The Origins


So here below broadcast video the sign of this website of 19 letters of the Basmallah in direct connection with the year 1999 of the 3Rd Millennium which is none other than the time Union 0 between brothers and sisters the same religion, directly linked with the appearance of the address of this website that will tell the truth. because of the permission it has received from the Lord of the universe, Sura 78 Year-Naba (the new) /versets 38 and 39: “the day where the spirit and the angels will stand in rows, . no one will know speak, except one to which the gracious will have given permission, and who will tell the truth. That day is inevitable. One who wants to take so refuge with his Lord. »

In a warning sign for the disbelievers of the sect of the mouride brotherhood in Senegal having innovated the religion of Islam.
In having the city of Touba a holy pilgrimage place in order to compete with the 3 Holy Mosques and sacred…
Because in the true Muslim religion, it has 3 places holy Muslim worldwide for 3 books Holy and sacred…
Including the mosques in Mecca, Medina and Al-Aqsa

Then always below broadcast video, the sign of this website of the 99 more names of Allah, the all majestic, the most beneficent, the most merciful in relation to the year 1999 who is none other than the sign come to union 0 between brothers and sisters the same religion in direct relationship with the address of this website which is one of the 99 servants Allah (swt) who will tell the truth in having secretly known in the year 14-19 of the Hegira, when in 19-99 the servant of the Lord of the universe (swt) was then age of 33 years in the light of truth of the Holy Quran to verse 32 of the Surah 10 Yunus ( having received ( Jonas), and after reviewing a first time during a night of the year 1989 when he was 23 years old, a year before the start of the second in the 1990 Gulf war with setting up the new world order of the 33 coalition of plotters, so then the servant of Allah (swt) be consulted a second time in the year 1998 when he was age 32 years…

Such is Allah, your true Lord. Beyond the truth is there so otherwise the bewilderment ? How then can you, distract you ? »

In order to reform the truthful (Al-Ajamiy) and thus improve its material conditions for El-Hajj by the sign of the Sura 22 had been transmitted by the coded language of the Figure 22 designated below in this chapter so that he could join the House of his beloved ancestor Muhammad (saaws), of the home of the family people of the Home (Ahl al-bayt), but above all, to be the intended to the Community sign believers and believing women who really fear of the judgment last of the Lord of the universe (swt ) ) which is not associated with this new world order decreed a certain September 11, 1990, and even less with the new world order of the 21st century having been implemented the new world order of the 3rd Millennium that the dark forces of the Illuminati want to set up for centuries and centuries, and this, by their Masonic sign which is shown below in this chapter, in having been secretly inscribed in latin on their greenback, due to their business of the Novus Ordo Seclorum, and, after the infidels, then atheists, Agnostics, the very and the extremists of secularism, have September 11, 1990, decreed this new world order implementing the new deal of the 3rd Millennium for the good material of a certain elite of the world population, being, at the expense of that which is truly believing and totally submissive and obedient body and soul to the will of the Lord of the universe…

The internet sign of the Iranian 09991 truth that was through the Perakletos , which is none other than the spirit of Gabriel ( on the orders of Allah za wajal ( aws) transmitted in the Holy Quran from the Holy Word and unmanifest of the Lord breathed to the Periklitos (Hammad) who is none other than the last Prophet and Messenger of humanity, the beloved Mohammed (saaws ) ) who received the revelation, by the evidence which are presented to you in this website bringing you the evidence, that of evil, terrorism, corruption, the perversity of spirit of each and other, various manipulations secret set up by the world of policy, not to mention the anti-Muslim practices taking place against the religious world which is subject veritablemement in obedience has all the will of Allah za’wajal, including those dedicated to Islam religion pursuant to the laws of the charriah, the same practices dedicated to idolatry, the theoretician, the FFS and witchcraft that are spread in all communities throughout the verse 32 of the Surah 10 transmitted and displayed above, in a sign addressed to the community of believers and a real subject (es), so that the ummah back on the religion preached by all the messengers, without no partner or associate, without innovation of inside because of their own and different interpretations, personal, spiritual, mystical, esoteric and Masonic, as unfortunately, some currently do.

Especially, after that the Holy Quran have been transmitted in clear language ( ( in Arabic) has a community who had not been warned douloureu punishment x, one that is none other than community of the final Messenger Muhammad ) saaws), in order to keep him away from the evil and prevent them from doing evil, by the sign of the verse of surah An-Nahl 16 103 (the bees) : “and we know indeed that they say:”is just a being. human who teaches him (the Qur’an) “.” Gold, the language of that to which they allude is foreign (non-Arab), and it is a clear Arabic language . »

No Arab : the one who is none other than the French language of light with numbers, and a dazzling truth with the 6 sides of the socket of a bee hive “ An-Nahl“of1 country of France hexagonal divided into 22 regions around its 6 sides which is other than a place of 16 Surat where all ethnic groups, modes of life and religions gathered within one community, that of the new religion of the infidels as they globalize, and which is other than secularism against who I warns all the nations of Islam that are submitted and truly obedient to the will of Allah, the one God who is certainly not associated with their Novus Ordo Seclorum.

The Novus Ordo Seclorum , which is none other than theAnnuit Coeptis , which means thebusiness of the international masonry of all political confused displayed below in latin, and then placed on top of the pyramid of the international masonry Zionist and Evangelical very proselyte in Muslim land, as well as the fascists with their fascist ideology of pan-Arabism of secularism who are eager to separate the State of religious advisers, and by persecuting believing them (es) of various monotheistic religions only, by are exporting their fascistic ideology of pan-Arabism to Muslim countries which is contrary the ideology of true Islam of the Islamic which does not have any differences in languages and even less in the races, except in good deeds, which one to unite the Islamic international, something that the devil and his Associate (es) want to disunite exporting their fascistic of secularism that was put in place by the followers of the cult of the blind eye of materialism, which not only and principle within a capitalist era followed by his new deal of the 21st century is hides in the Muslim world, those who love doing politics while supporting their fascist ideology of a single thought authoritarian, totalitarian, tyrannical, oppressive and nauseating national socialism was born of the French revolution 1789 spread first in Turkey through Atatürk (Freemason), to be then export to Arab countries.

Tyrannical leaders and autoraire followed in the race for power by the elite of their population to that of materialistic wealth, while being followed by others strayed near the movement of Al-Qaeda assassins posing for some ACE-Sahabi, but that all together, or pretend to be Muslims by being certainly not submissive and obedient to the will of Allah soubbhana Allah your ala, or have committed apostasy to Islam by dividing the Muslim by their policy of fitna with their principle of secularism and pan-Arabism, while submitting body and soul, not only to the hegemony of Western decadence of the superpower United States, as well as the 3 other superpowers immersed in their rivalry with the United States, which China tyrannical of the repopulation land and censorship and oppression against the religions, particularly with respect to the Muslim religion, not to mention the polytheistic India with the Cashmire region, then comes then the Russia and the European Union because of their stigma and amalgam of Muslim religion policy, and that, after all these nations of schemers and manipulators have against even the will of God (swt ) ), created the Zionist State of Israel, in a sign intended for the gifted intelligence, that not only should not follow them, but that we should not follow their new world order, having put in place the New Deal (the new gives) of the 21st century that all together, they want to for centuries and centuries, by their policy of globalization, and by their false propaganda media that manipulates your subconscious which is orchestrated by subliminal messages encrypted, then sent and relayed by the mass media around the world, as well as through the African film world, and then by that of Hollywood, Bollywood and the EU in being advised by powerful forces hidden hidden in the shadow of power.

