’s friends Israel was born in the West without forget their leaders of Arabs, Berbers, Africans, North Africans, Asians grouped in the coalition of the United nations, which at the beginning at the beginning of the creation of israel, were 33 nations of infidels to the commandments of the Lord of heaven and Earth all the elements which are submitted, except the coalition of rebels, hypocrites and infidels gathered in United nations.



To understand the outs of this crack (fracture of the space time) and this time loop open a vortex opening interdimensional experience a secret, then visit so the site in question has physics Quantum field electromagnetic, quantum and time loop as well as the quantum electrodynamics in order to contemplate the experiences eliminatory held secretly during the 20th century by conspirators who will all be gathered in front of Allah without omitting one (e) alone (e), not only in order to travel to the past of humanity but also to escape the judgment last Allah za wajal (sw) by the introduction of sky doors after that these have been revealed in the Corann St., and which are other than the creation of Allah (swt) has been copied by the engineers of the Earth with their interdimensional vortex by the grace of the Star Wars program, launched in 1983 by Ronald Reagan has the attention of the coalition of nations in rebellion against the laws of Allah (swt), the coalition of infidels and rebels who have followed the advice of Satan, who, having 6 years later in 1989 , precipitated the fall of the Berlin wall in order to rassember the leaders of the East and West blocks.

But also and above all, in order to contemplate the evidence of the global conspiracy of the biggest cover up set up by the plotters are occult groups plotting in the shadows of the powers, in order to better control the Interdimensional vortex opening up everywhere in the world, in particular in the Bermuda triangle and as demonstrated by evidence which are presented on this website, not only with 2 giant temporal distortions that were open in Atlantic 14 April 2011, and as demonstrated by the evidence displayed on two cracks space-time 400 km in diameter with an another massive space-time break being opened in the Gulf of Aden posted on electro-magnetic in the Golf of Aden cloud with the birth of a new ocean as proves it the CNRS to a new crust is formed continuously by the ascent of magma along the Ridge close to the nations hypocrites that are countries of the golf course and after that these interdimensional time/space anomalies have revealed on the WikiLeaks site.

The site of WikiLeaks as the real dictators and tyrants in the West wanted to censor everything by implementing the disorder and corruption in Muslim States to better divert you the mind of their plot, and all by leading the flocks of sheep and goats that are the one-eyed man in the West, whose proof of opening a vortex interdimenssionel is displayed at this link you can see on the mounafiqoun capitalist in the Gulf that are close friends) Allied) Western fleet patrolling off the coast of Somali under a false pretext of Somali piracy and international terrorism which in brackets has been placed on orbitre, then funded by the occult secret service Saudis are the horns of Satan in Saudi Arabia from Riyadh responsible of fitna after established a monarchy in obvious complicity with the friends of the United States that are intelligence Pakistani hand in hand with the Council permanent security of the Organization of the United nations are the nations of disbelief and infidelity become Nations rebels that are the United States, England, the France, the Russia and China in order to protect their financial interests and their order established by supporters of Zionism.

Then finally as a warning for the lost with their liberal worship from a right-thinking philosophy media manipulation that are followers of the fascism of secularism, as well as the pervert in bad faith (dishonest and manipulative) that are apprentices Sowers of disorder and corruption on Earth in Muslim States, here’s a cautionary address to the United nations who don’t control anything, including the circle of the time loop and the vortex interdimensionel that the Prophet well loved Muhammad (saaws) had seen during his sleep, and who is none other that the time loop that will end after having started with the cataclysm universal big bang had already produced in the distant past, which was then followed by a temporal distortion, after It was open in the world of the gog and magog through vortex interdimensiionnel, not by control of the Americans and allies who don’t control nothing, but through a time warp to and control by the wishes of Allah (swt), such as the one located in the Bermuda triangle at the level of the parallel to the equator, after have wiped out an entire continent, and that at the time of the Prophet (saaws) was already open, by the simple made time breaks, as a warning for the United nations, as well as for the followers of Federal Africa, then to followers of a federal Europe to secularism so close to the International Socialist and capitalist who want to impose their materialistic ideologies into their races to the riches in raw materials and their consumer policy which you into debt and then you reduce in esllavage, in a warning to the Muslim faithful (es) who want to live their lives according to the commandments of God (swt) which is unique and without partner (es) so that Muslims are not the subject to the wishes of infidels and rebels in war against the religion of Allah.

Because of the clear evidence of an authentic hadith narrated by Fatima Bint Qaïs (raa) which clearly indicates that at the time of the Prophet Muhammad (saaws) and at the end of a prayer, the beloved prophet Muhammad (saaws) settled on the minbar flesh and had asked was that each person stay here where she had prayed, then he told the story of the monk Christian Tamim Ad-Dari coming to convert is Islam which is found be accompanied by thirty sailors of Lahm and Judam, and only after countries sailed by stormy sea and one month by strong winds, they traversere an electromagnetic cloud having them aground on an island, and on the side of the sunset (to the West), who as everyone knows, the sunset is located to the West, that is to say at the end of the African continent in the shape of pyramid, and from Greenwich mean time in England, and at this precise moment or they failed on an island, they met a very hairy beast named Al-Jassassa (the spy), here again, is the Yeti often spotted in the Himalayas as well as North America as this strange species that is so close to the human race than you can see in the video below?

God only knows (swt) if Al-Jassassa (the spy) is the Asian Yeti or Big Foot in the American continent in the video above, but one thing is certain, this very hairy animal led them to the Antichrist who was chained on an island at the level of the Sun Sunset West of the Kaaba and at the end of the African continent, which in the parable of the hadith literalle, means that the Antichrist was time spent everything as it stands at the present time, chained in a convent trapped with his ball on the foot, to his time temporal and in its dimension of space, then kept and monitored by the spy (Al-Jassassa) which on the orders of Allah (swt) and at the point where the plotters put on their plot, release the Antichrist of his time (of his time) and place imprisonment on his island, which is none other than his space, for then appear on a path between the Iraq and the Syria coming out of a time warp and its space by a cloud of electro-magnetic in common with Christophe Colombe and the space-time holes caused by some black pinholes, which directs you to another world and another time which these facts, are traced back the origin of the case to the first trip of Christopher Columbus in 1492 where the latter has recorded in its log on the date of 11 October 1492 of the observations of strange lights in the sky (UFO) as well as a trail of fire which fell into the sea when it sailed in the Sargasso Sea before reaching the first island, a story of Christophe Colomb which was then classified secret and in the archives of the vatican by Freemasonry close to his guard Switzerland, now so close to the intelligence services Switzerland (Illuminati) and its Protestant evangelists have infiltrated the Vatican for censor the truth (converted) become a Muslim.

And always this subject, Christopher Columbus also claims that the color of the Sargasso Sea was abnormal and that compasses were deregulated because of the temporal dsitorsion and gravity the Earth core, and after that this cloud electro-magnetic in the Atlantic ocean where Al massih dajjal, is crossed by Tamin Ad-Dari and his crew who previously and at the time of the Prophet Muhammad (saaws), this distortion of space and time had made them aground on an island in the Atlantic off the African coast, and in a common point, not only with the meridian of Greenwich ( 0° longitude) that is located at the same place where the hour of the sun rises in the West (England and his friends evangelists of israel) and to the the parallel to the Equator level is where the Sun is the most northern on the planet, all as stated in the video below called the sun rises from the West by the sign of its time zones just as close to London and birthplace all masonries francs, then the Stonehedge monument with his cult esoteric and mystical spirits (Jinn) and saints and the occult sciences of francs-masonry, (hidden) that worships the eye blind and hidden from the Antichrist, which Allah (swt) and his will to mislead those who worship him and follow him, gave him the ability to see through time and space, and that will be another one of the 10 major signs of the end times , and not the end of this world, just as it is taught by the scholar of islam in the video shown below.

The great sign of the cosmic upheaval in conjunction with deregulation of the Earth’s magnetic field, as a result of the reverse rotation of the core metal molten in the center of our planet, which will cause if God willing, an interruption of the time by a reverse rotation of the nucleus, then the end of the order established by the followers of the antichrist, and the appearance of the 10 great signs that not even took place, which among other things and as stated in the video that is presented below entitled The sun rises from the West at the level of the British island or are born francs-masonry, and just as also indicates it a hadith (authentic) sahih of the Prophet beloved Muhammad (saaws), or it is clearly taught:

That the sunrise will be its West, that is to say above England and Boulay island off the African coast with its 196IP address. 201. 199. 210, at the level of latitude 5° 1644. 76“N and longitude 4° 655.” 8“W and from the Greenwich Meridian which begins above England and is located on the Equator, where the massih ad dajjal is currently imprisoned in his world that is parallel to our own, and in his time which is parallel to the” our by an invisible world, where it will be released very soon its environment of space and its temporal dimension to then appear on a path between the Iraq and Syria, as the Prophet Muhammad (saaws) has announced, at the time current and if you know even to contemplate the things with wisdom and meditation, the sun rises to the East, at the top of the first temple of humanity that is the Kaaba with its cubic root, built by the first man (Alpha) named Adam (aws) which made opposition to francs-masonry pyramids, with their equation of plotters of pi = 3,14159265 and who is none other than the dictatorship of a world order established by the anti-religious, by the anti-islam, by false Muslims supporters of this mondialistion that is so close of secularism and the world sham, then the evanglistes and the children of israel having been cursed by Allah (swt).

Therefore, and as a warning for any believer who wishes by his free party, deviate from the followers of the charlatan and esoteric deception so close to francs-Masonic networks and their globalization who do believe that the Massih Dajjal (Antichrist) is already there, move away from them. Because Allah (swt) astray that the pervert, the plotters, lost sects (es), francs-masonries and groups of the Illuminati who received the fire of Satan, then lay people, the without faith nor law, as well as the idolaters, infidels, idolaters, the unjust and hypocrites who directs the blameworthy (haram) and condemns the suitable (halal) or all together and then chained to each other with cannonballs has their feet, follow their Massih Dajjal (Anti-Christ).

Similarly, there is another proof that this time warp was already open, but just when the beloved prophet Muhammad (saaws) had formed, but attention, with the help of his thumb and his forefinger, and certainly not with his major and his index as some proponents of the fitna that are the misguided to the breast from the darkness of Islam want to and hope do you believe on different forum and website, either by being close to anarchy, chaos, disorder, bad faith and dishonesty , or so close of tyranny and dictatorship of a single thought implementing censorship hiding on internet networks to disseminate their propaganda deceptive and manipulative, which oddly, is be placed at the top of the poster of google pages by the plotters took control of the mass media, which at this case, that Dailymotion, or YouTube, as demonstrated by the number of views of their manipulative videos who lost to a nearby false religion of their policy of disinformation, manipulation and close fitna of the horns of Satan and its materialistic cult of Samiri with her calf in gold, and against which the beloved prophet Muhammad (saaws) will be a witness, just as he is clearly revealed in the concerned verse of the Holy Quran which is shown below, and not witness to you just as he falsely translated on many internet sites, by the supporters of massih dajjal (the deceit and manipulation) of their false Messiah to the curly hair become unfaithful, and after establishing his power on Earth.

