Islam and Faith in Allah for the Khalifat

The hour of truth and the total overthrow of the Novus Ordo Seclorum (of secularism) approach to the followers of deception, manipulation and democratic corruption that are the Franks near secular masonries of the Socialist International, as well as to close the Illuminati world of Zionist and capitalist ideology that are supporters of the antichrist, and after order global and Satanic in the United States, Russia, the European Union, China, the India and the Brazil, have in the land Islam called for censorship, tyranny and dictatorship of the military juntas who set up the mess after be separated laws of Allah with the principle of secular disbelief came from France, in order to repopulate the Earth sai of Zionist settlers and lay NTE Muslims of Palestine while expelling them from their homes and their land, who in front of Allah who is not blind, this land not lay Muslims, it is sacred and inviolable in front of Allah who is not blind, as is the God of the franc anti-religious military lay masonry and anti-islam.

With displayed on the banner below ‘Rayat’ the odd number of 1999 (09991) in rationality with an even number of the Kaaba to 1 618 033 who is none other than the sign code and encrypted Union O for the community Muslim woman between 19 letters of the Basmallah with the 99 most beautiful names of Allah (swt). In a link obvious with sign by Allah (swt) who is none other than that of the last eclipse solar total of the 20th century that took place on 11 August 1999 in order to open the era of the 3Rd Millennium and which was found throughout the northern hemisphere of Europe but especially in Paris who is none other than the city of light (truth) in rationality with the other city of light (truth) is the Holy City of Medina. The encoded 19 digit letters of the Basmallah which is other than the true ‘el haq”and one of the 99 servants of Allah has been verified (accessed) during a night of the 9th month of Ramadan of the lunar calendar of the Hegira (1433) emigration blessed in the direction of Mecca, and just before the Hajj from 2012 in conjunction with the 9th 2012solar calendar month.

Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim
in the name of God, the most merciful, the most merciful “Al-Karim the generous”.

Holy Qur’an: surah 17 , Al-Isra (Centre) / verse 85
“and they ask you about the soul, – say:”the soul is the order of my Lord”.”. And you have been given only a little knowledge. ”
But we must see the website called ascension of the dust of atom (soul reborn/reactivated)
on the rise from the dust of atom at the service of the Lord of the universe, Allah (swt)
for understand what means be of service in the service of the Lord of the universe, Allah (swt)
in a sign for the community that is truly “obedient” Muslim has all the will of Allah (swt).

In order to unite it under one banner to return to Jerusalem and set up the Islamic foundations with real rules, real justice, real principles of equality and true laws, in the lands of Islam, all of which each must comply by following the will of God the Lord (swt) that is unique and without partner (es) being above justice and laws established by the infidels and hypocrites, for having sent the last Messenger and last Prophet of humanity that is Muhammad (saaws), but also in order to unite the Muslim community to defeat the cult of the occult, hidden in the shadow of the religions, that are the pyramids of the illuminati in the service of their false Messiah and his single eye, which is none other than thought unique elite, not only by being close to Zionism, and then the horns of satan responsible for the fitna to have followed the United States in 1947 created Israel, without forget the fascism of Freemasonic with their Novus secularism Ordo Seclorum (secular) having been set up in the Arabic countries, as in Algeria and then implement the censorship and slavery world 3 great political pyramids of Giza that is capitalism whose Arab monarchies are supporters of this ideology of race to riches came from Britain, not to mention censorship and global slavery of 2 other pyramids of the secular Freemasons, as are those of socialism and communism whose evidence you are presented to the new world order of this website chapter


With which to begin this chapter on islam and the faith
here is a definition of the word islam when you have faith and to have faith in islam

Islam and faith are based on principles fundamental relative to the will of Allah (swt) revealed in the Holy Qur’an and define the rites of Islam had been transmitted by the dernnier Messenger of Allah, that is good like Muhammad (saaws ) and that all true Muslim (e) must be totally obedient (e) body and soul has all the will of Allah (swt) revealed in the Holy Qur’an, following the teachings of the last Prophet Muhammad (saaws) by application of the laws of the charriah, both family legislation, that legislation financial banking and economic commercial, only in terms of inheritance, inheritance, marriage, divorce, custody and education of the children then legislation on how to deal with crime and delinquency, in sociology, etc.

And someone ‘ hatred and disgust that the rebels are apostates to Islam become unfaithful, as well as the fascists of laypeople close to francs-masonry and the children of israel is the chosen people who have been cursed by Allah (swt), that the hypocritical fake Muslim (es) that are the supporters of Socialist and capitalist liberalist politics who exploited and manipulated Islam against the Communist policy only in the masonic purpose of demonizing the Muslim religion and its followers (bearded) with the events of 11 September 2001, that then these same conspirators Freemasons laity and illumanitis are the supporters of Israel and its principle of globalization. can set up the global dictatorship of the (unique) blind eye by the establishment of a world Government that separates from the laws of Allah (swt) of nations based on islam and Muslim peoples, to then set up the mess and the Sham Masonic world with their human rights, to then set up their own dictatorship in order to censor the Muslim (es) who have the Diné (the knowledge on their Masonic conspiracy) by establishing laws that condemn any questioning of the history written by the West, and the evidence of this sham then that manipulation, you are presented in this Web site, but also on the 12th page of the chapter the scientific evidence of this internet site, as well as to the chapter title nuclear Genocide on Muslim populations with the complicity of the false Muslims who have digire the Muslim nations in the coalition of the Gulf war against Saddam Hussein as being supporters of the sioiniste ideology and globalist.