And if you want to brush up on memory as well as your consciousness on their false propaganda technique implemented by their scientists, not only by those from the world of psychology, psychoanalysis and the psychodynamic order to interfere on your subconscious and thus know the definition of the word subliminal then click this link displayed in blue to know the message hidden, and knowledge definition who are really the enemies of the religion of Muslims, the true submissive and obedient to the will of the Lord of the universe (swt), Muslims who are going to prepare everything knowing that there is no Mahdi that the Mehdi (Al-Ajamiy), and Messiah Issa (aws) son of marry having no father, unlike the Mahdi Al-Mountadar of course designed by his father then generated by a mother, and that in the true religion of Allah, there is no compromise with anyone

Quite simply, because this new situation materialistic of the 21st century, is only a sham dedicated to exhibitionism where each and others show their nakedness and the shapes of their bodies without any reserve or modesty , or retained and ostentatiously at the sight of all and all, what each and others must hide (their nakedness and the shape of their body) due to their provocation covered their second skin for some, and by their dress while showing off their material and physical wealth, in a sign a provocation born of this powerful lobby feminist and sexist of the masonry of left and far left from the 1960s taking place against a religious community remained faithful to the wishes of the Lord of the universe soubbhana your ala Allah, in the middle of a NWO which not is dedicated only to decadence, the retrograde, to voyeurism and Anglo-saxon Exhibitionism, perversity of mind each and other, anarchy, corruption and chaos through tyranny and oppression against religious and every believer (es), for the good being material and time of a certain elite of the population on the right, it setting up this new world order, then by a new deal of the 20th century for the good be material of the masonry on the left making it even in the new place gives new world order of the 21st century for the continuity of the good be materi This youth El rebel has no wisdom, spirituality or Islamic education which slice between the true and the false, between what is permitted and authorized, between halal and haram, between justice and injustice, then most importantly, between inequality and the injustices of this extra-strong nation who feels blessed (USA), but is it so the true God would have blessed a nation putting has headed an African-American president after having turned their backs on the single Muslim who will be the only and unique belief approved by Allah “submissive and obedient has all his wishes” for he was then converted to Protestantism by being born to father Muslim, and while preaching for a Jerusalem one and indivisible as capital of the Jewish State of Israel, his speech unnoticed you broadcast video to chapter nuclear Genocide of this Web Site…

This youth rebel with no Islamic Spirituality following the footsteps of the Shaytane (satan) and those of its partner (es) (demons) are being put on the right path of Allah, to be immersed in a race to material wealth, then also and especially in a crusade barely veiled against the Muslim world, which literally means “submissive and obedient to Allah alone, without no partner or associate“, against an Islamic religious community, wishing that install peace and a return to the true sources of the Muslim law of Islam to establish true justice, true equality, and then the real brotherhood between brothers and sisters of the same religion, and secondly, a dialogue open with the other religious communities, in order to facilitate the spiritual life of humanity puor next life of the in the past which has never and will never be on Earth here low, and this, in a world where evil and rivalries have come to predominate, instead of a totalitarian, decadent lifestyle and retrograde that has absolutely nothing to do with any modernism doomed for good be materialists and other coura lay political NTS thirsty for power and material wealth, at the expense of a religious community which ended up being persecuted in an era messianic “revelation” that the comploteursveulent censor. in a world where the Muslim religion be an Islamic way of life which is other that a philposophie, a fair middle, a way of thinking, then a spiritual religious current made justice and equalities to the Muslim religion, which is be the last bastion at this new world order totalitarian to a single thought economic doomed to decadence, corruption, tyranny and the oppression of the laity, the policies and the masonry which instead has against the religious, after these cabal have decreed it in 1991 from a perspective of a new materialistic and totalitarian of the 21st century dedicated to the retrograde, voyeurism and exhibitionism, in a decadent world where peaceful spirituality of the human being has completely lost its central place in a materialistic and economic globalization that has nothing to do with one any modernism and progress, and, because of rivalries that inevitably leads to a race to the leisures, until you visit the graves, Sura 102 the race to riches (At-Takatur).

As a result of this new world order put in place following the fall of the Berlin wall, and because of his new deal, which not only and on the orders of an occult agency top sercete, was decreed by the infidels, but also by the unbelievers and the imposters through the service s of the NSA and the CIA having through the services of the Inter-Services Intelligence of Pakistan, then by that of the Saudi prince Turki Al Faisal , who was the head of secret services of Saudi Arabia (he same establishment from 1977 to 2001) to implement and manipulate obscurantists of Al-Qaida in the Afghanistan branch, plunging them into a war against the Communism, but above all, in being followed of the hypocrites and the impostors of materialists hidden allusion to the munafiqun (the hypocrites) of the Gulf (Kuwait, within the “Muslim” in general, world ( United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman) and then to those of the Maghreb and materialists hidden in Europe .

So that not only is protected well being material hidden in the countries of the Gulf, tyrants and fascists of lay people, who in the Arab country, support their fascistic ideology on a policy of pan-Arabism, which contradicts the ideology Pan-Islamic policy which brings together people of all languages and all nations in a single community, but also and especially for the good be time of a certain elite in the West, after Osama bin Laden, have not only offered his services and put at disposal of the Saud dynasty fighting militias of freedom (the Mujahideen) to Afghanistan, in order to combat Saddam Hussien and their principle of secularism which is based on the philosophical ideology of pan-Arabism that the disbelievers want to globalize, and, after this contrary philosophy has Islam, was set up by Michel Afflak (Greek religion Christian orthodox) based on a fascist ideology of politics of the national socialism of pan-Arabism, which excluded all Muslims of the world born and from different languages and nationalities d epar a fascistic secularism principle which was no other than a potential invader of the Holy places of Islam 2 (Mecca and Medina) to protect at all costs.

With then, Saddam Hussein were he even manipulated, just as it had been Oussam Ben Laden, not only by the masonry of the American neoconservatives, with as a first step in the direction of the Iran, and then in the direction of the hypocrites of plotters of Kuwait, and this, to the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989 in a sign of a union between the masonry of left and right, when on 25 July 1990, the American Ambassador in post to Baghdad, April Glaspie, was convened by Saddam Hussein to tell him of his intention to invade Kuwait. Ambassador so he’s not share no comments while relating his intentions from Washington, then Saddam Hussein remaining unanswered, understands that the United States will not intervene in the resolution of the conflict, therefore,. that the conspirators upon Earth Holy, and this, not only following a policy of pan-Arabism and of principle of secularism that was put in place in Iraq by the secular of France with Michel Aflak masonry (Christian Greek) Orthodox), but also and above all, following the revolt of the Ba’athists in 1958 with the general Kassem having spilled, then usurped the throne to the family of the Prophet Hashemite dynasty Muhammad (saaws).

But finally, and in a context of military strategy and logically, given the power of the army of Saddam Hussein with his principle of secularism have been arm armed some plotters of the West, and then trained by their accomplice that is Russia, the dynasty of Saud turning to the superiority of Western armies to protect the 2 shrines of Islam, and refusing the services ofOsama bin Laden and his militia of Mujahid stationed in Afghanistan, who were they same and just as Saddam Hussein did, armed, trained and funded by the West, but through the Pakistani, services so that the plotters could put one foot in the Holy Land, the plot of manipulators who will be wiped off the surface of the Earth, as well as their principle of secularism which in Muslim land, is the only association with the God who is not blind, for all the corruption and the unjustified killings that these same conspirators have caused in the Muslim world and on Earth, as a result of their many provocations and conspiracies, which their new ally China, which she also with its principle, will be wiped off the face of the Earth, due to its new alliance with the American superpower, which converted it to capitalism for the good be material to its elite Chinese based his philosophy on the ideology of Confucianism of the dynasty Chinese nationalism of Han by a restocking massive of his anti-Islamic community in Muslim land, including the community of the Ouibourgs is the most glaring example of this tyranny that is being established with the complicity of hypocrites.

Then… No Western army, and especially, non-Muslim, should tread the Holy Saudi land, so to avoid that the beloved prophet Muhammad (saaws) feared most for our community (fitna : division) having brought terrorism, corruption and assassinations of people not guilty of corruption on Earth, which was looking for the plotters including their new world order and their new deal will be wiped off the face of the Earth for all the corruption and disorder they have sown on Earth…

With sad reslutat and a sign for a minority of misguided to the bosom of the great majority of Wahhabi and Salafi, this minority of misguided, unrelated to salaf by murdering innocent people not guilty of corruption on Earth, the same and above all, brothers and sisters of the same religion (civilians) while practicing the suicide attacks and while hiding in the middle of the civilian population, which is totally be an ideology contrary to the hopes we place in God based on the patience which is a form of faith in order to unify and to unite the Muslim world and thus restore its cohesion Islamic against all his enemies, which these days is There are more and more, not only, in order not to divide the Muslim world… for the eternal life of the to the past, because it will result in the consolidation of the Muslims and mutual assistance between brothers and sisters of the same religion to defeat their enemies, which currently gathers and unite, but also and above all, in order to enter Islam Muslims and the non-musulmanes to make the brothers and sisters of the same religion, but to condition, that the brothers and sisters of the same religion will continue to follow and practice the same religion of patience, quotation and obedience to the will of the Lord of the universe who doesn’t look like has none of all creations, in not falling in disbelief, just like today, unfortunately, some and some are dropped in this disbelief, and this, by a hadith authentic to the beloved prophet Muhammad (saaws) that occurred during the sermon of parting of the Prophet (saaws) who is reported by that Ibn Abdullah (Allah the authorized) and that you have retransmitted further down in this chapter.