Especially, after Allah (swt) za wajal gave him the name of Muslim community, which is to be truly and totally obedient has all the will of Allah (swt) after doing it a single community which must truly follow the path of the Prophet Muhammad (saaws), the spiritual path and not the teachings of esoteric and other sects sectarian currents within Islam, to not to divide the Muslim community in a mutitude of sects, just as it has been Since the death of the 4 first Caliphs of islam, not only for a vile of the unique eye and profit of the single thought of the infidels and the rebels to the commandments of God, who is none other than the unique pesnee of the fascism of secularism and horns of Satan had risen to the East of the Holy cities of Medina and Mecca

Holy Qur’an: Sura 22 Al-Hajj (the pilgrimage) / verse 78
“and fight for Allah with all the effort it deserves. It is he who elected you. and don’t imposed you no discomfort in the religion of your father Abraham, which you already appointed “Muslims” before (this book) and in this (book), so that the Messenger is witness against you, and that you yourselves are witnesses against people. So do the Salat, pay Zakat and attach strongly to Allah. He is your master. And what Excellent master! And what great support! »

The circle which is none other than the corridor was opened through vortex into the world of the gog and magog who is none other than the first chip (crack) temporal (border) of the gog and magog, after having been revealed in a worldwide former language by the parable of a fence of iron and copper, in order to protect a people believing the thirst of blood and the perversity of the 2 people that are the gog and magog who descends from Adam (aws), and after this barrier of iron and copper was c uilt by the noble servant Dul-Qarnain, and who was no other than an electro-magnetic field (Gate), just as a space/time between 2 border worlds, that of the past and the present of which the United nations with their star wars program, then despite all their power together, cannot control access as well as the elements that are in conjunction with its same temporal distortions, which among other things, in the direction of the Earth’s solar flares causing the electromagnetic storms and a total blackout (interruption) of any high technology powered by electricity (energy).

The peoples of beings human of the present protected by an invisible iron and copper wall that no one can see, and that is nothing more than a quantum electromagnetic field (an electromagnetic barrier) separating 2 dimensional and temporal worlds of the past and of the present which is another work of Dul Qarnain of the day of the end of the world of high technology reduced to dust, by the opening of a time warp, which was formed by the last Prophet Muhammad (saaws) in having joined his thumb and his index, just as says the hadith displayed below with the numbers 10 and 90 then with the numbers 1 and 9 meaning literally the principle of the judgment of the humanity, then the essay of 10 great signs of the end times for the resurrection and last judgment represented by the circle of a temporal O clock that will expire after have been opened by three-dimensional time, and temporal distortion present and future.

With first the hadith No. 3097 reported by Al-Bukhaari, stating that the Prophet (saaws) to seal its index and its major, not in order to designate a circle as some infidels and impostors in the Ummah is knowingly translated on their video shown below “Khalidc” caught red-handed on Dailymotion of bad translation to be seen by a large number in order to mislead anyone.

Hadith No. 3097 having been predicted by the seal of the prophets, Muhammad (saaws) in order to designate the judgment of mankind approach then the essay of 10 great signs of the end times, and before the day of the last judgement who will be individually for each individual in front of Allah (swt).

Because the only hadith saying Muhammad (saaws) would have joined his index finger and his middle finger in the sign of a rapprochement between 2 times, which of the many loved Muhammad (saaws) with that of the 21th century which was very close to the time of the beloved prophet Muhammad (saaws), can only refer to the end of our modern world of lies, manipulations and its high technology that competes with God in the creation of all things while standing on his way to mislead the people, as being one of the last small signs of the towers of babel (pyramids) built by slaves very badly paid from New york to Dubai through the Saudi Arabia in the middle of a company or the price explodes demeusurement as well as the capital, and the salaries of the poverty-stricken herdsmen, stay where they are for the good financial and commercial elites in the States of mounafiqoune “hypocrites” hidden land Arab, who in the dance den elites are followed by the followers of the fascism of secularism, which as a vicious circle of plotters and manipulators, gives crumbs with one hand, and resume has these same populations reduced in slavery, a maximum with the other hand, some who like a wheel that turns, comes back into great profit for elites that reduce the people in slavery.

By the hadith Sahih Muslim references no.1671 including Sahl ibn Sa’d (ra) reports Prophet Muhammad (saaws) who said: “I heard the Envoy of Allah (du’a), while joining the index finger: I was sent, me and time and” (i.e. 2 times that were so close to the other, which of the 7th century with that of the 3Rd Millennium having been opened by the last solar eclipse of the 20th century)

With another hadith Sahih No.1672 in Muslim about the judgment of mankind which is be the continuity of the previous hadith No.1671 chronicling approach of the sign of the hour one at the end of this world of high technology which was very close to the last warning was the last Prophet and final Messenger Muhammad (saaws) and who according to ‘ Anas (ra) the Prophet (du’a) said: ‘ I was sent, me and time as these two – this (he wants by there, the short length separating his). Mission to the arrival of the day of judgment)”

And then there is the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (saaws) regarding the authenticity of the circle O which is narrated by Zainab Bint Jahsh (AAR) known to be the mother of the believers who reported: “one day the Messenger of Allah came to see me scared, he said. “There is no deity that Allah, woe to the Arabs, a near disaster, today the gate of Gog and Magog was pierced like this: he made a circle with the thumb and forefinger”  which is confirmed by Sheikh Mohammed Hassan in video below called the loop time then Gog and Magog.

Then Zainab Bint Jahsh (raa) said O “Messenger of Allaah! will we perish while there are virtuous among us? “He said to me: Yes, if corruption is General.

And therefore, you may find you everywhere even in countries that call themselves Muslim, but in all reality, are only the mounafiqoune (hypocrites) close to the infidels and the laity, including the mounafiqoune in the close West of secularism that is say and pretend to be Muslim (e), that corruption, then the vice, the lies, dishonesty, manipulation and perversity that comes from the West are are generalized by having undercover with the followers of massih-dajjal (Antichrist) having printed his single eye, one of the one-eyed liar of the pervert demonising the true Muslim religion as followers of the masonry we posted on the Sham of the rights to the disorder and corruption is being spread to all levels of the company pervert, dishonest, manipulative, and bad faith.

The mounafiqoune of 2 shores of the Mediterranean dishonest, manipulative, perverse and dishonest immersed in their quest to dounia, political power and the delights of this world through the fascism of secularism, all being immersed in their quests to colonization of non-Muslim lands or Satan has embellished them this Western world, then Westernized Muslim lands, by profit financial, political, oil and gas that their are offered by the Mint single euro, then by the American dollar on which it is printed the single eye of Massih ad-dajjal hair frizzy and thick that promised them wealth and power (dounia) on Earth, then delights of this world and that is none other than their Antichrist just as this website brings you the evidence of their negation of God (swt) and for others, their infidelity and their hypocrisy against the divine laws are the rights and duties that each nation’s Muslim majority has to the cr eateur of heaven and Earth (swt) which in his command, is without partner (es).

The U.S. dollar and his father Christmas on which it is written “in God we trust” to divide the Muslim community (Shiite and sounite) that Allah (swt) Almighty that is not one-eyed, must gather its forces and unite for the love of the Prophet Muhammad (saaws) and in a sign of your adoration of Allah (swt), to return to Jerusalem and the esplanade of the 2 mosques, Al-Aqsa and the dome of the rock which must be placed under the control and authority of the World Muslim (e), that finally and as true believers who do not pretend to be obedient (es), the final prophecy might be fulfilled after that followers of secularism, have by the grace of their masonry international, divided, manipulated and then lists religious communities against the other (Jewish, Christian and Muslim) all created then manipulated the terrorism in order to demonize the last religion has not been shaped in the image of the plotters as the other 2 religions have been…

From elsewhere for the followers of the quack who want to wipe off the face of the Earth all forms of religion, the plotters are the misguided attracted dounia (political reward to the temporal power), then by the delights of this world to then set up tyranny, lies, manipulation and censorship lay through the technique of demonization, here’s a real Honourable hadith that are intended for them.

And if you want to know the truth about the unhealthy behaviours who are devoted adoration of the devil, which those of falsehood, the depravity of mind, of deceit, manipulation and censorship, in order to understand who wait for them lost (es) tyrants, manipulators and censors very close ally of the principles of secularism which will have accounts has set for their manipulations in order to deceive believing them (es) in order to better the inffluencer on their philosophy of a single thought guided by the single eye of the White House and the United nations having implemented the demonization of the religion of Allah (swt), then head on this very good dedicated Internet Senegalese site has Islamic truth or figure of noble Quranic teachings and of noble ahadith concerning the behaviors that are dedicated to the manipulation and the lies that are the worst attractions in animals that God cursed.

And after prophet Muhammad (saaws) well said, that the person who said that Muhammad (saaws) said or did something, and that’s not true, then Allah (swt) forbade the paradise, and his final resting place will be hell to remain there forever. Because these are hadiths of vital importance to the understanding of what Muhammad (saaws) wished to make it clear to the non-Muslim (es) and Muslim (es) themselves not perfectly including Arabic literary talked at the time of the Prophet Muhammad) saaws), and that the lost (es) of the right way attracted to dounia and the delights of this world wanted to falsify, and then change the interpretation of the hadith narrated by Al-Bukhaari for vile material, financial and political profit, which the lost (es) of law way did it that has their own detriment, especially the above hadith about the crack (fracture) of the time, that of the time loop resulting in distortions temporal interdimensionelle, and which in all reality, this hadith knowingly and deliberately falsified by the close their massih plotters dajjal, cannot mean only, that the symbol of a circle O having been opened in the world of the gog and my ‘ gog with the help of the antigravity sliders Nations United then built on of old archaeological pyramid foundations, following a first, space-time and interdimensional chip having taken place in 1943 during the Philadelphia experiment to the American coast on USS navy Eldridge located near the Bermuda triangle, as demonstrated by the evidence scientifically speaking that are presented to you in Roswell and 1947 this website chapter.

Where the need for anti gravity in order to open a rift in time and space according to the laws of quantum physics and general relativity space weather in the adepatant to the laws of relativity while escaping at the attraction land of the core metal molten in the center of the Earth which is certainly not hollow, as followers of the manipulation would make you believe, and thus reach a distance away from our time in the past of mankind, even see our solar system to reach other constellations through the powered hyper space, once the block of iron and copper wall was built by a pleuple who requested the services of Dul-Qarnain having used all his financial wealth and material to build this wall.

The break time that coded in a language and in the hadith literal sense, had already been created in the time loop, which at the time of the last Prophet Muhammad (saaws) and since 26000 years was already opened by a wormhole in the world of the gog and the m agogs with the help of the antigravites, as shown in evidence which are presented in this chapter on the end of the world, including ancient civilizations Oceanian, Chinese and Maya were aware of these cosmic events after that their former world which was located in the Pacific and who was that one continent have been wiped out by God (swt).

DUL-Qarnain has Furthermore, absolutely nothing has do with Alexander the great and still less with Cyrius the grand with the name of the star Sirius, just as some proponents of handling hidden on the internet would have you believe, simply because Alexander the great born in Macedonia, was as a non Muslim dead non-Muslim, and everything in venerrant and then vowing a cult Pagan and polytheistic of the Greece ancient which was also part Macedonia, and this done, God (swt) chose not as servant someone who does not have faith in him while not on an exclusive cult devoted and dedicated was unique and without partner (swt), Allah as confirmed by video posted below the noble scholar of Islam that is Sheikh Mohammed Hassan.

All this, not to throw the stone on Alexander the great death was 33 years old, but closing chapter big liars and major manipulators whose road to paradise will be crossed, are followers of the Antichrist (al massih ad-dajjal) covering the truth with their lies in trying to make the connection between Dul-Qarnain with Alexander the great, Alexander the great, has absolutely nothing to do with Lud-Qarnain, because the time of Dul-Qarnain then the gog and magog are alike at all with the time of Alexander the great which some would like to believe that one of the 2 peoples were of the Hindu, and just as the picture of a human skull with 2 horns confirms it in you being displayed below, and demonstrating clearly that you live in the epoch of the supporters of dajjal, manipulation and censorship, after that this human skull with 2 horns, was discovered in the United States, and in the middle of giant skeletons. see the site in question on human skull with horns

Reason by the trip that Dul-Qarnain was conducted between the 2 ends of a continent, Dul-Qarnain had met a believing people located between gog and magog in him asking for help to protect them against evil, thirst blood, and hunger Chair and destruction that represents the strength of the Ya’juj and my ‘ juj, which one of the 2 people was small in size, and the other which was large, and especially, which included no language, including one of her 2 peoples (gog and magog) was located in a muddy water (to the West) is to say to the sunset, then the other people (gog and magog) to the rising of the Sun (to the East), all as confirmed 18 Al-Khaf of the Holy Qur’an Surat where also the verse on the principle of the resurrection of all being, including gog and magog who will be resurrected from the ashes so that their bones that will be collected from their flesh to sweep once again, on this world of censorship evangelist, Protestant secular and hypocrite who sows disorder and corruption in the lands of islam by ordering the haram, forbidden by the laws of Allah and condemns everything which is in the name of Allah.

