Islam New World Order: A Brief History of Islam

Evidence of a sad result of the globalization of Nations illuminated by his single eye, that of the dictatorship of a single thought that is implemented by the 3 great pyramids of Giza, are those of the slavery of the followers of capitalism and socialism having fall communism, but after having been advised then infiltrated by the Sowers of corruption and disorder on Earth, who by 2 time and everything as it was predicted in the Holy Quran, and through their materialistic and political ideology in knowing nothing of religion, sowed corruption on Earth, because of the evidence, that not only, you are presented in this Web Site , but above all because of evidence that you can contemplate all around you, and if you are not in a country of dictatorship and censorship established by the principle of the single eye, which the media of disinformation and lies as it is the c in many countries are part of the Muslim religion, hide bothers these political and materialistic interests, and reveals that what suits these interests materialistic and political, including those of capitalism and socialism.


The 2 last great pyramids of socialism and capitalism was put in place by the fascist principle of secularism implementing censorship and manipulation of the Illuminati against the Muslim world to come into holy war ( ) Jihad ), but through Scripture and lyrics in order to highlight this conspiracy world prevail the truth, not only these same elites with their policy, divided individuals then brothers and sisters the same Muslim religion in multitudes of sects which must never divide its ideology of Islam (peace), not only by the grace of nickname scholars set up in the so-called nations, but also in mosques in the West Muslim teaching a secular religion that suits the interests of their leaders having called for and sought the command without there having been helped by Allah (swt), then, and just like all everyone can the see the world which we all around, implement the ideological principles, political, financial and legislative of secularism having nothing do with the commandments of Allah (swt), which among other things the commandments of the Lord of the universe that is not one-eyed (swt) about things haram and halal things, in order to serve the interests of the plotters and the elites close to their ideology, just as the Demonstrates evidence of authentic hadith “Sahih” which is narrated by Al-Bukhari and Muslim where the noble Prophet (saaws) have been warned against the research community of the power and his claim by saying ‘ Abdurrahmane Ibn Samura: ” does not command because if you get it unless you ask . , you’ll be helped but if you get after him have claimed you things in the “total responsibility “


And all this mess and that corruption on Earth, by the grace of a company (annuit coeptis) established by the elites have infiltrated the Muslim religion, not to reform, but to corrupt from the inside in order to divide the Muslim community by hiding in the community, and all being from the Masonic world media, finance and business in order to place them in the spotlight of the media, to be at the service of powerful lobbies power lay, banking, food, pharmaceutical, financial, chemical, nuclear, oil and gas infiltrating religions and all while being hidden behind powerful forces hidden vowing a vehicle exclusive was the blind eye illuminated of the Antichrist, which the evidence of his single eye displayed you in this Web site, with their rights of man, the American dollar and the eye espionage and monitoring implementing dictatorship and the censorship of the elites of the world, once these same elites decreed a 11 September 1990 their ” Novus Ordo Seclorum ‘ close to the ideology of the powerful Evangelical and Zionist lobbies, and after having decreed this globalization establishing new materialistic things of the 3th millennia with the complicity of the media eye of the false propaganda that manipulates your mind by their symbol the compass and the Masonic builders of civilizations pyramidal square, which is none other than the hidden Illuminati program set up by a fraternity Masonic world from the world of politics, finance, economy, business, banks, sport, media and music making sure you are attached to the cult of the matieralisme through consumption, of politics and of the luxury so that the plotters set up this hidden and secret of the Star Wars program known under the names of Star Wars, and who is none other than that of espionage with the sign of a blind eye that sees everything and hears everything, but that hides the truth by cults of lies, manipulation and censorship, including that of this website that shows evidence of their various projects classified secret defence and global security that are presented to you in This Web site in the chapter Roswell and 1947 but also in terms of the end of a world and who is none other than that of the end of their world being not in conformity with the will of Allah (swt).


Evidence which are presented in this Web site that is in holy war against the cult of the blind eye of the Antichrist (al massih dajjal) of his pyramids of the slavery of the peoples and of its stones dresses, including those of the hypocrites within the Evangelical and Zionist ideologies close Muslim religion, who is none other than the Hill of Zion with the creation of Israel was put in place through the United States with his false democracy is the dictatorship of the permanent Security Council of 5 United nations and soon 6 are the United States , the China , the Russia , the France , the England and the India followed by allies of rebellious nations back to the divine will of Allah (swt). The global elites who rules the world by being from the world of finance, business, media and the powerful Masonic Lodge of lawyers that are followers of the cult of fitna (division) ” ” secularism “which by their depravity of mind, accusing you of being extremists, of hate, of fundamentalists, terrorists, Islamists and other abominations of the devil to reduce you to silence. ” Not only because you denounce their total bewilderment of the right path, after the lost (es) that are followers of dounia and the delights of this world, have followed this globalization of the ‘ ‘. Novus Ordo Seclorum ” ” having been decreed then set up by the followers of the cult of the Antichrist with its principle of a single eye and a single thought, then the true God, he, Allah (swt) it is not blind in one eye, he knows and hears everything, unlike the global elite that runs the world.


And for other plotters still, because you denounce their manipulative perversions by posing as victims, and after that his same plotters have handled the terror that turned against their manipulation to make Islam (peace). a religion of terror and divisions, in order to better get away from the truth and knowledge, including that of their hidden agenda of the classified Top secret and star wars requiring hundreds of billions of dollars funded by the budget of each individual small reductions has the State of slavery in the midst of globalization increasing the price of consumption, so that hundreds of billions of dollars can go into the coffers of each State diverting a part of the budget, to better finance their program of Star Wars, a new global governance through implementing the new global currency, just as shows evidence of their speech displayed in video above.


New global governance of the establishment elites then decreed before the return of the true Messiah (aws) and the signs of the arrival of their false Messiah (blind eye) was erased by the reserve U.S. Federal amending its greenback cuts in 2007, for the purpose, and by the grace of the global conspiracy to take control of the gates of heaven with te revealed in the Holy Qur’an in order to appear their Antichrist, who will be one of 10 great signs that will precede the supreme hour of resurrection, leaving a rocky place on a road between the Syria and Iraq, all as a hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (saaws) attested clearly in being reported by Muslim then references no. 1808 in the book Riyadh’re-Saliheen’s police station on page 838 and that the chain of transmission of this hadith goes back to Ennawas Ibn Sam’ donkey (ra). , It is amazing to note that at the border between the Iraq and the Syria, there is a small mountain range located on the road of Sinjaren that part of Mossul (located in the North-West of the Iraq) in the direction of 3 Syrian cities of Al-Qamishi , Al-Hasaka and Dayr az Zawr (located in the northeast of the Syria), in addition, it is even more amazing to see that has Sinjar there is a hill called Tell Hamoukar which indicates the existence of an urban civilization in the Valley and the plain of Sinjar older than 6000 years. There are more than 200 archaeological sites, hence the interest for Americans by putting up in Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan a “friendly” regime while installing military bases, no only, in order to take control of the raw materials and energy, but also and especially in the unspeakable goal of taking control of the gates of Heaven (wormhole through which arrive the 10 ) great signs) after handling the climate with the weapon of climate deregulation is the project haarp . Simply, because this wonderful religion of science and to know that is Islam, seriously undermines the common interests of all these plotters of close United nations of 3 great pyramids of Giza are totalitarian regimes of capitalism, socialism and communism, surrounded by all their small pyramids of disbelief, after having been set up by the principle of secularism based on their statement unilateral human rights created by some caviar substitute left to the will of God (swt), which by the revelation of the Holy Quran, their human rights unilateral statement illuminated by their unique eye advocating liberalism which brings excess in any kind and disorder, is not above the rights of the Lord of the universe (swt) gave to humanity, which in return for its rights, also has some obligations to the creator of the heavens, the Earth and the universe (swt).


