coalition gulf war

The Coalition of the Gulf War 33

The hour of truth and the total overthrow of the Novus Ordo Seclorum (of secularism) approach to the followers of deception, manipulation and democratic corruption that are the Franks near secular masonries of the Socialist International, as well as to close the Illuminati world of Zionist and capitalist ideology that are supporters of the antichrist, and after order global and Satanic in the United States, Russia, the European Union, China, the India and the Brazil, have in the land Islam called for censorship, tyranny and dictatorship of the military juntas who set up the mess after be separated laws of Allah with the principle of secular disbelief came from France, in order to repopulate the Earth sai of Zionist settlers and lay NTE Muslims of Palestine while expelling them from their homes and their land, who in front of Allah who is not blind, this land not lay Muslims, it is sacred and inviolable in front of Allah who is not blind, as is the God of the franc anti-religious military lay masonry and anti-islam.

With displayed on the banner below ‘Rayat’ the odd number of 1999 (09991) in rationality with an even number of the Kaaba to 1 618 033 who is none other than the sign code and encrypted Union O for the community Muslim woman between 19 letters of the Basmallah with the 99 most beautiful names of Allah (swt). In a link obvious with sign by Allah (swt) who is none other than that of the last eclipse solar total of the 20th century that took place on 11 August 1999 in order to open the era of the 3Rd Millennium and which was found throughout the northern hemisphere of Europe but especially in Paris who is none other than the city of light (truth) in rationality with the other city of light (truth) is the Holy City of Medina. The encoded 19 digit letters of the Basmallah which is other than the true ‘el haq”and one of the 99 servants of Allah has been verified (accessed) during a night of the 9th month of Ramadan of the lunar calendar of the Hegira (1433) emigration in the direction of Mecca, and just before the Hajj from 2012 in conjunction with the 9th month of the solar calendar in 2012.



Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim
in the name of God, the most merciful, the most merciful “Al-Karim the generous”.

In order to unite it under one banner to return to Jerusalem and set up the Islamic foundations with real rules, real justice, real principles of equality and true laws, in the lands of Islam, all of which each must comply by following the will of God the Lord (swt) that is unique and without partner (es) being above justice and laws established by the infidels and hypocrites, for having sent the last Messenger and last Prophet of humanity that is Muhammad (saaws), but also in order to unite the Muslim community to defeat the cult of the occult, hidden in the shadow of the religions, that are the pyramids of the illuminati in the service of their false Messiah and his single eye, which is none other than thought unique elite, not only by being close to Zionism, and then the horns of satan responsible for the fitna to have followed the United States in 1947 created Israel, without forget the fascism of Freemasonic with their Novus secularism Ordo Seclorum (secular) having been set up in the Arabic countries, as in Algeria and then implement the censorship and slavery world 3 great political pyramids of Giza that is capitalism whose Arab monarchies are supporters of this ideology of race to riches came from Britain, not to mention censorship and global slavery of 2 other pyramids of the secular Freemasons, as are those of socialism and communism whose evidence you are presented to the new world order of this website chapter

In truth, the dajjal (the liar / the impostor) is the one who hides and censor the truth about the evidence on the perpetrators of nuclear genocide committed against human beings humans “of the children of Islam (subject to peace)” become malformed, nuclear genocide as the notable Western Asia, middle and the Middle East, countries of golf, the countries of the Arab Maghreb United and the black African countries run by dictators and tyrants who without exception will fall of their seats ejection for not having vo Ulu show the tree that they had been banned, one that was announced in the Holy Qur’an by having well lucrative trade with Uranium buried under their feet, and that is another matter first necessary to blow up the mushroom cloud and a committing of such genocides nuclear, after that in 1947 the unfaithful 33 and their abtensionistes allies did vote resolution 181 of the United nations on the establishment of the State having set up the Zionist regime and secular in Israel who is hiding and uses Judaism to get their end, not only, after approaching the tree that they had been banned with thanks to the project Trinity blew up July 16 1945 the first mushroom Atomic on the Alamogordo air base located in New Mexico, the atomic explosion having implemented this world of the rivalries of nuclear became the most dangerous of all time, but also after having warned nearby Roswell in the desert of New Mexico a day of the month of July 1947 the MJ12 of these catastrophic consequences it would have for all humanity, the atomic explosion of the tree forbidden held close Another sensitive State of Nevada where is located the very sensitive area 51 and its territory of desert dream of the Dreamland landing runway.

Holy Qur’an: Sura 4 An-Nisa (women) / verse 41
“How will it be when we come from every nation a witness and we you (Muhammad) will be as a witness against these people?

Holy Qur’an: Sura 33 Al-Ahzab (the Confederates) / verses 63646566
“people ask you about the hour. Say: “his knowledge is exclusive to Allah”. What do you know? The hour may close. Allah has cursed the disbelievers, and has prepared a furnace, to keep them there forever, without finding neither allies nor helper. The day where their faces will be turned into the fire, they will say: “alas for us! If only we had obeyed Allah and obeyed the Messenger! “”

The Messenger: the last of humanity which is none other than Muhammad (saaws), unlike the false propaganda of some misguided who would like to believe that the last Messenger is none other than the Messiah Jesus (aws) son of Marie, while in any reality, Jesus (aws) came to the world before the coming of the last Prophet and final Messenger Muhammad (saaws) humanity and after that the Periklitos who is none other than the last Messenger (saaws) received revelation, which by order of the Lord of the universe, was transmitted by the Perakletos who is none other than the Archangel Gabriel (aws).

Holy Qur’an: Sura 78 year-Naba (the new) / verses 38 and 39
“the day where the spirit and the angels will stand in rows, no one will speak, except the one in which the most merciful has granted permission, and who. to tell the truth, that day is inevitable, so anyone who wants to take refuge with his Lord”

With sad result, their genocide to nuclear’s uranium- 238 which is either saying depleted, the genocide committed against all mankind, but for the well being materialistic people, one that you can contemplate in chapter This Internet site nuclear genocide.

The Novus Ordo Seclorum and his forbidden tree of the mushroom cloud which is followed by this materialistic paradigm of the 21St century with its other forbidden tree dedicated to exhibitionism and voyeurism where the ones and the others show their nakedness and the shapes of their bodies, without any reserve, modesty or deference and ostentatiously at the sight of all and all, what each and others must hide (leur nudity and the shapes of their bodies) with for each covered their second skin because of their provocation of their attire while showing off their material and physical wealth born of this powerful lobby feminist and sexist of the masonry of left and far left from the 1960s held against one religious community remained faithful to the wishes of the Lord of the universe soubbhana your ala Allah.

And for the other dissimles in the middle of a NWO who not only to decadence, the retrograde, to voyeurism and exhibitionism, with their perversity of mind dedicated to anarchy, corruption, and chaos through tyranny and oppression is doomed to against religious and any believer (e), for the good be material and time of a certain elite of the population on the right and left who have implemented this new world order through a new deal of the 20th century for the good material of the franc left maeonnerie putting it in place even the new deal of the new world order of the 21th century for the continuity of the good be material of this rebellious youth who has no wisdom, spirituality, or education Islamic, true spirituality that cuts between the true and the false, between what is allowed and not allowed, between what is halal and haram, between true justice and injustice, then, between the inequalities and injustices of this nation extra-strong who feels blessed (USA), but is it so the true God would have blessed a nation putting has his head an African-American president after having turned their backs on the single Muslim who will be the one and only belief approved by Allah “subject and” obedient has all his wishes”for he was then converted to Protestantism by being born Muslim father while preaching for a Jerusalem one and indivisible capital of the Jewish State of Israel, his speech unnoticed you broadcast video Chapter nuclear Genocide of this Web Site.

This youth rebel with no Islamic Spirituality following the footsteps of the Shaytane (satan) and those of its partner (es) (demons) are being put on the right path to Allah, to be immersed in a race for material wealth, then also and especially in a crusade barely veiled against the Muslim world, which literally means “submissive and obedient to Allah alone, without no partner or associate”, against an Islamic religious community, wishing that install peace and a return to the true sources of the Muslim law of Islam to establish true justice, true equality, then the true fraternity between brothers and sisters of the same religion, and secondly, dialogue with other religious communities, to facilitate the spiritual life of humanity for the next life of the in the past which has never and will never be on Earth here, and, in a world where evil and the rivalies ultimately prevail, instead of living a decadent lifestyle totalitarian and reactionary who has absolutely nothing to do with any modernism devoted that for the well being of the materialists and other lay political currents thirsty for power and material wealth, at the expense of a religious community who ended up being persecuted in an era messianic “of revelation” that the comploteursveulent censor, in a world where the Muslim religion be an Islamic way of life which is nothing more than a philposophie, a fair middle, a way of thinking, then one religious spiritual justice and equalities clean power to the Muslim religion, which is be the last bulwark to the new totalitarian world order of a unique economic thought doomed to decadence, corruption, tyranny and the oppression lay people, policies and the masonry that takes place is against the religious, after these plotters have decreed it in 1990 in a perspective of a new materialistic and totalitarian of the 21th century dedicated to the retrograde voyeurism and exhibitionism in a decadent world where peaceful spirituality of the human being has completely lost its central place in a materialistic and economic globalization that has nothing to do with any modernism and progress. and this, by rivalries that inevitably, leads a race at the leisures, until you visit the graves, Sura 102 the race to wealth (At-Takatur).

As a result of this new world order put in place following the fall of the Berlin wall, and because of his new deal, which not only and on the orders of an occult agency top sercete, was decreed by the infidels, but also by unbelievers and impostors via the services the NSA then the CLA with through the services of the Inter-Services Intelligence of Pakistan and then by that of the Saudi prince Turki Al Faisal, who was the head of intelligence for Saudi Arabia (he same implementation of 1977 to) ( 2001) to implement and manipulate obscurantists of Al-Qaida in the Afghanistan branch, plunging them into a war against communism, but above all, in being followed of the hypocrites and the impostors of hidden materialists in the within the “Muslim” world in general, reference the munafiqun (the hypocrites) of the Gulf countries (Kuwait, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman) and then to those of the Maghreb and the materialists concealed in the West and in Africa-thirsty and hungry of power political and anti-religious dictatorship.