The gog and magog that were things that human descendants of Adam (aws) and who have nothing to do with aliens just as would believe some supporters of manipulation on the internet in their policy to manipulate the belief of Muslim (es) with videos that are displayed on the front of Dailymotion and Youtube to be seen by a large number of people, and that as if by magic, are seen by many in order to indoctrinate and lost a large number as if by magic Muslim (es) to a false world of secularism religion believing that on Earth down here and in a distant past the Earth was the earthly paradise, and in a future close it will be paradise for Laity built by slaves , you: Muslims not lay because of the archaeological discovery of UFOs which the world of the laity was struck the land ostensibly, censoring the truth that is displayed in this Web site, this is to say covering by the lies of the supporters of my ssih dajjal (antichrist) are the laity, and by erasing when forwarding any internet link posted in this site, and that is another one of the many signs of the perversie of the laity but also that of the end of the world of the pyramids and handling f Masonic ranc with its anti-power Islamic secular principle in the lands of islam.

Proof that 2 people people are like you and me, but not of the same size, because they are smaller than you and me, and much bigger than you and me, as also confirms this in the video below a very noble scholar of Islam which is not corrupt, whose name is Sheikh Mohammed Hassan, Allah (swt) gives him plenty of reward and Allah bless.

A Muslim scholar who wears the beard that had nothing to do with the secular and Frank disbelief Masonic, whose many false Muslim (es), ended up hating stigmatizing the bearded, and the forwards not secularised by the masonry because bearded adheres to the ideology of the Western lifestyle which corrupt power political Islamic societies that subsequently become secular. But the bearded men who, unlike the corrupt secular devens, remains faithful to the laws of Allah and to the true teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (saaws), contrary to the lies of the false Muslims in Africa and in the West that are hypocrites that we recognizes their religious thought or haram becomes legal and the halla becomes interdity, the hypocrites in Africa and Europe than the Franc lay masonry made of the Muslim (es), simply because they like a their new masters are the Friends lay powers of a secular israel with its capital world of the new secular order (secularism) world if close to the ideology of globalization of dounias (rewards) land offered by the Western lifestyle, that of the masonry that sows disorder and corruption on earth making believe, that gog and magog are aliens with their UFOs, wherever on Earth here below and in the distant past, the Earth would have been a paradise on Earth, as well as some plotters of francs Masons would have you believe relaying information through their media groups, including those of Dailymotion, YouTube, and Facebook, but also on their search engines, like google, yahoo or bing ranking in their first pages of research internet sites as well as videos that like it has a secular ideology and has a certain conception of globalization with some keywords, and other “yet to the bottom of the search pages decommissioning some sites and videos that didn’t like it has a certain conception of globalization secular and Masonic Franc, because these same websites and these same videosn are against the laiicte and its principle of globalization.

One of the peoples of Gog and Magog who worshipped fire Ajij the 2 names of Ya’juj and my ‘ juj revealed in the Holy Qur’an are not original Arabic, but a derivative literrale of ancient literary Arabic unknown to North Africa by a very gr ande majority of Africans, with for the first word of Ajij which in French translates as fire or outbreak of fire, and for the second word of Eujaj, which in French translates by water or flamed in the water, in order to designate a couple of 2 peoples of beings so human NT peoples created from fire (Ajij) and created water (Eujaj) which are also known pure being 2 sources of life (fire and water) which over the generations has become is ‘ juj and my ‘ juj or water and Sun were revered by his 2 peoples that water as a source of life and fertility, which the human body is 80% water base, then the fire (Ajij) or storm as being a spiritual symbol of Baal who over generations, were associated with Allah (swt), see the Baal site

Two peoples of Gog and Magog (are ‘ juj and my ‘ juj) having been created from an outbreak of very hot and very salty water that originates with the words Ajij and Eujaj just as it is confirmed by the scholar of Islam what Sheik Mohammed Hassan from the 5 < /b 10 > th minute and th second of video that is shown below called but also and especially, being confirmed by other scholars of language Arabic literary has absolutely nothing to do with the dialect and the derivative of the Berber people who are immersed in their races to the riches being supporters of Zionism, the ideology of globalization of the International Monetary Fund with their policy of globalization and repopulation of the Holy Land of real Muslims in Palestine, to achieve political power and control of the media and of Islamic religious teachings by the intyermediaire of the Ministry of habous, and by the grace of their Freemasonry hid in the shadow of the powers so close to the privatization of religion, in order to hide and censor the true Muslim religion that has nothing do with esotericism and also nearby Sufi mysticism the Jewish Kabale and Freemasonry.

And God, what are these reasons listed below that 2 people of Gog and Magog will be resurrected, to sweep on all the surface of the land and of all heights, but also money to be wiped out by worms which will tackle their neck and which sometimes infest the nose of the herds (fire from heaven that will devour them inside), and as in fact it is indicated for Catholic believers friends who have a heart with a free spirit and who don’t s were not against the islam or against the Muslims, which I invoke Allah (swt) to get to the message of Islam after having been announced in verses 789 of chapter 20 of the apocalypse according to St. John, which is shown below.

“And when the thousand years are over, Satan will be released from prison, he will be released to lead astray the nations which are in the four corners of the Earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them for war, they will be as numerous as the sand of the sea. They went up all over the Earth, they surrounded the camp of the saints and the beloved city, but fire came down from heaven and devoured them. »

Fire from the sky which descended upon the Earth and devoured the Gog and Magog and who is none other than the part of the Gospels announced by the authentic hadith and narrated by Muslim, clearly indicating that the gog and magog periront as of one man, by worms that tackles will has their neck and which sometimes infest the nose of the herds, and which are other than parasites described below in this chapter.

The unfurling of the Gog and magog has already taken place, which is also confirmed by surah of the Holy Quran in verse 102 of chapter 18 Al-Khaf (the cave) 83 , with as only refuge surn the Earth, the Tor mountain where the olive tree and which is other than the burning Bush of Moses (aws) through which Allah (swt) spoke verbally Moses (aws) and who will be the only refuge on Earth against the wrong of Gog and Magog fastest of all heights and beneath your feet for exter undermine everyone, except those that Allah wanted will preserve and protect against their evil, which of these events who are not fairytales for children, you are explained by the scholar’s Sheikh Mohamed Hassan in the video below entitled sign of the hour.

The mount called Tor Mount Sinai or Mount Sinai the place where olive tree and which is none other than the burning Bush is being lit up a light highly brilliant who is burned before Moses (aws) and which is be the very place where Allah (swt) pa ELA orally to Moses (aws) in receiving the tablets on which the divine decrees to the children of israel that formed the Covenant having been sealed are transmitted between the children of Israel with the Lord of the universe (swt), which I invoke Allah) SWT) so that the people of the book of Naturai Carta enters Islam at most quickly, and before it’s too late, to have remained faithful to the will of Allah (swt), those to repopulate the land of Israel until the end of time.

This Covenant between the children of Israel, and the Lord of the universe (swt) having been broken in 1947 after having created israel against even the wishes of Allah (swt) and in a relativity of space and time between the future of the humanity in 1947 and the era of the past of 1947 with the last temple of Solomon (aws) where Souleymane (aws) received a visit from an Angel in the form of a man, announcing the breaking of the Pact of Alliance concluded with Allah (swt) as a result of the conspiracy thought and established by the children of Israel.

All this conspiracy supporters of the anti-Christ, following a policy of provocations, attacks and manipulation with hidden messages within their media of privatization, as well as in the media of the doctrinaire Socialist and secular, that all suddenly the media private and public service, and magically turns a censor, to censor the Muslim religion that does not please the advocates of globalization of socialism and capitalism, in a policy of globalization which was implemented by the various groups of Illuminati and masonries francs until on Arab channels and black African, being together in francs-masonry between Protestant evangelists, globalist Catholics, Zionists, atheists. Agnostics, followers of the churches of Scientology, if black Africa near their leaders practicing the cult of jinns and the shirq with Allah (swt) and without losethings too murabit sects advocates of the misguided sects, esoteric and mystical Sufis who are so close to the Moroccan monarchy and occult powers hidden behind her that are Masons francs and their practice of Jewish Kabbalah, watching the world from their unique look, then internet.

All different sects together in francs-masonry and so close to the ideology of the 33 nations of rebels and infidels to the laws of Allah (swt) in 1947 made vote resolution 181 of the United nations, and on the injustices can global manipulation and on the back of brothers and sisters of the same religion in Palestine by the grace of their globalist conspiracy and supporters of dajjal (Antichrist), after the nation blessed by Satan the United States of America of Protestant evangelists, and friends Protestant evangelists British, Switzerland, Australians, Canadians, Germans, from New Zealand, etc. have all from 1947 and through the powerful lobbies are the Pro-Zionist United States pressure groups, created, funded and armed the children of Israel against the Muslim world, in their policy of globalization and privatization, not only of your property, your land, your resources to better reduce you in slavery, but also to better censor you, as for example, your videos on Youtube and Dailymotion with the imposture of their copyright, or as for example with their advertisement displayed on the video, s in order to censor texts that are displayed at the bottom of the video, as well as your internet sites by a technique of drown your site to the bottom of the pages of the search engines , and finally in the order established supporters of Antichrist, is s’aproprier your own people and those of your children to better indoctrinate to religion that they like (the Antichrist), in you away little by little of the Muslim religion and the Holy Koran, but also French and Arabic language and replace them with the language of trade (English).

Here is therefore the order established by the plotters of idolaters with their sytstemes of privatization of all things and all materials, which is none other than the new world order of modern slavery and privatization of the 21St century with started with the 11 September 2001 and with the complicity of the munafik (hypocrites) are the monarchies of the Gulf countries (Qatar, Kuweit, United Arabic Emirates, Bahein, Oman, etc…) so close to the British and Americans in their Machiavellian plot of pesticides to the son of decades, French and Arabic languages and replace them with English in the establishment of a new world order with a single world language (English), a global single currency (the new dollar (global), a single world Government set up by hidden lobbies behind the Organization of the United nations.

Furthermore and getting back on the meaning of the words (Ajij) which translates as fire or outbreak of fire and (Eujaj) which translates as water or surging water, it is important to note that sea water is be very salty , and that it was by water and with salt water the flood took place in the days of Noah (aws), the Berber peoples, are descendants of Noah (aws) as being of the peoples of the sea, and as demonstrated by archaeological evidence found in Europe , and especially the archaeological evidence of Noah’s Ark (aws) found in Turkey you can check on Noah and the flood at the time of the pyramids and the Sphinx with other archaeological evidence found in the Pacific and Oceania.

The archaeological evidence on peoples builders of pyramidal civilizations, which in the days of Noah (aws) and in a sign that was none other than the wrath of Allah (swt) were hit by a violent global cataclysm caused by the movement of the crust land, due to the reverse of the 2 magnetic poles and loss of protective intensity of the Earth’s magnetic field that there are more than 13000 years this continent was located at the level of the Tropic of Cancer then located on the parallel 23° 2622“North latitude, which directly overhead on the June solstice, was being the northernmost position on which it was possible to perceive the Sun, as now on the” Tropic of Cancer and the level of the spiatio-temporal flaws of our space and time where is located also the Bermuda triangle related the first page of the chapter scientific evidence of this Web site, including the archelogique evidence is brought up of this chapter with the video entitled Antarctic vortex interdimensional and tri-temporel following the discovery of evidence found in Antarctica.

