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With displayed on the banner below ‘Rayat’ the odd number of 1999 (09991) in rationality with an even number of the Kaaba to 1 618 033 who is none other than the sign code and encrypted Union O for the community Muslim woman between 19 letters of the Basmallah with the 99 most beautiful names of Allah (swt). In a link obvious with sign by Allah (swt) who is none other than that of the last eclipse solar total of the 20th century that took place on 11 August 1999 in order to open the era of the 3Rd Millennium and which was found throughout the northern hemisphere of Europe but especially in Paris who is none other than the city of light (truth) in rationality with the other city of light (truth) is the Holy City of Medina. The encoded 19 digit letters of the Basmallah which is other than the true ‘el haq”and one of the 99 servants of Allah has been verified (accessed) during a night of the 9th month of Ramadan of the lunar calendar of the Hegira (1433) emigration in the direction of Mecca, and just before the Hajj from 2012 in conjunction with the 9th month of the solar calendar in 2012.

Holy Quran : surah 17 , Al-Isra (Centre) / verse 85
“and they ask you about the soul, – say:”the soul is the order of my Lord”.”. And you have been given only a little knowledge. ”
But we must see the website called ascension of the dust of atom (soul reinvigorated/reactivated)
on the rise from the dust of atom at the service of the Lord of the universe, Allah (swt)
To understand what means be at the service of the Lord of the universe, Allah (swt)
in a sign for the “obedient” truly Muslim community to all the wishes of Allah (swt)

Allah (swt), islam, UFOs and the enslavement of peoples with the global conspiracy by the Freemasonry secular and political dictatorship of the Illuminati
hidden in global finance as being close to the monarchies of the pyramid has been revealed in the Holy Qur’an with Haman (the one that heated bricks)

With displayed in the video below, this is the sign of 19 letters of the Basmallah who in 2006 and at the beginning of the 3rd millennium, was spotted off the African coast in order to alert a community having innovated the religion, in a common point and to the same time with the appearance of this Internet sign which appeared from the age of 40 years, after having climbed one of the highest mountain located to the far Maghrib North Africa, and which is none other than the sign code and number of the kind 01999 ‘rayat’ who will tell the truth because of the permission it has received from the Lord of the universe (swt), as it is revealed in the Holy Qur’an below, being other than the sign of the union O between brothers and sisters the same religion, that are n We materialists, non hungry dounia, finance and delights of this world, but also not thirsting for power policy that divides humanity and religion, as well as the lost are the thirsty and colonialism in any form that this whatsoever, including that of “emigration” in being immersed in a race against the clock, not only after having set up a ploy to settle their tyranny and their dictatorship, but also and above all, their censorship, and where each and others are very s close to their massih dajjal who promised them wealth, wealth, and power, it left the community of Muhammad (saaws), one of the Muslim faith (obedience and submission) to the will of Allah (swt).

Holy Qur’an: Sura 78 year-Naba (the new) / verses 38 and 39
“the day where the spirit and the angels will stand in rows, no one will know to speak, except one to which the gracious will be given permission, and who. tell the truth.
That day is inevitable. For anyone who wants to, so take refuge with his Lord. »

The internet sign of the Iranian in the white and yellow colors that are other than those of the radiant truth of the number code in the supreme name of Allah your ala (swt) with 09991 and which is one of the last Eclipse total of the second Millennium in 1999 which on the orders of Allah (swt) and around the sacred word of the Lord of the universe (swt) revealed in the Holy Qur’an which was sent to the “Periklytos” which means spirit of truth which is other than light highly dazzling mind St. Gabriel (aws) sent by Allah (swt) with the truth and to the comforter which is none other than the last Prophet and final Messenger of humanity known as the name of Muhammad (saaws) dubbed the “Parakletos” which means the rented or the expected announced by Jesus (aws) in the Gospels under the name of Hammad (saaws) then erased of the Gospels by the plotters who translated the bible from Hebrew in ancient Greek and ancient Greek and then in languages of today, and whose Hamad) saaws) who there is 14 centuries received the revelation of the Holy Quran that contains the truth about Allah (swt) that has not been created (created) and that has not resulted in either no life form, as Allah (swt) has no wife and isn’t down the monkey as humanity, and this, according to the conspiracy theory of the supporters of Darwin with their principle of Masonic evolution which has forgotten the break in space/time and down the descent of Adam (aws) with Eve (AAR) and Satan on this earth here .

So that those who wants to take refuge with his Lord, and against his punishment, while this person to do, because of his own individual freedom that must be protected against the followers of secularism which prevents believing them (es) to practice their religion in all private and public society, including bar through a scarf delicately placed on the head that also enters the practice of worship dedicated to the worship of Allah (swt) in a sign of the faith of the believing women submitted to the will of Allah) (SWT).