And this, in the hope of the coming long-awaited by 3 traditions Sounnite, Shiite and Sufi who must unite and gather in having been prophesied by the seal of the prophets Muhammad (saaws). about the hidden imam that everyone will recognize by several hadiths which here are some below, but at the right time by Allah alone, not only by irrefutable evidence of his D.N.A. which is another only his famout (Az-Zuhruf) transmitted by the hidden, coded name of the Sura 43 language starting with the letters of HA, Mim , which correspond to the letters HM in honor of the tribe from the Bani Hashem which the Mahdi (the hidden imam) is the descendant being from Abd Manâf who begat Hashem Ibn Abd Manaf of family Hashemite who begat Abdel-Motalib who begat ‘ A. who begat Muhammad (saaws).

But also and especially because of the sign which will occur during the hajj to Mecca, as several hadiths broadcast video below called on Al Mahdi hadiths narrated by Sheikh Mohammed Hassan, a learned sounnite and salaf to the great nation of Islam who has spent his life has study the science of Islam, which practice the Arabic literary and all having made research pushed on the very old Arabic language that was spoken before the time of the beloved prophet Muhammad (<) B11 >), and, unlike some (hypocrites of tyrants) that mixes politics, materialism, secularism, franc masonry with nationalism, then esotericism, maraboutism, witchcraft, mysticism with spirituality where each and the other regret that we didn’t tell them the truth, and this, for not making the necessary efforts in order to acquire this knowledge, and only for making that effort, in order to acquire the property being material and temporal plunged in a race for material wealth, then in the rivalries for power to y instaler thereafter, their own tyranny, their own oppression, and their own censors who on Earth are only temporal , their own ideologies which have nothing to do with the real wishes of Allah (swt) wajal za, and, before to visit the graves where the real fun begins (Sura 102 At-Takatur ) ) for the resurrection and last judgment.

From Um-Salama, the Prophet (saaws) said:“The Mahdi is of my offspring, among the descendants of Fatima”[Al-Bukhari in the book of biographies at-Tarikh al-Kabir, then even in Abu Dawud, Ibn Maja, and others]

Then again according Ali, the Prophet (saaws) said: the Mahdi is one of us, people of the House (Ahl al-bayt). Allah will reform his person in the course of a night. ” [Al-Bukhari in the book of biographies at-Tarikh al-Kabir, then in Ibn Maja, Ahmad and many others]

With shown below, a representation of theDNA that carries the information genetics necessary to the recognition of the Mahdi by comparing it with the DNA of the good Prophet genetic information loved Muhammad (saaws) around the hair and the tooth that the beloved prophet Muhammad (saaws) left to his wives and his companions (that God approved them all) then in the goal Has to identify its descendant who is none other than the hidden imam, Mahdi Al-‘jamiy (no Arab) who does speak the Arabic language, Arabic being original appearance East, Mediterranean, and West, where the term used Imam hidden, with in addition, a definition of the word Ajamiy which is you present clicking on Berber or Muslim become civilized barbarian in having been reformed.

Then always displayed in video and photos below, personal belongings of the beloved prophet Muhammad (saaws) who was saved in extremist of the looting of the grave of the beloved (saaws) committed by a minority lost hidden within the Wahhabis. The minority of misguided harm has all of the Wahhabi community, which at the time was handled and manipulated by those who will answer before God, because of their rebellion and by their alliance the signed 14 February 1945 having been sealed with the United States, while between the 2 blocks materialistic, needed a fundamental principle of a neutral position, just as the Switzerland had implemented this doctrine of neutrality…

Family objects located in Istanbul under the control of the secular Turkey in the Topkapi PalaceMuseum, as well as some of the hair of Muhammad (saaws) who are kept at the Al-Hussein mosque Cairo in Egypt all as confirmed by the video below called personal items of the Prophet (saaws) around the Masonic conspiracy followers of the sect of secularism, in order to remove evidence a community of Muslims to be then placed under the control of the followers of secularism, right only, for in organized tyranny, and thus install censorship by taking control of what does not belong to Masonic sects of secularism set up as a result of the hegemony decadent colonialist to the decay of the Ottoman empire in the Arabian peninsula, caused British intervention with the archaeologist and colonel in the secret services MI6 Sir Lawrence of Arabia after being British ennobled by the Royal family of Great Britain.

Personal items of the Prophet (saaws) of capital importance which were not let to be revered and adored by another community of lost are the Sufis, but only, to identify the true Mahdi, and ornament of his DNA and its genetic code, in order to compare it with that of the last beloved prophet Muhammad (saaws).

Because of the obvious evidence of coded and hidden figures shown below having been revealed in the Holy Qur’an as genetic information to identify the true Mehdi, who is only the major sign for all the misguided who split in one multitude of sects, and, to collect, gather and unite the Muslim community having been divided by the enemies of Islam in a multitude of communities, not only because of their multiple rivalries wanting to control everything to dominate and imposing their wishes, including in particular the hypocrites of laity and materialists who pretend to be Muslims, and which literally means subject and obedient has all the will of Allah (swt) without him Associate in his wishes, then and as always being to rebel against the authority of their creator no begot, Allah (swt) who doesn’t have a wife or concubine, which among other things the masonry on the left and right with their principle of secularism fascistic, tyrannical and oppressive, then the Zionist regime of Israel, and the franc masonry of the reformed churches Protestant evangelicals Pro-Zionist and anti-Muslim sentiment from the American continents, European, Asian and African who have nothing angelic in their policy for the evangelization of the Muslim lands, including those of the African continent, then those of Iraq, to Afghanistan, Palestine, etc…

The information genetics encrypted transmitted in the noble Quran there are more than 1400 years by the coded language with the number 22 which gave the name to the Sura 43 Az-Zuhruf (ornament), who is none other than our D.N.A. ornament made up of 22 pairs of similar male chromosomes then differentiated and numbered on the karyotypes of 1 to 22 which the image below shows the karyotype of an individual of the human male, with a 23second pair of chromosomes sex X and Y in women who don’t look alike, in being put away from the 22 pairs of autosomes, because this 23rd pair of chromosomes is the result of different mother, knowing that he exsite a hadith of the Prophet well liked (saaws) who says that we are all born of the same father, and that only our surrogate mothers are different.

The 22 pairs of autosomes being the hereditary material of the cell that is sent of cell by cell, and from generation to generation by being necessary to the identification of the true Mahdi whose blessed emigration started in year 1 of the Hegira, with for countdown, the calendar of the Hegira, marking the beginning of the real emigration blessed in the direction of the West by his Gregorian calendar of the year 622 of the Christian era.

The figure of the 22 pairs of male chromosomes from father to son and from generation to generation defining our personality (mind) in being transmitted by a single sperm among billions of sperm chosen by the will of Allah the all majestic which will define our personality (mind) breathed on the 40th day of the ovulation of the 23 pairs of chromosomes from our mother in addition, because of our genetic heritage that is transmitted from generation to generation, from father to son, so that 9 months later is development to the world a child come to maturity reached has his term of its development with a destiny by the Eternal God, after having procreated in 3 darkness by opposition has a child premature born 6 months later not being reached the end of its development at the end of month of pregnancy requiring placement in an incubator…

The ornamental sign of the 22 pairs of male chromosomes defining our genetic DNA that is passed from generation to generation by the 9 or 6 month of pregnancy of our surrogate which are determined by the most beneficent, the most merciful, and that in a language hidden then encoded having been handed down in the where the numbers are the basis of the universal language that the gifted with intelligence and knowledge of hadiths can see with their eyes, not only with the 9th month of Ramadan calendar Lunar, the period sacred or was descended the Holy Quran in a union with the 9th September of the solar calendar, which is none other than the date of birth of the true Mahdi born in one of the 22 regions administrative French, but especially around the 40 figure who was none other than the age of Muhammad (saaws) when the Prophet (saaws) received the first revelation, in relationship with the age of the mahdi that he acquired in 2006 where the road to Jerusalem (Al-Alqsa) he was barred by the enemies of humanity: the Zionists and their accomplices evangelicals and lay very anti-religious people, with 1947, created Israel by their resolution 181 of the United nations.