Because in the world and among the leaders who love be politics for good material and financial supporters of massih dajjal (Antichrist), who has not read one time in his life the Holy Qur’an, after setting up their small plot Masonic m global, including hypocrites close to the countries of the Gulf, as well as that of imposters posing as a believer (es) and Muslim (es), not to mention the conspiracy of materialists, atheists and agnostics, but especially the conspiracy of apostates of Islam became Evangelical, which together are at war with the Muslim religion, was appointed as the totalitarian crowned heads after taking power that created and then setting up the order of the tyranny of the manipulation of the nedoctrinement and media censorship with daheed this globalization of the anti-messianisme of unbelief, the materialism, the races to wealth, power, and then the hypocrisy, polytheism and liberalism which directs you to the world disorder implementing fascism and dictatorship of secularism, communism, the Greens, socialism and capitalism in being surrounded by all their small pyramids lit by the unique eye and unilateral of the United nations.


Because in the Holy Book, which announces the final at surah prophecy 43 verse 61 address in a warning aimed at the Muslim community, to make it follow not this world unique eye order set up by the United nations with its principle of secularism and rights of the lie, it is clear after the plotters have trying to murder Jesus (aws) as the Messenger of God (aws) will be a sign of the time, such as retranscribe below.


” “. In truth , it will be a sure time sign . Have no doubt about that and follow me ! This is the path of correctness ! »