So that not only is protected good be tyrants concealed in golf countries, including those of the Qatar and Dubai with the pyramid of w, then that of the fascists of laypeople who countries Arab, support their fascistic ideology on a policy of the Pa material narabisme which is otherwise has the ideology of politics the Islamic that brings together all peoples of all languages and all nations in a single community, but also and especially for the good be time of a certain elite in West, and after Osama bin Laden, have not only offered its services and put at disposal of the Saud dynasty fighting militias of freedom (the Mujahideen) to Afghanistan, in order to combat Saddam Hussien and their principle of secularism based on the ideology philosophy of pan-Arabism that the disbelievers want to globalize, and, once this contrary philosophy has Islam, have been implemented by Michel Afflak (Greek religion Christian orthodox) based on an ideology fascist politics of national socialism of pan-Arabism, which excluded all Muslims of the world born and from different languages and nationalities because of a principle fascistic of secularism that was other than a potential invader of the 2 places Saints of Islam (Mecca and Medina) to protect at all costs.

With then, Saddam Hussein were he even manipulated, just as it had been Oussama Ben Laden, not only by the franc mac; Freemasonry of the American neoconservatives, with as a first step in the direction of the Iran, and then in the direction of the hypocrites of plotters of Kuwait, and this, to the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989 in a sign of a union between the masonry of left and right, when on 25 July 1990, the American Ambassador in post in Baghdad, April Glaspie, was called by Saddam Hussein to tell him of his intention to invade Kuwait. Ambassador so he’s not share no comments while relating his intentions from Washington, then Saddam Hussein remaining unanswered, understands that the United States will not intervene in the resolution of the conflict, therefore,. that the conspirators upon the land holy, and this, not only following a policy of pan-Arabism and of the principle of secularism that was put in place in Iraq by the secular masonry of France with Michel Aflak (of Christian Greek Orthodox), but also and above all, following the revolt of the Ba’athists in 1958 with the general Kassem having overthrown, then usurped the throne to the family of the Prophet Muhammad (saaws) Hashemite dynasty.

But finally, and in a context of military strategy and logically, seen the power of the army of Saddam Hussein with his principle of secularism was the arm armed of the plotters of the West, then driven by their accomplice is the Russia, the dynasty of Saud turning to the superiority of Western armies to protect the 2 shrines of Islam, and by refusing the services of Oussama Ben Laden and his militias of Mujahid stationed in Afghanistan, were they same and all as Saddam Hussein had been, armed, trained and funded by the West, but through the Pakistani services, so that the plotters could get a foot in the Holy Land, the conspiracy of the manipulators who will be wiped off the face of the Earth Similarly their principle of secularism which in Muslim land, is the only association with the God who is not blind, for all the corruption and unjustified killings that these same conspirators have caused in the Muslim world and on Earth, as a result of their many provocations and conspiracies, which their new ally China, which with its principle, will be wiped off the face of the Earth, as a result of his new Covenant with the American superpower, which converted it to capitalism for the sake be material its elite Chinese based his philosophy on the ideology of Confucianism of the dynasty Chinese nationalism of Han due to a massive resettlement of his anti-Islamic community in Muslim land, the Ouibourgs community is the example most obvious from this tyranny that is being established with the complicity of the hypocrites, who like the 3 monkeys veil the eyes, clog the ears, but that on the day of judgment will remain silent.

Because no Western and especially non-Muslim army or same Arabo-laic based on the ideology of national socialism, had to tread the Holy Land of Arabia, as secularism of plotters who have been exported in the Holy Land of Palestine, so to avoid that the beloved prophet Muhammad (saaws) feared most for our community, that of fitna “division” having born terrorism, corruption and assassinations of people not guilty of corruption on Earth, what looking for the plotters and their divisions, including their new world order policies and gives them new will be wiped off the face of the Earth for all the corruption and disorder they have sown on Earth.

The plotters had been warned in order to reveal the truth, and at the same time in order not to up their Novus Ordo Seclorum (new world order) followed by his new deal materialistic of the 21St century, leading to wars and rivalries, and which shows that what is right in their 3 ultra-totalitaire materialistic systems of a single thought of globalization of socialism, communism and capitalism very anti-Islam devoted to atheism, agnosticism, deism, in the skepticism, secularism, heresy, the esotericism for all the good be material and temporal individualism of individuals immersed in a race to wealth for the power while lowering the good people at the aom of Allah (swt) ordered him suitable and prohibits the blameworthy to prevent other of straying into a very bad direction of rivalries, not only between nations and totalitarian blocks, but also and especially between individuals for the good be hardware and time of the elites an atheist, agnostic, close to the Socialist, Communist and capitalist ideology at the expense of our brothers and sisters the same religion, that all over the world, and their nationalities, their skin color or their language belong to the community of Muhammad (saaws), whether the Palestinian community, than that of the Lebanon, to Afghanistan, Chechnya, Kosovo, Somalia, to Iraq, Maghreb united under the banner of tyranny, dictatorship and censorship, or China with brothers owned the community of the Ouibourgs, and that our Islamic communitarianism of the international, congenial to the enemies of the Islamic world, which these days and everywhere in the world and on the Internet, there are more and more be it has inside and outside religion, regardless of whether the community of Arabic that was outside of the Arab community, including in particular the followers of the political ideology of nationalist and materialist of the blind of the Deceiver eye that are the impostors of laypeople close to socialism, Communism or capitalism hidden within the communitarianism Arab who would like to see the great religious fitna (division) within the Islamic community of the international Muslim are the obedient and the subject has all the will of Allah soubbhana Allah your ala ensure the plotters are the enemies of Muslim real, happening these days, more and more so for centuries and centuries better establish their Novus Ordo Seclorum, which in particular.



THE COALITION of the 33 UN of the world lay MASONRY

This coalition manipulative United Nations that gave the name to the 33th chapter of the Holy Quran in a coded language, that which corresponds to the 33 nations coalition of infidels and draft dodger to peace between peoples with the breast of United Nations and in a meeting of powerful lobbies Zionist, secular, atheist and Evangelical, who in 1947 and New York located be the temple of the harlot of Babylon that hidden behind and in a House of prostitutes in the masonry all edge and all aure sects belonging to the materialistic world dedicated to politics and finance, did vote the resolution 181 of the 33 coalition having in the middle of the Muslim population, led to the creation of a Jewish State in Palestine with Jerusalem as capital one and indivisible from the Jewish State that has nothing of religious and lay for the good be material and each other.

The State that goes back to the Muslim community in Palestine having been expelled from their lands manu militari, then abandoned has his own fate by the hypocrites in the Muslim world in general, which are headed by small lay dictators, who subsequently, oppressed then installed to misery and concentration camps, this community without land becoming a turn, wandering Jews on the surface of the Earth in search of a nation, while governing with tyranny and censorship the Palestinian community who finds himself without land, whether the accomplices of the West who lead and led the Jordan, the Lebanon, the Syria, or whether the Maghreb countries having forced out of their own secular nation, this Muslim community of Palestine entitled to fight the infidels and their allies in order to recover that which robbed them; in the same way when the secular Arab country have obtained their independence of colonization, after the Palestinian community was expelled then chased from their land by the unruly and the rebels While constuisant the wall of shame that is displayed in the photos below, who have brought their funding with the name of Israel followed by all its allies hiding behind the construction of this wall of shame and the “Al-fitna” separation $ to Israel for the construction introduction of this wall (USA and EU) to separate 2Muslim communities, including the one Jewish and the other Palestinian.

This wall of shame and the separation, which will disappear from the surface of the globe, to bring together the 2 Muslim communities, having been not only, subject has peace, but also and above all patience.

In the same way that the name of Israel will disappear from the surface of the globe, and all their allies, if they impede the way the Lord of the universe in order to unite what God has always wanted to unite around the word of the Lord passed in to surah 13 the Holy Quran shown below, by becoming until last Palestine, but with Jerusalem and the 3th and last shrine of Islam as being the capital one and indivisible from the international Islamic, and after that the enemies of humanity, hidden behind this wall who financed its construction, created Al-Fitna in the Muslim world, while murder innocent people not guilty of corruption on Earth, and this, for the well being of materialists “Capitalist and Liberal, Socialist, and Communist United and immersed in a race to riches” those who with their Masonic symbols on the left, and others, with their God bless the United States of America, who believes himself to be blessed by God, not only to commit corruption, but also the manipulation, exploitation and grave injustices on land.

Holy Qur’an : Sura 13 Ar-Raad (Thunder) / verses 19 to 24
“one who knows that what is revealed to you from your Lord is the truth, is similar to the blind? Only the men of understanding reflect well, those who meet their commitment to God and does not violate the Pact, which together what God commanded to unite, fear their Lord and fear an unhappy accounting, and that endure in the search for the pleasure of God, prayer and spend (in the well), in secret and in public, of what we have bestowed on them, and repel evil with good. These, the right remains final, gardens of Eden, where they come in, as well as those of their spouses and descendants, ascendants who were good believers. Each door, the angels will come to them: – ‘peace on you, for what you’ve been through!’ – how good is your final home! ” »

THE 33 voice for the CREATION of one State JEW having one authority ZIONIST and secular establishment in the middle of the POPULATION in great majority Muslim:
United States of America, Australia, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Socialist Republic Soviet Belarus, Canada, Costa Rica, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, France, Guatemala, Haiti, Iceland, Liberia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Republic of popular in Poland, Sweden, Czechoslovakia, Soviet Socialist Republic of Ukraine, Union of South Africa, Soviet Union, Uruguay and Venezuela.

THEN the 13 votes against:
Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Cuba, Egypt, Greece, India, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan, Syria, Turkey and Yemen.

10 ABSTENTIONISTES of YPOCRITES hand in hand with the 33 Coalition to not block their road in being allied with each other:
Argentina, Chile, China, Colombia, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Honduras, Mexico, United Kingdom and Yugoslavia.