And the conspiracy of Zionists children of Israel and all of its Protestant allies of the Pro-Zionist reformed churches which are very famous and well known for their manicheene vision and anti-Islamic, is be not only related to the chapter 1947 but also and especially on that of The ISLAM and the faith of this Web site, and after that these conspirators have set up Barack Obama Prosecutor secretly the same policy of the previous administrations, with the aim that administrations North American (USA and Canada, and recently followed all their allies lay African) impose their hegemonic on the their new world will give to the new world order, and especially on the Muslim world with their resolution 181 of the United Nations having been ratified between the 33 plotters and their 13 allied to abstentionistes, with their head, the United Protestant and reform which is none other than the father of this fascist summer of Israel very Anti-Islamic.

Before then, and at the time the Lord of the universe, it is a return to the origins of the family of the great family of Islam (Ahl al-bayt) due to hidden and coded surah 22 language Al-hajj (the pilgrimage) scheduled around the Ka’aba who located the genetic rally by the rite of the Tawaf that takes place around the Holy House, the first temple of humanity built by Adam) ( aws).

With evidence about the number 9 having around a language as coded and hidden transmitted to the 9th verse of the “Inscription” cipher (the) accounting or the cipher) corresponding to the 22ND verse of surah Al-Khaf, who is none other than the process of the resurrection because of relativity General space time, so to join the list of the 22 countries of Arabic that is shown below by the rite of the pilgrimage of the Sura 22 who will be on a land where sacred to find the qibla (the sacred family house of the Ka’aba) by a union of the 22 September into the land of birth of last Prophet Muhammad (saaws) Arabia, and across the country of birth of one who is not one-eyed received light to be reformed, and that is none other than the France divided into 22 regions around its 22th day of birth a certain 9th of September which is none other that the date of the national holiday of theSaudi Arabia where on a land blessed of Allah za wajal lies places Saints of Islam where for 22 long years, and from the 26th of ramadan of the year 610 after Jesse, began the first revelation took place in the cave of Hira transmitted by the Archangel Gabriel (Perakletos) until the death of the good loved Periklitos who is none other than Muhammad (saaws) died on 8 June 632 after I cu by the transmission of the dazzling light of the Archangel Gabriel (aws) is none other than the shining truth that needs no flying objects anti gravity to appear and disappear to a visible world to an invisible world in order to transmit a book full of truth, wisdom and meditation.

Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Morocco (one and indivisible), Algeria, Tunisia, Libya , Mauritania, Egypt, Sudan, Somalia, Djibouti, Yemen, Oman, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, and especially Abu Dhabi and Dubai , forming 2 separate due to 2 major political independent States by having 2 market, which places one in Dubai and the other in Abu Dhabi

The book where the numbers are the basis of the universal language for communication between all the prophets, between all the messengers of God, from different languages, because of a transmission that has developed through time and on the dimension of the space until the day of the great gathering of humanity.

The nation of Islam Arabic of the Holy Land with his national flag of green color (in photo below) on which is the sword of the holy war that needs to be done against evil, injustice and the manipulations that are spread all over the world, and on which it is entered the Ach qualifies (the testimony of faith) of A believer ‘ jamiy (Not Arabic) listed on the green color of paradise for those who will follow the Mahdi who is none other than the hidden imam, and which at the time wanted by Allah soubbhana Allah who is without partner (es), will be recognized during his pilgrimage to retrieve the 3Rd place Saint of Islam of the Al-Aqsa Mosque placed under the control of the materialistic plans that humilent and deprive all a Universal Islamic community to pray in the mosque of Al-Aqsa Holy place that belongs to Muslims around the world, the Universal Islamic community that is regardless of race, language where nationality.

When the armies or the killers lay Arab or non-Arab, see that you are having the temptation to kill or stop the Mahdi (Al A’jamiy / non Arabic) and that you be in the pay of anyone, beware, because your hands men where your armies will be swallowed up to know who you were promised the eternal hell, and, just like confirms an authentic hadith narrated by Sheikh Mohammed hassan on the video which is i itle Hadiths on Al-mahdi located earlier in this chapter.

So finally the Mahdi who is none other that the Mehdi that soon will be recognized by all during his hajj can with assistance and by the grace of the Lord of the universe (swt) recover peacefully this peace with as the only holy place weapon in our hands, in our hearts and in our souls, our Ark of the Covenant with the word of Allah (swt) who is none other than the Holy Quran (last book revealed to humanity ) ) making a green and peaceful March which will take place from Mecca, to collect all Muslim lands through Israel and Jerusalem, to remetre large Khalifat (including Israel Palestine ) to the children of Islam…

And that, in taking this holy place of Islam’s Jerusalem containing the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and after Jerusalem have been tainted by the Zionist regime being set up, not only by the fascism of secularism, then by evangelicals very proselyte and very aggressive in the lands of Islam, while the Holy City was destined to the real community having been chosen by the Eternal God, in a sign having chosen amongst this people Arab, one of them as a Messenger of God: Muhammad El-Rasul (saaws) ), above all, after that this community has been deprived of this holy place is the Al-Aqsa Mosque, by preventing a portion of the population to go pray, after have been terrorized, belittled and humiliated by the economic and financial blockade successsif that are preceded with the other, in order to submit an entire people to the whims of the enemies of humanity, but with the complicity of the West bringing her supports financial in the construction of a wall of shame.

For finally hands the keys of Jerusalem over to the sons of Islam who belong has all the universal races and pray in this place having been confiscated by the Zionist regime. Universal ethnicities belonging has the Muslim community who will preserve the 3 holy places of Islam as the true religion of Islam, be where not to be an Arab, this has never been a breed history and even less a matter of ethnicity, but a universal mix of several breeds that come together and unite within a single religion of Islam, the religion that makes no difference between races, nations, and languages, except for one difference so to join what God commands to unite… The great Muslim nation of Islam which does not associate anything or anyone to Allah who is submissive and obedient to the wishes of Allah za wajal (swt) and Ibrahim (SAS) was the more example, when as believing “Muslim” submissive and obedient to the will of Allah, he mated with Hagar the Egyptian (may Allah be pleased with her) to engender Ismail (aws), and which by After Ibrahim (saws) saw in a dream (in his mind) sacrificed his only son, who represents the humanity of the human race from the nation of Islam that is submissive and obedient to the wishes of your ala Allah soubbhana Allah wajal who was replaced by a RAM za descended from Paradise by the Archangel Gabriel (aws)…

Finally, Muslims in the future to preserve the Holy places of Islam Al-Quds 3 , Medina and Mecca, and until the return of the true Messiah Issa (aws), but from the time of the appearance of the false Messiah misleading very materialistic of the Zionists, Evangelicals, policies, the laity, materialists and the disbelievers coming following a contraction of time and space, a place rock (of a mountain chain located in the North East of the Syria and North West of the Iraq) in order to prevent it from getting a inside the 3 holy places, and from the description given by the Porphete Muhammad (saaws), the false Messiah misleading (very curly) frizzy hair, it is small in size, of strong build with one eye open and the other closed, while walking with his legs apart.

And, waiting to be sent back in the past, at the time of the horses and swords, up to the return of the true Messiah (aws), which once the misleading false Messiah will be killed by the true Messiah (aws) in being joined at the door of Lodd, then the Gog and Magog from their time flood over the entire surface of the Earth.

And if really you’re looking for knowledge and knowledge, then not only, direct you to chapter 1947 but also and especially to the 7th page of the chapter the scientific evidence of the Holy Quran of this Web site, and Inch’Allah, if your mind is open enough and you have enough light to understand, then you will understand the defeat awaiting all the enemies of Islam, similarly, that all allies who will have no helper against God’s punishment.