Evidence of the order established by American leaders and allies of the Covenant of the NATO , but also by their allies or U.S. military bases are located, as for example, in the countries of the Gulf, the Morocco or in secular Turkey, which by their pretense of Muslim (es), are believe to be on the side of the brothers and sisters the same religion in Palestine and Gaza, and on the other side, but as the hypocrites, has representations diplomatic in Israel, while maintaining military exchanges, commercial, financial and diplomatic with Israel, and after it was created by his father that are the United States, that just like China, Russia as well as the State of golf and through global market places, which have New York with their capitalist system, which has to keep away all speculative veleites on the food staples, such as sugar in making the most of demeusurement has the consumer price, in order to push the Muslim people to revolt against Governments that are hostile to the United States for example in Algeria with the events of January 2011, with Muslim land, the veleites military, commercial, economic, energy, financial, banking and political for better place subsequently to the leaders close to the United States, to then set up dictatorships and monarchies military near Israel, as for example to the Morocco, in order to gag freedom of Muslim religious expression, that it either empire American implanted in the country ” ” Muslims “or the empire of the dragon Chinese settled in the country” Muslims “or people are totally manipulated then voluntarily benighted by corrupt scientists set up in their mosques by followers of the eye of spying, tyranny and the censorship of the blind eye, after that these same false scholars, have read the Holy Quran with a part of the brain etteint while forgetting a large part of the hadiths that bothers their common interests, but also those of their leaders, which therefore, and by the grace of their hypocrisy and their impiety in pretending to not understand, prevent them from ponder signs revealed in the Holy Qur’an, notably those concerning their wickedness and their corruption of all kinds, for all their leaders hiding in their hearts by being immersed in their quest for the dounia (power) then delights of this lower world who their are offered by the blind eye of their massih dajjal (Antichrist) printed on the object of lust and desire shown below, the object that brings you dounia (power) then the delights of this world having recognized Israel with Jerusalem as the capital of a Jewish State Ashkenazi, Sephardic, secular and Zionist. Because if the dictators and their followers with nothing of Muslim (es) signer with Israel and its allies (USA, European Union, China, India, Brazil, Canada, Australia), and after having been installed on their throne, not only in the countries of the Maghreb united. then in black Africa to the Comoros, as well as these crowned heads of thorns, than even those in the oil monarchies of the Golf, you want to understand something e relativity with a warning that is not ainsi que ces têtes couronnées d’ épines, de même que celles dans les monarchies pétrolières de le Golf, vous désirez comprendre quelque chose é la relativité d’ une mise en garde qui n’ est pas a has taken lightly by putting 77 years before reaching the bottom of hell to remain there forever, here’s the closer to the language of numbers of 7 to 77 in a common point with the hadiths that plotters hidden on the Internet as well as their followers that follow like a flock of sheep and goats blind, can see by clicking on 7 x 11 Then and when plotters their followers that are allies of the United States, the European Union, of the Russia and China, will ponder these evidence which ones that are displayed in the video below about relativities General between Kaaba, Quran, rational number, irrational number and Illuminati, then head to the chapter the end of a world to understand general relativity of space with the length of time, then in an another relativity between big bang is the wrath of the Lord of the universe (swt) with universal cataclysm and corridors of hell, in an another relativity between Kaaba and black hole with the gates of heaven) vortex) that the plotters seek to control and to control access to escape the wrath of the Lord of the universe (swt) and at the same time, for control the will of Allah (swt). The doors of heaven through which the 10 great signs to lift on the world and humanity , after by 2 time and the side of the crowns of thorns, which are sit on their Thrones in the country claiming religion Muslim, sowed corruption on Earth alongside the Imperial Eagles and the dragon who created and implemented the Zionist of Israel State, which their false Messiah will come out of one of the gates of heaven, and who will be one of 10 great signs of the supreme hour which will rise on humanity, after having been clearly revealed in the Holy Quran, by the evidence of the verses in question that you are presented below, and including the plotters unified in the midst of globalization in a common point with this chapter new world order United nations and single eye of espionage then censorship, seeks to control and to control access, passages and the opening of these wormholes, not only after other countries “so called Muslim” are by pride , away from the right path, after being dipped in their search of dounia and the delights of this world that are offered to them by the pagans, atheists, infidels and disbelievers, but especially, to be associated with Allah (swt), which in its protection must never have after searching for protection from the powers of the empire of the Chinese dragon, then the Imperial Eagles of the United States the European Union and Russia, who in the land of Islam placed on their thrones, the infiltrators in the Muslim religion, what are the crowns of thorns with their family and tribal clans as well as their political clans, and after these same plotters are (the wrongdoers) with their imperial Eagles, their crowns of thorns and their dragon, have implemented, manipulated and exploited terrorism (criminals ) ), who without any right, murdered the innocent not guilty of murder of civilians Muslim (es) or a corruption on Earth, and the brothers and sisters of Muslim religion. Holy Quran : surah 7 Al – has ‘ raf/verses 40-41 “for those who deal in lies our teachings and who . depart by pride , the doors of heaven will not be opened to them , and they will enter paradise when the camel enters the eye of the needle. So really we criminals. Hell will serve as bed and, as cover, the veils of darkness. So really we the unjust. » Holy Quran : Sura Al-Qamar (the Moon) 11 and 12 /versets 54 ” So we opened the gates of heaven to torrential water, and made out the Earth in sources.”. Waters met according to an order that was already decreed in a thing [done]. » The evidence and the reasons for this globalisation displayed in this chapter on the followers of Satanism, dictatorships, censorship and the illuminati, as for example the Caliphate of oppression and the near militraire dictatorship of ideology Socialist and Communist China which is very well established in countries that have adopted the principle of secularism, once the principle of the single eye was infiltrated in Muslim nations by the followers of the European Union and the France with the imposture of their human rights, which are different to that of lawyers and journalists illmunati Masonic rights which are not superior to the rights and duties as the Muslim States, then individuals and their leader (es) have Allah ( ) SWT ), and their materialistic Kufr ideology will be wiped off the face of the Earth, as the ideology of the materialistic capitalism of the United States, the European Union, countries of the golf, the Russia and its allies, which like the 2 other ideologies of socialism and of communism, will all be swept from the Earth’s surface, also has this subject, it would be interesting that the followers of the blind eye (unique) displayed on the Sham of the human rights (disorder, anarchy, crime and chaos) set up by the principle of secularism opens well their ears, listening to the hadiths of the last Messenger what’s the beloved Muhammad (saaws) chronicled in the video titled Satanism, dictatorships, censorship and illuminati displayed above in this chapter concerning the last Caliphate secular dictatorships materialistic slavery of socialism, capitalism and communism that will be swept and then the West, his secularism and Israel wiped out after plotting against Arab leaders all having placed them on their throne for then to pass to dictators and murderers. The Satanism, dictatorships, the censorship of globalization established by the Group of illuminati displayed in the chart above that are followers of the blind eye with the imposture of their human rights (corruption, lawlessness, disorder, crime) set up by the dictatorship of secularism nearby of materialistic and ideologies of socialism, communism and capitalism having implemented the last Caliphate of secular and military dictatorship which will be scanned, not only, the Socialist dictatorship policy secular and military of the Tunisia who have changed the face of general Ben Ali banning religious Muslim women to wear a veil on the head in any place public and private Muslim society, but not changing secular and totalitarian dictatorship After that the new leaders have been advised by American leaders, French and Israelis better factor thus has the division between Muslim (es), then to the immolations of Muslim youth, promoting as well in the land of Islam to spread Western ideology that is at war, not terrorism, but against religion that don’t suit them, quite simply, because each and others very close to Western secular ideology that are crowned with thorns close heads of powerful lobbies of lawyer (es) and doctors who directs the Tunisia and in general Arab countries, they don’t get any financial profit and political principles, then the foundations and legal religion Muslim, all values as demonstrated by the evidence of a testimony of a Muslim woman which was broadcast on Al-jazeera, which is presented in the video shown at the top of this chapter Satanism dictatorships,. censures and illuminati. With video displayed below the teaching of a Muslim scholar who is just a reminder for anyone and dictatorial regime that is changing the face of these leaders but that does not change of regime and policy, by putting into practice in all the public of Muslim society and private spaces, the ban on the veil then censorship against the true religion of Allah (swt) has nothing esoteric and mystical, as a painful punishment for everything follower of the crowned in Africa heads that are secular banana republics shaped in the image of the France, to then be directed by powerful lobbies of lawyer (es), doctors, men and women’s close business in the tourism sector in their mad pursuit of power being very close with 2 last great pyramids of capitalism and socialism that will be scanned, and all relying on the principle of secularism which she also will be swept. Then especially Libya and the national socialism of the colonel Khadafi eager establish an African block within a materialistic, financial, economic, military and political globalization unified under the banner of the star of the dictatorship of the international socialism secular pan-Arabism and political communism of China, see even under the banner of the star capitalist of the dictatorship of the United States and the European Union in the middle of the last Caliphate of the oppresssion of elites with the military juntas, set up by the dictatorship of the national socialism, for example in Algeria with hidden behind Mr Boutefflika, the party of the fell, the army and its generals, who for their purchases weapons, and since the fall of the Union of Soviet Socialist Soviet turns especially to countries like the United States of America, then China and South Africa, while the people have not enough to eat properly, while increasing radically first necessities for the good be material and financial elites and the followers of re-launch having made war against the religious that the plotters have pushed for the Islamists, having not recognized the Zionist State of Israel. Then in the middle of the last Caliphate of oppression that are close to the United States and the European Union, just then the military junta Moroccan relying on the principle of the imposture and hypocrisy of a monarchy with his Crown of thorns near the United States, but with hidden behind the Royal family having absolutely nothing has to do with principles and religious foundations of Islam, not only of the leaders of the illuminati close to banking finance and tourism economy, but also of leaders of very close Illuminati of Amazigh regionalism in being attracted to financial dounia and the delights of this lower world that their are offered by the object of desire and temptation (dollar) on which is printed the blind eye of the Antichrist (dajjal massih), one who brings you dounia (power) then the delights of this lower world by reducing the peoples of low’s slavery, pyramidal, but miraculously after acknowledging Israel with Jerusalem as capital of a Jewish State Ashkenazi, Sephardic, secular and Zionist, while opening after an Embassy and a Consulate in Zionist land, where the brothers and sisters of Muslim religion are expelled from their land and their houses manu militari, to be then deported to concentration camps in being shipped to other nations led by other heads of thorns in Jordan or the Lebanon posing as Muslims sounites, for then the lands and houses of brothers and sisters of the same religion, be recolonized and then repopulated by the followers of Zionism and secularism close to the United States, originating in nations led by the crowns of thorns, as well as by lay people and not having military juntas absolutely nothing of Muslim nations, including their leaders don’t practice with piety, wisdom and fairness, principles and Muslim foundations of justice, equality and fraternity between brothers and sisters of the same religion until Palestine and Gaza after to be separated from the true Muslim religion who directs the suitable and condemns