Islam and faith is a religion of real justice and true laws established by Allah (swt) that have nothing to do with the Sham Masonic and secular rights of man of the disorder and corruption Freemason Islamic lands having been Islamised (pacified) by Muhammad (saaws).

Islam and faith is a religion of genuine peace, equality, fraternity, solidarity, sharing, hope, endurance, mutual aid and love between brothers and sisters same Muslim religion which had nothing to do with religion of sects Freemasonic of Satan and their representation of Baphomet (Satan) displayed in the image below that is none other than the emblem of supporters of the secular Freemasons who practice the powers occult Kabbalah.

Baphomet Franc Maconnerie et kabbale

Islam and faith is a religion of research of science and knowledge and Islamic knowledge (dine), but forgiveness among brothers and sisters same religion and dialogue with other religions that respects, attacks, does not cause, not censorship not, then manipulates not and only manipulates not believing them (es) of Muslim religions (our brothers and sisters the same religion) in order not to create fitna (division) between brothers and sisters of the same religion who believe in Allah (swt) no partner or associate, but who also believe to the last Prophet and Messenger of God sent a humanity that is well liked Muhamamd (saaws), here the true principles and the real bases of the true Muslim religion has all true Muslim (e) must submit, and as it is indicated in the Koranic revelations shown below.

Holy Qur’an: Sura 103 Al-‘Asr (the time) / verses 13
‘ time! The man is certainly, in distress, except those who believe and do good works, exhort one another the truth and exhort one another endurance. »

Holy Qur’an: surah 5 Al – my ‘ idah (the table spread) / verse 9
‘Allah has promised those who believe and do good works that, for them, there is forgiveness and a great reward. “

Holy Qur’an: Sura 6 Al – An’am (cattle) / verse 125
“whoever Allah wants to guide, he opens the chest to Islam.” And anyone he wants to mislead, it makes his narrow chest and embarrassed, as if he was trying to ascend to heaven. Thus Allah inflicts her punishment to those who do not believe. »

“Anyone who Allah wants to guide. He opens the chest to Islam. “

The chest where the heart (the symbol of the love between brothers of the same religion) as evidenced by not only the verse 46 of surah 22 displayed below, as well as the hadith of the beloved prophet Muhammad (saaws) who is narrated by Muslim, transcribed below, then in the casebook of the 40 Hadith of imam An-Nawawi in Al-Buraq editions to the chapter of the brotherhood in Islam that appeared well before the false currency fraternal and misleading of French secularism the intolerence in any place public and private of the society, including the disbelievers, hypocrites and the unbelievers in the true religion of Allah (swt), want to export in the land of Islam, to serve their political and financial interests common assembling in franc masonry, so scratch the surface of the Earth, not only the law of Allah (swt), but also his unique Muslim religion “obedience” has all the will of Allah (swt), who on the day of the last judgment, will be the one and only approved philosophy.

Holy Qur’an: Sura 22 Al-Hajj (the pilgrimage) / verse 46
“What don’t see on Earth to have hearts to understand, and ears to hear?
Is not the eyes that are blind, but, the hearts are in the breasts. »

Besides this topic Abû Hurayra (that God be pleased with him) reported that the Envoy of Allah (swt), who is none other than Muhammad (saaws) said: ‘don’t you’re not jealous of each other, do not despise you, don’t you hate, don’t plot not one against the other. ” not bid again on each other; and you, servants of Allah, be brothers. Every Muslim is a brother to the Muslim. It should not be unfair towards him, or disappoint him. He should not lie to him or despise him. »

Here is the true piety (he says pointing 3 times of the finger his chest) which means the place where its heart which is the symbol of love for every brother of the same religion which does not belong to the community of the hypocrites who orders the blameworthy and condemns the proper prescribed by Allah (swt). It is unhealthy that a Muslim despise another Muslim. The person of the Muslim is sacred, whether it’s his life, his property or his honor.”

And is Muslim (e) that one who directs the appropriate and condemn openly the blameworthy, whose bad morals, exploitation in any kind of slavery, corruption, false democracy, censorship, dictatorship, Exhibitionism in any kind and the followers of the single eye of the single thought of secularism and rights of the imposture which are only a deception to sow disorder and corruption on Earth, so really, you are one (e) believer (e) having no depravity of mind, and know the Eternal God is not blind, that he (swt) sees all, hears all and knows everything, even the depths of you same, and you can’t go wrong, just as it is indicated in the following verse of the Sura Sura 6 125 displayed below into you wandering off far in misguidance, for everything that you hide in the deepest part of yourself.