Builders of pyramidal civilizations having been suddenly and quickly engulfed by a global flood, when there are more than 13000 years ago and at the end of the time of the recent Dryas which began there are 100000 years, at that time where intensity protectice of Earth’s magnetic field acting as a shield, was much more intense than it is today, by the evidence that the Earth was covered by a thick layer of ice that covered the northern hemisphere of the Earth as well as its southern hemisphere, with between the two hemispheres a vast continent (Antarctica) being moved to the south pole by the fact of reverse the 2 -pole and the Earth’s crust, in connection the obvious between happy Arabia or is is the kaaba, the Saharan Africa, as well as the desert in Arizona and Nevada in the United States, where these regions desert of today were covered with lush vegetation with Lakes, rivers and rivers in connection obvious with the Kaaba blessed and its groundwater under suburban or water of zem – zem (freshwater) abundant flows has waves.

Similarly it is important to note that there are individuals who on the internet and to lead astray you, tells in their imaginary fable that the Yajuj and Majuj the would be buried under earth while being hollow, it is false arch and don’t especially follow them , because the heat which is be under the bark land reached thousands of degrees Celsius, therefore the heat is too much for human life under our humanoid appearance and as we know it spurious there be housed, and which the human body temperature is approx. 37° celcius needing water talents to feed the body, and everyone knows that without fresh water, so life cannot exist, and this made, given the temperature that exists under the Earth’s crust. then with the molten magma that sometimes escapes the smokestack of the volcanos during eruptions, then if there was fresh water, it would evaporate, and so human life could not exist under the Earth’s crust.

Similarly based on the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (saaws) it is well indicated in the Hadith reported above about gog and magog, that these are two communities of human beings who are direct descendants of Adam (aws), therefore, beings humans like you and me with nothing extra land (the new religion of the anti-religious), and as a result, Gog and Magog are beings humans as much as you and me as also was Dul-Qarnain including his time is not at all the same than ours, as well as the angels used to humans in a human form with nothing extra terrestrial or monstrous appearance.

On the other hand, it is obvious that the United nations (United States, Europe, China, Japan, Russia, India and their allies) built bases underground secret, as well as submarine bases to base their fleets of UFOs, kind of like the very famous area 51 some evidence you are presented to the chapter Koran creationism mathematics of the body then evolution and to the chapter Roswell and 1947 this website.

But according to their wishes, and once these occult groups hidden in the organizational structure of the United Nations are placed on the path of God (swt) in having followed the advice of Satan and you can see evidence of their infidelity to God’s laws with their principle of globalist secularism on Koran creationism mathematics of the body then evolution

For the sole purpose of a worldwide conspiracy in place and thought by followers pyramids and stones dresses close to the Zionist ideology and the construction of its 3Rd temple, to make you believe has an alien threat created by these same occult groups known as the English name of “black operations” to better lead astray you from the truth, and thus make you their slaves, not only, in order to continue and build their earthly paradise which is none other than the imperishable of Kingdom Satan, as well as one who is located in another constellation colonized by the plotters in the service of Satan served by the world of the Franks masonry and the Illuminati that is assoceint with Allah (swt) combining Allah (swt) with Satan in the construction of a paradise, be it land or constellaire, and if you follow them, you will then follow their misleading false Messiah who will lead you to hell for having not realized the full meaning of surah 112 Al-Iklhas (the cult’s) pure monotheism).

Furthermore, regarding the construction of this barrier of copper and iron erected by Dul-Qarnain with the workforce of the believing population to separate two worlds of a space-time rift, it is important to note that copper is a very good conductor of electricity and heat, in an obvious common point between border and fence electrified with galvanized steel that is iron, similarly, it is equally important to note that the core metal molten in the center of the Earth and its scope electro-magnetic Earth acting as a shield that protects all forms of life on Earth, solar and cosmic radiation is being of liquid molten iron separated from the rest of the Earth’s mantle, by the Gutenberg discontinuity that has 2 areas, which the outer core assumed liquid which is molten to about 2200 km in thickness, then the solid nucleus of about 1250 km of RADIUS.

And copper combined with iron may have a direct impact on the terrestrial eletcro-magnetic field, which is the origin of the electro-magnetic field is the existence of electric currents flowing has the inside of the metal core land which assimilates to the field of a bar emante, who is also known under the name of bipolar field whose axis makes an angle of 11.6 ° with the sense of rotation of the Earth, and that the 2 magnetic poles are thus the 2ends of the globe land with the north pole and the south pole, thus causing the reverse of the 2 -pole by violent shaking of the molten metal core, then a loss of protective intensity of the Earth’s electro-magnetic field and violent Solar flares in the direction of Earth, while disturbing the sense of rotation of the Earth by the process of the vice versa of the 2 poles, which there too and always in the precept of general relativity causing displacement of any the Earth’s crust in a single violent movement, known as the global cataclysm had already happened several times in the past, including the flood in the days of Noah (aws) which was then revealed in the sacred books, by clear evidence, When there are more than 13000 years, a large majority of the continents were covered by glaciers over a hundred metres thick with leads to the flood following a high-speed global warming that caused the melting of the glaciers. then a very fast cooling of the climate has some parts of the world, by the evidence of several mammoths and several large animals more than 13000 years old who were found trapped in ice, and everything particularly in the area of Khatanga then in Siberia (Russia) and in Florida (United States), which the evidence presented you below with a baby mammoth found in Siberia and dating of 40000 years, similarly in Khatanga with the bones of a Mammoth, then especially, in Florida, with the burning of a mammoth drew on the walls of a roccher from 13000 years.

With shown below, you will find the proof of how the Earth was created by the will of Allah (swt) with the verse of the Holy Quran, which reveals that the Earth was created with in its Center, a core metal of a black hole that is generating molten covered 7 Earth layers stacked on top of each other, and that in the parable of a core of date having him as a crack (such a break in time) shows you that it is covered with a very thin membrane then of different layers.

With also a hadith sahih (authentic) which supports the Koranic verse, and the reason why the pilgrims have obligation to make 7 towers around the blessed Kaaba, then evidence of a language encoded and encrypted of revelation with the Figure 7 which opens up some more eyes on the flight organized of the land of Palestine where brothers and sisters the same Muslim religion that we need our solidarity international sound expelled from their homes, their property and their land in being put in place by the plotters of tyrants and censors with their accomplice of francs Masons lay of origin North African, Berber and African who sold their soul to the devil after being lured by the dounia materialistic and financial in the West, while being immersed in their quest and lust of a secular Berberistan separated of the Muslim religion, the classical Arabic that they have no knowledge, and the commandments of God (swt) in a conspiracy on a global scale which is set up by the children of Israel and the United States of America which are followed by their Anglo-Saxon allies and protestants, in Exchange for a State of Zionist Israel, Evangelical and secular including Jerusalem as being their capital in their crusade and their provocations against Islam and Muslims have nothing to lay people.

Aisha (raa) are an authentic hadith (sahih) which is reported by Muslim in which Prophet Muhammad (saaws) confirms the presence of 7 ground layers, referring has a span of unfairly suitable terrain which is surrounded (by a collar) 7 land: “one who appropriates unjustly a span of terrain, Allah will make him a necklace of 7 lands.

Holy Qur’an: Sura 65 At-Talaq (the divorce) / verse 12
‘God who created 7 heavens and as much land. “Between them [his] command goes down, so that you know that God is truly Omnipotent and that God has embraced all things of [his] know.

Similarly, in order to open your eyes on the Gog and Magog, it is interesting to ponder a hadith sahih (authentic) narrated by Muslim, where it is clearly stated that “of every 1000 individuals from the community of Adam (aws) 999 on 1000 will be used a hell and you can check on the website of the Department of affairs of Saudi Arabia’s Islamic.

With another authentic hadith, where it is revealed that Gog and Magog will stop at the Lake of Tiberias in the ground of Canaa, to water is there meeting by 2 waves successive Lake Tiberias is located close to the fortress of M eggido which is located on a mountain, and which in ancient Greek means Armageddon, then in common language means revelation which itself means revelation. The revelation of the truth that should not be censored, or even hidden. Because when the name of Meggido translates into French, it means the Mount of Megiddo, which is none other than the elevated to finally place and as indicates the hadiths, these 2 people are wiped out to the last by a deadly virus that will be fatal After having been infested by worms for to be watered at the Tiberias Lake, and that sometimes these worms are parasites, infests the nose of flocks needing a host (the human body) to feed, reproduce and multiply has inside of their host, but with first and at the time of the onset of the disease, an incubation period which is necessary for the development of the parasite in the body of its host, which is be the obvious reason why the gog and magog perriront all of one man , given that the worms “parasites” will appear at the same time with a similar incubation period, while is feeding and reproducing at the same speed, causing them to perish as of one man.

Besides when we reflect on these Hadith, it is important to note that detail where it is revealed that the Gog and Magog will stop at the Lake to drink all the fresh water in the drying which is located an area of 160 km2 being has over 200 meters at the d below the level of the sea, through the Jordan River that leads to the Syria, and that according to the Hadith below, gog and magog will appear only after that massih dajjal (Antichrist) have first appeared on a path between the Iraq and Syria, then made his enchanting miracles before being killed by Al-Massih Ibn marry (aws).

Knowing also that there is another hadith where the Antichrist request has Tamin Ad-Dari has what level was the waters of the sea of Galilee, and just as says another Muslim scholar in video above about the Christian monk, whose name is Tamin Ad-Dari as has the era of Muhammad (saaws) converted Islam after having met the Antichrist, including his supporters, today pump all the water in the imminent approach of its release to appear on a path between the Iraq and the Syria.

Similarly and always according to the posted above Hadith which have been transmitted to us by scholars, including Sheikh Mohamed Hassan in the video above, Prophet Jesus (aws) will lead the servants of Allah to the Tor mountain (Mount Sinai/Sinai) to be protected by Allah the high (swt) against evil and the Bloodlust of the Ya’juj and my ‘ juj who will kill everyone on their path, and that no one can fight them.

And after that the Mongolian armies have in 1258 invaded the Iraq, then conquered the Caliphate of Baghdad and Syria, to eventually convert to Islam of the Turkish peoples, in order to establish the largest Muslim empire that the world never knew well from China to Europe through the India, and while peacefully entering in contact and commercially through the road of silk with the Christians of the West.

Like for example with travelers that were the monks Franciscan such as Jean of the Plan Carpin, then the world-famous traveler was traders Venetians such as Marco Polo, with his father Niccolò, and his uncle Matteo who was able to do to 1271 1275 a long and perilous crossing Asia by Turkestan while going through the Gobi desert to be then received in the Court of Kublai Khan, the mongol Emperor of China, where the Polo continued there for 16 years, and where the mongol Emperor of China Marco Polo was the Governor of the province of the Yangzhou while having has important administrative and diplomatic functions in Annam, Tonkin, in India and in Persia, to finally return to Venice by the island of Sumatra.

And, long before that of Ibn Batuta, who began his trip to Asia in 1325 after accomplishing his hajj, that is to say 50 years after the voyage of the Polo and always following the memories of Marco Polo he did write in1298 and published in his book the description of the world (known as the book of the wonders of the world), is there also some 27 years before Ibn Battuta started his trip to Asia, and the wonders of the world passed through the Silk Road to XI’ year, and if you want to really understand something in a conspiracy that censorship and hides the truth, then take a peek at chapter scientific evidence of the Holy Quran to this Web site to the first page level or are displayed in pictures the hundreds of pyramids Chinese who correspond to the wonders of the world quoted by the Polo and located in the province of Xi’ year.

Which not only, and after having discovered the pyramids of Egypt, the Marco Polo and Ibn Battuta (the authorized Allah and the God be pleased with him) wanted to check their eyes, except that one, Marco Polo was looking for wealth and power has been offered by Kublai Khan, and the other, Ibn Batuta looking for discovery, science, knowledge and knowledge on are peoples ‘ juj and my ‘ juj after reading the Holy Quran and the story of the servant of Allah was Dul-Qarnain, having on order Allah (swt), protected a believing people.

Saheeh Muslim below the book torments (No.2937) and see also the comments of the imam An-Nawawi on the gharib hadith in Riyadh-us-Zakariyâ (No.1817), their story is also found in the hadith of Ibn Sam Nuwas’ year (ra).