AND finally in the continuity of the conspiracy of anti-Christ (against the BELIEVER) of the COALITION of the 33 INFIDELS
comes the 33 (SURAH 33 AL AZHAB) coalition of the GOLF Manager of nuclear GENOCIDE war

With below another list of 33 nations of infidels and hypocrites of the multinational force for a revelation in the Holy Koran by a language encoded and encrypted for the number of the 33 nations directly and militarily engaged against a man they had themselves put in place, created, armed, nuclear, bacteriologise, manipulated and instrumentalise against the Iran, and this, until Kuwait by 33 Coalition (Al-Ahzab) whose name Al-Azhab and the number 33 . of Holy surah is directly shot and then dedicated in tribute to the Coalition 33 who directly participated in the military operation desert storm, after the desert shield, which in 1991 during the desert storm blew on all the Peninsula Arab during the second Gulf war, and against a man that the plotters had themselves created and then setting up, after pushing its policy on Arab nationalism and on the principle of secularism of the party BASS put up by the cabal of Masons lay is being detached from the unique religious cult that will be the only one approved by the beneficent Muslim, by application of the laws of the charriah, especially after having led Saddam Hussein against the Iran and finally up to the Kuwait with their accomplices that nations who call themselves Muslim, are those that are displayed and highlighted in bold below, that are well big property fat not missing anything, and are never satisfied with what God has given them by having good teeth sharp, but above all by having eyes bigger than your stomach to eat everything: which ones of the wealth of raw materials.

The 33 colalisés displayed on the 33 coalition of the Holy Qur’an what are the United States, Saudi Arabia, Britain, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, the secular Assad Syria, the France, Kuwait, Pakistan, the monarchy of Bahrain, Bangladesh, the Canada of the evangelists, the Italy, the Morocco of a monarchy attracted by terrestrial dounia (bribery) offered by Israel and its friends, Singapore, Nigeria, the Argentina, the Australia, the Spain, Senegal, the Belgium, the Netherlands, the Greece, Sierra Leone, the Honduras, the Denmark, the Norway, the Portugal, the Poland, the Romania, the Sweden and Czechoslovakia.

Because unlike what would have you believe the plotters of Masons on Wikipedia that manipulates the information, as the WikiLeaks’s Julian Assange (Freemason) manipulates and indoctrinates peoples to be politically correct to the ideology Socialist and secular with their plot to put in place their Séculaire NWO (secularism).

The Germany never participated directly and militarily in Iraq with the deployment of troops, because article 26 of its constitution formally forbade all sends troops abroad, and what would be considered as aggression against as a sovereign nation, confirms this article 26 of the constitution of the Bundestag.

Hence it is definitely not 34 nations involved in Iraq, but 33 by sending armed soldiers sprained yourself the Iraqi soil, as the Freemasons of the Bolshevik dictatorship with their principle of secularism manipulates Wikipedia has a fine policy towards a secular NWO and one materialistic way of thinking of the eye of the DAJJAL at the top of the pyramid which means lies and Manipulations all as confirmed by the link from Wikipedia (the manipulations of the) Freemasonry in the service of Satan who are against religion, and especially against the true Muslim religion who never called the peoples to convert has lka secularism

Then next, below the list of nations who are indirectly involved in the coalition of 33 nations of confederates designated above but indirectly responsible for the nuclear genocide, saying Muslim nations in being pointed singled out as being accomplices of 33 Allied; s responsible for of this nuclear genocide, by support policy towards a policy of globalization economic, financial, Government, and pyramid, which is none other than that of the slavery of the people of mass for a vile profit of elites in the service of Satan into believing that heaven will be in the future and was has a time spent on Earth down here, whereas in truth, he was never and has never been.

Afghanistan, USSR, Austria, Bulgaria, South Korea, Finland, Hungary, Iceland, Japan, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Philippines, Sweden, Taiwan, Turkey did not participate in the fighting, but only of monitoring borders, and finally the Germany of plots in being very close to the children of israel and today the Vatican 2 with Engela Merkel banker, Ernst von Freyberg, Member of the order of Malta and its German military industry which here’s proof on l-Allemand-Ernst-von-Freyberg-a-la-Tete-de-La-Banque-du-Vatican.html

By Allah people of France and southern Europe has majority Catholic, it is a Muslim who extends the hand by asking you to wake you up against this dictatorship German and anglo-saxonnne of the Protestant sects Evangelical in the service of the Arab monarchies of the Sham and so Israel with their principle of globalization, because you are being manipulated as are Muslims in Europe and in the monarchy of the lie in the Morocco, but also in black Africa led by military juntas implementing some from impostors of the masonry secular and Socialist Nations – United.

All accomplices hiding within the Arab world, in black Africa and Europe who manipulates people and their ignorance by the grace of plots established by the children of Israel, but also and especially by the sects Protestant Anglo-Saxon evangelists so close to the sects African-American in the United States with their Francs Masons who infiltrates the religions through sects which are at the service of Satan, for example the order of Malta of the baron Ernst von Freyberg so close to Angela Merkel, and who is other than the the 2 established by Benoit 16 Vatican banker even German in the service of this imposture of François 1St rather Socialist that good Christian and loyal has the Catholic religion at the service of the mondialsiation of socialism Franc Masonic and so in the service of a secular Israel is dear to Protestant evangelists are these Illuminati spying on, plotting and censorship, including the fire of hell the guete has the horizon for their cult of espionage against a stay not corrupt Muslim faithful to the laws of God.

The corrupt in Africa of the new secular world order around the laws of secularism which are followed by their advisers stealth as well as their peoples, who on the day of their reckoning, will incur the wrath of Allah for having taken voluntarily the way from misguidance in refused to follow the advice of the religious to not kissed Masonic secularism, as well as for the tyrants who are atheists, Agnostics and other sects of unbelievers, Phonies and hypocrites who want to establish their new world order which is that of the antichrist, which not only a cult exclusive materialism for the good to be individual within a new world order which is made up of rivalries between individuals and nations plunged into a race to the wealth for property and power of this world, and including this Holy surah of the Holy Quran displayed below is directly intended for them.

Holy Qur’an: Sura 22 Al-hajj (the pilgrimage) / verses 45 and 48
“that of cities, so did we perish, because they were committing tyrannies. They are reduced to ruined roofs: as deserted well! That Palace built (and deserted too)! At how many cities have I not given respite while they were committing tyrannies? Then, I entered them. “To me and become”.

With this false propaganda of the West at the service of the Zionist regime of israel today, which by the Western mass media, accusing the popular Republic Islamic of Iran as a potential nuclear threat, having a cause effect by the global conspiracy having handled a certain Abdul Kader Khan to approach services Iranniens and drop in Iran’s religious advisors, and which during the war of the golf, Pakistan was one of 33 Allied and coalition of the United States, by evidence that the media around the world decide to censor, in order to cover their powerful lobbies, including those of Zionism was born in the United States and Great Britain, but also those of the neo-conservatives Americans owned was the branch of the Evangelical TV who are very proselythe in Muslim land, but also and especially those of the secular masonry from the branch of the illuminati left, and Barack Obama actually left to bring down Islam, and thus convert the Muslims around the world in their assimilation policy dedicated to the cult of materialism, who had nothing to do with politics of integration and tolerance with respect to the Muslim religion, which not only the wearing of the hijab, which covers the head actually left for women keen wear any place public and private society.

With a minority of lost in the breast of the wahhabittes and the Salafists who do a lot of wrong also the Muslim community, who are as ignorant in being manipulated and exploited by the plotters and the enemies of the Muslim world, while being complicit in this nuclear genocide held has uranium- 238 which is orchestrated on children of Islam, be it in Iraq, in Afghanistan where in Kosovo, in order to pesticides a quarter of the world’s population that is growing, that the the community of believers, which is the most harmful to this new world order, and after that these monarchies of hypocrites have been implemented and protected by the United States while having handled Saddam Hussein to Kuwait, as evidenced by the survey displayed in the video below which is entitled; Saddam Hussein become tyrant, the link with the illuminati, in order that the latter settle permanently in the Arabian peninsula, also mindful that, according to one hadith authentic, no non-Muslim army had to tread the Holy Land of Arabia, in a conspiracy that wants to implement the tyrannical regimes that appeal to the leaders of the West because of a policy dedicated to national socialism, because a universal principle of secularism that separates religion from the State, in short, separate the leaders of religious advisors with knowledge and knowledge of hadiths, in order to make the difference between what is permitted, tolerated and forbidden, including corruption.

This has the result of the creation of the State of Israel, so that others that are the plotters of laity and francs-masonry close to Zionism and fascism Socialist allied with the followers of the secular nature of the Socialist International, and each can at Holy Land of Arabia, not only take control of the 2 holy sites of Islam, as demonstrated by the video of Saddam lay close to the Socialist dictaure who manipulate religion for the interests of Israel and its allies that will fall, After that the 3th and last holy place of Islam that is the located Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem was taken then plae in 1948 under the control of the Zionist regime of Israel having been created by the 33 coalition by ratification of the resolution 181 of the United Nations which was adopted by 33 votes, 13 against and 10 abstentions, but also to rush as the hungry on the riches of energy and raw material buried under the feet of dictators and tyrants who divides them between rich and powerful families, be political belonging has thought unique, or so monarchical dictatorship.

And whose list of 33 plotters along with their 10 allied to abstentionistes for a vile advantage of raw materials, it is presented above, with in the first place which the Evangelicals in the United States followed the Evangelicals around the world very proselythe in Muslim land, then then comes the illuminati left with their principle of secularism having implemented the 7 totalitarian regimes and oppressifs of the prostitute of Babylon (democracy) which is sells to powerful lobbies denounced in terms of the NWO of the coalition, that being eager to protect their order established since the end of World War II then declared and implemented in September 1990 while being followed from his new deal of the 21St century that the plotters of the coalition of unbelievers, infidels, Phonies and hypocrites want to put in place together hand in hand in their little world, including hand Masonic conspiracy in the hand with the Chinese and Indian regimes together in the coalition, and, because of their materialistic convertion to globalization and rivalries.