“And whoever he wants to mislead.” He makes his narrow chest and embarrassed. “

With which to begin this chapter, a caveat addressed to anyone who wishes to freely enter our religion against a huge ways of false propaganda manipulation set up by the enemies of Islam who is brought in the video below, not only by the media of close secular political Freemasonry of Socialist and capitalist fascism, then by a policy of demonization of our religion established by the regime Zionist and other movements sectarian, such as Scientology and the Raelian cult, but also by the Evangelical sects from the movements of the materialistic Trinity wanting to rebuild the 2ND temple destroyed in 70 a.d. on the foundations of the mosque Al-Aqsa in photo below, and do so out the misleading false Messiah in order to make it fit into the enclosure of the Haram – Esh-Sharif at Jerusalem, after that the Zionist regime of Israel and its allies in took control this year 1947 with resolution 181 of the dictatorship of the big 5 of Nations putting in place military dictatorships in the Muslim nations (see video below), by having been left by pious Muslims with signs involved has spread the message of Islam Muhammad (saaws) alongside with the coded names for the word yet who is none other than the symbol of materialism, dounia and the delights of this lower world offered by the 5 big dictatorships of the new order World of Nations setting up their materialistic paradigm of the 21St century, in an obvious link between the followers of the deceiving Messiah with the material side of the veal in gold of surah Al-Baqarah (the cow), who is none other than worship materialist of the blind eye, which at the time of Moses (aws) and at the bottom of the mount Tor was loved by the children of Israel.

And that during the 7th century a.d., the Golden Gate of the Haram Esh Sharif was walled up (blocked) by pious Muslims in a sign sent the gifted of intelligence but also real Muslims from around the world of today, in order to prevent the false Messiah misleading secular Freemasonry, cults, esoteric and mystical marabouts of Sufis who are followed by the followers of the Trinity Christian, Hindu and Buddhist who wants rebuild the 3Rd temple of the Jews, on the foundations even of the Al-Aqsa Mosque by collapse, and take possession in order to install a new deal materialistic and dictatorial in their new order of secularisation, that of secularism has been declared a certain 11 September 1990 in order to build the great Zionist State of Israel, and thus place the Ark of the Covenant within the Haram Esh-Sharif, because in the Jewish tradition, it is prophètisé that their Messiah who is none other that the faithless Deceiver will penetrate Jerusalem through the Golden Gate to the Haram Esh Sharif followed by the 70000 Jews of Esfahan that will form the bulk of his army, on the other hand, you will notice depending on the context of the current international, that the city of Isfahan lies in shiite Iran.

And this, because of their global Masonic conspiracy for the infidels and hypocrites put in place trying to rebuild the 3th temple on the foundations same the real Holy and humble Al-Aqsa Mosque located behind the wailing wall who is not covered with golden leaves with gold and its symbol of materialism in a link obvious with the calf in gold that at the bottom of the mount Tor was loved by the children of Israel, and this, unlike the mosque of the Dome of the mosque of Omar s also called rock ocated in the centre of the Haram Esh Sharif, the dome of the rock on which the children of Israel do believe that Ibrahim (SAS) would want to sacrifice his son Isaac (aws) “see below plan demonstrating very clearly the difference between the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the” Dome of the rock”, a clear sign having been left in the Muslim community by the early Caliphs of Islam who have clogged the Golden Gate in photo below, that we should not follow their political manipulation and materialistic doctrines for not finish in the cult of idolatry, rivalries, divisions, the race for wealth, but also and especially in the cult of personality to then install the dictatorship of the single and totalitarian thought which is none other than the cult of the Illuminati, of the esoteric, evangelists, of Zionism, of the totalitarianism of the laity, hypocrites and other cults mystical near the lay movements anti-religious.Jerusalem El-Aqsa et Palestine

You thus believing that the mosque of the Dome of the rock shown in photo below called Omar mosque and covered with golden leaves, would be the Al-Aqsa Mosque, whereas this is totally wrong, because it has absolutely nothing has do with the real and humble mosque Holy Al – Aqsa, which in French translates the most away from the Sacred Mosque of Mecca, all as described in the first verse of surah 17 of the night journey (Al-Isra’) narrated in the Qur’aan, then broadcast below.

“Glory to him who made travel by night his servant of the mosque sacred to the mosque farthest which we blessed surroundings,
in order to discover some of our signs! The truth is, God is the hearer, the Seer. »

The beloved Muhammad (saaws) who have completed body and soul and through a gate of Heaven (electro-magnetic cloud that is nothing more than a distortion of our space and time), not only Al-Isra (the night journey) in the direction of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem , but also and especially Al-Miraj (ascension) za wajal using one of the gates of heaven, whose an interdimensional vortex is currently at the top of the Arabian peninsula, and the sacred place of pilgrimage as well as its surroundings have been blessed by Allah Allah (swt) for all those seeking a re-birth, with 70000 angels that nobody can see who shifts day and night above the kaaba (cube), just as Allah says in the Holy Qur’an in surah 17 Al-Isra (the night journey) in verse 1, which I you guest has to read the other verses.