The Prophet (peace and blessings of God be upon him) said concerning ‘ Issa Ibn Maryam (as), after that the Antichrist was killed:
“when God will reveal to ‘ Issa:” I just got out of human beings that no one can fight (the Ya’juj and my ‘ juj), put my servants to l “. “‘ shelter of their evil on the mount Tor”. Then God will send are ‘ juj and my ‘ juj who flood their forefront of all heights, going to the Lake of Tiberias and drink its water. When their arriere-gardes will pass by there, they will say: “There was water here once”, they will continue to travel until they stop at the Al-Khamar mountain which is be the Mount of Bait-ul-Maqdis (Al-Quds/Jerusalem), then they will say: “we killed those on Earth, come on, let’s go kill now those in heaven, Issa and his companions will pray to God the Almighty that sparks in their enemies worms which sometimes infest the nose of the herds, which cling to their necks and devour them, then they will perish as one. »

And in all reality, are only parasites in need of a host (the human body) for feed and reproduce has inside their hosts, but with everything first and at the time of the onset of the disease, an incubation period that is necessary to the evolution of the parasite in the body of its host, which is be the obvious reason why gog and magog perriront all of one man, given that the worms “parasites” will appear at the same time and with an incubation period while is nourishing and while reproducing the same speed in order to destroy the Yajuj and Majuj of one man. At that moment, Jesus (aws) and his companions, descended on the plain so that then the body of the Ya’juj and my ‘ juj are picked up by long neck birds then moved to where it will be God in a time different in order to purify the Earth.

AND finally, the evidence on the famous DRAGONS who are born of Mythology Chinese
out of their TEMPORAL following space-time flaws world
and which are other than the birds has LONG neck revealed by the HADITH above

And all these prophecies are derived from Hadith Muhammad (saaws) authentic, not only by modern science of archaeology that we can see with our eyes, but above all, because of the many testimonies which are censored by the media of the world integer, whose 2 evidence of capital importance coming from New Guinea, that you can see in the video below with a direct link to the hadiths of the well loved (saaws) who relate birds has long neck that move the body of the 2 peoples of Gog and Magog in a time where it will be God to purify the Earth, as a warning of a painful punishment for any tyrant and every dictator who on earth would want to shape the Muslim religion has its own image and has their own materialistic ideology or lay close to a patriotic nationalism!

First in 1944 and during the second world war and the war of the Pacific in New Guinea, a former pilot of the US air force whose name is Duane Hodgkinson is witness to the appearance of a bird has long neck a kind “Pterodactylus anas. or Pteranodon”with deployed wings to a span over 7 meters out straight from another era, that of prehistory.

And then again in 1994 in the peaceful and 50 years later after the appearance of 1944 here in New Guinea and at the top of the Lake Pung, 3 native men of the island of Umboi are witnesses of the appearance of a Bird long neck ‘Pterodactylus anas’ or Pteranodon kind coming out straight out of prehistory.

Then again in 2004 and that everyone knows the famous story of Nessie in Scotland that many witnesses we spotted in Loch Ness just as it is shown in the video posted below

Besides about birds in long neck, there are other clues with archaeological and scientific evidence which are supported by evidence, by many appearances of birds has long neck that looks suspiciously like the prehistoric birds including the Pteranodon in image below that is other than the Dragon of Chinese who is revered by his followers, mythology when the latter had discovered the bones of an animal they were taking to a dragon, and this, before the avennement of science modern archaeological.

While these apparitions of the oliseaux has long neck, are held to a single and unique reasons following several experiences sought by the nazis, including the U.S. worked on these experiences leading has the experience of the Philadelphia that took place in 1943 to off the U.S. Coast that caused distortions of space and time, into the world of the gog and magog, and God willing, all times will be in the same size and the same temporal moment environmental, after that in the past of our space and time the gate of Lud Qarnain collapsed.

Several indices will in this way rather than in another, with evidence of a historical fact occurred to Culmont in 1856 in the East of the France, then under silence and class secret defence, when a scientific a discovery importance was realized when the discovery of a live specimen of Pterodactylus Anas (in picture below) which was found by workers digging a tunnel which would allow the binding of the tracks between St. Dizier and Nancy ferres.

Then 20 years later another avecune a case under silence occurred in 1876 in Wyoming in the United States, when a specimen of Pteranodon for a span of 7 meters and a weight of 17 kg was found living, and then shot by soldiers of the U. S. army when this living specimen tried to climb through the deployment of its wings.

And for the third clue, there is another testimony coming from a certain Frank Ramirez Ken Gerhard, who is an expert in cryptozoology, seeks to identify the origin of a mysterious bird that looks like the Pterodactylus Anas Frank Ramirez would have spotted on the roof of his home in San Antonio Texas on the night of 12 December 2007, and which you can read his testimony on Pterodactylus Anas or bird has long neck emerging from a time warp

And everything as stated in the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (saaws), 2 peoples of Gog and Magog are looking every day into the world of Dul-Qarnain by digging a little more every day, and which in the sense of literal interpretation Hadith means dig a breach in the wall of time having been built by Dul Qarnain has the help of copper and iron, and that the last day the high humanity technology, will work wiped out the end of the world reduced to dust, but after these distortions sions of space and time have taken place from 1943 , following the experience of the Philadelphia, which to to understand its process and the reasons for this experience, she is brought to the chapter Roswell and 1947 of this site Internet.

And all this manipulation of the anti-religion, follows a global conspiracy set up by Illuminati groups close of tyrannical ideology of capitalism and privatization of the assets, materials, Nations and individuals for better to censure them and make you walk the walk, but also by a tyrannical and dictatorial group francs lay masonry near the International Socialist and Communist, and after this conspiracy was thought by the supporters of Zionism, and then by the leaders of the great of the United nations following the end of the second world war and the defeat of the nazis in order to take control of the world by establishing a new secular order (secular), censoring evidence 5 archaeological and scientists supporting the religious evidence hadiths and Koranic revelations having been revealed in a language encoded then encrypted in the Holy Quran and Hadith sahih.

What is be the obvious reason why, but God alone knows (swt) that in the middle of the Muslim religion, each and the other close to the plot anti-revelation of truth, they practice politics of the Trojan is introducing in the religions manipulating religion to then indoctrinate the mass of the people towards an origin of humanity which is not in accordance with truth, through a practice of brainwashing and false religious teachings for the conception of history of winners, and especially the followers of close Darwinism of this theory of evolution of humanity that has nothing do with the Lucy of the great college of France, is in the milleux school and University, as their single principle of philosophy and education approved by the followers of the political and materialistic, tyranny by a single thought with their cult of the single eye of a so-called thought right-thinking that are writers, archaeologists, philosophers, and other historians.

As a warning for all plotter and follower of the false Messiah and in a relativity General between trips to the past of humanity with this chapter entitled end of the pyramids and its high technology and deRoswell and 1947, this site has been created so that information is revealed to all humanity, because freedom of expression that should never be censored by any oppressor and tyrant dictator, whether an Arab or a non Arab, which by his own wishes, will be associate with Allah (swt) in order to reach the light of truth transmitted in the Holy Quran and the hadiths, who has the title of parable and the passes of the humanity of the continents whole had been swallowed up by violent planetary cataclysms, which a continent of pyramids and stone dresses who was at sunrise, today known under the name of Japan, and the other continent that stood it at sunset, that is to say opposite the continent of the rising sun, the American continent.

With other evidence on the end of worlds and the total destruction of pyramidal foundations that were not in conformity with the will of Allah (swt) wajal za, with sunken continents, including not only the evidence presented you in video and photos below, but also and especially to the chapter of Noah and the flood at the time of the pyramids and the Sphinx of the dictatorship of Franc Masonic and secular with hundreds of pyramids found in China, in Europe, in the Peru, similarly to the offshore waters Cuban, then to Okinawa and Japanese sides in Oceania offshore in the Pacific ocean, demonstrating clearly that at the time of Noah (aws) and there are about 13000 years, the continents European, North American, North Asian and Oceania South, were covered with a thick layer of ice and snow making several hundred meters, thus causing a tidal wave and then the flood by an abrupt and violent melting ice has different points of the globe and different time periods, including the last dates back < B12 > 13000 years.

All as, other evidence brought to light by a French geologist of Marie-Agnès Courty name clearly demonstrates, when a percutat asteroid land in a region of Iraq, careful, hold on tight, and Yes, there are only 4000 years, also here is the website that says with photos and archaeological evidence has the support.

The same with the Barringer crater in Arizona, there is further evidence of the fall of an asteroid that hit the Earth including its crater you is presented in photo below, when nearly 50000 years ago the Earth was hit by a asteroid during the Middle Pleistocene of the glacial sequence of the Würm I intersatd which was a temperate period, having not only changed the climate from irreparably to the glacial sequence of the Würm II intersatde, who was a very cold period that there is about 35000 years and over thousands of years, trained the total extinction of the hominid Neanderthal with veccu on the ground since 500000 years to make room for the community of Adam (aws) which for almost 100000 years Athens at the same time the Neanderthal hominid, as proves it besides here again, recent archaeological discoveries of fossils of the community of Adam (aws) having been made in Palestine, then in North Africa that dates back to its same fossils to close 100000 years.

The irrefutable archaeological evidence located nearby the Kaaba in Saudi, have been found in Palestine, then in North Africa, the history of humanity have no relationship with Neanderthal, does absolutely not and certainly not started in Africa just as the followers of close lying of the ideology of Darwin on the famous theory of evolution want to think, but in Saudi, due out-migration to the world having started from Arabia or is the first temple dedicated to the Lord of mankind (swt), and which at the time of Adam (aws) there are more than 140000 years during the Würm II intersatde who in all northern hemisphere of the Earth, was a cold period, the Saudi was a green country covered with rivers of seas and lakes, now become a country of desert and arid, as a large part of the Saharan Africa.

After that (aws) Adam and his wife Eve (raa), were all two hunts of heaven through black holes tri-temporel and interdimensional, contrary to the false propaganda of the elites and their notables, the paradise has never been on Earth down here for a certain category population starved of wealth, power and rivalries, and pure other hell in being built by their slaves feet barefoot, poorly clothed, malnourished and poorly paid for the account of francs-masonry and Illuminati vying in the building of high buildings with the creation of Allah (swt), into the genetic modification of species, with the theory of Darwin and his principle of evolution, and in that of cloning, especially, after that the tree forbidden to the mushroom cloud, have been used to implement nuclear genocide with uranium, because the real paradise and if you’re good intelligence, it is located in a different dimensional world which is not limited, nor on time, or in its dimension of space, unlike all the worlds of the universe, including our own in particular, and just like our own lives, which they, is limited in time and space, in a world where everything has an end.

and the space-time crack
into the world of GOG and MAGOG

The break of time having American sides in 1943 and offshore, setting up the transport of matter then caused a tear in the time and space they themselves opened in the (border) of the gog and the mago wall, following the work of research and experiments of several great physicists and scientists of international renown who settled throughout the 20th and 21St century, as for example Albert Einstein, Boris Podolsky, Lev Landau, Nathan Rosen Karl Schwarzschild, Hans Reissner, Gunnar Nordström, Roy Kerr, Hermann Minkowski, Felix Klein, Hugh Everett III, Ezra T. Newman, Hendrick Anthony Lorentz, John Wheeler, Stephen Hawking, Richard Coleman, John Gribbin, Matt Visser, David Hochberg, Kip Thorne and Richard Morris of the Caltech see the link about quantum physics on timeline of quantum mechanics which is none other than the curve of time and space

Attested by the scientific evidence revealed in the Holy Quran Quran and relativism space/time with resurrection chapter to understand the process of this case effect of a resurrection from the relativity of our environment and scale of time with Holy surah 18 Al-Khaf (the cave) which corresponds to the process of relativity supported by a scientific experiment irrefutable on the expansion of the time that you can see in the video clip below title Quran and the space-time distortion

And these same research work on quantum physics of several great physicists and scientists of international renown who have allowed the transport of the substance and the tearing of the time and space are based on the principle of revelation Koranic with Holy surah 18 having was able to implement the program star wars involving several projects, including quantum physics, the tear in space and time thus allowing the construction of the anti-gravites (UFOS) with their principle of stealth (invisibility) just making you so believe the existence of aliens, for then better make you believe that humanity was created from alien genes, thus moving them to the angels Allah (swt), and if that’s what you believe, then you believe in the negation of the existence of God (swt) which is without partner (es), but do you think also has the association of God (swt) that is not associated with the plotters, and you also believe in the association of God (swt) with Satan and his servants doing build the Pharaonic project of Satan, that is the cult of the pyramids and dresses (obelisks) stones.