the reprehensible, while prohibiting the haram. Not to mention the national socialism of Hosni Mubarak (close to the United States) air marshal and which is none other than the former right-hand man of Anwar Sadat, taking on the back of Palestinian community, signed peace with the Zionist regime of Israel, after only Hosni Mubarak held many positions in the Egyptian air force, successively pilot, instructor, squadron leader and base commander. Then in 1964, and after the Kennedy assassination that the reasons for his murder you are introduced to the chapter 911, he became head of the Egyptian in the USSR delegation for a little over a year, then he was named Commander of Cairo West air base. Between the two Arab-Israeli wars of , 1967 to 1972, he was finally appointed Chief of the Academy and then Chief of staff of the air force following the Kippur war he became Marshal of air, then like all other military dictators become president for life, for then, and like all other military dictators place its own monarchy, after having overthrown in another, like all other dictators and like all the other false democracy in the West or powerful pressure groups and powerful lobbyists who make and unmake Governments, including among other things the blind eye of the media and journalists near a political ideology or another, just as close of a multinational and a billionaire red or blue which is be very close interest or ideology of a political party through the privatization of a manipulative media of the false propaganda of disinformation or censorship by hiding the real by the false for better build the new world governance of the secular dictatorships close to Zionism, capitalism and socialism in the direction of their nations and the world of Islam, have absolutely nothing to see and no common point with the word ‘ Muslim(e) “. And which literally in the Muslim religion, and not not dialectically as certain (e) the performer has their own image, the word ” “. Muslim (e) ” ” means subject and obedient (e) has all the will of Allah (swt) without no partner or associate in his wishes, and certainly not as some (s) performer has their own image, the word ” “. Muslim ” (e)” doesn’t mean not subject to the will of the elites who have implemented this new world order close to massih dajjal (Antichrist) and dictators, just as close to the manipulators and superpowers, American, Russian, European and Chinese who imposes their hegemonic will on the world and their design of a unilateral world after that these leaders are enough themselves rebel against the divine authority of the Lord of the universe) swt), as well as the children of Israel become unfaithful to the wishes of the Lord of the universe (swt) were themselves rebel against Moses ( ) AWS ) and his God (swt) who is not blind, that no one has created, which doesn’t have a wife or concubine and who has not resulted, including the history of the infidel peoples to the will of Allah ( ) SWT ) and the things that he shouldn’t do when we really fear of judgment without seeming to believe, are clearly revealed in the Holy Qur’an, the book that some (es) read with one eye closed or listen with a completely deaf ear, the brain becoming inevitably totally lobotise by indoctrination and the manipoulation of the media close to the anti-Muslim masonry. Which among other things, the masonry material, political and financial (Templars) close to the temples of the scholarship and the principle of the pyramids are those of capitalism and socialism, surrounded by all their small pyramids political, that they themselves, are just as close to the Hill of Zion and the Zionist regime of Israel, then Protestant Evangelical Reformed churches very known to be ultra anti-Islam is widespread on all continents American, European, Australian, Asian and African who have nothing angelic in their policy for the evangelization of the Muslim lands, including those of Iraq, to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Africa (Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt) North then Syria, of Jordannie, of Iran, Palestine, by being too close to the principle of the single eye of fascistic, tyrannical and oppressive secularism in their Muslim secularization of land policy, in order to y e; establish a close African Government of the dictatorship of 5 nations, and soon with the India just like Barack Obama and his recommended the himself decreed by the Council, 6 Nations which will form the Zionist star of Israel hidden behind the permanent Security Council nations shaping the world in the image of the United States with 2 left unique are the Democrats “Socialists” and Republicans ‘genre right Sarkozienne’, after defeating communism by the grace of the Taliban, that today ‘ today, the schemers and manipulators want to crush in the middle of a new global governance of 7 continents, by the grace of a union O anti-Muslim with continents North American, South American, European, Russian, Australian and Asian setting up their new governance of the global dictatorship of the elites at the top of 2 great pyramids Socialist and capitalist who will also be swept by one of the many proofs of their conspiracy implementing their new world governance of the dictatorship and the slavery of the peoples that you can contemplate on this site by clicking on governance of the African continent in a new world order of the 7 continents, setting up the world in the service of Satan dictatorship And whose idea of an African dictatorship, but after this continent be globalised by the grace of the elites (illuminati) hidden within the United nations, and after that the European elites have created the European federal Union, it was launched by the dictator himself, having practiced the blind terrorism against civilians not guilty of only corruption on Earth (Lockerbie in Scotland), to be then and as if by miracle (corruption and) eating in the same dish) be forgiven by the elites are the illuminati, in order to be at their service in order to include in the federal Government of the continent, not only the ministries of Foreign Affairs, then those of the defence and those of the foreign trade, which you can see evidence of their pharaonic project by clicking on Gaddafi, dictator, his family monarchy and his militia of the single thought Then comes to other plotters from dictators hidden in the shadow of the France and United States biding their time are reported below, including the hypocrites (munafiqun denounced in the Holy Quran) that are the dictators in the Comoros, which for better manipulate their people, pretend to be Muslims by being attracted by dounia (power) and the delights of this world of finance that their are offered by each others immersed in their research of hydrocarbons, and who in the governance of their nation and since the accession of the Comoros to independence in 1975 thirsty of dounia (power) and delights of this world ( ) U.S. dollar ) are not able to reconcile between them under the principles of law and the commandments of Allah (swt) and not as the principle of the blind eye of secularism, which not only is printed on the dollar American, but also on the impoture of human rights implemented by the dictatorship of the United nations, which subsequently of the 19th attempt of military coup has survennu Moroni and who was realized in the night of Monday to the Tuesday 21 March 1999 having been planned by former Finance Minister Said Said Hamadi, but with the complicity of a national French Daniel Clerino from the island of Réunion, enjoying a trip to another military dictator was the colonel Azali in Mecca in Saudi Arabia, and all by in the face of an attempt of uprising of a few junior officers trained by the Abderemane Captain Ahmed Abdallah and his brother Mahamoud Abdallah who all 2 were favourable to the colonel Mahamoud Mradabi , the former Director of oil and gas that was fired by colonel Azali. After that the France organized a previous coup in the Comoros with the help of mercenaries as Bob Denard, Dominique Malacrino alias Commander Marquès, fitna in the land of Islam and Comoros enjoyed interest policy of the left PRD-MZINGARA , but also interests financial Said Said Hamadi in photo below, close to the ideology of French secularism and assimilation of the archipelago of the Comoros to the principle of the separation of the Muslim faith of his people, to a vile financial profit These leaders of dictators very close to political manipulation and indoctrination of their people being totally corrupted by pretending to believe in God, then, and by their plot of a false semblance of referendum that hides his conspiracy eventually placing the archipelago of the Comoros as being a region Department of addition sea of the secular French Republic, through conspiracies and blows of successive military State and finally the principle of secularism was adopted the 29 March 2009 thus, becoming a secular State, after having been Muslim, and in this case, if you become a secular State, then you leave the religion of Islam to embrace the new religion of secularism, and that made you become infidels in the unique religion approved by Allah (swt) which is not and will certainly not that of the secular nature of the United nations having set up the blind American dollar eye subsequently implementing the imposture of the rights of man, and know that in truth, Allah (swt) is not one-eyed (Hadith Sahih )) Not forget the blind eye manipulations and lies set up by the 5 th column of the media lay masonry of the illuminati who is none other than the 5 nd pillar of handling, the infiltration of religions, then of indoctrination and the spiritual inffluenc put into practice on the individuals, after having been implemented by pyramid of privatisation globalisation and transnationals to be at the service of elites competing with God (swt) in the creation of all things, which under your eyes, this globalization is be followed by his new deal of rivalries, after that the new world order of individuals who victimizes is and will not be responsible, was decreed by the masonry political and materialistic then relayed by the grace of the mass media with their principle of propaganda deceptive and manipulative, what is of misinformation that in Muslim countries and after there have been installed by a diaspora from West, has the power to undo theocratic religious regimes and to implement very anti-Islamic by the materialistic plans through a false democracy, who sells to the powerful lobbies, in order to prevent the awakening of your 5 feel, with the complicity of another 5th column of infiltrated the Muslim religion, which is the social classes from hypocrites community well positioned in the echelon of society that appears top and strong in the media located in the organization chart of The Elite Network displayed at the top of this chapter, not only in order to be noticed to be noticed, and eventually better you astray and to teach you on a very bad way, that of the lie of false religion and the manipulation, for these same conspirators and undercover of religion, can continue as a take advantage of your ignorance, for the interests of the race for material wealth, then to that of temporal power, and finish anisi by dictating their own wills on the silent majority which does not, for fear of reprisals in being reduced the State’s slaves and in the middle of a pyramidal globalization, and which unfortunately becomes a minority patient, enduring and believer then totally obedient to the vollontes of Allah (swt) after the order and the command of Allah (swt) was ordained in the Holy Quran, and which the evidence presented you below with the Sura Al-Insan, while others who obey not and do not want to submit to the will of Allah (swt) like life on Earth and leave behind a very heavy day in the heavens and on the Earth. Holy Quran : Sura Al-Insan (man) /versets 23 to 27 76 ‘ Verily it is we who have sent down the Qur’an on you gradually. . Endure so what your Lord has decreed , and don’t obey nor the fisherman , among them , or the big miscreant . And invoke the name of your Lord, morning and afternoon; and bow down before him a part of the night; and glorify the long [hours] at night. These people like to [life] ephemeral (life on Earth() and leave behind a day of heavy ‘ [the judgment day] “(after this verse, it is advisable to prostrate) Not to mention the big liars and sinners that are followers of the cult of the single eye from the worlds of the show, sport, media, music and film infiltrating religions, that as much as the previous ones, love to be notice in order to sell, then turn the system of globalization, and continue to do so for centuries and centuries the Millennium of Novus Ordo Seclorum anti-Islamic to spin the system of the followers of the cult of the material and the race for wealth, through this false democracy that obeys the wishes of the powerful lobbies that are minorities very visible, by a majority of asbtentionnistes grace disappointed by the lies and broken promises by the followers of the blind eye after having infiltrated this deceptive democracy that please both has this same very visible bourgeoisie who likes to sell the powerful of this world, including this from foreign diaspora emigration plunged in the West in his crazy and frantic race for power (dounia) and that of the material wealth, one of the delights of this world, whose ups and downs of the economies are caused by the elites and stock speculators making the most of demeusurement their capital. Including those of the powerful lobby from emigration Arabo-berbere and black African, which in Muslim land and around their tourism, reported the West everything which is haram by Muslim laws, States are part of Islam but by financial interests, and in the flagrante delicto of their hypocrisy (munafiqun), does not have the will of Allah (swt) against this emigration that thinks have been blessed by Allah za wajal, in order to not report everything in Muslim countries that is haram, having forgotten and left out the spiritual richness of true Islam, which in particular and not only, science and knowledge of verses of the Holy Quran, but also those of noble Hadith of the beloved prophet Muhammad (saaws) that their are intended then presented below in the very noble Arabic language.