With behind all this nauseating décor of their new world order, that appeared suddenly a from layman of the Baath party created by Syria, Saddam Hussein manipulated then manipulated and very few believing (that God forgive him), which is also be the obvious reason for which it was set up and installed by the West on the throne of Iraq in 1979, as all leaders Arabic installed and set up by Uncle Sam who like and to submit to the wishes of the Zionist of Israel regime which takes for the chosen people, while hiding behind the people of the book, but after being installed at the head of the party BASS in 1975, and after the second shot Baathist of 1968, not only through the services of the CIA in order to do against weight has the Iran of Shi’a mystic who must also unite with family sounite of Islam, then through the secret French of the era, wishing them also and at the time with their oil company, settle permanently in the region in Iraq, especially following the news gives in Iran where the shah of Iran had closed the oil robinnets in the West and nationalizing the oil wells during the global oil crisis of the years 70 which followed the war of 6 days, that the League of laity and nationalist Arab who had nothing and have nothing of Muslim had caused by establishing the 23 may 1967 to the Tiran Strait of a blockade against the Zionist State having subsequently considered the act as being a Casus belli meaning literally ‘ opportunity of war. “

The League of plotters of the laity and nationalists Arabic of Egypt, the Jordan, the Syria and the Iraq then supported in the shadow and militarily by the plotters in the Lebanon and Algeria, but a League secular Arab directed by tyrants then supported and protected by their military junta based their political ideology on national socialism followed the principle of secularism, the League had and has nothing of Muslim, especially, when we say sounnite and it does not apply the laws of the charriah because of the separation of State and religion, while the State and the religious as advisers, are inseparable.

A coalition of secular Communist Arabic set up by atheists in Soviet Union, see even by its ally indirect that the United States for the Jordannie, especially, after the Soviet Union and the United States have all 2 voted yes in 1947 on the vote on the creation of the Zionist of Israel State, and whose list of 33 Coalition, brothers and sisters of Islam, but as evidence to awaken your spirit on their machiavellique conspiracy and Satanic, you is displayed above with 2 plotters displayed; s in bold and highlighted as being allied with the State of Israel and secular Europe the France, in order to divide the Muslim nations so that in 1991 the new world order of the West is better install in Muslim countries.

With in the first place, the Turkey of the nationalists of lay people who have supported their socialist ideology which was set up by the secular France Freemasonry, then then the Iraq having build the 2 Central nuclear Osirak and ISIS built by France, who eventually were destroyed by another ally of the West in 1981 , and Yes, the Zionist regime of Israel and after that the coalition of the first hour that are.

The France, the Germany, Great Britain, the United States have put in place, and then armed militarily and bacteriologically Saddam Hussein the layperson to eventually run against the religious Iran then above all, against and to Kuwait in the direction of the Saudi Saouditre, but with the complicity of the monarchies of the golf are those of Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, the Qatar, Oman, Bahrain and some accomplices within the Saudi family, including Bandar Ben Sultan called also “Bendar-Bush” and which the family photo is displayed in chapter 911.

All the scomploteurs which at the time had a financial debt to the Iraq for fighting a potential invader of Saudi Arabia, and which in all reality, was not one, (l‘ Iran shiite), as indicated in the survey below sent in 2 videos called Saddam the tyrant and dictator turned secularist “What Allah (swt) forgive him”, just as the shah of Iran was become, so that Saddam, either without realizing account, at the service of the Illuminati of secularism wanting to destroy Islam, in order to serve the Zionism to be then dirigecontre the Iran Shia Khomeini, where all these plotters met, and after placing Saddam Hussein on his throne Iraqi, push the handle while who created, then armed, financed and directed towards and against Iran, to finally handle to impostors and the hypocrites in the Kuwait.

But in all truth and the day of the last judgement, Prophet Muhammad (saaws) will be a witness against them all together, and above all, against those who are responsible for the nuclear genocide, where all the plotters and manipulators gathered, will have no protector against the punishment of eternal Allah, but only hypocrites, manipulators, provocateurs and conspirators could not believe, and, just as it is stated in the Holy Qur’an, surah and the below verse that attests that the plotters, then the manipulators, as well as explants and those who have taken them to allies, will have no helper against the discipline of the Lord of the universe (swt), and that the latter will not have nor intercessor in their favor, between parenthesis that the Prophet Muhammad (saaws), and, contrary to the lies of some unbelievers in our religion who want you to believe that the Prophet (saaws) advocate on their behalf, with by the way here’s a definition of intercession that is presented and you can contemplate on INTERCESSION

Holy Qur’an: surah 2 Al-Baqarah (the cow) / verse 254
‘ O believers! Spend of what we have provided for you, before the day where there will be no ransom nor friendship nor intercession.
And those are the disbelievers who are the wrongdoers. »

Un complot qui a lieu contre toute l’humanité qui vient des ennemis de toute l’humanité, celui qui vient de la franc maçonnerie sioniste, évangélique, soufis, ésotérique, mystique et laïque qui ne sont que des adeptes de la politique de division en croisade contre la religion musulmane, dans le but de barrer la route du hajj au Mahdi que tous réunis ils redoutent en étant le dernier des petits signes, tout comme d’ailleurs ils l’ont fait en Palestine en 2006 après avoir créé le régime sioniste, pour que ces adeptes de l’antéchrist puissent prendre le contrôle d’Al-qods (Jérusalem) et par conséquent le contrôle de la circulation des biens et des personnes qui se dirigent obligatoirement aux frontières de l’état sioniste, avec comme seul aéroport de la région, celui de Ben Gourion pour toute personne désireuse se rendre en Palestine occupée par Israël, qui année après année s’agrandit dans le but de crééer le grand état d’israël, suite a une politique d’occupation et de colonisation de la terre sainte, et après qu’un membre de cette franc-maçonnerie “Ben Gourion” qui fût le plus fervent adepte du sionisme ai donné son nom a l’aéroport situé a 40 kilomètres d’Al-Qods, après qu’Israël ai été créé avec la résolution 181 des 33 comploteurs cité dans ce chapitre avec leur 10 alliés d’abstentionistes, et dont leur bâtiment des nations unies est frappé du nombre 666 après avoir été mise en place par de puissants lobbys par l’intermédiaire de la franc maçonnerie évangélique en Angleterre et aux Etats-Unis, ayant non seulement créé, armé puis financé le régime sioniste d’Israël dont le nom va disparaitre des cartes mondiales, ainsi que l’Iran.

In the same way that plans of the countries of the Gulf have been implemented by mutual agreement signed on 14 February 1945 between Franklin Roosevelt Delanoe and Abdelaziz aboard the USS Quincy, as evidenced in 911 chapter of this Web site, evidence of idolatry Saudi who sought protection, not from Allah (swt), but with the United States in order to achieve 2 years later was the creation of the Zionist State of Israel that sows disorder and corruption on the Earth, and its State are going to disappear from the maps of the world while making out her false Messiah who will be killed by the real Messiah Jesus (aws), the false Messiah that the children of israel as well as the misguided that are fans of the esoteric (Sufi and other setces of marabouts), then secularism and their masonry francs to wait the coming, in a plot set up by the secular masonry that she also will disappear from the face of the Earth, and as demonstrated by the evidence which are presented in the video posted above is titled Saddam Hussein: the link between the Illuminati and the monarchies of the golf, which the conspirators hidden in Kuwait.

A video that follows an and serious inquiry, which is only a very small yard of history on the greatest conspiracy in history, but which anyway will fall from very high, such as the Hadith of the beloved prophet Muhammad (saaws) clearly indicate , because the Mahdi is be a non-Arab (the Ajami) who will be or has been during a night reformed by Allah, that is to say, and in a form literrale, changed from evil to good, due to a return to his community of origin, and because of a return from the West to the East t.

Et que le nom de son père sera identique à celui du père de Muhammad (saaws),de même que le nom de sa mère sera identique a celui de la maman de Mohammed (saaws), mais tout ceci, dans le sens literal du terme de l’adoption.

Car tout comme le prouve le hadith en question en étant réformé “changé” au cours d’une nuit car il est de la maison du Prophète (saaws) “Ahl al-bayt”, non seulement, pour ne pas avoir été né sur la langue Arabe, mais surtout pour ne pas être né, ni dans un pays Arabe, mais aussi et surtout, pour ne pas être né dans un pays musulman.

Et tout comme l’indique plusieurs hadiths authentique, dont ceux révélés par Cheikh Mohammed Hassan situé au chapitre Introduction de ce site Internet qui sont affiché en vidéo intitulé Hadiths sur Al-Mahdi, il sera reconnu de tous,lorsque celui-ci effectura le pélerinage à la Mecque, et où des tueurs ou une armée essayera de l’arrêter pour être ensuite engloutis, et ce, de par leurs propres intentions maléfique et satanique en voulant s’opposer aux volontés du seigneur de l’univers, et tout comme les hadiths authentique l’attestent ci-dessous, et non pas, en faisant un pélerinage à Téhéran en Iran, voir à Damas en Syrie, et ce, pour couper court a tous les faux Mehdi, dont Moqtada Al-Sadr en Irak, de même que pour couper court au faux mehdi apparut le 20 novembre 1979 qu’était Mohammed Al Qahtani, sinon les mécréants qui ne prêchent pas la véritable religion, comment se fait-il que la terre du désert d’Arabie ou les eaux côtières d’Arabie n’ont pas engloutis ceux qui ont combattu et tué les adeptes du faux mehdi de 1979, de même, comment se fait il que la dynastie des Saoud ayant fait décapiter Mohammed Al Qahtani n’a pas elle aussi, été engloutis pour avoir touché a ce faux mehdi mise en place par les égarés ?

Alors réfléchissez une seconde, et ne vous faites pas manipuler par les mécréants qui associent à Allah ce qu’il ne faut jamais associer (le diable), et pour vous raffraichir la mémoire, voici quelques hadiths avec leurs réferences, qui en outre sont appuyés par Cheikh Mohamed Hassan affiché en vidéo au chapitre Introduction de ce site Internet.