The gates of Heaven (clouds electro-magnetqiue) having been left on Earth as a result of a distortion of our space and time, and at the same time of the fall of Adam (aws) and his wife Hawa (ra) with Satan banished, including the plotters seeking to take control of these same gates of heaven, after setting up the philadelphia experiment thus causing temporal and interdimensional, distortions in a sign of the power of Allah za wajal (swt) as Masons and Illuminati conspirators don’t can imagine and design, as a warning for any nation and unfaithful people in the commandments of Allah za wajal.Al-Aqsa et Jerusalem Mosquee Al-Aqsa

The Al-Aqsa Mosque photo above located in Jerusalem, which in French translates as the Holy City of the peace of the soul which is located at the same place where the last Prophet Muhammad (saaws) humanity led prayer in front of all the prophets, since our ancestor the first man and the first Prophet of mankind Adam (aws), until Jesus (aws), and certainly not, having led the prayer in the mosque of the Dome of the rock covered with golden leaves (symbol of rivalries and the slavery of the people being down for good people from above), before even to Al Miraj (the Centre to Allah), not only, to show the future of humanity to the last Prophet Muhammad (saaws), but also for him to discover some of the small signs Allah (swt) has already taken place, and especially for him (saaws) show the big 10 signs inch’Allah and God willing, in the case of Muslim States ranks not against Israel and the United States, will take place in a future very close after have been revealed in the Holy Qur’an, and by a code and then encrypted, not only at surah 17 , Al-Isra (the night journey) in verse 1 in having done so travel body and soul of the Haram of Mecca in the direction of Jerusalem towards the of Holy Al-Aqsa Mosque through an eletro-magnetic cloud (door of heaven).

The object of lust of the children of Israel today, but also their supporters of a Zionist ideology is the Ark of the Covenant carried by angels revealed to verse 248 of surah 2 Al-Baqarah (the cow) that is displayed to you below, container has the inside of the trunk, the 5 books revealed to Moses (aws) that are other than evidence of infidelity of the children of Israel and their partiosans, their will be presented on the day of the last judgement, before Allah (swt).

Holy Qur’an: Surah 2 Al-Baqarah (the cow) / verse 248
‘ and their Prophet said to them: “the sign of his inauguration will be that the trunk will get back to you, object of tranquility inspired by your Lord,
and containing the”. ” relics of that left the family of Moses and the family of Aaron.
Angels wear. This is a sign for you, if you are believers! »

The purpose of tranquility inspired by your Lord with the trunk as well as the relics having already given to the family of Al-Imran, Moses (aws) and Aaron (aws) to be subsequently hidden in Saudi in a place close to Mecca and then transported by the re INE Bilqis from the Sabeen Kingdom of Yemen, after having been invited by the Prophet Solomon (aws) after having borrowed a road, which at the time was known as far, as this road was one of the trade and caravans, the road that is shown below and at the time of Queen Bilqis happening by Medina and Mecca in the direction of Yemen and via the Jordan of today until the kingdoms of Israel and Judas, but also via the Nabataeans and Sabians kingdoms through the city of Maydian, the city of the family of Moses (aws) which was borrowed by the tribe Djourhoum of the branch of Qatahn come to Yemen.

The same trade route caravans, which approximately 3900 years ago and at the time of the Prophet Ibrahim (SAS), Allah (swt) ordered Ibrahim (SAS) to rebuild the sacred Kaaba House the cube with its cube root power of 3 which is none other than first Holy temple of humanity built by Adam (aws) and dedicated to the cult of worship of Allah (swt) in opposition has francs-Masonic building of the pyramids with their diabolical equation of their theorem Pythagoras of Pi 3. 14 of the triangle through dictatorship and censorship of francs-masonries world of the United nations against the true religion of Allah (swt).

The same trade route that passed through Jerusalem, on the what is the Kaaba “the cube” with its root cubic power 3 which was borrowed by Moses (aws) with the children of Israel when Egypt and his place of pyramids, is released after the closer to Allah (swt) stayed a time has Maydian for a family, which here again and in unn reconciliation between the 2 families, is be the obvious reason why the Djourhoum tribe from Yemen had fundraised Ishmael (aws) and his mother Hagar, as demonstrated by the genealogical evidence of 2 prophets, including that of Ibrahim (saws) then that of Muhammad (saaws) from each other around the 2 branches family blessed by Allah (swt) that you can contemplate on Noah and the flood at the time of the pyramids and the sphin.route des Nabateens et Sabeens

The tribe of Djourhoum having fundraised Ishmael (aws), son of Ibrahim (SAS) is being seen in a dream sacrifice him, and who is none other than the tribe ancestral to the first Kingdom Sabeen having around 1500 BC given birth to the Kingdom of Marib city, see the Archaeological photos below ruins, civilization Himyarite with its 2 fruit gardens built with its huge dam is being cracked and causing the flooding of the 2 gardens then the loss of all fruits, by the will of Allah za wajal sanctioning all people who turns his religion, just as it is is mentioned in the Holy Quran in surah 34 Saba given in memory of the Kingdom of the transmitted below Queen Bilqis.