Because it’s Flash of Thunder that is only a reminder for all the stray broadcast video more low in this chapter which is entitled Al-Fatiha and Islam-2012, is that the recall of the wrath of Allah, the Lord of the universe directly for all the lost, but above all, the small servants of the shaytane (Devil) who are hiding in the West and North Africa in having associated Allah with Iblis, by their conduct towards non Muslims, as well as those who aren’t small tyrants of religious extremists and nationalists frustrated good apprentices to be material and temporal, considered superior to others, but which are only of rebel sheep frustrated level social society, because of their rivalries, incurred the wrath of Allah (swt), those who want to put to fire and sword the whole world, and all by partnering with za wajjal Allah who is no partner (es), but above all, combining the majestic, with Satan (Iblis) banned Allah!

While Allah the very majestic, is not associated with (es) with anyone, nor to put an end to his own creation, nor to place some crowned heads where to overthrow a world order that would not comply with his wishes, while wanting to build buildings of building very high, being lame and poorly dressed feet in the face of the Western superpower that would hesitate for a second to use the weapon nuclear in order to protect its system and lifestyle, and everything as they did in Japan in 1945 , also for the enlightened as to the lost, here are the hadith authentic Saheeh of Muhammad (saaws) concerning the signs of the hour, and which according to Omar Ibn Al-Khattab companion of the Prophet and 2nd Caliph of Islam (may Allah the authorized), in a hadith narrated below which is derived from the book of imam An-Nawawi (40 hadiths) then translated by A.K. Kinani and A. Valsan published by Dar Al-Koran Al-Kareem in Beirut, for some lost in there exercising and partiquant tyranny any of religion by Allah the exalted, the Lord of the universe that is not associated with anyone…

«One day we were sitting with the Envoy of Allah, here is what appeared to us a man with vivid white clothes and hair an intense darkness, no visible trace of travel on him, none of us knew him.» He came and sat down in front of the Prophet (saaws), placed his knees against his and placing the palms of his hands on her 2 thighs, he said to him: O Muhammad (saaws)! Informs me about the hour, the Prophet (saaws) said: “the questioned didn’t know any more than those interviewing him.» The man then asked: What are the warning signs ? “It is said the Prophet (saaws), when the maid will bring his mistress and when you’ll see the patres (shepherds who are other than religious guides ). “( ) poor, barefoot and badly dressed compete in the building of high buildings .

Here above, the man went, as for me “Omar Ibn Al – Khattab”, I stood a moment. Then the Prophet (saaws) asked me: “O Omar ! do you know who questioned ? ” I replied: “Allah and sent her know more.” This is Jibril (Archangel Gabriel peace be upon him) said the Prophet (saaws), who came to teach you your religion”

And all these signs, they are in front of you, from Afghanistan to the Gulf passing through the Iraq, but without forgetting the origin of all this modernity, the rights of the man who calls the humnaite rebellion, chaos and anarchy, then then comes the extremism of the freedom which inevitably is followed by decadence and retrograde, the philosophies of non-believers peoples see infidels who come from the Western world and who does not believe has the existence of evil in the pervert of the spirits, with first place where the United States with its culture of liberal extremism, followed by the human rights of the extremism of the French secularism, where the servant brings his mistress that hidden, in a language means that the child becomes the mistress of his mother giving him orders, and everything by rebelling against the authority of his parents, either in front of the justice of men in private life, which she (mother), in turn becomes a slave to his daughter after putting in the world, by the orders that the mother receives her daughter, which inevitably becomes a world upside down, that of the depravity of mind, for a philosophy born of this world of left and far left teaching rebellion in high schools, places by teachers who love manifest in the street with their students, through brainwashing, which in the Islamic world, is totally contrary to the will of Allah za wajal, because of the evidence brought in the Holy Quran which is broadcast below, and this, has title callback for this rebellious youth and aggressive manipulated by the world of politics of left, similarly, by the materialistic world that divides families and humanity.

Holy Qur’an : Sura 6 Al – year ‘Year’ am/verse 151
say: “come, I will recite what your Lord has prohibited: Don’t associate anything;” and be beneficial to your father and mother. Kill not your children because of poverty. We feed you all like them. Stay away from the turpitude openly, or secretly. Don’t kill that in all fairness the life that Allah has made sacred. That’s what (Allah) recommended you to do; Maybe you’ll understand – you.

But be careful about the rest of this verse on “don’t kill that in fairness life that Allah has made sacred“, za wajal Allah also says in the Holy Quran that a pardon is much better , as he proved you below by the Holy Word of Allah soubbhana Allah your ala za wajal, because this wisdom of forgiveness is part of religion Islamic is one of the characters and the attractions of Islamic morality.

Quran : Sura 42 Ach’ Shura (consultation) /verset 40
“the sanction of a bad action is a bad action [sentence] identical.” But whoever forgives and reform, his salary is up to Allah. He does not love the unjust! »

Quran : surah 42 Ach’ Shura (the consultation) /verset 43
and who endure and forgive, that in truth, done.” part of the goodwill and the resolution in the business. »

Contrary to misguided and ignorant of any edge, for everything they have and hide in their heart and their soul, because of their aggressiveness, their race to a obtrenir easy material riches, but also and especially, because of their wickedness and their hatred which is known iVIS of their own tyranny, then because of their intolerance and them no respect for property and of the people, and the vast majority is part of black African ethnicity who was born in the West, one that eventually show the view all and all , and by their own behaviors and words their aggressiveness, their taste for the materialistic side which won’t last, their wickedness, their hatred, their tyranny, but also and above all, their intolerance and them no respect for property and of the people who don’t not share their philosophy, is betraying themselves at the sight of all and all posing for Muslims, and if really you believe has the existence of evil, d ela manipulation and the perversity of spirit that exists in each other in you prompting to do evil by their own provocations, then there also, head to the 12th page of the scientific evidence of the Holy Quran to this Web Site, in order to see them, by the warning and the caveat having been transmitted on Earth to the last Messenger of God with the Holy Word of Allah soubbhana Allah wajal za which is broadcasted to you below…

Qur’an : Sura 7 Al-Araf/verses 196 to 200
“while my master, it is Allah who has sent down the book (Quran).» It’s him who takes over (protection) of the virtuous. “And those whom you invoke besides him are able to rescue you or to rescue themselves.” And if you call them to the straight path, they do not hear. You see them looking at you, (but) they do not. Accepts what we offer you reasonable, order what is suitable and walk away ignorant. And if ever the devil encourages you to do evil, seek refuge with Allah. Because he hears, and know everything”

Then in a warning from the punishment of God had been transmitted to the final Messenger Muhammad (saaws) for all the provocateurs, then all the lost of any confused ethnic group and of all who are born within the community Muslim, who beseech the Lord of the universe in order to return to Earth to make only good for all humanity, and not only, to its only communitarian ethnicity, this is the sacred word of the Lord of the universe displayed below which is not taken lightly by the unjust, then especially by provocateurs…

Quran : surah 42 Ach’ Shura (the consultation) /versets 44-45-46
and whoever Allah astray has no protector after him. However, you’ll see the unjust say, seeing the punishment : “is there a way to return [ [ on Earth] ?” And you see them exposed in front of hell, confused in the debasement, and looking a furtive glance, while those who have vintage will say :“The losers are of course, those who make their own loss and their families on the day of the Resurrection”. The wrong-doers there is certainly a permanent torment. They won’t have a protector from Allah to rescue them and whoever Allah astray has more no way. »

Then the censorship, the recall and the warnings for a return to the origins of ISLAM

Then also, I tells people who go on this Web site, that currently and by very draconian laws, censorship takes place on Dailymotion by impostors hidden in Dailymotion in order to censor information, so it’s for this reason that all the videos from this site Internet is on Youtube, your tube which is none other than that of true democracy and true freedom of expression which is not subject to the powerful lobbies of tyrants secular, atheistic, or fascists and Islamophobes who pretend to be victims and those who intend to rule evil, chaos, anarchy, hatred, violence, crime, delinquency, organized crime, lies, tyranny, oppression and censorship for centuries and centuries.