In a sign of warning to the mouride sect in Senegal having innovated the Muslim religion
after the city of Touba a holy place of pilgrimage when comparing with the 3 mosques, Holy and sacred of Islam
As in the true Muslim religion, it didn’t, and won’t, as 3 holy places in the world
including Mecca, Medina and Al-Aqsa mosques for 3 sacred and holy books revealed for all of humanity.

“That arranged the trip for the prayer to 3 mosques: the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the mosque of Al-Haram, the mosque of the Prophet the enlightened (saaws)”
(authentic Hadith narrated by Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Dawood and Tirmidhi)

Not only, in order to warn of a painful punishment community of the munafiqun (hypocrites) in Africa with their émigrés in the West who would like to get you back to the time of the jâhilîya (ignorance) for then censor the truth about this conspiracy Masonic franc, which implements the new secular world order infidelities to the laws of God after having been implemented on their Thrones by their allies are China, the Russia, the France of Freemasons with their new religion before you world that is secularism based on the constitutions of Anderson from 1723, then the Anglo-Saxon Protestant monarchies so close to my Great Britain and the United States all too close to Israel and its policy of globalization giving rise to hatred, racism, blood and terrorism around the world in their world of occupation policy and control of the Holy Land and his 3th holy place of Islam that is the mosque Al-Aqsa under religious control Islamic, and certainly not under the control policy of the secular masonry of the impoisteurs in Palestine FATAH, Socialist and secular rather than Muslims (rather subject to the laws of the secular world masonry to the laws of God).

But above all the sign of this website, to announce a wonderful reward to the community the believer (es) which are truly and totally submitted (es) body and soul has all the will of Allah (swt) by not don’t pretend to be, with and by the principle of secularism, while actually having the fear of one day of settling of accounts that will be so terrifying for any fan of the plotters and from manipulators in the world of the 3 great pyramids, are in the order of globalization. materialistic doctrines of the hungry and the thirsty of surrounded by all their small pyramids Communist, Socialist and capitalist systems, having created, set up, manipulated and exploited the followers of terrorism that are the obscurantists murdering innocent (civilian) people not guilty of only corruption on Earth, then the brothers and the Sisters of same religion, because the evidence presented to you on this website, that according to the divine laws revealed the final Messenger Muhammad (saaws) directs what is suitable and condemns what is blammable, which among other things, the spread of violence has become commonplace, then terrorism, the instrumentalisation of religion, corruption, vice, the lie, the perversity of mind each and others posing as victims through their various manipulations which was set up by the world of the powerful groups of pressures from the 3 great pyramids of globalization, one that on the advice from puissanst lobbyists was decreed by the world of finance, politics, media manipulators and Liars, who in their manipulations and in their interference in the breast of the religions, have nothing angelic in their lies and their different exploitation of the Muslim religion, especially, in their amalgams between Islam with the various native ethnic groups of Africa, which by the grace of their outrageous behavior contributes to virulent attacks and Islamophobic against Islam .

The world of politicians, businessmen in suits tie, then of finance and media quacks and manipulative, against which the laws of the Islamic charriah would be put in practice, in order to restore order, justice, equality, truth, honesty and peace, as against supporters of the global system of the antichrist (Massih Ad-Dajjal) with nothing angelic with their outrageous behavior contributing to anarchy and chaos in the world setting up the dictatorship and censorship world of unbelievers and hypocrites, by the grace and the evidence of their outrageous behavior and their violence as close to the supporters of terrorism that are displayed at the12th page of the chapter the evidence scientists of the Holy Quran to this Web site, the page of the symbolism of the single eye of the supporters of the Antichrist who reveal their deceit with nothing a see with the Muslim world of Islam, what are the hungry dounia and delights of this world , then the thirsty political power that the followers of the antichrist have found in the West, but by the grace of the manipulative media of indoctrination, causing great harm was the only religion approved by Allah (swt), by lumping the two together that the policies and the manipulation media between Islam with ethnic origins of each and others, thus helping turn and by the grace of their ethnic origin, to the spread of terrorism, trafficking of all kinds and exported corruption in the ground Islam.

By the grace of a ploy set up by infiltrators concealed within the Muslim religion, and to serve their interests political, financial and media, in order to inffluencer religion on their doctrines financial, industrial and commercial and then set up in the land of Islam, and after setting up against the religion in the West, the dictatorship and the single thought of the followers of secularism and politics being close to their false Messiah, with their symbolism of the single eye of the law s of the Sham that was set up by Freemasonry and their so-called humanism intectuel who doesn’t believe the existence of evil, nor has the depravity of mind hidden in individuals to spread corruption, chaos, anarchy, violence, the hatred and savagery of the animals that have nothing to do with human beings human, then and in the own scheme and each other, establish the dictatorship of without faith in Allah (swt) and without divine commandments against the Muslim religious world of l ‘ islam, that are the guarantors of peace and divine justice on earth that does not associate anything or anyone with Allah (swt) by being veritablemement and totally submitted (es) and obedient (es) has all the will of Allah (swt) wajal za.