Holy Qur’an: Sura 34 Saba / verses 1516 and 17
‘there was certainly to the Saba tribe a sign in their habitats; two gardens, one right and one left. “Eat what your Lord has given you, and be he grateful: a good land and a forgiving Lord”. But they turned away. We déchaînâmes against them the flood of the dam, and changed them their two gardens in two gardens at the fruit bitter, tamarisk and a few trees. So rétribuâmes them us for their disbelief. Would we punish someone other than the miscreant? »

The civilization of the Sabean Kingdom with some 500 years later crowned Queen Bilqis to the Kingdom of Saba has which the Prophet Solomon (aws) and during his reign on the 12 tribes of Israel which lasted from 970 to 930 BC close to 40years, Salomon (aws) had given the d Ark “alliance to the Queen Bilqis, after it’s converted has Islam not only to evacuate the Ark of the Covenant to Mecca in order to save her from the hands of the children of Israel, and after they have sunk into polytheistic worship of deities and idolatry, which at the death of Solomon (aws) and by the will of God has led the division of the 12 tribes, because of their unfaithfulness to the Lord and the divine punishment , which subsequently resulted in a deep between the 12 tribes shisme, then the division of the Kingdom of Israel in 2, one in the North led by Jeroboam 1St became first King of Israel from 930 to 910 BC, and the other to the South, in present-day Palestine comprising the 2 tribes of Judah and Benjamin eventually resulting to new punishment divine with the invasion by the 2 kingdoms of Judah and Benjamin Assyrian empire, causing Thus the deportation of many Jews, after that the Assyrians had conquered the Kingdom of Israel in 722 BC North, then some time later, the Kingdom of Judah in the South to stop paying tribute to the Assyrians after their defeat to the Battle of Lakish.

To make in 586 before JC and by a new punishment divine punishment on punishment, the Assyrians causing has turn defeated by the Babylonians and that the first temple was destroyed once again, due to infidelity of the children of Israel to build real foundations religious and spiritual of Islam on the Al-Aqsa Mosque which must not be altered, modified, and still less adulterated with nothing a see with the mosque of the Dome of the rock, not only as a warning for evangelicals, even and especially for the Zionist regime of Israel and its war intentions and harmful for humanity, but also for the laity hypocrites who have nothing of Muslim in the military dictatorships, but also for the cabal of illuminati within the Arab world that supports their harmful ideology to the ummah on the policy of pan-Arabism that is based on national socialism, which is just as bad for humanity that is Zionism that does nothing to do with the spiritual ideology of the Islamic of an Islamic Caliphate in land Arabo-musulmane such as earthen Muslim but non-Arab.

Socialist identity Pan-Arabist racing to riches and privatization having nothing to do with religion Muslim who is the same has the totalitarian ideology of Zionism and Nazism in apparent connection with the cult of idolatry and of the personality that is doomed to tyranny, dictatorship military, censorship and oppression practised by a certain intellectual of the coalition of Arab countries illuminati elite, after that their oppression manipulated then exploited the Muslim religion for the good be material of the global elite, in the middle of a system and political regimes collapsing under your eyes with the 3 great pyramids of Giza are those of slavery, including capitalism, socialism and Communism, setting up a dictatorship of the single and totalitarian thought which is exercised on scientists not corrupted Islam, put into practice by corrupt cabal of military dictators, Laity, censors and oppressors materialist starved of finance and political power separating religion and the commandments of God which does not, on time, or distance.

The scholars of Islam who in the land of Islam commands good and hallal, then condemns evil and haram “including the banking practice of the yank, vice and corruption” who subsequently was forced to immigrating to the West for then again be oppressed then monitored by dictatorships who pretend to Nations “theocratic”, like a House of cards that look alike and assembles the 3 great pyramids of Giza are those of communism, socialism and capitalism that on the day of the great planetary cataclysm, will all collapse of one man in being swallowed by the sky that will bend in 2 and where the stars will disappear (see the video below for the men of understanding).

Because only the infidels to the laws and the words of the Lord of the heavens and the Earth (swt) who do not preach the truth and distorts the words while falsifying the sacred writings, then who does not teach true religion musulamne, won’t believe and could believe, because only God is eternal, without partner (es) and seer of all things without having a single eye printed in the middle of a triangle, to have no beginning and no end, unlike anything devoted to the dictatorship of the single thought displayed with his single eye of false democracy that sell has the power of pressure groups, so that afterwards the censorship and tyranny be put in place to prevent you to denounce evil, corruption, vice, the perversity of spirit of each and the other s that victimizes is to better deceive you, but also and especially the cults of idolatry, the theoretician of the rebellion is doomed was anarchy and chaos, without forgotten the cult of infidelities that are the children of Israel to the will of God (swt), and the history of Pharaoh in Egypt was that a sign has any tyrant censor and rebel hidden in countries that pretend to be Muslims subject while these plotters are subject to the wishes of the dictatorship of the big powers of the United Nations (big 5 ) with hidden behind, the 6th nations of scheming with his star Zionist Israel has 6 branches, that of the Hill of Zion.

The chest which contains the stick of Moses (aws) and the shelves on which are inscribed the Torah, and evidence of this all power withdrawn in the Cabinet, which has no equal and not associate (es), she manifested to sound trumpets in the current Cisjordannie in Jericho (Ariha) Arabic by a general relativity of space/time and the movements of the Sun and the Moon that marked the signal (a’lam) the interruption of the time of a solar clock, which paused for a moment, for the children of Israel by the grace of Allah (swt) can conquer the land of Canaan under the leadership of Joshua having inherited from the Cabinet, and successor of Moses (aws) with towards the end of the 13th century BC inherited the Cabinet (the Ark of the Covenant) with Allah, so that under the pressure of their weight, the walls of Jericho can crumble one man and allow the children of Israel headed by Joshua (aws) to penetrate to the inside of the enclosure and take Jericho

By archaeological evidence displayed in photo below, which remains still an enclosure of huge construction made of huge blocks of stone and bricks dating back to the 7th Millennium BC (about 9000 years old). as a reminder and warning to all powers coalition who don’t control anything, but above all, by of harm to their own interests by being close to the children of Israel rebellious and unfaithful to the laws of Allah (swt) and a title warning to all friend Arab monarchy of the children of Israel plotting in the shadows of power against the wishes of the Lord of the heavens and the Earth (swt).