Then this website was not created to spread and to spread evil, lies and perversity of mind each and the others by their own behaviors and their own words by posing as victims , or even this website was not created to spread anarchy, chaos, censorship and tyranny advocated by the worshippers of the devil having incurred the wrath of Allah, and that unfortunately today is be philosophies doomed to destruction, to the chaos, in the rebellion, anarchy, war, hatred, which are contrary to the Islamic religion of Islam in is being spread in every community to have not followed the teachings of the Prophet (saaws) Ahmmad as well as those of all the prophets (aws), and this, in order to avoid the long-awaited by the cabal of Illuminati opportunity to implement their tyranny (the obscanrutistes hidden in the darkness of Islam ).

Similarly, this Web site is not created to create fitna (division), and which unfortunately has already been created by the grace of a community with ritual practices belonging to the materialistic cult of the blind eye (ad-dajjal), that’s just jealousy, lust for power, hate, sorcery, materialistic wealth $of rivalries, censorship and tyranny in a community that had been unified.

But this website has been created to denounce and to demonstrate evidence that evil was eventually dominate the world of individuals not having no morality, no wisdom in being plunged into a race to the pride, the pride, the Exhibitionism, the wealth material, political and financial, the world perverted minds who pretend to be victims (what they are not and you never been). Similarly, that this Web Site was created in order to demonstrate and to denounce the perverse and devastating this globalization effects being spread in the community.

And all this of course, not only by the observation of the world of the reality that we all around and that only reflects only a very sad reality, drawing the spirituality transmitted in the Holy Qur’an, but also in the authentic hadiths of the Prophet well liked Muhammad (saaws).

And this, to warn all the communities against the sects, esoteric and mystical marabouts, of Sufis, Shia and much else, like for example against secular sects in Muslim land, then against these obscurantists who call themselves the Sahabi As in being plunged into darkness of Islam has no spiritual wisdom with their own interpretations of gloomy religion, all these communities sectarian against which I put in garde d epar their rivalries and who pass for what they will never themselves (loyal to the Lord) with for some, because of their ritual practices of sorcery and esoteric and mystical invocation of spirits, and for others, through their practice of tyranny and their hatred placed in their heart they know hide, and combining the Eternal God with Iblis (satan), because at the time when the Lord of the universe asked, an eternal painful punishment come to them with certainty and attendance, with a warning for each title and others, here are 6 verses below that their are intended and that are verifiable to surah 56 Al-Waqi’a (event) in a sign of a terrifying day, so that all together, they meditate on these same verses, in order to quickly return to the right direction of a single religion of Islam, to beg the forgiveness of Allah za wajal and reform on the right direction so that his pardon is granted…

Holy Quran : surah 56 Al-Waqi’ (event – title shot of verse 1) a /versets 10-16
the first (to follow the orders of Allah)”. on Earth( ) are the ones who will be the first (in the hereafter(). These are closest to Allah in the gardens of delight, a multitude of the elect among the first [generations ] [ ], and a small number among the last [generations]on ornate beds [gold and] jeweled], is leaning and facing each other. »

The hadiths that today ‘ today we can contemplate all around us, and after that the latter have been left by his closest companions for all mankind, which particularly by the 4 first kalifes of Islam in being known as the Ar-Rachidun were 4 Orthodox Governors of Islam (Allah gear all), and that their names are in the order of their shown below, and this, by the order of Allah had been transmitted in verse 38 of surah Ash-Shura 42 ( ) ( dialogue or consultation) which is shown below, the very important verse of the Holy Qur’an, which highlights the fundamental democratic and constitutional of the Muslim community, and this, through a community consultation regarding all matters that govern the Muslim community.

“who answered the call of their Lord, perform the Salat, shall consult with each other about their business, spend of what we give them”

The real Ash-Shura (democracy) having been set up by the 4 first kalifes Ar-Rachidun designated below, and were no other than pious Muslims As-sahabi, honest, without no depravity of mind, while being true believers, and above all, submitted to Allah alone without him associate, the 4 first Kalifes of guided Islam who were liars or cheaters, thieves or corrupt, or some corrupters, nor swindlers, tyrants and even less censors, and this, for fear of the last judgment, unlike the usurpers who acyuellment in the past and have leading Muslim countries see, unlike the obscurantists of tyrants who in the past have led the Afghanistan, the same obscurantists who now intend to lead the Afghanistan, and tomorrow the world whole by their Satanic tyranny by combining their tyrannical ideology at the time of the jâhilîya with the Eternal God…

Abu Bakr died in 634 (Allah the authorized and may Allah be pleased with him), Omar Ibn El-Khattab assassinated in 644 (Allah the authorized and may Allah be pleased of) “him), Othman he also murdered in 656 (Allah the authorized and may Allah be pleased with him) who in addition, Othman, the Commander of the faithful is known for the famous Vulgate of Othman after establishing the text final of the Qur’an, and this, as we know it today, then Ali (the authorized Allah and may Allah be pleased with him) who not only Ali and Muhammad (saaws) were like brothers having been high set by Abu Talib, but also the cousin and son-in-law of the Prophet (saaws), Ali who was like the 2 previous Kalifes, he also murdered in 657 ad by the sect dissenting from the Khawaridjes, and this, following dissent (fitna) Moawiya become subsequently 5th Caliph and founder of the Umayyad, and this dynasty. After you have transferred the capital from Medina to Damascus, in 678 he proclaims his son Yazid as heir of his office questioning the principle of elective of the Caliphate that was established by Abu Bakr (see map of the Umayyad empire to 750 below), and this, before being overthrown by the Abbasid (750-1258) dynasty founded by Abu Al-‘Abbas Al-Saffah, daughter of ‘ Abbas and uncle of Prophet Muhammad (saaws), the dynasty of Abbasid who also experienced economic prosperity and the height of the arts and letters with the creation of the post of vizier (role of advisers or Minister with), then the application of her charria everything by making Baghdad the capital instead of Damascus…

But before that and if you are not blind, blind and deaf in not being immersed in ignorance by those who directs you and you manipulate, and if you do not want stay in ignorance to seek the knowledge, because of your own free will, and your willingness to do the research needed to acquire this knowledge having been sent to the last Prophet of humanity Muhammad (saaws), there are signs before runner had been transmitted in the noble Hadith…

And, as a result of the many provocations and manipulations that occurred with respect to the community of believers, it not the provocateurs of Communists, neoconservatives, Zionists, evangelicals, Socialists, anarchists, lay, atheists and unbelievers who love cause that should never cause, Wait, Watch and See the lost left, extreme left and other provocateurs of the traditionalist right, because the God dislikes all the cult of the doomed Devil provocation, the disorder and the chaos on land in order to divide the Muslims, just as it is stated has Sura Al-Baqarah verse 205 broadcast 2 below for makers of disorder is known as warning of a humiliating punishment.

Holy Quran : surah Al-baqarah (the cow) 205 /verset 2
“as soon as he turns back, he travels the land to sow disorder and ransack culture and livestock. And Allah loves [hubb] not the disorder. »

So that non Muslims who don’t speak the Arabic language can without any constraint and freedom, go freely and peacefully in Islam, without making the enemies of Islam, so that Al-Mahdi Mountadar, which is Al A’jami y , which in French means no Arab and in the hadith transmitted in coded language Al-Ajamiy is not Arabic, it is appearance Arabic being original Oriental, Adriatic and Occidental, where the term there still Imam hidden, so not only, to unite the Islamic community, then to restore true Islamic nation with the real governance religious spirituality of Islam from the beloved prophet Muhammad (saaws), and, following the multiple falsifications and manipulations of all kinds, because the direction of a nation in the land of Islam is inseparable and inseparable from the Muslim religion, and those who go against this direction, then they become enemies of the religion, the messengers, Angels and of God, the Lord of the universe, so for the fans If this message is not enough clear by pretending to not understand anything and everything by changing the shape of the writings has its own advantage.

Above all, divide the community through corruption, as this practice of corruption promotes inequality of traitrement, the injustices, jealousies and divisions set up by the world of the policy of the anti-religious with their principle of secularism, but above all, by the enemies of Islam !