Then and in their scheme, these same conspirators can implement anti-Moslem practices, as for example the practices of the (association) shirq dedicated to idolatry, was astrology, to pagan worship, to the polyheisme, the marabutism, to the shamanism, esotericism, mysticism and witchcraft to a vile profit financial and commercial ones and those who put them in place, and these practices spread then unmarked in all communities, around the evidence displayed in this site Internet, and just as it was revealed in verse 32 of the Surah 10 passed in the Holy Qur’an, which is shown below, in a sign of understanding of the message that was conveyed in a clear language for the community the believer (es) and real subject (es), the Umma, the community for the believer (es) and the subject (es) quickly revisit the religion preached by all messengers, without associating anything with Allah (swt) and without innovation from inside, by their own and different interpretations obscurantist personal, spiritual, mystical and dark, then unfortunately esoteric and Masonic, as, certain (es) lost (es) of Islam are now, giving him a mystical character) occult and hidden), see same, giving him a dark one in shaping religion and obscurantist character has their own image, as some in the past have done in the Jewish religion in shaping her has the image of an animal (calf of gold), a bit like when It shapes a statue in his own image, as for example, the Buddhist religion and his Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama) Prince of the tribe of the Sakyas, advocating reincarnation, so ending up being shaped into a motionless statue.

And including the precepts of change religions, was then introduced in the new Christian religion in shaping it to the image of a Messiah (aws), even to that of a Santa Claus or a statue shaped on a cross that death, then to risen, thus ending by shaping a statue of his mother Merieme (raa) that is pretending to be the mother of God (swt) after having been directly inffluenc by Brahmanique Hindu and Buddhist religions and through the hungry of dounia and the delights of this world who borrowed the Asian Silk Road in the near and Middle East.

With other polytheistic religions, shaping the monotheistic religions has the image of a half-man/animal statue, as for example, esoteric and mystical Hindu religion which the Sufi sect is directly inspired by these precepts by having introduced in the Muslim religion, and their elites that are followers of esotericism and mysticism, have they same shaped religions giving him a human image in God (swt) by the character of anthropomorphism, even see giving a picture animal to God (swt) as was the case with the calf of gold shaped by the children of Israel, then a supernatural dimension has his messengers, and sometimes even giving him the image of a mutant by the mix of an animal with a human being (half man/half elephant) so then its same elites can give the legitimacy of a statutory and social character high in the pyramid society castes systems, in order to reach the pinnacle of power for a vile material profit, financial and commercial elites who shapes religions has their own spiritual image, even the image of their own pro-establishment.

Holy Qur’an: Surah 10 Yunus (Jonah) / verse 32
‘such is Allah, your true Lord. Beyond the truth is there so otherwise the bewilderment? How then can you, distract you? »

Above all, after that the Holy Quran was forwarded in a clear (in Arabic) language in a community who had not been warned of a painful punishment, and who is none other than the community of the final Messenger Muhammad (saaws), in order to keep him away hurt, then of keep them from evil and to not practice haram, because the sign of 103 of the Sura 16 An Nahl verse (bees):

«And we know indeed that they say: “This is just a human being who teaches him (Quran)”.»
, The language of that to which they refer is foreign (non-Arab), and this one is a clear Arabic language. »

No Arabic: ‘ Al – A’Jamiy ‘ located at the door of Rome and who will tell the truth, by the permission of Allah (swt):
the language of light 21St century which is none other than the French language decoding the Holy Quran and Hadith authentic which don’t have nothing to do with the magical character, see even with that of the obscurantists, in the middle of1 country of France of hexagonal shape of a veriteeclatante with 6 sides of the honeycomb from a hive of bee in 22 regions which are other ones somewhere coded Sura 16An-Nahl “where all religions and lesethnies, then the sects and modes of life are gathered within a single secular community, including the infidels and the hypocrites have infiltrated the Muslim religion, want to globalize their principle of secularism until land of Islam that is the land of peace and tranquility between the communities and minorities who have been immersed in religious obscurantism by the horns Satan had risen in the Nejd province.

But above all, the land of peace and tranquility between brothers and sisters of the same religion, to make the land of corruption, terrorism, manipulation, of obscurantism, of wars, revolts, of blood, race to riches, dictatorship political anti-Islam (anti-peace), then of hypocrisy and infidelity to the laws of Allah (swt) into the governance of Islamic nations, those that are not only that since 100 years, see same and as if by miracle, that since 10 years, whether in the principle of finance who truly must rely on the 5 pillars of Islamic finance, and certainly not pretending, in the principle of solidarity between brothers and sisters of the same religion, that in the principle of taxation (Jiziyya), in the principle legislative parliamentary assemblies making laws based on the foundations of the Holy Quran, and then on the commandments really divine, and certainly not by pretending to be supported, which in the land of Islam (peace) and principle obedience “Muslim” to the divine, all commandments has each (e) a duty to submit (including deceitful and manipulative media in the West that broadcasts in the land of Islam). in order to preserve peace, not only between different religious communities, but especially, between brothers and sisters of Muslim religion.