The Ark of the Covenant of the time loop, which is certainly not in Ethiopia, or even buried by the Levites under the Al-Aqsa Mosque Jerusalem, and even fewer in the ditch of a collapse of the near Lake Tiberias, as well as some impostors Ghor would have you believe, like a certain fan of secularism that is non Muslim Harun Yahya, against that brothers and sisters of Islam I warns you, not only against their false propaganda media of manipulation so well organized, really, you fear judgment being true believer totally obedient (e) and truly faithful has all the will of Allah (swt), because these same conspirators and close manipulators of the principle of secularism and the policies of the Muslim division, are followers of false religion having been illuminated by the cult the blind eye of the Deceiver (Al-Massih ad-dajjal) that not only political and financial, is be displayed on the green ticket of the US dollar, but also on the Sham of the universal declaration of human rights which benefits only a certain elites to better manipulate mass peoples having been set up by their fascistic of the secular policy principle, so that in the lands of Islam, religion Muslim woman who don’t is that a Muslim way of life of the peoples (es) divided its peoples and its leaders after setting up terrorism for a vile materialistic profit and political corruption and anti-religious disorder in a world or the Haram ended up being halal, and the halal eventually became haram.

And whose title of evidence, you can see these same symbols of the cult of massih ad-dajjal on masonry secular and the rights of the Dajjal , the followers of the antichrist want to set up in the land of Islam, and that in the lands of Islam, the leaders and their peoples a majority of Muslim faith, are inseparable from the religion, being a nation one and indivisible in the lifestyle of Muslims and the divine laws which involves rights and duties than humanity and individuals who composed this humanity, towards the creator of heaven and the universe (swt) in him devoting an exclusive cult and then an exclusive legislative worship, without no partner or associate, materialism, secularism, or cult of personality and the indoctrination of the 3 great pyramids of Giza and its Trojan horse that is this political principle of the followers of secularism.

With Moreover, caution addressed to archaeologists apprentices that are Indiana Jones, for not only the community of believer (es) Muslim (es) does not take the path of the e; parked thirsty by the dark side of the tree that hides the forest. that of materialism, secularism and politics of the 3 great pyramids of Giza are capitalism, communism and socialism which divides humanity and the Muslim community, in order to keep anyone in his quest for research of the Ark of the Covenant of the time loop, for then better put it back in the 3Rd temple that the infidels and hypocrites intend to rebuild on the foundations of the Al-Aqsa Mosque trying to collapse the Haram esh-Sharif including the esplanade of the mosques 2 stays where it is until the end of the world in being protected by all Muslim nations.

Because the real Ark of the Covenant of the time loop with the true God who is unique which is without partner (es) is being protected by the true angels of God who do not need flying objects to move a world was each other, and no creature don’t can be approached, is known as warning for impostors, conspirators and the followers of tyranny and Western manipulation, which, because of the false propaganda, are spreading their lies on internet forums in believing that the Ark of the Covenant of the time loop would be located around the Lake Tiberias in their plot to regain this Ark of the Covenant to be close this time loop and thus manipulate the temporal distortions to better control the 10 vortex resulting (the gates of heaven clearly revealed in the Holy Qur’an), thus ending with to play God while standing on his way in controlling the 10 great signs of the end times, and which are other than the 10 wills of the Lord of the heavens and the Earth (swt), whose output of the dajjal massih, then the return of the true Messiah Jesus (aws) and the unfurling of the gog and magog.

A warning is also the adptes of a policy of manipulation and misinformation close technique massih dajjal (manipulation) that are followers of Zionism, secularism and Sufism together in masonry with their manipulations and perversity in all kind they broadcasts on the Internet about box (at-thabut) brought by the angels of the Surah 2 Al-baqara/verse 248. It contains [symbol] peace (sakina) [peace in your hearts] from your Lord, about the nomination of Saul “Talout” mentioned in the Holy Quran, having become the first Kings of the children of Israel, and has absolutely nothing see with the inauguration of the Mahdi, after having been put to the test by some of his people so that he can become the first Kings of the children of Israel from 1035 until his death at Gilboa to 1015 BC BC, and who at the death of Saul the Prophet David (aws) in having defeated the giant philistine Goliath “Jalout” inherited not only the book of Psalms [az-AZ], who is none other than the book of invocations and poames aimed to produce formulas of prayer dedicated to the one God who is without associate, and certainly no spells or witchcraft as some impostors of the Muslim community would have us believe, just as it is stated in verse of surah 4 then in verse 55 163 surah 17, and, so that the book of spaumes and the invocations can be placed in the Ark of the Covenant which inherited a turn Salomon (aws), and it was the death of his father David (aws), at 975 before JC, but after having conquered Jerusalem on the Jebusites, and whose later David (aws) made it the capital political and religious of Israel in order to there welcome the Ark of the Covenant of the time loop in the middle of the temple having been built by his son Solomon (aws) but after inheriting the book poems, invocations and the Ark of the Covenant containing the oject of tranquility so coveted by the other, the originals of the 5 books having been placed by Moses (aws) in the Ark of the Covenant, the evidence of infidelity in children of Israel.