Which one that is narrated by Al-Bukhaari: ” ‘ innakoum lataghfoulouna ^ year ‘ afdali l-^ ibadah: at-tawadou ^ “


As well as this hadith Muslim who reported that the Messenger of Allah (saaws) said: ” man tawada ^ a li l-Lahi rafa ^ John l – Lah “


This means clearer : Modesty and humility by seeking the approval of Allah (swt) is required on the part of the adults as well as young people who today have more no guide, no more sense of the real Muslim spirituality, while having more sense of humility, not only, but after having followed the false religion of materialist spirituality that directs you to the pride and the ostentatious pride, and for others still of Muslim descent, after having followed the spirituality of African American communitarianism imported in Europe and Africa through the American rappers, which of course is the game of the enemies of Islam, which as they have always done for the other monotheistic religions, want to renovate inside the Muslim religion that they do not adhere and which don’t suit them, simply because they don’t get any profit, political and financial, the only religion approved by Allah at all Majestic that they have no intention to join, the world religion materialistic and political Illuminati want as little by little, turn off his light, in order to destroy it by renovating it from the inside with the complicity of the infiltrators, and with assistance from the outside world to the Muslim religion, just as the plotters did by 2 times with the 2 previous books of Allah) swt) by knowingly falsifying his words, then knowingly diverting the full meaning of the words of the Messenger of Allah (swt). Because it is not the religion of Allah (swt) to change or to be reformed, just as some plotters want to direct you to this wrong way from misguidance, in their plot to take over the power in Muslim countries to then eliminate the near religious power, and thus set up, their own pharaonic laws of the pyramids lit by their unique look, but it is for individuals to change what is in them, just as it was decreed in the Holy Qur’an, when God says that he (swt) does not change the condition of a people, as long as it has not changed which is about him, in particular, what is inside the individuals who made up this people, in order to be purified from all taint of the devil, which those of the delights of this lower world are brought to you by the followers of Satanism, who want to make you slaves of their systems of 3 great pyramids of capitalism, socialism and communism, illuminated by the blind eye of their false Messiah, by accusing the monks of Islamists, while rebelling against the religious authority, his people have been chosen by Allah ( ) SWT ) in being vulnerable and divisible by 2 (19 x 2 = 38 ). As evidenced by the Holy Word of Allah (swt) having been given in language encoded with the 19 th letter of the latin alphabet for the letter S of S Atan which corresponds has the Sura 38 (Sad) who is shown below warned the Muslim community, not only, the followers of the Western lifestyle that incurs eternal punishment of Allah ( ) SWT ), but above all, to warn ignoring (es) in Muslim land against political and manipulative of the followers of Satan (fitna) who with their dual citizenship by being hidden and taken refuge in the West, the plotters and the followers of satan are not to follow, and after that the enemies of Islam very hostile these legislative principles, have created (El-fitna) division in the ranks of the Muslim religion. Holy Quran : Sura 38 . Sad (19th letters of the alphabet) from verse to verse 85 71 «» When your Lord said to the Angels: “I’m going to create a human being from clay. ” When I have trained him well and him have breathed my spirit ” , throw yourself in front of him, prostrating”. So the angels prostrated, except Iblis who is inflated with pride and was the number of infidels. (God) said: “O Iblis, who kept you from bow down you to what I created with my hands? You swollen you pride or do you consider yourself among the high places? “I’m better than him, said [Iblees], you created me from fire, and you created him from clay.” (God) said: “get out of here, you are banned; “and you will be my curse until the day of judgment.” “Lord, says [Iblees], give me a deadline, until the day when they will be resurrected”. (God) said: “You are of those who delay is granted, until the day of the time known”. “By your power ! ” said Satan []. I will persuade him them certainly all , unless your servants elected among them “.” (God( ) told : “truth ” and that’s the truth as I say, I emplirai certainly the hell with you and all those who will follow you””. ” ” Because in your opinion, why do you only followers of politics, dounia and the delights of this lower world, are elites plunged into their shopping to financial wealth to build their pharaonic project comparing with God in his creation to take control and control elements, are so proud of the construction of the pyramids, identifying himself as being the builders, did you so not understand the sign that was adopted by some Egyptians who were in place their own laws over those of the Lord of the universe (swt), which in particular Akhenatonou Aménophis IV better known under the name of Amenhotep IV with their symbols of illuminati that is the sign of the cross, which is none other than the worship of idolatry, esotericism and mystical displayed in photo below, which afterwards and over the centuries, was taken over by different Christian sects, the sign which is none other than the emblem of the illuminati who by the grace of their fraternity commercial, technological, political, scientific, military and financial, adopted the speudonyme of so-called “sons of light”, after climbing in the level pyramid society, that is the policy by being from the world of business, the media, the show and trade, while infiltrating the religions for better inffluencer for a vile advantage of their common interests, including politics and the Pharaonic construction of their projects have been started by Ronald Reagan. By the reconciliation with the Sun which was be the divinity of Akhaneton of the solar disk shown below, in a relationship between followers of politics with manipulations and cult of the pyramids with the new religions having a link between anti-Islamic and anti-religious with illuminati, UFOs and notion of travel time, in order to better create a new religion of the existence of aliens which have nothing extra land, if however, you are not part of the obscurantists who think I got everything and think that by pride and pride know everything, but also, if you are not one of the plotters of manipulators, then followers of Sufism, of Zionism, evangelism, esotericism, the msytique, the masonry and politics of materialism and consumption, then head to the chapter Roswell and 1947 this website for good understanding of the meaning and scope of the cult of materialistic, esoteric and mystical world of the Illuminati idolatry placed at the top of the pyramids in being illuminated by their unique look, the media of manipulation which astray you from the truth and the true religion of Allah (swt)… But if you still don’t understand the connection between time loop with universal cataclysm that is other than that of the big bang, then idolatry, pyramids, illuminati, satan and massih dajjal (Antichrist blind eye) and return of the true Messiah (aws), then go visit this chapter by clicking on Noah, the flood, the pyramids and the sphinx where there is despreuves archaeological irrefutable that are censored by the media very anti-Islam, accusing other Islamists, including followers of Sufism, including their philosophy please media both in the illuminati very close to powerful lobbies secular and political in the service of the powerful industrial and financial lobbies that controls your information disseminated in your media, through privatization and nationalization of the media that belong only to the people, and not a minority that takes power through a coup in Velvet, to believe that heaven is on Earth by traveling with flying objects built in secrecy to the United nations of disbelief, illuminated by their blind eye, that is one of the Antichrist to frizzy hair and Overbite displayed on their dollar, their human rights and their eye of the surveillance for 3 great pyramids. Archaeological evidence attesting to what’s become of the ancient pyramid builders of society civilizations practicing injustice, lies, exploitation and enslavement of individuals to build their pharaonic by project heard through their Satanic manipulations close to the cults of esotericism, the mystic and the single eye (one eye), but well, if you aren’t followers of the blind eye having a deaf ear ending up having a part of the brain that don’t longer works, and who knows more analyze the information, so that you don’t insult your own intelligence, that of the human race having been and just as it is stated in surah 38 Sad displayed above, with an intelligence with the spirit of Allah (swt) which was breathed into the body of the greatest creation of the Lord of the universe (swt ) ) who in the creation of all things, is without partner (es), that of the human race of Adam (aws) and, contrary to the race of a genetically engineered being a go from the genes of a monkey and a pig. Then then in being illuminated in the middle of this globalization and after him have decreed, here is a video below the more enlightened of all sons of the light ” ” Illuminati “from the policy followed by the powerful search engines like ” Google , Yahoo and many others, which, because of the monopoly of information on the internet and with the Web-bot created by the NSA , have the power to position the pages of your website to the top of the search engines, or position to the top websites that are hostile to you, bringing them your through a policy of disinformation your website, while putting in place a new form of SEO for images and videos through a policy of handling of the referencing, as is currently Islam-2012-newworldorder affecting the interests of each and the others, in order to discredit him all by positioning it to the bottom of the search engines to censor it, as is the case currently with this website) islam-2012-newworldorder), when in all reality, the plotters and enemies of this Web site, do only harm a themselves, especially after eating in the base of the powerful lobbies commercial, industrial, tourist and financial political powers close to disbelief in the West and the hypocrites who themselves are hidden in the nations are part of the Muslim religion in being led by charlatans hand in hand with the intelligence services of the CIA, of the DGSE French, of the MI5 and MI6 British, then the FSB Russian, of the Mossad Israeli, of the NSA National Security Agency (), and the Department of security of the State of Chinese (Guoanbu) which since 2007 its Minister is be Geng Huichang. Once the imposters, the infidels and hypocrites have been put in place by the world of politics, in order to be at the service of the powerful military and industrial lobbies under the once of the superpuisssance of services of information services of the Information Awareness Office which evidence of the existence of this powerful occult organization of big brother is the DARPA you have presented and displayed below with the Latin inscription of Scienta is Potentiawhich in French means knowledge is be power . Services of the knowledge of the illuminati who have implemented the very secret organization of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency , who as soon as 1940 is be created from the services of the National Defense Research Committee and of the Office of Scientific Research and Development that you can contemplate further in detail by clicking on Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency who is none other than the designer of the programs of the Internet and Web-bot , but also of the programs of GPS , and then Tacit Blue , as well as the stealth of UFOs and other drones classified X (unknown) remote controlled a distance, and from a bunker buried under ground, as for example in the very sensitive area 51 the State of Nevada in the United States, including evidence of their class projects X (unknown to the general public) and from the Star Wars program you are presented to the chapter Roswell and 1947 of this Web site. Evidence of pyramidal slavery established by the master thinker is Ronald Reagan (former movie actor) close to the world of Hollywood who in 1979 was placed in the White House after being close to the illuminati have infiltrated the religions in order to announce the construction of the program requiring hundreds of billions of dollars of star wars in the development of global governance set up by a close group of illuminati of the 40th president displayed on the list of the democratic lie submitted has the power of lobbyists, following its appeal international address before the UN to build the Pharaonic project of elites competing with God (swt) in the creation of all things, and after having infiltrated the religions, including the Muslim religion with leaders of charlatans who are sitting on their Thrones with crowns of thorns after there have been placed by the followers of capitalism, socialism and communism, in order to finance the secret class projects United nations defence built by privatization pharonique pyramids Economic and financial. Listening and espionage networks with level and Tempest then the climate with the project handling networks HAARP , as well as the new religion believing the existence of extra terrestrial with the contruction of UFOs and drones stealth MHD (Magnetohydrodynamics) having been put on orbitre programs Aurora and dark star having launched the project Blue beam (blue laser).