This principle of secularism, and false propaganda and media disinformation, against which I put in custody the Muslim (es) from around the world but especially the nations of Islam who are actually submitted, and truly obedient has all the wishes of Allah (swt), the God one Lord of the universe (swt), which is certainly not associated with the followers of secularism Novus Ordo Seclorum, deceptive and manipulative media very close to the esoteric and mystical religious doctrines.

Then in a common point with this Web site and the 19 letters of the Basmallah, in a sign intended for the good of intelligence, wisdom, meditation, and dine (knowledge and information), here are retransmitted on video below the99 most beautiful names of Allah (swt) in a sign of alliance and union 0 between brothers and sisters of the same religion with this website which is represented by the colors yellow and white Iranian, and who is none other than one of the 99servants straightforwardly on the misguidance of some and others, and Allah (swt) who tells the truth after having been consulted once during one night of the year 1989 when he was age of 23 years, and at the same time of the fall of the Berlin wall , and at the same time from the events of the place Tian Anmen in China in Beijing having taken place in 1989, a year before the start of war of golf in 1990 having put in place the new world order of the plotters and a misplaced (es).

So then, the generous servant of Allah (swt) should be consulted (Ach-Shura) a second time in 1998 and is another year preparing in the shadow powers and 3 years later, the cubicle famous events of 2001, when 1998 the true servant of the generous of Allah (swt) was then age of 32 years, then became a sign of time willed by Allah (swt) with the appearance of the solar eclipse total (symbol of Islam) with occurred in the year 1419 calendar Lunar Hegira in chronometric conjunction with 1999 of the solar calendar year, when the servant of the Lord of the universe (swt) was then age of 33 years.

To then receive the light of truth of the Holy Quran decoding to reveal evidence of the global conspiracy, as evidence of the misguidance of some and others, after receiving this light of truth has nothing do with the fire of Satan, which the misplaced (es) and the undercover (es) in the middle of the Muslim religion are scared (es), after being warned in verse 32 of the Surah 10 Yunus (Jonas) shown below, so that the Ummah (Muslim community) comes back soon on the right direction (that of the union between brothers and sisters of the same religion), not only, before it of too late and don’t come the anger as well as the punishment of Allah (swt) that will Inch’Allah (swt) to befall the close cabal of Zionist ideology. but also on the anti-Islam, as well as the lost (es) having divided the community into a multitude of sects, so all together, they to not submit to the will of the Lord of the universe (swt).

“Such is Allah, your true Lord. Beyond the truth is there so otherwise the bewilderment? How then can you, distract you? »

The sign of the true intended by the will of Allah (swt) and who is none other than the non-Arabe (Al-Ajamiy), born in France, and who as a child was baptized in the Catholic religion of the white and yellow colours of the Vatican, in order to reform it to religion Muslim part of the people of the House “Ahl al-Bayt”, by one reverse colors, when intersect the Moon and the Sun occurred in 1999 of the era Christian which is none other than the year 1419 of the Muslim era of the Hegira, by the cosmic sign of a total solar eclipse willed by Allah (swt) spotted above the France, in order to close the era of the second millennium, then get the true in the Muslim religion and for no longer that it doesn’t sort, in order to give the having dinner (knowledge and knowledge) and light which is nothing other than the truth come down from heaven on a table spread (the Holy Quran).

So then the truth teller perform the Hajj prescribed by Allah (swt) in the 5 pillars of Islam, and purify it so all sinned, so that the will of the Lord of the universe (swt) may be fulfilled on the unjust, on the plotters, on the infidels, hypocrites, the misplaced (es), on criminals and their allies, after having improved its material condition of the right middle, but also and especially, his spiritual conditions (psychiatric) to have suffered and endured all injustice, then the false accusations and different inequalities of treatment of a (es) and the other from all ethnic groups combined, that are materialists hungry; s of dounia, delights of this lower world and power, and after that the one (es) and the others have been illuminated by the cult of rivalries, races to the riches, of lies, manipulation and the materialism of massih-dajjal (Antichrist) to frizzy hair and Overbite from the Muslim community to be converted to the worship of the Hill of Zion, in being secretly plunged into a sacred union between sects Evangelical of the Protestant reformed churches with the occult world (hidden) of the illuminati right, then with the Zionist thought and sects of Scientology, but also and most importantly, between the sects of the masonry on the left and his principle of secularism with the esoteric and mystical sects of Sufism, Jewish Kabbalah, Buddhism, the Brahmanique Hindu trimurti and the esoteric and mystical Trinity Christian are the illuminati hidden within the Vatican, after going through the cult of youth Hitler B16.