Then and by evidence of these distortions dimensions of space and time caused by the experience of the Philadephia, and after el massih dajjal have appeared, will follow in the sequence of the events on 9 other major signs that have not yet taken place, including the return of the Messiah (aws) son of marry (AAR) then the onslaught of gog and magog and the new world established according to the will of God (swt), and then died and resurrected and judged in front of Allah (swt) just as he promised to Ute humanity, and just as it is stated in 87 of the Sura 27 year-Naml verse (ants) posted you below, and after that the universal cataclysm is held, and after this same universal cataclysm of the Big Bang already had place in the very distant past and in general relativity with Big Crunch, and who is none other than a time loop that will end forever, just as the Lord of heaven and the universe (swt) makes clear in the Holy Quran, and any as scientific and archaeological evidence are displayed to you in this website.

Holy Qur’an: Sura 27 year-Naml (the ants) / verse 87
“and day where it will blow in the trunk, all those who are in heaven and those who are in the Earth will be afraid, – except those whom Allah has willed [preserve]! – And all shall come to him are humiliating. »

Holy Qur’an: Sura 39 Az-Zumar (the groups) / verse 68
“and it will blow in the trunk, and that those who are in heaven and those who will be on the Earth will be struck by lightning, except those Allah wants to [Save]. Then it will blow there, and that’s standing watching. »

Not only because of the attraction of the mass of the black hole that is attracting the metal nucleus located in the center of our planet, such a magnet covered with a liquid molten then covered 7 land layers containing a formidable force that is iron, the evidence is revealed in verse 25 of the Surah 57 (Al-Hadid) in conjunction with the mass gravitational of black tourism which is currently at the center of our Galaxy (the Milky Way), and this process of attraction of all material is presented a little lower on this page in being supported by verifiable scientific references, in a scientific and archaeological argument for all the plotters and all unbelievers who do not want to believe has the theory of the worldwide Masonic conspiracy, which among other things, on this great secret of spatiotemporal control of travel that the powerful nations of this world want to hide from the rest of the world, in their optics from the universal cataclysm, then in all reality “, these same conspirators and their fleets of UFOs will bring to the Lord of the universe (swt) by the process of contraction time and space, in order to be jug”, as well as criminals and murderers.

The gravitational mass of black tourism that attracts all matter and who perhaps, but God (swt) is wiser, will cause the sunrise from the West in a dark hole in the center of our Galaxy Road Act, the milky way, was called cosmic sea track by the ancient Mayan civilizations and which was also observed by ancient Chinese astronomers.

Besides, this black hole called by the ancient builders of pyramids and stone dresses people known as the cosmic sea, was recently discovered by Western astronomers, which among other things by the International Scientific Research Centre) C.I.R.S.) as attested by the evidence  as well as on the video posted below titled black holes and space-time distortions

Similarly and very recently, Japanese scientists have them also confirmed having a direct impact of attraction on our covered with metal core a protective envelope in fusion, such a core of date located at the center of our planet is covered by 7 ground layers, containing they also iron, they same covered 7 heavens strengthened and a field electro-magnetic attracted by the black hole, having already in the past, caused the cataclysm of the sources of the metal core covered tremor of 7 ground layers, taking place around the Holy Word of Allah (swt) revealed with certainty, to the Sura 99 Az-Zalzalah (the earthquake), and as it is stated in verse 187 of 7 Al Surat – has ‘ raf (an elevated area) which has the title of signs for the intelligence of a coded language of the number 7 and warning for any tyrant, for all censor, any plotter and very manipulative, is shown below.

Because after all, throughout the universe, what may be the most powerful and the most destructive force subject to the will of the Eternal God, Allah (swt) wajal za able to swallow an entire solar system, a Galaxy, as well as the entire universe and a whole planet, if by the force of attraction of black holes that draws all matter, which to give you an idea of what may be a black hole as the annihilation of an entire universe, here is an example in the video below, and in another common point with the video i itle Big Bang black hole Galaxy Sun Earth and the core metal molten created from a Big bang doing following a Big crunch.

“They ask you about the hour:”when will it happen?”. Say: “my Lord alone has knowledge. Only her manifest in his time.”.

The evidence on the existence of a black hole located in the cosmic sea (the Milky Way), which attests to the annihilation of pyramidal civilizations by volcanic eruptions and earthquakes more or less violent resulting tsunami, and which are other than the evidence obvious reason, and after studying astronomy, the Mayan peoples with their calendar and astronomers Chinese by watching the sky, had knowledge of these planetary cataclysms have occurred several times in the past, the flood in the days of Noah (aws) due to the black hole formation attracting any material that causes this is extraordinary that occurs only once all the 26000 years, and who is none other than the alignment perfect planets, which all and in Depending on their mass and their size, has a nucleus in their Center, in form liquid, Rocky or solid, in order to maintain the planets at a distance from each other so they don’t crash each other.

While this cosmic alignment made perfect planets of our solar system with its cycle of 11 years which has a direct impact with the magnetic field of our planet, but also with the core of our planet and the Sun, does it only once all the 26000 years. Besides, it is important to note that the black hole at the center of our Galaxy, in question is about 26000 light years away, which means that currently we see cosmic events that have already occurred it y to 26000 years, due to the travel of this light that puts as much time to reach us starting from the moment or an event has already occurred, and Moreover, in astronomical terms regarding the Sun which should stand of the West at the top of England, according to the hadith in question of the beloved prophet Muhammad (saaws), it is etonnnant to note that our Sun located in the Galactic plan is approximately 28000 years light from the Galactic Center to the level of our Sun where one full revolution of the Sun takes about 250 million years ago in a calculation of the time which alternates between the day and night and according to the rotation of the earth around the Sun, but aussu based on the rotation of the moon on 24 hours around the Earth that alternates between the day and night, then finally based on the rotation of the Earth core with a sense of rotation which is contrary to that of 7 layers land.

Such a mechanism of the solar system rule like clockwork participating thus in the movement of rotation of our Galaxy (the Milky Way) with it as a black hole at its Center, by the clear scientific evidence of a coded language revealed by verse 255 of the Holy surah Al-Baqarah (the cow) which is shown below.

The verse of the Holy Al-Baqarah Sura, where the Lord of the heavens and the Earth (swt) indicates clearly that God all powerful (swt) and the 3 time composed of general relativity space time, knows our past, notrefutur, as well as our now, knowing that one day Allah (swt) equals 1000 of our years, including his throne “Kursiy” (el arch) that the plotters search in order to control the temporal dimension, overflows the dimension of the space of the heavens and the time that is counted on Earth, just as it is stated in verse 47 of surah 22 Al-Hajj which at God all powerful subsists by itself “Self-subsisting” in not limited on time or space, unlike all things that Since the inception of the Big Bang that occurred there about 13 billion years is limited on time and the size of the space in general relativity between the size of the space with the time that with the Lord of the heavens and the Earth) SWT), the 13 billion years, is equivalent to 28000 years.

Holy Quran: 2 Al-Baqarah (the cow) surah / verse 255
“God!” Point God but he, the living, the by itself “Self-subsisting“. Neither drowsiness nor sleep don’t grasp it. To him belongs all that is in the heavens and on Earth. Who can intercede with him without his permission? He knows their past and their future. And its science, they embrace what he wants. His throne “Kursiy” is beyond the heavens and the Earth, which the guard costs him no trouble. And he is the most high, the most great. “(After this verse it is advisable to prostrate)

Holy Qur’an: Sura 22 Al-Hajj (the pilgrimage) / verse 47
“and they ask you to hasten [arrival] of punishment.” Never God fail in his promise. However, one day with your Lord, is equivalent to a thousand years of what you expect. »

This gigantic universal explosion of the universal cataclysm who is none other than the first wrath of the Lord of the universe (swt) had already happened in the past, not only on the length of time, and based on the chemical elements of material and of anti-matter that flows throughout the universe, was the creation of black holes, including one, located at the center of our Galaxy and others still close to us, whose evidence you are featured on Creation, Big bang, expansion and universal a big crunch time loop with left traces

In a clear and direct between the tremors more link and more violent with the appearance of the black hole being formed at the center of our Galaxy the milky way waiting a sign in Mecca, as 3 cups filled with honey, water and milk for a milky way having been presented by Jibril (aws) and that just before its centre to the God (swt) which remains by itself “Al-Qayyum”, Cup of milk was chosen by the beloved prophet Muhammad (saaws), in order to unite what the Lord of the universe (swt) ordered unite, the Muslim community has been divided into a multitude of sects, to regain Jerusalem from the hands of the plotters unfaithful and assassins of messengers and prophets of God Almighty (swt) that is not associated with Satan and his francs-masonry close to the Zionist and Evangelical sects came from the United States, of France, of Germany, of Switzerland, of Russia, of China, of the Brazil, of the Canada, Australia, England, South Africa and Nations other anglo-Saxon with the monopoly Finance (the Illuminati).

THE promise of the global cataclysm against supporters of secularism world
(the end of the world of the RIVALRIES of the 2 MONARCHIES Socialist MATERIALIST and CAPITALIST
with sunrise to the East over the Atlantic,)
Followed by the end of the time for the last judgment
that no one can prevent and cannot push

The promise of the end of the world of the pyramids and stone dresses that supporters of Satan, the 2 monarchies of tyranny and censorship, then global dictatorship, a Communist reconvertis in Socialist (the Freemasons). then the other which is capitalist (that of the Illuminati).

The end of the world promised by Allah to all enemies of Muslims lay and not monarchist, that will happen in very short time, and by a violent and fast global earthquake that will thus cause the reverse 2 poles and the Sunrise has Eastern, with a depression of the Earth’s crust and its movement over the entire surface of the Earth with the explosions of all nuclear power plants of the Earth, then tsunamis over the entire surface of the Earth, thus causing a loss of field electro-magnetic land, just as it is stated in the noble Quran detailed in verse 1 of surah 22 which is provided above-dessouset in the video entitled the end of the world of pyramids and stone dresses revealed in an Arabic language very clear, intended has the attention of the idolaters and associatrices, then gathered in sects and brotherhoods (Freemasonry) sorcerers and sorceresses esoteric and mystical so close to the materialistic doctrines of the Socialism, communism and capitalism (shopping at the leisures) which reduce a part of humanity into slavery for the good material of 2 monarchies of the world lie being (Communist reconvertis in Socialist, and the other) capitalist).

The cataclysm at the end of a world revealed in the Holy Qur’an with Sura 9 Al Zalzalah (the earthquake) that will precede the time of the resurrection and the judgment last following the accelaration of the rotation of the black hole, its force of attraction and its gravitational power located at the center of our Galaxy is the milky way causing, not only, the attraction all matter and all gas located in our Galaxy, which among other things, the milky way she and all of our system solar and our core Earth solid, after that the direction of rotation of the Earth solid core that is contrary has 7 layers land has a speed up, causing the displacement of all the Earth’s crust in one and unique movement, and then the reverse 2 poles and the sunrise from the West, just as has already happened in the past there for thousands of years, by the power of Allah (swt) the creator of visible and invisible worlds having their ash resurrect the human Jinn that we cannot see or touch the invisible world cohabittant with our visible world, as a result of temporal distortions of space and time caused by the philadelphia experience being badly place.