D’après Um-Salama, le Prophète (saaws) a dit : “Le Mahdi est de ma progéniture, parmi les descendants de Fatima” [Al-Boukhari dans le livre des biographies at-Tarikh al-Kabir, puis de même dans Abû Dâwûd, Ibn Mâja, et autres]

Puis toujours d’après Ali (ra), le Prophète (saaws) a dit : Le Mahdi est des nôtres, Gens de la Maison (Ahl al-bayt) ; Allah réformera sa personne au cours d’une nuit.” [Al-Boukhari dans le livre des biographies at-Tarikh al-Kabir, puis dans Ibn Mâja, Ahmad et bien d’autres encore]



Celle de 1990, et qui n’est autre que la 3ème guerre mondiale, de par le nombre de nations s’étant coalisés les unes avec les autres contre un seul homme après l’avoir mise au pouvoir au millieu de la péninsule Arabe et de ses monarchies pétrolière des pays du golf, qui aujourd’hui ont été mise en place par la grâce d’une conspiration maçonnique mondiale ayant tout d’abord débuté en 1947 avec la création de l’état sioniste d’Israël puis ensuite dans un lien évident avec les quatrains de Nostradamus et les illuminati ayant en 1990 engendré la tempête du désert, celle qui n’était autre que le souffle des armées du dajjâl s’étant abattu sur toute la péninsule, de par une fumée noire que vous pouvez contempler ci-dessous avec la photo satellite prise par Spot 2, tel un point de détail (spot) qui n’est autre que celui de l’histoire des monarchies des pays du golf, ayant grâce a la nation qui se croit avoir été béni pour assombrir le ciel de toute la péninsule Arabe, afin de se ruer par la suite, sur les ressources pétrolières et énergétiques des pays façonné a l’image des Etats-Unis d’Amérique, et tout en commetant un génocide nucléaire sur des populations civiles en Irak.

Avec en outre, une marée noire qui n’est qu’un crime contre la création de Dieu, qui est dû à l’ouverture volontaire du terminal d’Mina al Ahmadi ayant eu lieu le 21 Janvier 1991, et qui fit que 100000 tonnes de pétrole brut se répandirent dans le golf Persique, puis polluèrent les côtes koweitiennes, saoudiennes et iraniennes.

With subsequently and to limit the extent of the ecological disaster, a bombing that was led by the F-111 of the U. S. Air Force to limit the flow of crude oil then set fire to the oil, and the measures taken that if in races, such as floating dams that have limited the damage perpetrated by war criminals and tyrants who say they belong to the Sunni family, but who ultimately dropped to follow the path of the sunnah after embracing the principles of secularism that have nothing to do with the Islam of the lights, because they belong to the family of the laity, which is identical to the concept of the law of < b 11 > 1905 applied in France that advocates and enforces the separation between State and religion in Muslim land boards.

Visible smoke coming through an interdimensional vortex placed above the Arabian peninsula was found by Muhammad (saaws) at Al-Isra and Al-Miraj.
Satellite picture of SPOT 2 taken on 2 March 1991 over the Kuwait clearly showing that visible smoke.

And as you can see on the photo above and on the quarter South of the Kuwait, black smoke rose to 600 meters above the ground, the visibility; was reduced from 25 to 4 km in the region and it there was a drop in the temperature up to – 10 °C, weather conditions were changed up to 500 km radius, traces of smoke were found on the Himalayas (the highest roof in the world, with Mount Everest), the last well was put out on 6 November 1991.

Also, the testimony of a former military based in Orleans, France, French who participated very closely a operation desert Storm in as an officer training at 28e regiment of transmission of the F.A.R. (Force of Quick Action) which was mobilized for the ground offensive of the Arabian peninsula, with mission to ensure the transmissions of the division Daguet.

With a little reminder of the facts that are consistent with what is transmitted on this website, on both a Machiavellian each and others which are organized in the corridors of power and the shade looks, because of information that are available to you free of charge and free of charge without any benefit whatever ‘ it is.

When I think of the Gulf war, I can’t help but remember that day in January 1991, where, at the 28th RT duty officer in Orleans, I suddenly learned the triggering of the offensive of the allies. My heart sank in my chest, finally I know the outcome of the series that I watched as all the french on television for several months.

I was then a long service as training to e 28officer regiment of transmission of the FAR (Force of Quick Action), this regiment was responsible for the transmissions of the division Daguet, most of the military profession were in the Gulf, which had the consequence of giving more responsibility to managers of reserve, I was satisfied.

I then managed portions of conscripts in the training company, shortly after the beginning of hostilities, the Commander of our unit, asked me to conduct a survey and ask conscripts if they were volunteers to go to fight, for my part I had already said no, not at all agreeing on the reasons for this conflict. I was a bit surprised by the number of conscripts who responded favorably (10%) and was even more by their motivation. They did not understand the issues, it was clear, however, the desert, the adventure were a sufficient reason to do battle with the Iraqis. I wrote down the names and giving this list to my captain, who was also quite surprised.

Je me proposais un jour de prendre le commandement d’un convoi à destination de Cassis puis du golfe, mon idée était de sentir de plus près l’ambiance, de discuter avec ces hommes qui partaient peut-être se faire tuer. Le moral était excellent.

Au moment du déclenchement de l’offensive aérienne les cadres du régiment furent réunis dans la salle de cinéma du 28e RT, pour un exposé sur la situation dans le golfe. Un officier des renseignements militaires nous expliqua ce qui allait attendre la division Daguet lors de l’offensive terrestre, il nous dit que les pertes humaines allaient être terribles, sanglantes. A la fin de son exposé, au moment des questions, je lui demandais si la raison du conflit,libérer un peuple de son oppresseur, était bien la seule ou s’il y en avait d’autres : il ne me répondit pas.

En tout cas, je fus vivement impressionné par cet exposé et ne manquais pas de raconter tout cela en rentrant chez moi. Avec le temps je me demande si cette séance ne fut pas une opération de propagande. Là s’arrête ma participation (sic !) à la guerre du golfe. Le 28 février 1991 à huit heures du matin le caporal Tombois sonne le cessez-le-feu, l’opération “Tempête du Désert” vient de prendre fin.

20 ans plus tards, que reste-il de tout cela dans nos mémoires ?

Plus de 12.000 militaires français partirent dans le désert, ce fut pour eux une expérience inoubliable, pour leur famille, leurs amis ce fut des journées et des nuits d’angoisse, puis de bonheur. Pour le reste de la population et du monde, un formidable feuilleton télévisé, tel une propagande mensongère retransmise en direct et en différé sur les écrans de télévisions du monde entier.

Toutes les technologies militaires ont été employées pour faire vendre leurs puissants lobbys militaire, du nucléaire, des armes chimique et bactériologie, toutes les images pour faire vendre leur propagande mensongère dans le monde entier, les informations classées secret défense et top secret soigneusement contrôlées.

The result is a sad victory of the coalition. Yet comparing the french reaction to the announcement of the victory in the Gulf and in the 98soccer World Cup final, it begs questions.

De Gaulle said: “The French are calves”… How did the?

And the general had no wrong: the French really are calves in gold with their powerful lobbies of nuclear, followed by the extremism of their secularism they want to impose on the Turkey.

When those and those which in France say Gaullist belonging to left or right movements while claiming of Gaullism, Shame on you, shame on your heads and made like the 3 monkeys and the 3 monkeys going hide you , and stop making the policy, because you have nothing of Gaullist attached to the French really free and no not chained nation in being reduced to slavery, but rather friends and supporters of the Zionist Israel and the American regime Globalist Pro-sioniste as well as their powerful lobbies for a globalization of France, in the middle of a European Union imposing its will on nations and the sovereign people of their intended, they are more in control of their intended, including among others and an example among so much else, the fact that the European Union impose his directive without any consultation of the enslaved peoples who are more master of their intended, by privatizing public services to better grow demeusurement the capital close to the Illuminati including their organization private and the multi-national you is presented in chapter new world order from this website, in selling the nations and re; reducing its peoples in esclavagge to the private sector, then those stock exchanges, but also in the banking sector, so has the multi-national and the real thought of the General on the creation of the Zionist State of Israel you is presented in video above.





The capital is Baghdad, people speak Arabic and Kurdish, the terrain is flat, monotonous, oil in the North is the main wealth. With an area of about 434,000 km2, 16 million inhabitants, its borders are many: Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Iran, Kuwait, a narrow sea access: the Persian Gulf at the level of the Euphrates with the interests geo-strategic common to the West that its fleet is present in the waters of Saudi Arabia, the Kuwait and the Iran.

The Republic date 14 July 1958, the power in Baghdad is in constant struggle against the Kurds (20%of the population). It is a secular country of a single party, the Baath the Tikriti (Group of Saddam around, the Tikrit region), who tightly control the army-led. The Shiite majority (54%of the population) is carefully controlled.

With below the Sura 22 Al – Hajj of the Holy Koran for tyranny and the Western dictatorship with his democratic imposture, in a warning to imposters who pretend to be believers and who do not follow nor the Sunnah because when the ojn not applicable the law of the charriah, then it is not a sounnite while pressing their fascist policy of tyrants, not only revealing principle of secular disbelief that pronne separation of the laws of Allah (swt) to the State Muslim, while supporting fascist ideology of nationalism or tribal politics that had nothing to do with the international Islamic, but also with the union of the Muslim world which is without border in establishing an Islamic khilafah.

A policy of fascist of Arab nationalism and tribalism Maghreb put in place by the bourgeoisie of the secular left, which directly targets Saudi Arabia, pretending for the sounnites, who in the end (the laity) did and do croeint still very little in Allah (swt) by proof of the separation of the laws of Allah (swt) and the path traced by the last Messenger Muhammad (saaws) who is none other than the Sunnah and the laws of the sharriah. Because if they do not believe or did not believe in the existence of the Mahdi who is none other that the Messiah (a sign) that does not frizzy as their false Messiah, while pretending to believers, so that makes them unbelievers (infidels to the laws of) God or unbelievers).