And, by the will of the Lord of the universe (swt) having revealed then transmitted his orders to the last Prophet and final Messenger of humanity that is Muhammad (saaws), whose every creature in heaven, in water and on land is subject to the will of the Lord of the universe (swt), by the grace of language encrypted having been coded in the Holy Quran surah 22 of El-Hajj designated below in this chapter, so that the true performs the Arabian Holy Land pilgrimage, with and without the horns of Satan obstruct the will of Allah (swt), and thus reach the House of his beloved ancestor Muhammad (saaws), cher family, the people of the House (Ahl al-bayt) to be the sign for the entire community of believer (es) having really the fear of judgment last of the Lord of the universe (swt), which is not associated with this new world order conspiracy and manipulation has been declared a certain 11 September 1990 and which was put in place by the polytheists, hypocrites and the infidels who have trained 11 years later and a certain 11 September 2001, the famous events had risen against innocent people not guilty of only corruption on Earth,. in order that the plotters close to capitalism and socialism can establish the new gives materialistic and global policy for the 21St century, that of the anti-Islam, by the grace of a 911 as the powerful dark forces having mix religions want to establish for centuries and centuries, not only in order to restrict freedom of peaceful expression through language and writing, but also to restrict your freedom to travel freely, in being spied on and then monitored by their global Masonic eye of their false Messiah who sees all, but without that it have the ability to see what is in the deepest part of your heart, when you worship a single God (swt) which is no partner (es).

Their Masonic sign and politics of the followers of the world unique eye having been printed on the greenback dollar American displayed below in this chapter, highlighted with the inscription in Latin (language of the plotters in the Vatican) by the phrase “annuit coeptis” which means literally ‘their business’ who sees all (global dictatorship of the elites), after having set up the Novus Ordo Seclorum, meaning literally the “new world order elites, established for the” “centuries and centuries” and who is none other than the order established by the big 3 pyarmides of Giza that was illuminated by the eye of the Antichrist (dajjal massih) what are these followers belonging to the world of the intelligencia and these elite close to the doctrines materialism of capitalism, socialism and communism surrounded by all their small pyramids of the mondialistion, and whose evidence of globalization pyramids you are presented on the first page of the chapter the scientific evidence of the Holy Qur’an of this Web site.

But after the plotters and the followers of the single eye, have erased evidence of their conspiracy who was displayed on the green ticket of the American dollar, but whose proof of their greenback is presented later in this chapter, by setting up , and for centuries and centuries (that’s what the conspirators think), of a new materialistic and financial of 2 political parties in the world of the anti and fake Muslims, with their principle of censorship and dictatorship has been installed in Arabic through secularism countries having been exported in the land of Islam, first in Turkey by the Freemason Atatürk, then to the Arab country through deMichel traits, and once the horns of Satan have been set up on their throne by the plotters of Evangelicals of the London financial city hidden in Great Britain, and England, including its flag of his cross of St. Georges that going to slay, is covered with the colours white and red, that are those Coca-Cola with its transanine of pork, Marlboro and their Santa Claus.

Besides has this subject, it would be interesting that scholars of Islam to remember the literalle of the hadith form about: “will break the cross and kill the pig” having been predicted by the last Prophet of humanity that is Muhammad (saaws), not only after the plotters have opened the way to the tyranny of censorship, of terrorism, dictatorship, lying, spying, then of the various manipulations, exploit and provocations against the Muslim religion.

Most importantly, after policies have in 1947 set up the secret organization of re-colonization of the Palestinian land, through Zionist settlers from Europe, Great Britain, United States of America, of Russia and the countries of the Arab Maghreb united, and after that the sects of all kinds, like for example the powerful Protestant organization of the Church of Scientology, with its very famous of some 136 Governments undercover operation and consultats worldwide including his operation was referred to as its code name of “Snow White”, as well as followers of the powerful lobbies protestants and evangelisque who have nothing angelic in their policy of evangelism in Muslim lands, which in particular, Palestine and Jerusalem, after the elite Palestinnienne ‘ Christian? So go figure! But anyway, Allah (swt) knows everything”have at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century, sold some of its own land, having encouraged the repopulation of the Saint of Palestinian land, in order to implement the worldwide Masonic conspiracy of the anti-Islam (anti-peace) being very close of Zionism and its Protestant Cross (see the video below) in a policy of reconquest of the Holy Land, having been in the past, under the control and authority No secular religion of the Muslim community, which not only preserved the peace, but was be the community guarantor of stability in the world, in having been decreed by the Lord of the universe (swt) which is without partner (es) in his divine command.