Holy Qur’an: Sura 99 Al-Zalzalah (the earthquake) / verses 1 to 5
‘ when the earthquake of a violent earthquake, the Earth will get out its burdens, and the man will say:
“She.” this “. day, she will tell her story, according to what your Lord has revealed [ordered]. »

As one of the greatest defenders of the theory of the changes of the 2 pole electromagnetic is Professor Charles Hutchins Hapgood (1904-1982) even supported this thesis of the displacement of all the Earth’s crust had already happened several times in the past, including some plotters and deniers of the Qur’anic revelation has the monopoly of misinformation on wikipedia that are supporters of secularism, then of the ideology of the Zionist and globalization) Protestant evangelists) so close to the Illuminati, then the anti-islam (anti God’s laws) so close to the doctrine of materaliste of atheists and agnostics that are supporters of the Socialist francs masonry, who want to believe that this thesis of the displacement of the Earth’s crust is imposssible, which you can see evidence of their manipulation of information and misinformation on movement of the Earth’s crust and the reverse of the 2 -pole

Without forgetting the sunrise to the East over the Atlantic and his island of Atlantis where currently the materialistic Dajjal Al Samiri who is chained (imprisoned) in his own time with the calf of gold and its cult of privatization and then races riches, more known under the name of (Antichrist) as evidenced by an archaeological find shown in the video above.

THE HADITH on the signs of the hour (end of the world)
who have already begun by occur step by step

With shown below and do not fall into the association (shirk), here are the hadiths of our beloved prophet Muhammad (saaws) and inch’Allah your if God wants, something I wish you, but on condition however that your heart be pure without No perversity and open understanding of a very clear warning against religious elites who in the West and then North Africa hold power, but also in a warning that your heart and your soul is not drawn by the cult esoteric and mystical of nearby misguidance of the materialism of certain sects of lost close to the Jewish kaballah and mysticism (occult powers) Christian, Buddhist and Hindu with their feudal caste pyramid created by the elite system gathered in masonry just as close to the principle of secularism and his single eye, because know truth, that God (swt) is not one-eyed all as confirmed by the hadith below, simply because according to the laws revealed to Moses (aws) draw not can give representation of God (swt) including representation of a human eye displayed on the U.S. dollar and on human rights and on the logo of the services of close American of the DARPA espionage of the NSA and the CIA, and that only the true God (swt) knows everything, hears everything and sees everything, to the depths of your heart and your soul, because no one has created God (swt).

Then to the subject of the distortion of our space and our environment by a contraction of time which is left of the sign of the hour, including first of all, the time of the appearance of the dajjal (Antichrist) who will be other than the partisan of the children of Israel then of their allies and sympathetic of their cause, and just as still indicates it the hadith, there won’t be 40 days, including a starting from the first day of its appearance, it will equal a year, then on the second day of its appearance, it will equal a month, then on the third day of its appearance, it will be equivalent to one week and the 37 days of its appearance that will remain it a live, they will be equivalent was normal.

With another hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (saaws) who is reported by At-Tirmidhi on the signs of the hour or it is stated: “the hour will not take place as long as time is not entered into, to the point that the year will pass like a month, month as a sema INE, the week as the day as an hour and time will be as fast as a burning Firebrand.”

Then according to Abû Huraira (ra) reported in the hadith No.158 of Al – year ‘ am then in the hadith No.4636 of Al Bukhâry and no.157 of Muslim hadith that the Prophet (saaws) said: “the time will not be established until Sunrise the” Western Sun. “And when he rises and that people will see they will all believe, and it will be when [the day where some signs of your Lord will come, that faith in him, will only benefit to any soul who did not previously, or who had acquired any merit of his belief]”

And according to Abd Allah Ibn ‘ Amra (ra) who in a hadith narrated by Muslim said: “I learned from the Prophet (saaws), a hadith that I won’t forget where I heard him say:” the first signs to appear will be the sunrise from the West, and the output of the beast at the “” great day, no matter which of the two above the other, anyway, when one in place, the other will follow little.”

Similarly in another reported by Muslim where according to Abou Mûssa Al Ash’ari (ra), the Prophet (saaws) said: “Allah exalted tends his hand at night, to accept the repentance of the sinner of the day, and the day to accept the repentance of the sinner of the night” “, and this, until the sun rises from the West.”

And finally in another hadeeth narrated by Muslim, according to Abu Hurayrah (ra), the Messenger of Allah (saaws) said: “He who has repented before that the sun rises from the West, Allah approved his repentance.”

Because one thing is certain, and just as it was prophesied by the beloved prophet Muhammad (saaws) who all taught us, before the end of the time past, present and future, there are 10 major events that are other than large upheavals which at the time wanted by Allah (swt) will arrive with certainty and attendance before the resurrection of all mankind for judgement.

10 major signs that have not yet occurred in the continuity of the little signs that them and all without exception are gone, except for one, the last of the small signs which will take place in the Arabian desert and which will be other than the sign of the Mentos NCE of the Mahdi Al-Mountadar, the real Commander of the believers who is not sitting on a throne at the Morocco to resume Jerusalem, and including the teachings of the scholar Sheikh Mohamed Hassan on Al Mahdi are shown in the video below.

The last of the small signs that the last Prophet Muhammad (saaws) predicted by the having announced in the authentic hadiths which at the time wanted by Allah (swt) will be recognized of all and all by the will of one God who is not associated with all these charlatans hidden deception and manipulation which will be wiped out and reduced to nothingness in the depths of their own darkness of obscurantists on internet forums spreading their false propaganda and the adeptee of the Antichrist (ad-dajjal) for having no wisdom and meditation, because of a painful punishment that awaits them while being hidden in a time of jâhilîya, manipulation and lies, but also and especially that of ignorance of the science of the 21St century where people without real knowledge of Islamic religion, are totally indoctrinated by fake scientists and doctors of religion totally corrupted by politicians and followers of Zionism and secularism.

These same charlatans and other impostors close to deceit and manipulations that are followers of the Antichrist, Zionism and secularism, which not only with their language of snakes, would like to make the connection between the year 2012 with the end of the world and the address of this site Internet, no doubt, because of the date of this website (2012) and the NWO Islamic no materialist who will begin by returning to the origins of true Islam of the Prophet well liked Muhammad (saaws), which necessarily will follow with as Jerusalem as capital one and INDIVISIBLE (Khilafat) Muslim world where evil, wars, terrorism, hatred, greed, lies, Zionist manipulation of their supporters , then the dishonesty and the provocations as well as attacks on Muslims will be gone at all ever, as well as jealousy, resentment and the perversity of spirit and each other by causing the release of their Antichrist to frizzy hair and Overbite that supporters of Zionism, the evangelsites and secularism will follow, and finally then finally just like the Holy Quran revealed with the Sura displayed below, the return of Jesus (aws).

Holy Qur’an: Sura 43 Az-zukhruf (ornament) / verses 59 to 62
“he (Jesus) was only a servant that we had showered with benefits and we made him an example to the children of Israel.” If we wanted to, we would you to the angels who followed you on Earth. It will be a sign about the hour. No doubt. And follow me: this is a straight path. That the devil does point away you! Because he is a declared enemy for you. »

Have you read: ‘no doubt. That the devil does point away you! Because he is a declared enemy for you. »

And advocates of the devil, were near Zionism of the International Socialist and secular supporters gathered in close sects of Islamic worship of the pyramids and dresses of anti-pouvoirs francs-masonry stones in the land of islam.

Therefore, one who doubts about the return of Jesus (aws) who will be after the release of the false Messiah of the supporters of Zionism and secularism and which will be caused by the appearance of the Mahdi, then this person may not be as a(n) unbelieving (e) and one infidel was the true Word preached by all messengers.

That this person was inside and outside of the Muslim religion, because unlike the lie announced in the Gospels having been knowingly falsified then voluntarily modified by the Illuminati sect, but also by the infiltrators in the religion, the Messenger of God (aws) Jesus was not crucified on the cross but he (aws) was saved from the conspiracy of the followers of Zionism, after that the plotters wanted to do murder and then crucified on the cross to stop his final mission having been revealed in the Holy Qur’an.

Therefore and if you still meditate a few moments on the chain of events, Jesus (aws) was killed not by the plotters, and this made it (aws) was not risen from the dead, because the person who was placed on the cross taking its line s face and voice, wasn’t that an optical illusion, a false semblance that was other than a supporter of the children of Israel is being proclaimed King of the Jews, displayed on the American dollar, and then on the deception of the rights of man and on the eye masks of the spy services of the NSA and the US Air Force with its fleet of UFOs that will be wiped out, just as it was a premioere time in the very distant past with the plot by supporters of Zionism and secularism, including their supporter , was crucified on the cross, on which is the Latin inscription INRI meaning “Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudæorum” translated into French as “Jésus the Nazarene, King of the Jews” in a reconciliation with the one who is auto-proclamera the Lord God children of Israel on and between her eyes appear the letters KA-FI-RA or KAFIR, an unbeliever in the promise of God to fill the hell of all the infidel peoples in its laws all preaching the true Islamic religion of submission to the laws of God (swt) revealed in the Holy Qur’an.

In order to show you the true face of the enemies of our religion, so that you are not being manipulated by anyone, and you stay as far away from these people and malicious internet forums, here are displayed in blue below, no internet links only to put back the clocks time and nail so manipulative thoughts and malicious intentions of snakes and vipers venineuses that lately, are more numerous in their negative and maveillantes rivalries the respect of this Web site entitled “islam and the UFOs in the new world order of the Illuminati” where proponents of secularism and the followers of Zionism are the enemies of the true Islamic Muslim religion of the origins of the Prophet Muhammad (saaws) There are more and more in their plot to implement their principle of secularism in the Muslim countries, but especially to delay the implementation of the khilafah (Caliphate) 2022 Islamic which will be unified with Jerusalem as a capital and undivisible of the Khilafah, or monarchies established by the West and the close Russia Israel and its powerful lobbies will disappear forever has until the end of time.

Especially when the truth and their plot so what hiding francs-masonry and Illuminati groups is revealed on this Web site, and where the pumping of the Antichrist are supporters of Zionism and of capitalism (Illuminati) can of secularism Socialism (Francs masonries) gathered and United in their conspiracy against the true religion msulmane to lead astray you towards the materialism of Socialist or capitalist, not only, as for example the supporters of secularism and of the Socialism as the Harun Yahya or Tariq Ramadan with their manipulative and deceitful propaganda videos broadcast mass on Youtube or Dailymotion to better indoctrinate young religious people in order to manipulate them and lead them astray towards the Socialism.

Not to mention the followers of the Antichrist which evidence are presented below and on their own Internet forums, wanting to not only do you it’s hard to believe the background color yellow and black image displayed at the top of each chapter of this site Internet, would appear the logos of the Masonic symbols whose names of Muhammad (saaws) as well as that of Allah (swt) who are e; written in Arabic sound displayed image of yellow and black in order to show them the same Fund as the scheme of Allah (swt) is higher a their conspiracy, and that just like indicated Allah (swt) in the Holy Quran, it will be his (swt) scheme which will be victorious on their plot of followers and henchmen of Satan by being immersed in their rebellion against the wishes Allah (swt) and against his divine commandments. Just like him say these same imposters of manipulators and other miscreants in rebellion against the commandments of God (swt) and against his religion posing as a (or the subject subject) including proof of their enmity was the religion of Allah) SWT) you are presented on the delayed mental needing glasses and a brain to think

But if the evidence of their perversity of evil spirit and their hostility is censored by these same cabal with this message that appears: “Webpage not found” www.wakeupproject.com site so don’t be not surprised (e), are really spirits evil and perverse which are only the delayed mental in to self censoring not only and just like the Zionists do, better to discredit, but especially for better to censor this website or delayed them mental are so close to their false Messiah to the frizzy hair and Overbite, these same delayed will begin to follow their false Messiah as when a drone starts follow the nest of bees, which in their comments doomed has adoration of the dajjal (Antichrist) to frizzy hair and Overbite who are also displayed above and in front of you, and in a clear link between materialists of anarchists with the fascists of nationalists, in their utopian quest for a secular and maghreb United between the Masonic Frank Algeria and its symbols of Socialist tyranny with the World of Illuminati of the masonry of the Morocco Royal through Libya and the Tunisia where the masonry is widespread in the spheres of political power and the army, but also and especially in those of finance and stock exchanges with their banks.