Has this topic, it is very interesting and very revealing to read the testimony of former Ambassador to France Jacques Morizet who at the time was in place in Baghdad and who knew very well Saddam Hussein after handling it, which you can contemplate his testimony on a Freemason site that belongs has realities and international RELATIONS located at the 11, street Nicolò 75116 Paris + 33 1 45 27 46 17 phone

But of course, if this link quite revealing about the personality of Saddam Hussein having been manipulated by the secular European masonry has not been censored, see same deleted Web pages, or that this link quite revealing about the plot by supporters of Dajjal) Antichrist) you reference to link infected with a virus to better to infest this internet site so that Google blacklisted this website (islam-2012-newworldorder)

As evidence this web page of the Masonic Club of RI (R International ottari) which is also a Clichy-La-Garenne to the Clichy gate level a nearby offices of a certain Liliane Bettancourt L’oreal Paris, and you can see the list of witnesses of 2007 on the personality of Saddam Hussein lay on this link

Including another and as a key witness and friend of Saddam Hussein, former Ambassador of the secular France close anti-religion of Socialist military dictatorships, Jaques Morizet having been auditioned by the Senate Committee who handled Saddam Hussein against religion and by the grace of plotters francs Masons lay in France that will being directed to the fires of hell to remain there forever with the monarchies Arabic having very close affinity with Israel, socialism and the capitalism and its worship for globalization in the context of establishing a world Government of dictatorship, tyranny and censorship against the Islamic religion that shows the truth about this Web site, and after having been cursed by the angels, then by Allah (swt ) all powerful, not only for their cult exclusive has Satan (their God) but also to the principle of manipulation, of globalisation, of tyranny and censorship, having implemented the nuclear genocide on Civil and Muslim populations in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Rotary International of the Franks lay masonry just as close to the journalists of Rotary International in being immersed in their alliance with Israel and the United States within NATO as evidenced by proof of their Masonic alliance which is displayed in chapter creation that you can contemper on

Including their Association realities and International Relations with their unique eye of surveillance on the Web is posted on by being so close to another group of Freemasons that is the Rotary Club International by the evidence displayed below is only a sham Masonic and secular pro-israel and globalization in having been a recognized public association either bid, when it suits their common interests and nuclear, all by hiding behind the secularism, then manipulating the humanitarian nature and Muslims, in order to serve their common and nuclear financial interests by grouping several personalities from high-ranking French secular society so close to fascism and Israelites and Americans leaders, which among other things, as a significant association persoinnalite, Jean-Michel Fauve former international Director of electricity of France became President of the realities and relationships International (ARRI), whose international secular Freemasonry can already be certain that hell awaits without having no forgiveness from God by opening the doors of Heaven revealed in the Holy Qur’an, which are controlled by the angels of Allah, and certainly not by the hidden agenda of Freemasonry with its high, but very high technology revealed in chapter Roswell and UFOs of this Web site.

With shown below some members lit up with this sect including some very famous speakers at the Rotary Club:

* Wernher von Braun, former Commander SS, father of the V1 and V2, rockets Titan and Mercury of NASA (Rotary Club Huntsville, Alabama) (Rotary Old El Paso, Texas)
* Joseph Davidovits, doctor of science, “father of the theory of” fake stones”on the construction of the pyramids (Rotary Club Liège)
* Olivier Dassault, MP UMP France (Rotary Neuilly, FR)
* Jean-Jacques Guillet, UMP MP 8th District of Hauts-de-Seine (Rotary Club of) Garches-Marnes-Vaucresson)
* Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology (Rotary Club Bulawayo, ex-Rhodesia, ZIMBABWE)
* Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, MP UMP France (Rotary Neuilly, FR)
* Louis Michel, Commissioner European (Rotary club Wezembeek-Kraainem, BE)
* Richard Miller, MP MR Belgian (Rotary Dour, BE)
* Charles Pasqua, former Minister of the Interior in France (Rotary Neuilly, FR)
* Nicolas Sarkozy, politician, Member of Parliament UMP, UMP presidential candidate 2007 elected president of the Royal Republic of Zionism international (he is also an honorary member of the Rotary of Neuilly, en)
* Cédric Visart de Bocarme, Prosecutor of the King of Namur (Rotary club Namur, BE)


Then very famous Rotarians:

* General Augusto Pinochet, Chile (see also Plan Condor)
* Neil Armstrong, astronaut
* Aesgeir Ásgeirsson, president of Iceland, a founding member of the Rotary Club Reykjavik.
* Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, Netherlands
* George W. Bush – Rotary Club of Washington DC (made honorary member by the ‘RI Past President’ Frank Devlyn at a ceremony on July 2, 2001 at the White House)
* Prescott Bush. United States
* Neville Chamberlain, Prime Minister, Birmingham, United Kingdom
* Herman De Croo, Belgium
* Walt Disney, United States
* Soleiman Ford, Lebanon needed ref.
* Charles Lindbergh. United States
* General Douglas MacArthur, United States
* King Hassan II of Morocco, Morocco (see also Tazmamart)
* Konosuke Matsushita, Japan
* Prince Rainier III of Monaco, Monaco
* Nobel Prize Dr. Albert Schweitzer, physician and philosopher

And finally the very famous French political personalities:

* Nicolas Sarkozy, France politician, MP UMP, UMP candidate for the presidential, elected 2007 Chairman of the Royal Republic of Zionism internationa (Honorary member)
* Maud Fontenoy, France
* Patrick Ollier,. Deputy Mayor UMP de Rueil-Malmaison, France
* Jean-Pierre Raffarin, France (Honorary member)

The list of plotters of Masons francs against which is website is in holy war in order to reveal the truth, and that this verse from the Sura 22 Al-hajj displayed below, is directly intended for them wanting to censored anything from this site Internet, and including the events of Friday 11 March 2011 at the Japan with the earthquake, then the stunami and explosions of nuclear chain reaction near the Department of Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet and powerful the nuclear lobby of AREVA, of military nuclear armament, then VIVENDI and the privatization of the water just as close to TF1, M6 and Canal Plus – GST, were that a drop in the bucket compared it waiting for the plotters of censors and tyrants close to the powerful lobbies of the United Nations, Israel, the United States and its NATO Pact, also close to the powerful lobbies of secularism and its journalists masonry francs.

Holy Qur’an: Sura 22 Al-hajj (the pilgrimage) 45 and 48 /verset
“that of cities, so did we perish, because they were committing tyrannies. They are reduced to ruined roofs: as deserted well! That Palace built (and deserted too)! At how many cities have I not given respite while they were committing tyrannies? Then, I entered them. “To me and become”.

1990 : Saddam Hussein is President of the Republic since 1979 (a life). Western countries have long supported him against the Iran: arms, military advisers. He dammed the religious wave sounnite by replacing by the laws of the secularism of the unbelievers.

In 1980, Saddam Hussein invaded Iran for the good be material of the West, similarly to that of the hypocrites in the Gulf which the plotters are Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar and Oman, without forgetting the good material of countries being laity Arabic, then finally, to one from the “Zionist State of Israel who like children of the same religion are killing each other.

Then Saddam Hussein gassed the Kurds and the troops of Khomeini with the weapons of mass destruction chemical sold by the United States, by the Germany, by Russia, by Great Britain, then bombed Tehran on the orders of Washington in the war had begun oil tanker in the Gulf, while having been manipulated by Washington toward Kuwait having upped its oil production on order of Washington in order to bring down the cost of a barrel of oil and thus raise the Iraqi debt, in order to closer to Saudi Arabia.

The Iraqi to the France debt amounts to 25 billion francs (15 billion for the military part) without forgotten the construction of 2 nuclear sites destroyed by the Zionist regime of Israel, to fatten the financial accounts of the Ministry of finance and the Budget in Paris.

In 1975 at Orly, a Freemason underground and hidden within the policy which is none other than Jacques Chirac, then Prime Minister of Giscard d’Estaing will say to Saddam: “you are my personal friend. You are assured of my self-esteem, my consideration and my affection”in against a Zionist doctrine of the State of Israel which is so close to the socialist doctrine and evanglique that comes from the Eats – United of America.

The contract for the construction of 2 nuclear plants will be signed by Raymond Barre.

In January 1990 : Chevènement the Socialist who is not left out, said of Saddam Hussein: “president Saddam Hussein has a clear and interesting thought that qualifies him to lead his people to peace and his country towards prosperity but has provided, however, to follow the wishes of the close Illuminati Israel and its policy of extermination of the Muslim religion of Islam out of the surface of the Earth to better rebuild their 3rd temple within Al-Aqsa.

In 1981, François Mitterrand (the hypocrisy of socialism) another Frank Mason, continuing the same policy for then and 10 years later in 1991, the France is committed militarily against a man whom the West had placed on the throne Iraqi, armed, funded and directed against the Iran, then then headed to the Kuwait, and the Russia and also understood in the West after murder a converted e Islam 3 days before he died: Mr. Alexandre Litvininko, former agent secret KGB, and this, to meet the current Prime Minister of the Russia Mr. Poutine former colonel of the KGB, and then in 1998 Director of the FSB intelligence services who have implemented in Chechnya Mr. Ramzan Kadyrov for all the oil and gas riches buried beneath their feet, and all sharing the manna and quail between designated tyrant to become leaders of the great Russia, Mr. Poutine life and former leaders and high dignitaries of the KGB and duFSB former right-hand man Boris Yelstine as a result of the fall of the wall of Berlin or Mr. Poutine was stationed in Dresden (East Germany) as an agent of the KGB, to become later in 1999 president of Russia, then today first Minister hidden in the shadow of the current president Mr. Medvedev in order to cling to power and oreinter decisions towards the long term policy with that of the United States, China, the India, the African Union and the European Union.

The USA were not left: she finance, weapon in an indirect way the Iraqi army which is be the first nations of the Arab countries in numbers of men and tanks.

Saddam ranks as the potential Nasser’s successor, playing not only on the principle of secularism of the masonry on the left, but also and especially on the map of national socialism Arabic, 2 principles that have nothing to do with the universalism of Islam which advocates peace among the nations of Islam for a reconciliation of all the nations of Islam, and, in order to make front to the enemies of Islam, be they have inside and outside of the religion, contrary to the nationalism Arab who supports his policy on the secularism of national socialism that was created then set up by the Nazi illuminati of extreme right that was Adolf Hitler, preaching war and division between the nations of Islam, and against whom, Muhammad (saaws) will be a witness against all Arabic laymen who have supported their ideology on the policy of national socialism and the ideology of secularism, one of the masonry francs to better divide, Muslim nations as confirmed by the Holy Quran below, after that Ottoman empire fell into decadence and spreading ainis voluntarily decadence in the Arab countries, to create nationalism Arabic based on socialism or any other ideology political and materialistic, then a wahhabitte doctrine created by foreigners has the Muslim religion, because when we are Muslim by following the religion of Muhammad (saaws) we can claim us of such or such current supporter, which were create to achieve was the creation of the Zionist State of Israel, and to understand the development of the worldwide Masonic conspiracy and each other, so therefore visit chapter Roswell and 1947 of this Web site.