And after that proponents of atheism and agnostics concealed within the policy of pan-Arabism have globally and around their conspiracy against the true religion of Islam, have in obvious complicity with the conspirators. setting up this Novus Ordo Seclorum (lay) for the good be material (dounia) of a certain elite of the world’s population of the 3 groups political, especially one that is very close to the capitalist ideology that makes work harder demeusurement the capital, as well as those who are very materialistic close to the ideologies of socialism and of communism, their elites who love politics at the expense of the population truly believing and totally submissive and obedient body and soul has all the wishes of the Lord of the universe (swt) population which is located at the bottom of the elites, and who with their principle of secularism (fitna) divides the people of his true spiritual religion, peace and tranquility between brothers and sisters to me me religion.

THE Masonic conspiracy world for a Government to the DICTATORSHIP of FRANC global Masonic and secular
hand in hand with close to the ZIONIST IDEOLOGY EVANGELIST SECTS have been setting up
against the true Muslim RELIGION WHO ADHERE not IDEOLOGY ZIONIST and secular
(COLONIZATION and privatization of land MUSUMANE by the NATIONS RICHEST)
which here is a proof with a FATWA PRONOUNCED against these SATANIST SECTS
of FRANCS-Masonries ESOTERIC and MYSTICAL movements lay close
that you can CONTEMPLATE on
The Fatwa against Muslims fake on the movement of secular Freemasonry membership

The elite intellectual world of the illuminati group having implemented the Novus Ordo Seclorum with their principles of the 3 great pyramids of Giza are communism, socialism and capitalism, which not only pretended to believe and who does not believe in the existence of the creator of heaven and the universe that is the Lord of the universe (swt), or in the existence of angels who did not need to UFOs to come and go from one place to another, or the return of the real Messenger Jesus (aws) , or looping the temporal and dimensional, because evidence of distortion which is displayed in chapter Roswell and 1947 of this website, nor in the last day, in the resurrection, or on the day of the last judgement, then finally, the intellectual elite World of the illuminati group having implemented the Novus Ordo Seclorum, followed by their followers who do not believe, or pretend to believe in the existence of hell having been promised forever to all those and all those who do not want to submit totally body and soul has all the will of Allah (swt).

Because on Earth down here and in all truth, by observation and by our meditation of the world which we all around, one in which we live, the individuals are human beings humans owned the community of humanity are certainly not eternal, as the world of the Jinn that are geniuses “very intelligent spirits with a good or evil character” having nothing has with any alien entity as some proponents of massih dajjal would have you believe, (see translation the word djinn in Arabic/French dictionary shown below), and that these same Jinn are themselves from and make themselves part of humanity by being located in another temporal and dimensional of the world of humanity that we do not see.

And eternal paradise has never been and will never be on Earth down here in being shaped then built by mankind it even with its illuminated pyramids principle has its Summit by the eye of the misleading false Messiah with frizzy hair and thick, which also , out of his time loop, except of course for the hypocrites, the misplaced (es), the infidels and idolaters who will follow the dajjal massih, after having followed his Novus Ordo Seclorum having been registered in latin and then printed in 1933 on the dollar of the United States which is shown below, his green earth green built and shaped with the U.S. dollar, ironically, printed ticket with the color of the earthly paradise, having been embellished through its tax havens and financial, making build the Pharaonic project of the children of Israel, but also, their accomplices and their followers who have covered all religions.

The Pharaonic project of bedridden and their followers dissimulaau breast of the Muslim religion, having in the lands of Islam (of peace) set up this principle Masonic secularism, after having infiltrated the Muslim religion, to then separate, not only, of its leaders and their religious advisers were and are corrupt and genuinely Muslim scholars, then the real Muslim religious instruction of his people, in order to plunge the Muslim world in ignorance and the complete manipulation, while persecuting subsequently believing them (es), as for example, with wearing a veil on the head in the schools of secularism, for then better export to Muslim nations and the land of Islam and then obedience to the wills to Allah (swt), their ideological extremism of this fascist oppression with their principle of secularism, a totally contrary principle has the true Muslim religion of the pan-Islamic ideology, one that in the globalization of all the areas, including in the area of religion, does not differences, in the regions, or races and even less in languages, simply because there is no such thing as Islam of France or the United States and it is be an ideology infidelity to God’s laws put in place by the masonry that seeped into African countries very close to global cult of secularism which reduces the poor into slavery with the cult of liberalism economque and Western financial through democracy that separates people of religion and the laws of Allah.