If all in being together with the other, preaching not the religion of truth, righteousness and honesty, they don’t want to fall in disbelief at the side of the unbelievers, same those who by false accusations and by arms, will fight other Muslim s, and this, whatever their language, their race and their nation, especially after the unbelievers and the impostors of manipulators who pretend to be Muslims have created the fitna between the religious world and these leaders, because the 2 hadiths of the Prophet (saaws) who are below. with the first which is references No. 1559 in having received the consensus of all Muslim scholars, located at page 730 in Riyadh are-Saliheen’s police station book “gardens of the” virtue“of Yahya Ibn Sharaf Ed-DIN An-Nawawi to editions universal.

Ibn Mas’oud (Allah the authorized) reported that the Prophet (saaws) said: “insult the Muslim is impiety, and fight of disbelief “”

Then for the second the chapter 90 and page 371 by the hadith that received consensus which is references by No. 698 and according to Djarir Ibn Abdullah (Allah the Chartered) has reported this: “ The Messenger of Allah (saaws) ordered me, during the farewell pilgrimage, of asking people to observe the silence and listen to his sermon“.” Then he said : don’t become disbelievers, after my death (saaws) in you show .”

Now you’ve been warned by 2 authentic hadiths that received consensus, those you can check you even, you have the references above .

But on the other hand, when contemplate you Muslims who do not take the right direction, and if they are not murder innocent lives not guilty of corruption on Earth, as example the killers of Al Qaëda networks and any other kamikaze, but on condition that the enemies of Islam (the West) not these assassins are fighting, especially, after manipulating to harm has Islam, it is possible to bring to reason, only by peaceful and religious arguments, and without combat them by weapons, or even without lifting the sword against brothers of the same religion, and this, because of freedom of expression and without be fought by tyrants who would like to take away this right is inalienable and non-negotiable of the freedom of expression by not following the Sunnah, and after kissing the laws of secularism, of even those who have the intention to combat other brothers of the same religion, because every people has the right has its autodeterminatio n by democracy which is not subject to the powerful lobbies of minorities who murder true democracy, because of the principle of secularism by installing a tyranny in order to censor the religious and the truth of light who don’t like so much to each and other.

Especially after the anti-religious and the enemies of Islam have manipulated, exploited and used of Islam, Wahhabism and Salafism, not only against the Communist invasion of the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, but above all by the Suite, or this terrorist threat was directed against the capitalism of the by the 9/11 after using in Afghanistan in the years 80, as well as at the end of the 90s against the National Socialism Serbian Slobodan Milosevic in Kosovo, as well as in Chechnya against Russia of Mr Putin, hidden in the shadow of the puppet what Mr. Medvedev, and, for all the $ materialism that these minorities of materialists of today have found from empires whose Imperial emblems are displayed below, empires in need of resources of energy contents that are hidden in the slot floor each and others. all being responsible nuclear genocide committed on children of Islam, one that you can contemplate the evidence that are displayed in chapter nuclear Genocide of this website committed voluntarily has large scale by empires represented their respective Eagles that are displayed in photo below, but after that the Zionists are posing as victims of some and others while accusing the other’s nuclear threat has against the Iraq and today the Iran, or terrorist threat created by Uncle Sam who feels blessed, not only to manipulate, exploit and divide…

This fascist to Isarael which will disappear from the surface of the middle and Near East, being replaced by a single State of Palestine, and State, with Jerusalem as capital one and indivisible in the Muslim world (submissive and obedient to the) wishes of the highest Allah), unlike the children of Israel being rebel against God’s wishes, and, after creating this fascist State which has nothing to do with one any modernism, and still less with democracy any where the corruption of politicians held and takes place via the world of affairs prevailing has all levels, because no one is eternal, except God alone, and she or he who believes the opposite, including the superpowers American, Russian, European Union and China, then he or she may not be as an infidel, an unbeliever, an impostor or a materialist atheist.

And Yes, you find today this symbol of global dominatione adopted by the Western empire with headed the United States joined by all its allies all over the Pact theNATO, he is also the representation of the rule of the Russian empire on a large part of Asia and a will of rivalry with the West and domination over the rest of the world, just like the Eagle that was adopted by Napoleon Bonaparte in photo below, and as one that was adopted by the nazis with Adolf Hitler in photo below, you will also notice and as described in the chapter 1947 by irrefutable evidence except for the Kafirounes, the alliance between tyrants, including the fascists of Ba’athists who pretend to be musulamns with the imperial Eagle from Nazi tyranny.

And that at the time of the Prophet Jesus (aws) the imperial Eagle was none other than the representation of the rule of the empire Roman on the world at the time, the Eagle of the empire Romain represented on one of his coins in photo below,. and that was other than the planning of oppression and tyranny on the religious world of the time, the oppression and the tyranny which was the same one today practiced on the religious world, but especially on the true religion which has not been altered then doctored “of Muslims” by disinformation, unless of course the method has changed, but the principle is still the same, and that, in order to control the wealth of raw materials so that these tyrants can not only preserve their throne in having it installed by powerful lobbies pro New Deal, but above all, their system of injustice, tyranny and oppression in the Muslim world, the New deal due to their imperialist alliance only they and they want for centuries and centuries.

Around the eye symbol eye of Horus representing the eye of the Falcon in mythology God Egyptian who is none other than the representation of the imperial Eagle adopted by the religious anti, by the anti Islamic and Muslim anti, then by imposters you believing that they believe in the existence of God, while they same, and more deep in their belief they do not, because these impostors believe and do believe the existence of extra terrestrial life that would have created life on Earth, allusion made Frank aus Masons hidden in the vatican and those who are looking for an extra terrestrial life in space, dailleurs if you really want to understand something has this satanic conspiracy, and when you read this chapter, then head on this website 1947 chapter, who is none other than the link between Roswell and the masonry to which Barack Obama also belongs to the 32nd degrees at the lodge of Prince Hall Mason, whose emblem is displayed in photo below located tclose out of the University of Harvard, one in which Barack Obama studied, because of this obvious evidence of his speech posted on his speech on the subject of the war in Iraq that took place on December 28, 2007 in the city of monks (Iowa) in front of the Center Scots of the Masonic rites directly attached a the Grand Masonic Lodge of Great Britain.

Then with among others the symbol of the Eagles, that comes in the turmoil of the dragon of Imperial China which is often used as being the term of “descendants of the dragon” in order to designate the materialistic world of thought unique to the cult of personality born philosophies Communist and Socialist Asia, the empire of the dragon which is other than one of the 2 peoples of Yajuj and Majuj who will be carried away by bird has long neck (See the end of the chapter to the end of the world for good understanding, if really you are a believer), the dragon of the Asian masonry which is none other than the representation of the power and the eternity of Imperial China with these intentions war to dominate the world while devouring all raw, as the representation of the American Eagles, then those of Russia and their allies respective competing block against block, see ideology against ideology wanting to dominate the world, and, in order to control the wealth of material first for the good of their people, and corrupt in the country of Islam, these same blocks totalitarian put in place leaders of tyrants while relying on totalitarian and nationalist ideologies who kidney to do with true Islam, either through coups d ‘ état to set up tyranny and censorship, with a title an example for the Sudan, the Omar the tyrant military and genocidal implementation then protected by the Chinese dragon, where either through a deceptive democracy which as a prostitute of Babylon to sell to the powerful lobbies associative very anti-religious, as It is unfortunately the case in Morocco, in Algeria, in Tunisia, in Libya, see as in Turkey under the principle of secularism.

The dragon who in Chinese and Asian in General, spirituality is none other than a sign of ethnic identity a racist connotation in order to lead humanity, while no is melengeant not with other ethnic groups, only for reduce has modern and feudal slavery other lower races has Asians, but for the good material of the population being at the top and for the Chinese population, contrary to the religion of Islam or all ethnic groups are collected for the good being spiritual and material of all and all, without distinction of ethnic groups and belonging has a social layer any by a fair and equitable sharing of all the leisures, also of spiritual and material, as one without the other are inseparable.

Besides, and as evidence, in China, the dragon always inspires a lot of respect in Chinese culture. It is a taboo to dishonour a representation of the dragon ; thus, officiated by Nike advertising campaign, featuring the player of basketball LeBron James, who killed a dragon ( ( as if it broke the figure to an old master of Kung Fu), was immediately censored by the Chinese Government after a public outcry noting irreverence to the dragon.

