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Islam – The New World Order

Islam and Muslims against the secular masonry world with his Antichrist ideology which on earth take for God by his judgment, and the fire of hell wait them with their worship of the bad jinns is the association of Satan with Allah) shirk) in a common point with the close plot of plotters of dictatorial and globalist ideology (Pharaoh and his pyramids) that is revealed in the Holy Qur’an with their cult of materialism and races to the riches are UFOs and the case of Roswell prior to resolution 181 of the 33 United nations on the creation of Israel are the 33 confederates (Al Azhab) of the new world order think the plotters put up for centuries and centuries with their principle of democracy and secularism invented by the friends of the Samiri (Massih Ad-Dajjal) better known under the name of antichrist by being hostile to the true Messiah of secular and non monarchist Muslim philosophy by the cult of privatizations that puts in place slavery and global censorship against the true religion together in secular masonry (sects) who think have created God and religions, revealed as well as humanity books (Kafirine: infidels and unbelievers) with their book of the Genesis Chapter 1/verses 26 and 27 of the bible falsified by this people cursed children of israel gathered in masonry with the sect of the evangelists and Muslims fake pluto laity and monarchists who actually believe that man (humanity) was created in the image of God (man and woman) by the masonry under the devil cursed and has its supporters, while God has no wife or compagpne and nobody has seen God, much less the close angels of God (Allah), just as it is stated in this l drunk falsified by the masonry that infiltrates the religions.

Book of Genesis Chapter 1/verses 26 and 27: God said: ‘make man in our image, according to our likeness. That he is the owner of the fish of the sea, the birds of heaven, cattle, all the wild beasts and all the critters who come and go on the Earth. God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him, he created man and woman. »

The revelation of the children lie cursed Israel and the evangelists Allied monarchies Arab deceit and manipulations sounding the end of the time which is nearby and which will be followed by the judgment last of each individuals, following the big crunch of the universe which has already begun, and which in the very distant past was at the base of the first big bang (wrath of Allaah).

After not only in the very distant past wiped out a first time UFOs of beings humans that if osbtine has plotting in the shadows of power making believe has the existence of aliens after becoming hostile to the Koranic with laws the liberal thought of the economic right and contained bringing disorder and corruption on Earth, but also with the liberal thought of the political left by her feminist and gay movements bringing disorder and corruption in the land of islam or any the future of humanity had been written and predicted in a heavenly book which is with God since the creation of the first big bang following the gravitational waves created by Allah, alone, unique, and no partner (es) which was the basis of the creation of time , then the expansion of galaxies, black holes, solar systems, the grey and dark matter, planets and billions of stars in the universe, without u this big bang of the creator of the heavens and universe that is at the base of the creation of the whole p cinch humanity with his wives and his men become rebel laws Koranic after having made alliance with Satan (the cursed creature of no human form) into a secret and open war against Koranic laws.

The universal cataclysm (bing bang) which, to the sound of trumpets, hit hard by the angels submitted to the command of God, will resonate once in the entire universe by the next big bang in one spent very far away from humanity set up its expansion until the big crunch to then raise any matter, including the dust of atom and the universe and the Earth that will be leveled as a flat earth with rebellious humanity gathered in order and who has even submitted to the will of Satan.

A small rebellious humanity which eventually to play God in the creation of all things with their own laws (those of the are) but also with their UFOs of their high technology of the 21st century, also has this topic, that Muslims having the fear of judgment last lise the hadith on the signs of the end times with the poverty-stricken herdsmen (shepherds/heads of families) poorly clothed and naked feet compete in the construction of high buildings of Dubai to New York via London and Paris la Défense to achieve was the Tower of Babel illuminated by the eye of the Antichrist hidden in a UFO biding his time.

A small rebellious humanity which eventually to play God by sending of fictitious royalties (copyright) established by this cursed people are the lobbies of the children of Israel with their masonry Masonic secularism (censorship) francs infiltrated in the West being so close to their great friends that are supporters of Dajjal in monarchies Arab petrodollars and by the Morocco with their worship of globalization judging from who has the right to speech and who is not on the internet a gingery the imposture of Youtube which is so close to Google and its networks hidden on the internet while doing God and religion and the angels of Allah, a creation of the little humanity that is none other than disbelief in the existence of God and the r etribution of a day of reckoning, or the deceptions, the plotters and supporters of Dajjjal (manipulation) will be terrified before him who was created not by the tiny humanity subject to the laws of Satan while prostrating themselves in front of Satan instead of the creator of heaven and the universe to have implemented the censorship against all that is in this website through Youtube, but also through the indexing of this site internet in thinking unque Google with its eye of the surveillance has Mountain view, California: the pyramid of the anglo-saxon look with its its secret service spying on the internet world.

So in this website you will find evidence of the implementation of the new world order of the supporters of the Massih Ad-dajjal (Al Samiri) close to Israel and Anglo-Saxon monarchs but also to the Arab monarchies with her calf in gold (global finance the evangelists and Israel as well as Arab monarchies) implementing the World Government of the secular masonry that rhymes with mess and corruption in the land of islam by liberal thought, after these same conspirators have done fall of the last Caliphate Ottoman by their unique thought distributing their dounia (earthly reward) which is offered to the idolaters and other misguided and unfaithful to the laws of God by the Communists, the anarchists and Socialists hostile to the laws Koranic, as well as the Sham of justice of the dajjaal to frizzy hair become smooth with his red skin (antichrist), which reduced innocent people into slavery to compensate for false victims of slavery, being themselves so close to the new religion World of the Antichrist that is Masonic Frank secularism which divides Muslims (fitna) with the new world centuries-old order of the secular masonry close to the cult of privatization and liberalism economic and financial world that rhymes with mess and corruption, the new world religion which is none other than the new dictatorship established in the land of islam against the Islamic political powers, who in the name of Allah ordered the halal and condemns the Muslim peoples m hara, as for example, practice banking and financial interests that rhymes with financial disorder and corruption of democracy by lobbies evangelicals and Zionists, then the sorcery of the marabouts that rhymes with practice of the kabale, who together with each other will join in Hell their God (Satan/Shaytane) being chained with each other for their hostilities and their plots against the author of this website that the pervert in false Muslims if close to the perversion and manipulation of the dajjal has the etteint eye with the single thought evangelists and supporters of Israel, are posing a dajjal (liar), because the author of this website denounces their perversities and take the evidence of their corruption and their infidelity to God’s laws, as well as all the evidence their manipulation as being supporters of the true Massih Ad-dajjal (Antichrist) so close to the Anglo-Saxon monarchies then Switzerland with their banking and financial networks around the world that rhymes with monarchies and military juntas in the power to evangelize and secularize (secularize) Muslim populations separately from the laws of God revealed in the Holy Qur’an to then establish censorship and dictatorship of liberalism (anarchy) worldwide, after finance, supported, use and implementation of terrorism through Al-Qaida.

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