Then about the explanations of the verses 246 has 252 of surah 2 Al-Baqara about the inauguration of the first King of the children of Israel, I invite you to read the comments of real scholars of Islam about the the nomination has nothing to do with that of the Mahdi which you can contemplate the evidence on Talout, David and Goliath and that I hope will give you very good clarification on this deceitful manipulation relayed on some forums on the subject of the verse 248 of surah Al-baqara in their plot to rebuild on the very foundations of the single religion of Islam approved by Allah (swt) the 3Rd temple of the idolaters who associate with Allah (aws) in the creation of all things. and whose evidence is shown below with the book of Genesis in shaping human has the image of God, and conversely, shaping God and religion has their own image (the Franks masonry and the Illuminati), forgot the command Allah (swt) revealed a Moses (aws) on Mount Tor you shall make no representation of your God to not fall in the association then in unfaithfulness to the commandments of God, especially as the idolaters in cults of Satan request has a being human to prostrate in front of another human for him to kiss feet, just as brings it the evidence from the testimony of a well-known footballer displayed in the video below.

Book of Genesis: Chapter 1 – verses 26 and 27
“then God said: make man in our image, in our likeness, and it dominates over the fish of the sea,
on the birds of the air, on the cattle, on the Earth, and all the reptiles that crawl on the Earth.
God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him, he created man and woman. »

But also what must never be associated (Satan) in their goal to be collapsing the foundations of the real Al-Aqsa Mosque in order to return there the Ark of the Covenant to make it a place of idolatry and infidelity has the Lord, and this, within a New Deal of their materialistic world order that infidels want for centuries and centuries still around a barely veiled language trying to collapse all the Haram Esh Sharif with excavations which according to according to the plotters Masonic hiding and is concealing in and behind the monotheistic religions, are excavations so-called archaeological digging tunnels as if you dug holes in a gruyere everywhere under the foundations of the Haram Esh-Sharif, the esplanade of the mosques 2 where located behind the wailing wall of the children of Israel who have eyes to cry, the real Al-Aqsa Mosque built in 705 after J.C. who had nothing to do with the mosque of the Dome of the rock covered with golden leaves built in 691 a.d., and that Al-Aqsa means in French the most distant of the Sacred Mosque of Mecca.

In order that the unruly, the plotters of manipulators in the community Arabo-musulmane close to the Israelite ideology and the ideology of dounia and the delights of this world so coveted by the other, then the infidels to the cult by Allah (swt) that are the enemies of all humanity with their osbtination of rebels to build the 3th temple of the Jews on the foundations of the 2ND temple that was destroyed in 70 a.d. by one punishment by Allah (swt) because nothing is the chance, not only to have conspired in the assassination attempt against the Prophet Jesus (aws), but especially for trade in the temple while associating with Allah that should never substantial, the cult of materialism by adoration of gold, as well as by the cult of the worship of the greenback American who flock from around the world to rebuild the 3th temple trying to collapse the real Al-Aqsa mosque’s dome is not covered with golden leaves.

Just as also the Rabbi of the people of the book being not remained faithful to the will of Allah the Lord says in the video below, in order to raise the funds coming from the world, and by saying that at the moment it’s the epic era for the reconstruction of the 3Rd temple, and this, because of this blatant lie that the temple would be the Central spiritual in the universe, then that is totally wrong, because the Kaaba, the cube, the first temple of humanity by Adam (aws) lists located in the Bakka (city of Mecca) be the place Holy and sacred because of its central place temporal and spiritual in the universe, not only by the evidence of radiation escaping in the direction of the universe in a relativitre very narrow between the black hole with the black stone having been descended from heaven from the what (aws) Adam and his wife Eve/Awa have descended on Earth with the banished Iblis satan, but also and especially because of the evidence obvious and formal can you tale mpler clicking on creationism and evolution and mathematics of the body with the care of the Kaaba and its power 3 root blessed in the direction of all the universe.

And this, in order to make you understand that at this moment and has sheltered from all eyes, the worldwide Masonic conspiracy takes place for several reasons, including the first and the main reason within a materialistic system and an apocalyptic era in which We are currently experiencing, it is that leaders governing you, including those who spiritually runs and inffluenc your spirituality, like for example false imams, false teachers and other fake Sheikh rogue of lay people who have nothing of Muslims pressing their fascist ideology on a pan-Arabist policies of national socialism, and that their links are displayed in blue on which you don’t have to have to click on it being hidden, not only within the Union of organizations Islamic of France (UOIF) but also in the middle of the Council French of the Muslim cult (CFCM) then in Arabic countries the Ministry of habous and Islamic Affairs directly appointed by politicians and the military dictaures close to Socailiste, Communist and capitalist ideologies who want to reform the Muslims to better adapt them to secular religion and thus export the principle of secularism to Muslim countries for better reform them from inside, and which at the time all as today also and just like tomorrow, this non-religious political cult represents only a tiny minority of Muslims around the world, but of course, if the tyrants of laity Arabic hidden in France having nothing of Muslims being of the laity believe, do not practice their censorship with their mind tyranny of the Berber Maghreb, and which verses 45 and 48 of Holy surah 22 Al-hajj in the Holy Quran shown below, their are intended to title warning of a painful punishment obstructing the way of Allah (swt) in being immersed in their worship ancestral hide their complicity of hypocrites just as close to the masonry francs, very close to a secular monarchiez in the Maghreb united gathered year sects Sufis with supporters of the Kaballah Jewish hand in hand with our dear Protestant evangelists in a reconciliation with the leaders of the Maghreb united with their émigrés of the Anglo-Saxon countries, which among other England, the Canada and the United States allied to the Moroccan monarchy in which lurks the francs masons of the Grand Lodge Royal Moroccan