Holy Qur’an: Sura 4 An-Nisa (women) / verse 41 :
“How will it be when we come from every nation a witness and we you (Muhammad) will be as a witness against these people?

Because of the resurrection to judgment.



There’s Zionism, totalitarianism around the domination of one people over another imposing ideals then humiliation after its creation by the powerful of this world in 1947 by resolution 181 of 33 coalition which would bring any instability in the world, is one of the showcases of the decadent world and retrograde of the West with the Lebanon on the Muslim world on the principle so-called of modernity, but in all reality is that an infringement has the dignity on the centrality of human beings in society, Israel one of the master pieces of the Exchequer in the middle and the Middle East.



Former protectorate established by London according to a radius of 64 km around the port of the capital Kuwait City, they speak Arabic, the terrain is flat, the country along lWestern side North of the Persian Gulf. About 1,96 million people (40% of Arabs not Kuwaiti, 21%Asian), 17,800 km2. It is an independent State since 1961, a constitutional monarchy. The Iraq has never recognized its existence. It is the largest producer of oil from the Middle East and the fourth worldwide. Two borders: the Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

1990 : we find the Sheikh Jaber al-ahmed al-Sabah, it’s a monarch erased, who lives cooped in his palace for a few years. It is part of the Al Sabah family. He is not popular. In June 1990, he gives in to Riyadh who wants the return of the Kuwaiti Parliament (dissolved in 1986). Yet in the past it has taken steps, including moving closer to the Soviet Union, the army is the size of the country are soiot saying any petiten but the corrupt state coffers filled with USD pout all the oil that was pumped, not only by Great Britain, but especially by the United States of Ronald Reagan, Dick Cheney and Georges Bush.



The capital is Riyadh, one speaks Arabic literary, it is a monarchy whose claims to the Saudi dynasty as defenders of a legalistic Islam, as well as the purity of the origins. Its area is approximately 2,150,000 km2, with a population of about 14 million people, with a large majority of non-Saoudien (es), its borders are the Jordan, the Iraq, the Kuwait, the Qatar, UAE UAE, Oman, the Yemen. First oil producer which the West needs to keep its economy running at full speed after the oil shock of the years 70. It is the birthplace of Islam (Mecca, Medina). Its maritime access are: the Persian Gulf, the Red Sea with his famous oil access to the Suez Canal linking it to the golf of Aqaba and has the Mediterranean.

1990 : we find the King Fahd, son of Abdelaziz of the House of Saud and including these holy surah below their are for being the origin of el-fitna (the division) in Muslim nations, after having invited and sought protection, not from Ajjal (swt), but with the plotters who associate with Allah (swt) after being dipped in their races to the riches offered by the idolaters just as close to the plotters are the children of Israel, then access to the power by installing a materialistic and financial system near capitalism of the United States and Israel, doctrine with secular neighbors having nothing of Muslims by installing a materialistic and financial close socialism of fascist doctrine system and lay of the France, but the 2 materialistic and financial systems making the most of demeusurement private and State, Republican and secular or absolute capital in posing as Muslim sounnites with the capital and the Bank accounts of monarchies, secular States and of their families and friends, and their political clans, also this about, have you asked why Prophet Muhammad (saaws) has you he had no male child who has surveccu more than 4 years (Al-Quassem, Abdullah and Ibrahim)?

Quite simply, because Allah (swt) wanted it so, in order to make the Prophet Muhammad (saaws) an example to follow for not doing the Muslim religion and its Caliphate (nations) States where a monarchical religion, see even dictatorial States and military political party having nothing of religious being close to fascism of secularism, France exported to countries posing as Muslim, isn’t not royalty Tunisian, Syrian, Algerian, Turkish, Mauritanian. Libyan, Comorian, Senegalese, Egyptian, Sudanese, Saudi, Moroccan and Jordanian, but especially those of the countries of the Gulf with Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain very close ally of plotters that are children Israel, England, the European Union and the United States placed on their thrones, those same heads crowned, who lives in fear, not to global stability or to the Muslim religion and its holy Islamic places, whose sound brackets 3rd of is placed under the control of the Franks masonry, but also under the control of the children of Israel near the corruption and the principle of secularism by hiding behind Judaism, while manipulating the Jewish religion manipulated and exploited by the political masonry francs have infiltrated religions against the Muslim religion, so what in all reality these same crowned by the plotters, heads fear for their thrones, their powers and their wealth, which for some, their are offered by the pyramidal socialist dictatorships close eslavagistes of Chinese and Russian censorship, then for others still hand in hand between United nations, by the capitalist pyramid dictatorships of slavers close to censorship of the United States of America, the European Union and Britain, whose leaders are advised by the children of Israel with dual Israeli and American or Israeli and European, see even Israeli and British, and for any other plotters, Israeli and Moroccan.

Holy Qur’an: Sura 4 year-Nisaa (women) / verses 4142
“How will it be when we come from every nation a witness and we you (Muhammad) will be as a witness against these people? That day, those who disbelieved and disobeyed the Messenger, would prefer that the Earth was levelled at them and they won’t hide from Allah no word. »

After that fitna was put in place in the Muslim world by the Franks masonry close to Zionism and Israel with her children scheming in the shadow of the powers who set up in 1905 the principle of pure secularism then export to the Muslim countries, including first place in Turkey with Mustapha Kemal Ata Turk that led the events of 1925 where Ibn Saud took Mecca, thus ending almost a millennium of cherifat Hashemite, then in this division, the fascists of nationalists who supports their policy on a materialistic ideology, including capitalism, socialism or communism, and following the principles of secularism that separates the State religious advisers, are not left behind in the fitna, especially After that the events took place in 1958, and during the revolt of the Ba’athists in Iraq that occurred against the clan of Hachim descendants from h of the banu hašim in a straight line of the great-grandfather of Muhammad (saaws), Hashim ibn Abd Al-Manaf (died 510), owned like him in the tribe of Quraysh, rich and shopping dominated at the time during the 7th century Mecca, and to which is dedicated a short chapter of the Quran which is broadcast below, as evidence for the corrupt bloodthirsty well be material that corrupt the religion of Muslims.

Holy Qur’an: Sura 106 the Quraish (the family of the Quraish) / verses 1 to 4
“that the Quraysh, due to the Pact which allows them, as in the usual, driving their caravans, summer and winter, love the» The Lord of this temple, the Kaaba, which preserved them from hunger and reassured them of the fear! »


United States of America:
the enemies of ISLAM (peace) and the friends of ZIONISM
after having created then weapon ISRAEL as a Trojan horse in the middle of the Muslim world

In 1990 the United States are the leading economic power and military worldwide, Georges Bush is president for 18 months, at the end of August in 1990, nearly 80%of Americans approve the operation” the Desert Shield”.

According to Georges Bush father “Saddam Hussein threatens the very values America and must be stopped”. Bush is also a former Texas oilman, he knows the value of the oil.

Similarly, Mr. Bush is a former charge business to Beijing, in an international policy to establish links with the masonry Chinese, which is none other than the masonry of the triads, and this, a result of reconciliation that occurred in 1974 between Richard Nixon and Mao Tsé Toung in a policy of subversive to overthrow the established order in the country are part of Islam, when Richard Nixon made contact with Edgar Snow writer of Jewish and Communist journalist posted in photos with the star has 5 branches of the single thought to bring the 2 totalitarian blocks implementing the new world order of 20th and 21St century.

The 5 star branches of the single thought, which is none other than the seal of disbelief that was printed on all the flags applying a political Socialist, and whose citizens of all these nations claiming this ideology materialist will hit the seal of disbelief by the beast Ad-Dabba 82 verse and Sura 27 year-Naml (the ants) of the Holy Qur’an, where it is clearly stated that, for fear of being dint by armies of Solomon (aws) the ants took refuge underground.

The beast of Earth Ad-Dabba of the Holy Qur’an that does nothing to do with al-massih dajjal who will speak to men and Muslim women by hitting the tip of their nose of the seal of Solomon (aws) and who is none other than the ring of disbelief in a clear relationship with the star Red to 5 branches of esoteric and mystical dictatorship Socialist-communism displayed on their flags of nationalists close to the power of the illuminati anti-religious, including one in 1936 and in the northern province of Shaanxi and then in 1939 in the province of Yan’ year and again the 1St October 1970 on the very famous place of Tiananmen, called in English Tiananmen square, Edgar Snow was spotted in the company of his friend Asian of illuminati the close time of the anti-religious dictatorship of socialism and communism was Mao Tsé Toung, whose portrait is always displayed on the same place to then spread their anti-religious ideology to Indochina via a franc Macon Asian left that was Ho Chi Min to then spread their anti-religious ideology to Arab countries with the help of other followers of the near left, including Michel Aflak Freemasonry of secularism, in a warning to other address Masons francs Socialist and Communist who would do better to take care of their affairs including Hugo Chávez and Fidel Castro close unbelievers of their star 5 branches and also close from the hand of God that is the little charlatan from Maradona close to esotericism and the mystical.

Besides this connection in a common point with the beast “Ad-Dabba” and about this star to 5 branches of the 3 political systems pyramidal and materialistic communism, socialism and capitalism, it is interesting to make the connection with a hadith about believing them (es) and true faithful to the Muslim religion, who will be hit by the “Ad-Dabba” beast out accompanied by the stick of Moses (aws) and the seal of Salamon (aws), which is reported by Ibn Maja and at Tirmidi where according to Abu Huraira (may Allah the authorized) the Messenger of Allah (saaws) said “the beast”Ad-Dabba”will be released and with it the seal of Solomon (aws) and the staff of Moses (aws) son of Imran.» By this stick it will light the face of the believer and faithful at the religion of Allah (swt), then by the seal of Solomon (aws) it will print the nose of the miscreant and the unfaithful to the religion of Allah (swt), so that the people of al-Hawan gather to say “: to it, you’re a believer (e) and faithful to the true religion of Allah (swt), and to that one, you’re miscreant (e) and unfaithful to the true religion of Allah (swt).