Not to mention research projects on nanotechnology and the nano-particle and other pharonique projects classified secret defense already built but who have not yet been unveiled, as for example those of cryogenics, in an alliance between have plotters with space programs Chinese, European, Indian, Brazilian, Japanese and Russian are the followers of the blind eye of the United States close to the capitalist financial system that makes demeusurement grow the capital that are necessary build the space program of diversion of your mind.


Not only in order to take control of the elements, including those of climate through the project HAARP , after taking control of the raw materials and energy thanks to their principle of globalization, to then take control of the will of the Lord of the universe (swt) that are the 10 great signs, that through the vortex, precereront the supreme hour of the resurrection followed by the last judgment, which the plotters cannot control, or even manipulate or delay of one second, after that these same conspirators that are the enemies of humanity and true Muslim religion, in their plot, puts the Mehdi (anti-Zionist) as being the Antichrist charlatan. Simply, because the true Muslim religion of Islam, is be the last bastion to the totalitarian regimes of socialism, capitalism and communism, which changes on Earth, won’t these totalitarian regimes, but of true Islam and the Holy Qur’an, which is be the Foundation of Muslim society, as well as for the principles of religious worship, as that of the lifestyle, for those rights and duties than the individuals who compose humanity o NT to humanity she even then to God Almighty who is no partner (es) in her will, but as well as in social and family relationships between individuals and communities, inheritance, adoption, divorce, marriage, of responsibilities in family and education of children, in matters of taxation; of trade, financial and banking, which in particular, in the practice of banking interests and then consumption and the production of excessive of capital, which in Islam and by application of the laws of the Islamic charriah, not only in Muslim land, and in the midst of globalization, these practices are prohibited such to not fall into disbelief at the side of the global elites of the United nations of disbelief has declared globalization through the this false democracy, which is none other that the harlot of Babylon, to the intelligence illuminated by wisdom to highlight chapter 17 verse 9 of the apocalypse according to St. John on the 7 hills of Rome in the form of pyramids on which lies the prostitute of Babylon ( ) Vaticanus) which is the Saint sits or lies them 7 kings who runs the world of Christianity, and which since the creation of the Zionist State of Israel in 1947 which was decreed by the dictatorship of the United nations, 5 Popes (Kings) fell, including Pius XII (1939-1958), Jean XXIII (1958-1963), Paul VI (1963-1978), Jean Paul Ier (1978) and Jean Paul II (1978-2005) The false democracy of the cult of the single eye of the United nations, including its building of the dictatorship or lies languages and nations, is located at the edges of the waters in New York who as a prostitute, sell has the power of the lobbies or gathers the policy and industry then the religious sects of all languages, by being hit in the number 666 for having exploited and oppressed people who are voluntarily and knowingly immersed in ignorance and then in the most total, to better inffluencable and manipulable indoctrination by the grace of 7 wonders of the world of politics has infiltrated the 3 monotheistic religions, in order to create division within the last, true religion has not been altered, or even falsified and which faces has all forms of totalitarianism, of dictatorship, tyranny, censorship and anti-religious oppression, which is none other than the coalition political and 66 coalition of Socialists, Communists and capitalists very hostile against the Muslim religion that night has all their common interests, starting with the common interests of the elites in the United States, China, Russia, the European Union through the elites in India, in the Brazil, in Israel, in the countries of the Gulf. then in Australia, not to mention the elites of imposters on the African continent close to leaders of the United States, China, horns of Satan in golf, or European Union countries. So to understand the coded language of figures because of the mathemaique of the body between a relativity of the Holy Qur’an with 7 to 77, then see them evidence of a general relativity space and time to contemplate on Alpha and Omega, which wait for the charalatans and the united Maghreb dictatorships in their policy of Socialist fascism, Communist and Capitalist, or the a (es) and others as well as their followers will see a well of eternal fire the other Maghreb United will put 77 years before reaching the bottom of hell to remain there forever after having followed this globalization decreed in 1990 in order to sow chaos in Muslim religious land, and after having encouraged the path of liberal extremism that brings you the mess then the tyranny and fascism of the anti-religious very close of the principle of secularism, then finally in the string of dominoes, religious fascism. 