Holy Qur’an: Sura 22 Al-Hajj (the pilgrimage) 45 and 48 /versets
“that of cities, so did we perish, because they were committing tyrannies. They are reduced to ruined roofs: as deserted well! That Palace built (and deserted too)! At how many cities have I not given respite while they were committing tyrannies? Then, I entered them. To me and become. »

And which in France these imposters manipulative schemers, and concealed within the UOIF and the CFCM oppressors censors are 2 powerful organizations maffieuse having the monopoly of religion, the cult of spirituality, which, among other of the esoteric cult and mystiqe of Sufism and the FFS, but also and especially finance (zakat and sadaqat) all by searching for the creation of Islamic banks that are incompatible with the system of capitalist of hedge funds making grow demeusurement capital by fluctuations (UPS and downs) voluntarily caused in the stock markets of the world, where oa banks are on the stock exchange, once these 2 powerful organizations have been implemented by powerful native Laity of the united Maghreb, but also and especially by those East based their ideology on a policy of national socialism of pan-Arabism then put up the ideology of the Socialist International hidden in the world of business, Western religion, finance, banks, economy, in the monarchies of the Gulf, but also and especially in the world of policy implementation in countries posing as Muslim then supported in the world of Western politics in their quest for the dounia and the delights of this world offered by the United States, China, the Russia, the Japan and the European Union.

All together fake who know nothing of religion which are the plotters of francs Masons instrumentalizing the Muslim religion for purposes of policy by an (Anti-Christ) ideology of the Antichrist against the belief in one God, which is totally contrary to the unifying policy of the pan-Islamic international based on the belief and submission in a single God who is without partner (es), and this, in order not to be at the service of the tyrants of the oppressors of the laity who runs the united Maghreb, and for not be at the service of their materialistic elite of the pyramid that will be identical to pyramidal roofs collapsed, and, because the political imposture of their Charter of Islam manipulating religion against brothers and sisters of the same religion, which not only and was written on the French territory, then signed and adopted by a Masonic cult who certainly does not represent the Muslims of France which his name is the representative Council of Muslims of France to be finally released 10 January 1995 to the Minister of the Interior at the time, Mr Charles Pasqua belonging to the Balladur Government in a reconciliation with Matthew Sarkozy, Zionism, monarchism, secularism and materialism which was ratified during the Socialist Presidency François Mitterand, from written evidence of their agreement having been ratified by the impostors of plotters of the UOIF, the CFCM and the great mosque of Paris who have nothing of Muslims but lay people who wants to divide the Arab League which will remain one and indivisible so d e do 22 countries of Arabic language in a sign of the Sura 22 above for all the plotters of tyrants and oppressors lay at the service of the United Nations, the United States, China, the Russia and the European Union pro-Israel .

These same the CFCM and the UOIF having a double message in private where in public, on the radio where on television after being set up in 1990 with the creation of the Council reflection on Islam in France (CORIF) which was created then imagined by the soc system placed at the time, but through Mr. Pierre Joxe when he was Minister of the Interior (see the review powers no.62 of 1992), and on application express by the Prime Minister of the time that was Michel Rocard and to the aftermath of the Gulf war against Saddam Hussein, seeking not only to create a materialistic State, nationalist and political Islam within a Republic having separated the religious cult of the State with laws of secularism from 1905, which by more State, nationalist and political ideology of a materialistic Islam was taken over by Nicolas Sarkozy in an issue of State institutionalisation and nationalization of religion, through a life of secularism and fascist policy that excluded all other commnunautes Muslim, not only to be at the service of policies, but also and especially to be placed under the control of policies, then indirectly serving Israel and the Zionist regime in order to divide the religion for better rule, which of course and in their conspiracy is be the opposite of the pan-Islamic policy which brings together and United all Muslim communities into one nation indivisible, that of Islam truly submissive and obedient has all the will of Allah (swt).

With also in the video below, noble advice coming from a true Muslim scholar who is not subject that a single God (swt) without anything associating all by following the true Sunnah of the Prophet (saaws) in a warning with the form of jihad peaceful freedom of expression for the false Muslims lay people and Sufis within the CFCM, the UOIF and the great mosque of Paris, but also to the followers of the cult materialistic and esoteric of the countries of the Maghreb united born in Europe and who think have been blessed to export in Muslim land, the decadent lifestyle, vice, materialism and exhibitionism from the West.

Marib et le temple de Saba

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