Ummah of Islam where Chinese imperialism took possession of your lands and your raw with the help of the tyrants who rules you. By Allah, Islam Ummah wake up! Because you have not been elected and chosen by Allah by receiving the revelation of the Holy Quran to become the slaves of these 3 empires implementing their new deal of their new world order, are common with the Iran and the Syria alliance .

Especially after other minorities which are only heads crowned with the U.C.K. Kosovo, Ramzan Kadyrov in Chechnya, then those of the Maghreb , Kuwait, the Qatar, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates having been set up no democratically by 7 totalitarian regimes that are reported to the new world order chapter in the Evangelical form of 7 heads crowned, while manipulating and censuring the religious has some fine materialialistes against 7 regimes of imperialistic tyranny and oppression represented by the imperial Eagle, who is none other than the policy of the Illuminati in the service of the Antichrist.

SURAH AL-FATIHA (the opening or the PROLOGUE )

Holy Qur’an : Sura 42 Ash-Shura (the consultation) /verset 13
it has legislated you in matters of religion, that he had directed to Noah, what we have revealed to you ( “. Muhammad saaws“), as well as what we enjoined on Abraham, Moses and Jesus: “establish religion; and are not a matter of division“.” What you call the idolaters seems huge. Allah elects and close him who he wants and guide towards him who repents. »

It has legislated you in matters of religion :
the one of peace, of justice, impartiality and truth being honest and without any perversity of mind, religion which is and will be that the unique philosophy approved by the all merciful !

With this caveat to all the lost of all religious communities, around the Holy surah Al-Fatiha transmitted with the 19 letters of the Basmallah which is only the prologue or the opening of the Holy Quran with the 7 all repeated them astray from the right path together where individually recite 5 times a day, see for the less pious, once again in the week (Friday ), including criminals representing that a tiny minority of the Wahhabis and Salafis who have nothing of salaf, especially, when we kill innocent people in order to serve the cause of enemies of Islam who want to destroy this wonderful religion of truth that the enemies of Islam are unwilling to accept.

But above all, the more hypocritical community who call themselves musulsmans, materialists who worship the cult of the world of finance and banks who pretend to be believers, the imposters who are that some nationalists and frustrated materialists of the good material being who worship the cult of a politician for their well being individual and to that of their small family plate individualistic and selfish, having the eyes more larger than the belly and teeth well sharpened as cannibals to devour everything, imposters that personally, I would compare because of their philosophy, not only to the Zionists, but also and especially to the evangelists which capitalist doctrine relies on the Judeo-Christian Protestant thought.

The corrupt good material being thirsty all being thirsty power to best dictate and impose their will on the rest of the world and mankind immersed in a deceptive democracy who sell to the powerful lobbies, to take advantage of the manna financial and well be material that they have provided by nations rich and powerful within a new globalized world order which is that of the imposture and disbelief makes rivalries, while being immersed in a race to riches material and energy that distracts them and who takes away them years light of Islam by focusing on life material on Earth down here, including lay people, the nationalists, frustrated with society and policies that are in the world in being of Arabic descent, the hypocrites who call themselves believers, but who ultimately are only the corrupt thirsty for power, driving financial and material within this globalization of the new world order.

The repeated 7 and in an exclusive cult of worship which must be dedicated exclusively to the Lord and without anything associate with, the Lord who is not especially associated with the dark side of the murders where of the race for power, of trade, of finance where the policy that perverted the peaceful spirit of the Muslim because of their rivalry in a decadent and backward society system located within a new world, and order is only an attack on the dignity and the centrality of the human being within a materialistic and individualistic society that is just made of rivalries and farms.

Quite simply, because some lost in the community have only learned from the Holy Koran, which the material on Earth down here rewards but interested these misguided, have they not observed that evil has spread all over the world because of the blessing of the United States who thinks blessed by Allah with his God bless the United States of America on the advice of this powerful Satanic Zionist lobby AIPAC American, while it is not on the laws of Islam, the sunnah and the charriah dividing the community around the race for material wealth, military, financial and political in their new order World of rivalries between individuals and ethnic communitarian blocks (white, Hispanic, black, Asian, Hindu, etc…).

Therefore, the lost good be material, stop dreaming was the American Dream, because the reward is not and will never on Earth down here, except of course, for those whose heart and mind was leaning toward the balance of the material while away from spiritualitede Islam and the laws and fundamental principles of the Sunnah that has nothing do with the laws and principles of secularism, as materialism at one end, so that the spirit, he has a beginning for not having end in led forever to the in the past, because the real prize will be on the day of last judgment. Quite simply, because life on Earth here down is only ephemeral for a passage to eternal life of the to the past for the sole purpose of doing good deeds while being honest, fair, honest without any perversity of mind to impersonate a victim while being impartial and truthful.

As for example the materialists who are that the Laity of the community Arabic and other atheists, Agnostics who have imported into countries Muslims born and inherited from the French revolution secularism system very anti-religious, this fundamental principle between the leadership of the nation of religious worship and who perverted the peaceful spirituality of Muslims and in all reality is only that the game of the from policy very anti-religious totalitarian regimes eager bring down Sunni and Shiite Islam through the Trojan horse that is Zionism and religion of Evangelicals very proselythe in Muslim land.

The anti-religious together hand in hand with the infidels and the laity in their Masonic conspiracy worldwide, not only in order to manipulate, exploit and provoke nationalism and religious extremism of the astray from the right path, so to direct them against others lost that are atheists and other totalitarian tyrants, Communist, Socialist and capitalist or any other movement political eager pesticides the religious place in the society, because a world manipulation that into the hands of the Illuminati, powerful Zionist lobbies, astray of Islam eager move censorship and religious tyranny, as well as that of the evangelists in the United States and then to the eager Canada rebuild Solomon’s temple (aws ) ) destroyed in 70 a.d on the very foundations of the mosque of Al-Aqsa Mosque in order to appear Antichrist with frizzy hair, a holy place of the Al-Aqsa Mosque that belongs to Muslims around the world, and whose the community of Sunni Islam has been deprived of this place St. in Jerusalem, humiliated and belittled by a Zionist regime which is followed by his blind and blind sheep believing themselves to be the chosen people of the United States, and particularly, elected by Barack Obama , who as a Trojan horse was set up within the C.F.R in order to be at the service of Zionism for a Jerusalem one and indivisible under the control and under the rule of Zionist authority that divides humanity, and as evidence for the blind who don’t want more to manipulate, you can contemplate the Barack Obama speech in 1947 of this Site chapter Internet, all compploteurs and manipulators prompting voius has evil and has disobeyed the wishes of Allah (swt) in having incurred the eternal punishment of Allah (swt).

With hidden in the shadow of Barack Obama, the plotters of evangelicals who have nothing angelic in their policy for the evangelization of the Muslim lands, including that of Palestine while being very proselyte in Muslim land and on videos with a link live with Islam being followed apostates of Islam and hypocrites of materialistic lay people who are hidden in the Arab world and in Turkey, with their masonry of the Bohemian club of the neo conservatives, like for example, the current Robert Gates Secretary of State for defence has who I call has to convert to the message of Islam, and who all gathered against the world of the pan-Islamic, but that on the day of the settlement of accounts, will be chained to each other while falling from a great height , from the top of their pyramids of their new world order of unbelief and of the imposture, for making the game of the enemies of humanity, not only after the infidels, but above all, to have caused in the Muslim countries and on children of Islam, fitna, then nuclear genocide for the sake to be material from those and those which lacks nothing and who always want more.

The genocide that is censored by the media around the world, as the videos of this website which are broadcast on Dailymotion and YouTube through them to the depths of oblivion, spreading on their first home page, videos without any interest that are made to mislead your mind away from the truth, so gagging the truth, that night has all their common materialistic interests, including the truth about the nuclear genocide committed by the biggest war criminals that humanity has ever known, one that you can contemplate in chapter Genocide nuclear of this website…

And if you want to understand something about the cult of the blind eye of materialism and censorship revered by the followers of the cult of idolatry, Zionism, esotericism, mystique, evangelism, and the principle of secularism of atheists and agnostic manipulators that are the enemies of the Islamic world which can solve all the problems of humanity in order to pacify her, then head to this evidence by clicking secularism,. Atheism and Universal Declaration of human rights.

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