Therefore, those who will be affected by the staff of Moses (aws) will have the bright face of whiteness, which will be approved as a believer (e) and Muslim (e) in not having anything associated with Allah (swt). And then those who will be hit on the nose of the imprint of the seal of Solomon (aws), will have a black face, the forsaken.

To also respect the Apocalypse according to St. John, the beast of the Apocalypse is represented by a beast with 7 heads and 10 horns representing a global political system, including its organization chart is presented below Intitulethe Elite Network, which extends the power of Satan upon all men who adhere has its ideology (secular) by receiving the mark of the beast which is none other than 666number.

The peculiarity of this system policy of the International Socialist, capitalist and Communist with his star to 5 branches relying not only on the principle of secularism, and then the imposture of the rights of man and of the citizen, not of the world, but of a nation, is strongly opposed to all the will of God (swt) then any form of religion and religious legislation, then everything that represents the laws of God (swt) on Earth, which among other things, opposing his messengers and Prophets have warned all religious people (es) by its depiction of the unique eye, perversity and the manipulation of religion implementing anti-religious political dictatorship, that of secularism implementing doctrines ditatoriales and materialistic socialism, communism and capitalism.

Moreover, in the Apocalypse according to St. John, Satan, the Shaytane or the devil, is represented by a half-man half animal being is nothing other than the symbol of its domination over the world, and his conquests on the wealth, but also and above all, the symbol of the colonization and conquest of land and sea so that all its resources while subjecting the peoples has the slavery of work through the single and totalitarian of secular dictatorship thought close to the Socialist International with his number 6 of the antichrist, then the Communist International with his number 6 of the Antichrist and finally the international capitalist with his number 6 of the Antichrist, the 3 pyramids of slavery forming the number 666 after being set up by the children of Israel and the different francs close world masonries of these 3 movements political globalization.

With hidden behind this rapprochement, a follower of secular and Zionist Freemasonry was Henry Kissinger who was placed as Adviser to Richard Nixon, and, not only to bring the franc left masonry belonging to empire Chinese, with the right masonry and the American, the right one left who today converted to neo-conservatism, then the left is being converted has the doctrine of capitalism.

Then father Georges Bush becomes Ambassador to the UN, CIA Director and Vice President of the United States, eventually becoming its president in a country of the United States of America, who in the past as a date, does no justice and posing for a country of freedom and equality, but in all reality, is only a country of pretexting and deceit rendered of grave injustices, and whose political power is subject to the power of lobbies and of communitarianism.

For example, where in some States for example in Massachusetts that is being a left State Democrat, who is none other than the birthplace of the Kennedys who has nothing of a fasisiste State see racist like Alabama or Texas, we give the right to women that power to erase the name of the biological father who recognized her own child has its birth, in order to replace it with the name of the mother of the child, without even the father heard, or even without that it received long in advance, (at least 2 months before the date of the hearing to be domiciled has abroad) a mail recommended with acknowledgement proving not only that it has been sent to 7 days before the hearing date then got in line at the biensceane one month prior to the hearing date to organize its own defence, by which is meant that a procedure of change of name of a child was hired by the mother of the child, especially after that the child have has its birth, was recognized by the father biological, and this, in a procedure initiated by the mother of the child in order to remove and erase all the rights of the father to her child, for that woman and by her individualism and by his feminist communitarianism and sexist created by the franc left masonry, thus becomes the only has the role of the father and of women with respect to the child, and the father come to become only the banker without it being able to have a role has play or a Word to say in his child’s education , from the evil spirit and communatariste feminist whose ideology took shape with groups of anarchists, Communist, Socialist and far left, those who in the name of God, I ask you out and you walk away from the most far as possible, so really, you’re believers and believers in a terrifying day, because they are the ones who go through hell, and eternal, after sowing disunity between families, of and with their divorce laws and communitarians of rebel women submitted a Satan, and by a totalitarian ideology of their unique thought these plotters of the masonry on the left wants to globalise in Muslim countries, but with the help and support miscreants that are followers of the secularism of the Arabic language and Berber.

Can eventually do fall so initially, atheists, Communists and the dictaure of the proletariat owned a the old philosophy of the Soviet Union and those of today who are other than the masons francs of Communists and Socialist, and who in 1979 were at war in Afghanistan against the mujahideen are the freedom of expression of the Fulani Muslim fighters, who have been at the time, handled by the neoconservatives Americans to break down the Muslim world, can harm the Muslim religion and convert the Muslim world has the sauce of the laity, of capitalism, communism and socialism with the prinncipe of number of the beast 666, which is none other than the elites of illuminati left and right who founded the great 3 pyramids of Giza, with getting above this number 666 eye of the Antichrist in the sole purpose of making the uniqueness of the international Islamic community, so that then the illuminati of the parties political left and right, then the Zionist regime of Israel can rule as well for centuries and centuries by establishing leu nnouvel world order in principle of new global governance.

Besides, and as evidence, have you already watched the former flag of the Germany of Eastern ex “GDR” with its symbol of the square and the compass of the masonry on the left having been in 1989 and the fall of the Berlin wall that is unified with the Germany of the West in a reconciliation between East/West elite, in a global alliance of elites and the illuminati against the last spiritual religion that night has all their materialist interests, however, if you know still observe and meditate on the world that surrounded you and which continues to surround yourself by a few meditations and the photo of their flag of illuminati close parties political left and the different sects originating in Africa just as close to the principle of secularism is you shown below, by being immersed in their race to censorship of this Web site and all that it contains, including, among others, Internet links pointing on the evidence of their disbelief and their infidelity to the true religion of Allah (swt).

Then in this country of the United States of America ultra violent, ultra liberal by climax and his extremism of his own freedom, we also practice the death penalty, with in some States for 5 methods of executions designated below and distributed to each State which applies worth of dead with since the resumption of executions in 1977 until 15 may 2007 having made near 1 075 executions in the United States, is say the rate very high crime in the United States according to the gravity of the crime, in a very violent society, based on ethnic, sectarian, decadent communitarianist where sex and nudity appears everywhere, especially in the Big apple of the Madonna in New York or should be know how to sell “body and soul”to perform well in the level of the company to be awarded the legion of honor by a certain Jacques Chirac sensuite, what a shame has the secular Republic who loves to appear in public without restraint and modesty.

Electrocution: Alabama (choice for prisoners sentenced before July 2002), Arkansas (choice for prisoners sentenced before 1983), Florida (choice for prisoners sentenced before January 2002), Kentucky (choice for the) inmates sentenced before June 1998), Nebraska, Tennessee (choice for prisoners sentenced before January 1999), Virginia (choice)

Injection: Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, North Carolina, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, South Dakota, Virginia, Washington (choice), Wyoming, federal jurisdiction and military jurisdiction

Hanging: Delaware (choice for prisoners sentenced before June 1986), New Hampshire (choice), Washington (choice)

Firearms: Idaho (choice for some), Utah (only for 4 people having already chosen)

Gas chamber: Arizona (choice for prisoners sentenced before November 1992), Maryland (choice for prisoners sentenced before March 1994 ))


AND finally, the FRANCE of the MONARCHY of the MASONS lay
who wants to UNIVERSALIZE his principle of secularism, the FRANCS-MASONRIES ZIONIST

In 1990 : François Mitterrand comes to be re-elected president of the Republic, Michel Rocard’s then Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Chevènement Minister of defence, to be then replaced by Pierre Joxe, in an obvious link between the ELF group Aquitaine became TOTAL and its president at the time then that was Mr. Floch Prigent decorated then stripped of the legion of honor by the world of entertainment and political corruption, so that eventually, and by calculation of the after Saddam Hussein, this Freemasonry of left with his philosophy of a Socialist welfare state that would the material needs of some and others believing that Heaven would be on Earth, may then, and not only after setting up then armed Saddam Hussein against the Iran, scurrying like starving on oil resources and gas of the Iraq, then on those of Afghanistan, then inch’Allah (swt) on the Iran to commit a nuclear genocide of Muslim children with bombs a fragmentation enriched has 238 uranium and thus reduce a quarter of the world population for the good be material and financial, not only powerful lobbies for Israel, but also of citizens belonging to the continents European, Asian, American, African, Australian.

In 1981 when the left caviar to the power which today makes otherworldliness and after creating the extreme party, the death penalty was abolished, but 26 years later and the 1St June 2007 that total 188 French prisons where they posted record sales never reaches with a prison population of over 60870 held a population of approximately 60 million, is to say here also, extremely rate high crimes and offences committed in an ultra-violent country, where therefore, crime and the crime becomes free, then nudity eventually displayed on the public places like the bust of a marianne of the Republic laicque in photo below with its rights of the man from a powerful boasted of willing lawyers Freemasonry export in the land of Islam its fundamentals with a single eye and a single thought, thus eventually undress and sell themselves as a prostitute to the power of lobbyists who murders the very principle of democracy, peace and citizen tranquility.

Demonstrating through its evidence that are presented to you, the superiority of Muslim laws and of the fundamentals of Islam over any other form of ideology materialistic of the unique thought and materialistic policies dictatorship, one of Illuminati and followers from the single eye of the Massih-dajjal (antichrist), and his single eye of the single thought is displayed on the American dollar with its principle of Liberal, materialistic and financial elites extremism that takes you under the principle of the single eye, which is none other than the single thought displayed on the declaration of the rights of the man who, in all reality, are only an attack on the rights of the victims set up for a vile profit financial and material of politics of powerful elites of justice and the world of lawyers, but also the unique look of the single thought that is the surveillance and espionage implementing censorship and dictatorship for a vile profit financial and material of the powerful occult forces industrial and military implementing the new deal of their new world order they want for centuries etd are centuries to gagging the Muslim religion, principle of the revelations made in the Apocalypse according to St. John, where the beast of the Apocalypse is represented by a beast with 7 heads and 10 horns representing a global political system, which extends the power of Satan upon all men who adhere has its ideology of globalization by receiving the mark of the beast which is none other that the number 666 as their new gives their new world order they want for centuries and centuries yet, and including their Satanic plan then followers of Massih Dajjal (Antichrist), is located in Muslim land, of pesticides the Muslim religion outside the spheres of power, as well as the commandments of the Lord of the universe (swt), which in the lands of Islam everything everyone must have one, and whatever its religious origin, social status, its origin ethnic or nationality.

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