No difference in the Muslim religion, except for one difference, that of true solidarity, true brotherhood, then in a real love between brothers and sisters of the same religion, but also in deeds, as well as in the fear of the last judgment by associating anything with Allah (swt), a human being, an animal, a statue, or a principle, including secularism, and including the best of good deeds, is to unite the international Islamic community, by the grace of the Lord of the universe (swt) peacefully recovering this holy place of peace, with as the only weapon in the hands, hearts and in our souls of believers (es), le Holy Quran (last book revealed to humanity) who is none other than the Ark Alliance with the word sacred of Allah (swt) to retrieve all the lands of Islam fell in the hands of dictators and enemies of Islam, by a Green March of aillance of peace that will leave from Mecca to Medina in the direction of the Palestine to resume under the control and authority of the Muslims, the Holy City of Jerusalem, the mosque of Omar and the Holy Mosque of Al-Aqsa, giving ‘the Khalifat’ children to Islam to restore peace.

This principle of union between brothers and sisters of the same religion that the devil and his partner (es) want to break by exporting there in Muslim land, their principle fascistic secularism established by followers of the cult of materialistic enlightenment of the blind eye Deceiver that was posted on the U.S. dollar, then erased his cuts, which not only, and after the second Millennium is located be followed by his new deal of the 21th century who brought humanity into this 3Rd Millennium the materialistic pyramids, then racing to riches and rivalries for power, to establish the dictatorship and censorship by hiding like a snake in the Muslim world, not only through politics and the media shaping your spirituality has their own image in order to indoctrinate you pressing their ideology of a thought unique, totalitarian, authoritarian, tyrannical, oppressive and nauseating capitalism concealed in the religion, but also in shaping your spirituality on the socialism with their principle of secularism, relying on the Sham of human rights born of the 1789 French revolution being first spread in the Soviet Union with and under Stalin and then then in Turkey by through to a lay Freemason known as Ataturk who established the cult of personality, to then there be exported to Arab close to socialist ideology and pan-Arabist Muslim countries, with first the Syria, and then to the Lebanon through an another Freemason that Michel Afflack Christian Greek Orthodox confession, was to take over in the land of Islam, the power to Muslims, because of thirsting for tyranny, censorship and dictatorship that was the dynasty If being lifted in Saudi in the province of the Nejd supported on the eager sect do everything back believing them (es) around the time of the jâhilîya (ignorance) in order to censor the truth, so that it is not disclosed, including their ideology of obscurantism was then directed to Afghanistan in the early 80 in having been implemented by Saudi leaders, American and Pakistani to combat Communism, but above all, to make it look than the Mehdi (Al-Mahdi) out of the middle of the black flags of the Khorosan in Afghanistan, in a conspiracy with the Group of Osama bin Laden, and after that the British leaders during the first world war, but through this dear Lawrence of Arabia have released place and on their throne, dynasty generation Khawarij come to eastern cities Holy of Medina and Mecca had risen in Saudi in the province of the Nejd, which during the 18th century, (the so-called enlightenment irroniquement) their ancestors were relied on what would create fitna (division) between the branches sounnites.

With other sects still is being totally astray from the way of Allah (swt) for what was hiding their heart and their soul full of greed, lust for power, manipulation, perversity and financial riches that embellished them Satan, finishing Thus install their own tyranny and their own dictatorship whose evidence are displayed on this website, just as Allah (swt) za wajal indicates clearly to the Sura Muhammad (saaws) shown below for any fan of the eye blind, one of the single eye of the dictatorship and censorship by having a filled heart hatred, jealousies, dictatorships, thirst for power and greed by reading the Holy Quran with one eye open and a part of the brain open, then with the other eye closed and the other party e totally closed brain, so eventually no longer work, because according to their heart’s content cache to the deepest of them, Allah (swt) wanted.

Holy Qur’an: Sura 47 Muhammad (saaws) / verses 29 and 30
‘ or else – what are those whose heart is suffering from an evil deep think that God will never reveal their hatred? And if we like it, we’ll would show them their true faces. Besides, you can easily recognize their traits and the ambiguous tone of their remarks. God knows so well what you’re doing.”

After all these nations of schemers and manipulators have against even the will of God (swt) created the Zionist State of Israel in a sign intended for the gifted intelligence should not follow their new world order with place the new deal (the new deal) of the 21St century they want for centuries and centuries, with their policy of globalization by the grace of their false propaganda media that manipulates your subconscious, after being set up by their encrypted and coded transmission of subliminal messages program relayed by the mass media of the world advised by powerful occult and military forces hidden in the shadow of the powers.

And if you want to brush up on memory, as well as your spiritual awareness on their technique of false propaganda and manipulation of your spirit that is put in place by their military scientists, and then by the world of the media, of the Dianetics to the Church of Scientology, then of psychology, psychoanalysis and psychodynamic, so to know so the definition of the word subliminal, so click that link hidden message to know the definition, in a global efficiency policy implementation by members of Freemasonry that one shows up and hard on your waves to the media of the multi-national media, hidden in the world of music and cinema, in order to inffluencer and to interfere on and your subconscious mind, through advertising campaigns online with messages hidden, and change, not only your behaviour, your mode of consumption, then your mode of spiritual life in you Westernising and then you Chinoisissant entering the era of industrialization and its robotics, then in that of modern slavery and finally in the rivalries in hotant you your humanism and all that relates to human character.