The evidence on the origin of NANO technology: in a common between time loop, time distortions, focus with first cataclysm universal (BIG BANG) CORRUPTION and disorder on Earth THEN, ARCHAEOLOGY…


From 1991 , prospectors gold, then scientific expeditions that have all been commissioned by the central Institute of scientific research of geology and exploration of precious and nonferrous Moscow metals, found metal objects and spiral for most, ranging in size from 3 cm for the largest to 3/1000e millimeter! (see photos below) Thousands of these artifacts have been found on many sites in the eastern part of the mountains of the Ural , on the banks of several rivers in sedimenteuses layers dating from the late pleistocene, at varying depths of 3 to 12 metres. These objects have been studied by the Academy of Russian Sciences of Syktyvka, of Moscow and of St Petersburg , as well as a scientific Institute of Helsinki in Finland, most of these objects are made of copper, while the smaller ones are tungsten (melting point of 3410° c.) or enmolybdene (melting point of ) 2650° c.). Depending on the site and the depth where they were found, the age of these objects is estimated between 20 000 and 318 000 years! The Moscow Institute published a report No. 18 / 485 date of the 29 / 11 / 96 concludes that I quote: “the data obtained allow to consider the possibility of technology of extraterrestrial origin” While this technology is of Earth and man-made, one of the 21 th century that competes with God (swt) in having been destroyed by a universal cataclysm, after that the United nations have with a their head, the United States, China, the Russia, England and France. supported and followed hypocrites hidden in the middle of the Muslim world, planted by 2 times corruption on Earth into Muslim nations, and which the second time happens before your eyes, everything by creating the myth about the existence of aliens, which is be a real lie created by the world of the illuminati, which you can see evidence of their lies displayed above/below, as well as Chapter Roswell and 1947 . Because these objects from the globalization of the nano-technology was found in the string mountainous Ural, close to the Ural River being formed following the period of global warming which is estimated between 20 000 and 318 000 years and which is other than the time of the last glacial period of the Quaternary era of the late Pleistocene, are actually only remainders of the nano-technology of the 21 th century which was boarded the vessels having been expelled from their temporal corridors then headed to other worlds of time, after that their world of the future of humanity have been destroyed by the first violent universal cataclysm, that is one of the big bang. Evidence of the massive destruction of history committed by the intermediary of a genocide put into practice on Muslim populations, with weapons of mass destruction a power led, including the tactical Laser (THEL) high-energy including You can contact the evidence on the site of its manufacturer Northrop Grumman close the northrop industries, but if it obviously has not been censored by clicking on Tactical directed chemical laser system , as well as with the system THOR built by Israel which is be a portable high power laser coupled with a calibre machine gun 12.7 mm remote, which you can see the proof of his existence by clicking on Israel and his hammer of Thor but if of course, these links very revealing no are not censored by the plotters and infidels of children of Israel close to the Israeli Mossad, CIA, the DGSE French then the MI6 British establishment in the organization chart world Massih Dajjal censoring their misdeeds and genocide then their slavery of populations located at the bottom of the organization chart of the Human Race, that of their pyramid that will be collapsing. Syears forget Defense system assets (ADS) using microwave at high power deployed and tested by the U.S. military, whether in Iraq or in Afghanistan, both on civilians than terrorists just like the can the 2 videos which are presented below, because of the freedom of expression that the Eternal God gave us, in order to show the truth to the real Muslims, unlike the tyranny of lay leaders in Arab countries that supported their politics on nationalism, as well as those in the monarchies of the Gulf countries which are subject to the wishes of the rebels who have followed the very bad adviser. And evidence of their implementation on the ground, you are presented in videos below, when in 2003 a bus Iraqi containing many atrociously mutilated bodies came to the emergency room of the hospital in Hilla, located at 100 kms from Baghdad, or there were no noise, no explosions of bombs, no projectiles or impacts on the bus, but with dozens of passengers excruciatingly amputees mutilated in one shot, as cut by a high-powered laser. Research on these terrifying technological weapons are admitted as proves it several testimonials from officers of higher ranks, but their use is not officially recognized, yet of many witnesses, documents and reports show that several lasers THEL and ADS systems are in place in the Middle East with the complicity and silence of the heads crowned with thorns by being close to the United States or China, on the site of the Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Program and on the official page of the Active Denial System of the U.S. consortium of agencies (lobbies) military and defense, the Joint Non-Lethal Weapons le Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Program Program promotes research and the use of so-called weapons “non-lethal” as you can see by you same by clicking on Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Program With on the other hand, the construction of 2 military bases of listening and espionage located in the Morocco in photo below, which one has Tan-Tan and the other under construction has Tangier putting to profit the refusal of many African countries to host the headquarters of the U.S. military command (Africom) where the Moroccan Kingdom of the Morocco has negotiated and concluded secretly with the United States installation of this military structure on its territory for a vile advantage of dounia and the delights that are brought to her by the U.S. dollar, after that this agreement was put in place by the plotters are the elite Moroccan is being Westernized, just like other former dictators such as the Shah of Iran, Saddam Hussein in Iraq, then Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali in Tunisia were themselves Westernized, for then fatten financially as well as their families, for then be protected temporarily through their military dictatorships, but also through their secret police, and then by those of their media masses practicing the chalatanisme political and religious, in a conspiracy indoctrination and manipulation of people setting up through the privatization of media, that of the Pharaoh pyramids belonging has powerful networks of illuminati Moroccans very close to a certain ideology of the normalization of diplomatic, financial and commercial relations with the Zionist State of Israel, with a view to the signing of a Treaty of the Union for the Mediterranean (UPM) featuring the policy of dounia and delights of this world that was decreed by the illuminati to globalization that are close to the children of Israel, in hand in hand with the elite illuminati who runs the Morocco but also with the Moroccan diaspora being plunged in abroad with no relationship with Islam and its principles of solidarity with brothers and sisters of the same religion until Palestine and Gaza, as everything confirms their reconciliations had been organized in November 2005 between King Mohammed 6 and the head of Israeli diplomacy Sylvan Shalom after recognizing the State of Israel and its Zionist ideology and after you open a Moroccan diplomatic representation has Tel Aviv, on the back of brothers and sisters of the same religion in Gaza and Palestine, which you can contemplate the evidence by clicking on when the Moroccan dirham surrenders to the Israeli shekel But a condition, however, that censorship and tyranny of the Illuminati of journalists, which you will find displayed below their symbol monarchical this media masonry close to the United States believing has a certain freedom of expression, when it suits their financial and media interests for a vile advantage of Zionist Israel politics, being hand in hand to the side of the enemies of Islam that is the dictatorship of the European Union and Masonic fascism of United States, whose presence in the land of Islam (peace) is displayed in the photo below with the American soldiers, is not put into practice against these very revealing links with that of Morocco-hebdo that article was written by a certain Mustapha Sehimi bringing you the evidence of their Kufr, of their censorship and their manipulations, being very close to the powerful lobbies of misplaced (es) Moroccans near the Israelites and Masons francs close residents media abroad to implement place their censure against the true Muslim religion which was preached by all messengers. But if this evidence of their disbelief has been censored in Morocco Hebdo then see this proof image while reading the article on Mohammed VI, Sylvan Shalom and American dictatorship hidden in the shadows The lost of materialists Moroccan (es) residents abroad that are the true/false seeming to Muslim (es) hidden within the French Council of the Muslim faith in France that does not exist, and whose counsel is close to the Grand Mosque of Paris. its Rector is all too close to the principle of French secularism, and whose principle is a turn, just as close to the Israelite ideology and Zionist who in turn is also close to the American dictatorship, where one and the other plotters and hypocrites thirsty for dounia materialistic, financial and delights of this world, are immersed in their races to the wealth to achieve political and media power in order to implement censorship and the secular Arab dictaure in earth not Muslim in order to gag freedom of religious expression that directs the suitable and condemns the haram, but with the complicity of the followers of the French secular masonry which is also close to this grand Masonic Lodge of the Moroccan Kingdom,. its logo is presented to you in picture below. Plotters and tyrants who will taste the fires of hell without any intercessor against the punishment of Allah (swt) to have been close to the dajjal frizzy-haired massih and Overbite that can not, has put and will not caused by being sterile, not only, after inviting down Moroccan U.S. Army close to the King Kedeb and its powerful lobbies of materialistic Masons francs, which not only for some and with their principle of secularism divided the Maghreb, and for others with their principle of dictatorship and censorship divides the Muslim world after handling terrorism then set up dictatorships in the country are part of Islam, to then establish slavery peoples, deceit and deception of politicians close to socialism and capitalism, after having set up communism with his hammer and his fosille of forced labour, in order to build their pharaonic project rivaling heaven of Allah) swt) who was never, and will never be on Earth down here. And including the massive earthquake of 9 on the richter scale and the stunami who has followed in Japan on the day of the great prayer of Muslims, a certain Friday 11 March 20 11 , was a sign of the power of Allah (swt) is being shot on the empire of the rising sun with his power modernity Robotics then its nuclear plant and its high technology reduced to nothingness, in one sign for the conspiracy of the United Nations with its construction ofUFOS, but also in another sign address was the cult of the misplaced (es) near Sufis of the masonry of the Jewish Kabbalah to the Morocco believing by a real. false hadith that in heaven people will travel from one place to another with objects like “Shell St James”, which here is a proof that is presented in the video below. The conspiracy of the United Nations and the Illuminati with their UFOS having been set up in 1983 by the program star wars of Ronald Reagan in a complicity obvious with the horns of Satan had risen to Riyadh in Saudi Arabia having stained the inside of the Kaaba in partnering with Allah (swt) and combining with Allah (swt) Satan the devil banned by the grace of the statues of the idolatry (those of the Illuminati elite) having been hung from the ceiling of the Kaaba, just as you can you even see in the video that is shown below, after having sought protection in 1990, not with Allah) swt), but to the American power having defiled the Holy land in order to protect the capitalist dictatorship and Western banks near Saudi dynasty making the most of demeusurement the capital of Illuminati and reducing people into slavery to build the Pharaonic plan of Illuminati vowing an exclusive worship Satan having believe, just as it is stated in the Holy Qur’an, that the everlasting Kingdom “paradise” “has been on Earth, and will be on Earth down here… ” 