Against which you can contemplate their own comments (anti) this Internet site on the followers of nationalist fascism Berber Tamazight, the pride of the pride, materialism and their taste for censorship when you answer has their comments posted by this emigration of lost as a certain Nixa Bonix (formerly Casatoulouse) located in the South of France at the level of the city of Blagnac, in a common point between followers of the Antichrist and deception with the the video entitled Zionism Freemasons illuminati Satan and antichrist with its African emigration has certainly not been blessed by Allah (swt).

Masonic emigration which in all reality has been blessed by the franc lay masonry to the charlatan is their massih also nearby dajjal of Zionism and its eye blind and unique African Freemasonry which was erased in the dollar near Africa American and fascism Socialist and secular, which in their design of a new secular order (lay) and a world government anti-islam and anti-religions, is also close to capitalism having been set up by secular, Freemasonry first in Turkey and then in the Arab countries then black African, which you can enjoy one of the many proofs in the video below is illuminated by the symbol of the masonry of the Morocco but also in Algeria, including all its nations Royal supporters of the Socialism or capitalism close of secularism and Zionism, are in open rebellion against the commandments of God (swt) which itself (swt) is not one-eyed, and in not long, these same nations and their supporters will see the cataclysmic until signs in nations secular Israel and Palestine of Mahmoud Abbas who cooperates with the conspiracy of the United States and its principle of secularism and anti-Hamas, by revelation (promise) coded in the Holy Quran that will reverse their anti-Christ conspiracy, even in the European Union evangelist and prostestante of the anti-Islam.

And including a title of new evidence of links with very strong between secular masonry francs reconciliation have infiltrated the Muslim with supporters of Zionism, illuminati and Sufism have infiltrated the Western countries then Evangelical finance and Protestant, but also as evidence of a close relationship that exists in the middle of the Bank French finance who practice interests with the Hassan II Foundation and the administrator of this website of the censorship that you are featured on Marouane Benabib and Mohamed Ezzouak, creator of the portal Yabiladi in the service of secular and Socialist Freemasonry for all these same wardens Amazigh of non-Muslim Pro-Zionist and idolater of the Moroccan royal family then tribalistic principle having been implemented by francs-masonry, hide in their hearts because of their extreme violence, their thirst for tyranny pyramid to reach the top of this pyramid, which by the grace of their material lust and financial offered by the United States with his dollar Ameriacin implements their censorship in having corrupted their souls become perverted for their lack of knowledge and scientific, mathematical, historical, geographical, technological knowledge , and true religion Muslim and Islamic, who in the name of God (swt) and in Muslim territory, strictly prohibits the practice of interest for not to reduce Muslim populations on behalf of the Freemasonry and the Illuminati slave partnering with Allah (swt) and who associate Satan with Allah (swt) after in 1947, created the State Zionist, protestant and secular of Israel has nothing of a Jewish State and yet less than a Muslim State “obeying” the commandments of God (swt) which is not one-eyed and we can’t go wrong.

This true religion Islamic miusulmane, against which the masonry francs, then the Illuminati and their supporters close to Zionism and secular fascism declared war was this true religion that can direct you to wisdom, righteousness and honesty, provided, however, do not fall in a conspiracy with the neo-conservatives Americans that are the adptes of the horns of Satan in photo below and responsible for genocide nuclear in Iraq and in Afghanistan, and who will appear with the representative of the tribes amazigh of the Berberistan that are the lost (es) of the Muslim religion for their frustration of the property be material and financial, in being United in their Maghreb united of a tribal Berberistan (Al-assabiya) plunged into rivalries of the very bad deeds with proponents of racism and the followers of the secular fascism, that are the anti-Muslim wearing false accusations against Muslims, who fear that doomsday or fundamentalists to extremists or terrorists. And certainly not that of the pretexting of Muslim (es) that are the real hypocrites who are other than poor sheep and sheep astray (es) having lost their way by being very close to their darkness and their heart black hatred for the true religion Allah (swt) are the fascists of laity, then the nationalists and the Africans wardens reunited with racists in Western Territory, which always a title of evidence that their heart is black hatred and spirit of pervert, you can and even advisable to contemplate you even their own comments on this link the followers of racism together between fascist secular nationalists, with wardens also nearby Amazigh of censorship, tyranny, dictatorship and of the true spiritual @soothsayer against the true Muslim religion because it is certainly not through emigration that islam will triumph, but by the sign that was intended by Allah (swt) and revealed in the Holy Qur’an, unless you be struck from signs of disbelief or infidelity to the commandments of God (swt) by believing the opposite of what revealed Allah (swt).

Now and in all their comments by evidence which are presented, do you not similarity in their words in their different internet forums, where each and the others in their Maghreb united of a regionalist Berberistan and secular posing for victims and the Muslim and nationalist Socialist Freemasonry (es) in being immersed in their deception in any genre with their manipulations of followers of Satan, while being immersed in their rivalry and their search for ethnic confrontation with the Satanist followers secularism fascists, anarchists and racists.

And after that the francs-masonries secular and Socialist and then lay and capitalist Illuminati have manipulated then handled terrorism around the time of the jâhilîya which corresponds to that of the 21St century which is none other than the time of darkness, of lies, of impostures, deceptions, then the tyranny of censorship, of obscurantism and Islamic religious ignorance, which directs you to the lack of wisdom, by this same ignorance of the true Islamic religion, then to the manipulation and exploitation of all kinds, with for each other are the lost immersed in their races to the wealth of political power, by making a very bad copied pasted of the followers of Zionism and secularism in order to dominate, control and then lead the world to then set up tyranny and censorship against the real Islamic religion, then coercion and indoctrination by brainwashing, where the other hand came together in hand in their little crusade, to install censorship and tyranny against the religion for you then stop believing in God (swt) or to have faith in a world that is much better than that which is offered by the followers of politics with the anti-religion the cult of the pyramids, which reduced to silence (censorship) Muslim clerics not corrupt, because the evidence of their own comments posted in their forum and on their sites of deceit and deception, together against the true Islam of origins of the Prophet Muhammad (saaws), where the lost (es) and because of their pride and their pride, will be collected on the day of judgment last which they and they have no fear, will remain silent in being together and United hand in hand then chained by the Angels with each other to be thrown into the fire of hell of a burning furnace they put 77 years before reaching the bottom to remain there forever, to be associated with Allah (swt) with Satan banished from paradise.

Truthful evidence of their comments highlighted and which go against this website by being posted on their internet forum by the supporters of censorship, tyranny, racism, followers of secular patriotism, then of Tribalist fascism and is brought to you by nationionaliste, whose close fitna of the horns of Satan sahih hadith which is intended for them, and then shown below, not to mention the comments of the followers of terror and the secular dictatorship of anti-islam that give you want to vomit you can contemplate you same by clicking on the links in blue color that are presented above, and who are another Satanist comments posted by miscreants, unbelievers and infidels has true universal Jesus religion (aws) but also a true universal religion of Muhammad (saaws) who is without border having been sent as last alarm a painful and everlasting punishment has a Berber community which will not be able to say that she had not understood, or that she doesn’t didn’t know, even that she did not receive messengers.

Fear Allah (swt), the Messenger of Allah (saaws) said:
‘ is not one of us “Muslim (e)” the person calling the [nationalist or Tribalist spirit] assabiyah
who fight for the assabiyah or who dies for the assabiyah. ”
(Saheeh hadeeth narrated by Abu Daoud)

The website which announces the truth about their own behaviors and their own writing color that brings the evidence of which is secretly contained in their hearts and in their perverted minds that only reflects their own hatred of religion Muslim, because of the warning of Allah (swt) shown below, were not only revealed to the last Prophet beloved Muhammad (saaws) to be transmitted clearly to communities nationalist, monarchist and warden, as well as a all humanity, as evidence for the tribes of barbarians in their infidelity against the commandments of God (swt), which previously and before entering Islam peacefully, worshiped Baal as a God, and that at the time of the Pharaohs was known as Seth, then today known under the name of Satan, and in their close Berber culture of the Jewish tribes became unfaithful to the commandments of God (swt), Baal was considered the God of fertility and the violence, which they do not have lost their violent spirituality by evidence of their raids of women and girls that they practiced in the black African tribes, but also even in the villages of the Kingdom of the Franks (in the current South of the France) and that was the trigger) Cassus belli) the opportunity of war having led to the battle of Poitier in 732 , which thereafter led the beginning and will led to the end of all Arab monarchies, African and Berber, with for some in black Africa, after being complicit as is today also, this slavery of modern times, and still others that are the Amazigh and Arab elites, to have plunder women and young women in Europe and Africa, while having reduced in slavery the men, which was contrary to the will of Allah (swt) and as stated and shown below, Koranic verses but also and above all for practicing mass castration which is other than genocide and a crime against all humanity which is and was contrary to the will of Allah (swt) by the evidence shown below, having been committed by the idolaters, and not on behalf of God (swt) but in the name of Satan in order to begin building the Pharaonic project of francs-masonry and the Illuminati of the 21St century (UFOs and spatio-temporal travel) with the complicity of misguided sects Sufis and maraboutiste in Africa, just as close to the Illuminati and their banks, then francs-masonry Arab and non-Arab.

Holy Qur’an: surah 3 Al-Imran (the family of Imran) / verse 118
‘ O believers, do not take of confidants outside you – same: they fall not to upset you. ” they would like to have you in trouble. Hatred certainly manifested itself in their mouths, but what their breasts conceal is even more huge. That is that we show you the signs. If you could reason with him! »

Holy Quran: 2 Al-Baqarah (the cow) surah / verse 177
‘piety is not to turn its face toward the East or the West; piety, is to believe in God, judgement, Angels, books, and the prophets; piety, is to give his well – any attachment it has – relatives, orphans, the needy, travellers and beggars; piety, it’s also redeem captives, perform Salat, fulfil zakat, remain faithful to its commitments, to be patient in adversity and misfortune in the face of danger. These are the virtues that characterize the pious and sincere believers! »

Holy Qur’an: surah 7 Al – has ‘ raf (elevated area) / 157 (the reward for converts) verse
“those who follow the Envoy, who is the illiterate prophet they find mentioned in their homes in the Pentateuch and the Gospel. , and who recommends good and forbids evil, claiming lawful for them what is good and illegal what is unclean, which relieves them of their burden and deliver them from their chains. “Those who believe in him, that it will be rescued and supported, which will be taken to guide the light down with him, those will know true happiness.”

Holy Quran: 9 At-Taubah (the repentance) surah / verse 60
“the alms are only for the poor, the needy, to those who are responsible for these donations and distribute, to those whose hearts are earning, redemption the captives, to the indebted insolvent, to those who dedicate themselves to the cause of God and to poor travellers. This is a judgment of God, and God is Knower, wise. »

Holy Qur’an: surah 90 Al-Balad (the city) / verse 13
“it is the slope they climbed by releasing a human being.”

By releasing a human being, to allow then and by the grace of Allah (swt) the human being having been released having been blessed by Allah za wajal Arabian holy land, become a servant of Allah (swt), and by the individual every human will which is free to choose its path, which enrich his spiritual knowledge (the dinner) and certainly not that of the materialistic way (dounia), may God grant as well a those the God love, as those and those whom God loves not as shown in this internet site on the Islamic dine or dounia of Socialist, Communist and capitalist francs-masonry

As for example Sheikh Adel Al-Kalbani presented in video below which the Lord of the heavens and the Earth (swt) awarded this award (Diné) spiritual become the great reciter of the Quran having been appointed Imam of the Masjid Al-Haram to the Mecca in 1429 with immense honor to be Imam and preacher of the Masjid Al Haram in Mecca that during the night of 6 Ramadan 1429 of the Hegira has chaired for the first time in his life, prayer at the Masjid Al-Haram in Mecca and to the the Taraweeh prayers.

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