THEN the evidence of the TEMPEST set up on the INTERNET project by the WEB-BOT and GOOGLE in the NSA’s ECHELON network


Here is the evidence on the internet project, which is none other than the google search engine was born in 1977 in order to obtain the monopoly of information with software and programs capable of blocking the dissemination of information while controlling, and that was just the prologue of plans level, tempest, haarp, mhd, blue beam, dark star, aurora,. Nano-technology, and nano-particle and cryogenics and other projects of the star wars program (Star Wars) initiated by Ronald Reagan that was printed on the green ticket of the American dollar in 1933 by the followers of the blind eye of the Antichrist in photo above, and including their ploy is be highlighted in you being featured on the video below, after having been prepared by students in computer science from one of the largest universities of Germany.


Tempest in him, means an infomatique technique to convert into intelligible radiation data electromagnetic issued by the keyboards of your computers, and that these same radiation can be picked up distance as any electromagnetic waves (radio, etc.) allowing to spy on a remote computer without having to “hack” and which is not not even necessary that it be equipped with a modem


For example, by detecting radiation emitted by electric cables of the keyboard , we can detect your keyboard you are using, as well, with the cable of the screen it is possible to know the images that are displayed, as well as the demonntre the above titled video Spy, censorship, interference and manipulation.


The name TEMPEST from the Star Wars program was developed, especially by the services of the NSA National Security Agency () in order to designate the electromagnetic phenomenon of interference of currents and security measures to avoid, the meaning of the acronym TEMPEST has not been revealed, but many hypotheses have been made on this subject, which among other things:


THEN the link technology between ROSWELL, UFO, ILLUMINATI and new world order, with cloning, manipulation of the being, MANIPULATIONS genetics and GMOs


Here is the evidence of the global conspiracy of elites who supported the direction of nations, and after setting up the false theory of the existence of aliens, in order to compete with the Lord of the universe (swt ) ) that no one has created and that no one has created, while being immersed in their rebellion against the wishes of God (swt), but with the complicity of the elites of the vatican who would have you believe the existence of a more advanced life of humanity, in order to hide their global conspiracy, whether in the intentions by the deeds to compete with God (swt) placing himself on his way (revelations) for lead has a copy of the creation of the Lord universe (swt), which among other humanity, but also in order to achieve the creation of Humanoids resembling has aliens by rewriting theDNA. and the human genome, by the technique of using it be imported from the United States then set up under cover of voted bioethics laws and set up by politicians who think that their conspiracy will lead, after that the researchers of Genetics have by the gace of genetic, successful manipulation of procreation and cloning technology a.


And the most obvious evidence of their rebellion against the divine will of the Lord of the universe (swt) and their transgression of the divine commandments, in be the cloning of the sheep Dolly in the video below, which was none other than the first step toward the cloning of cows and other species again, then to change genetic wheat, corn, tomatoes, barley and other seeds of agriculture, posted below with the hadith authentic testimony to the transgression of the infidels, imposters and their allies of hypocrites hidden within the Muslim religion in being caught in their deception, their deception and their infidelity to Allah ( ) SWT ), eventually partner with God in his creation, similarly in his wishes, on behalf of Israel, the rebellious, but for a vile profit from his father that are the same, the United States of America, for their allies as France, Britain, the European Union, Russia, China, India, the Brazil followed the Council of globalization that are their allies in the middle of the Muslim community attracted by dounia and the delights of this world that will never be built Paradise by the slaves in the service of elites who runs this world.


Hadith authentic Saheeh of our beloved prophet Muhammad (saaws) shown below having received consensus of Muslim, Al-Bukhari and other references 1683 you can check in the book the gardens of virtue (Riyadh’re-Saliheen’s police station) of imam Yahya Ibn Sharif Ed-DIN An-Nawawi located page 782 clearly showing evidence of the global conspiracy of elites, whether in intentions in the actions, putting themselves on the path of God (swt)” in to Koranic revelations inpirant”in order to”copy”of God’s creation (swt) including the human being and his soul in” are gone, then associate with God (swt) in his creation and in her will, by the grace of the deception of a selection “so-called natural ” “in all reality, is that the selection and exploitation and the modification of the genetic species, technical GM agencies imported from the United States of America, which, among other modification” genetic habilis became Neanderthal created genes from human, and after Adam (aws) as well as his wife were both descended on Earth, and after that this technique of manipulation and genetic modification have been decreed, then set up by the global conspiracy of elites of all stripes political confused (right, left and extreme) through occult groups Masonic close of every political movement who are hidden in religions in order to implement the cloning technique put on orbitre by the laws of the bioethics.


Abu Houraira (Allah the authorized and may he be pleased with him) said: “I heard the Messenger of Allah (saaws):” Allah the most high said: ” ” And which is most transgressor , as the one who tried to imitate my creation ! They create an Ant or they create a seed, or they create a barley grain.”


Hadith in question supported by a verse of the Holy Quran, which not only is for the military dictators, then the unbelievers are the followers of the fascism of secularism that does not preach the true Muslim religion, but also and above all, to the hypocrites “mounafiqoune” monarchies based on their political throne in posing as Muslim sounitte, which are the usurpers and dictators having been placed in Ryad, Rabat, Amman, in Cairo, in Tunis, to Triopli, Kuwait city, in Dubai, in Doha, in Al-Manama, in Abu Dhabi, in Beirut, in Algiers, in Nouakchott, in Moroni, Djibouti, in Damascus, in Khartoum, in Sana’a, being very close, either of the United States, France, of the European Union the Germany, the Russia, the England or China in the midst of a global economic, financial and policy implemented by the dictatorship of its permanent Security Council of the United nations close to the Hill of Zion (the pyramid), the of the children of Israel rivaling God (swt) in the creation of all things, including the creation of Adam (aws).


The infidels, Phonies and hypocrites United with the other implementing their censorship and media manipulation while decridibilisant this site Internet address, and that evidence of their rebellion and of their infidelity, she is posted here under your eyes, not only in video with the sheep Dolly died in 1996, and was none other than the first step in cloning and changes genetic, in order to copy the creation of God (swt) by standing on the way of the Lord of the universe (swt), as demonstrated by the evidence You can see by clicking on cloning and the death of Dolly the sheep .