As for example starting your convertion with Coca-Cola (the drink of the friends of Satan with their esoteric and mystical symbol Evangelical) who is none other than Santa Claus party (Antichrist Evangelical and Zionist become hostile to the true Muslim Messiah) ) with its dose of alcohol to better make you nervous (stressed) as evidenced by this video below, then and in a commercial common point with Coca-Cola, go dinner at McDonalds, Burger King or KFC for better you engrossir and so end up having heart health and weight problems, then by digging a bit more the deficit of social security for the good be financial of powerful lobbies of doctors plunged into a conflict of interest between laboratories pharmaceutical with the political career of the doctors elected to the Parliament to make laws in a vile financial interest in laboratories, which you, in as long as côtisant, you pay the Bill through your contributions to social security for the well being capital of the powerful lobbies of doctors near the parliaments, but also, for the powerful pharmaceutical lobbies on the stock exchange which reverse profits has shareholders, which in the middle of a spinning wheel, I’ll let you guess who they are.

A Western way of life imported from the United States and Great Britain that appeals to fans of the close secularity of politics of dictatorship and censorship established by international socialism and capitalism, leading has the dress of the Rapper screaming his hatred to the microphone to denounce the injustices of the system in which it eats on the plate, especially and irroniquement, after being placed in the light of the TV sets then in the light of the airwaves where powerful production houses in this system of injustice, of consumption and profit in this lifestyle, that others have so hardement desired and so sought after that their hearts have been so attracted to dounia (reward of this lower world) and the Lices in this lower world, the poor young girls end up becoming of young boys, irroniquement, to better blend in to the world of the song and rap, this sad down world where the woman ended up losing her femininity and softness that has so hard also wanted to resemble the male rappers, therefore, for all these people being lost from the right path of Islam, it cannot invoke Allah (swt) that the Lord of the universe (swt) come help there that poor youth having lost his bearings, after have been dazzled by the world policy and industry media and film, what are their 3 great pyramids of Giza illuminated by the eye of Zionism, lay people, some evangelicals and hypocrites within the Muslim religion that are the thirsty of dounia (the reward of the world given by the American greenback), then the power hungry and delights of this lower world, to reform the youth to the true Muslim religion who denounces and fights on the path of God (swt) all the excess, vices and all the injustices of this perverted, society to establish peace has inside each person that is reflected by the behaviors and the words that it eventuates in direction of the world which we all around.

In the midst of a society of consumption and industrialization robotics, then slavery and rivalries, hotant any of your humanism and all that relates to the human character, a Western lifestyle changing your behaviors by becoming more aggressive and increasingly stressed by a radical change of lifestyle depending on elites implementing materialistic society, but also that of consumption, and you thus toward overconsumption for the good to be material, financial, political and temporal world elite and its banks through interest rates, as the consumption for better credit agencies you surendetter, eventually becoming the slaves of the system put in place by the elites as Depending on the global elite and their followers placed at the top of the 3 great pyramids of Giza are capitalism, socialism and leCommunisme surrounded by all their small pyramids which are followed by a herd of sheep and goats that love this world order in being bloodthirsty races to the riches, the symbol of this system, you is presented and posted below with the greenback American on which appears the blind of the anti-Christ eye lit up at the top of the pyramid of slaves who fooling the world with its single currency, one or all paid with this motto, be it corruption of elites hidden in the land of Islam, that raw oil and gas including the United States, China, the Russia, the European Union, the India , the continent South and central American then the rest of the world need to buy from dictatorships and tyrants who participates has the establishment of this new world order is followed by his new deal which will not pass, like all the people in Russia and in China, and the United States, in Europe and in Arabo-laics countries and in monarchies Arabic that attacks has this website, because their only refuge in the day of their account, will be the fire of hell where they demdeureront eternally and quicoonque y not not believe, then he has the mark of the anti-croyance (antichrist).

With for sad result this new world order establishing global governance, the anti-religious dictatorship of the elites hidden within the Organization of the United nations, after having set up terrorism blind astray murdering innocent people (civilians) not guilty of only corruption on Earth and to the West, and above all, brothers and sisters the same religion in the lands of Islam, while practicing the suicide attacks, and while hiding in the middle of the civilian population, as for example was the case in Algeria, with a minority of misguided, were followers of the G.I.A. close the F.I.S. then of the GSPC (Salafist Group for preaching and Combat who had nothing of salaf) Algerian dictatorship and his very close army of corruption, have in 1991 by a glance military State, but after democratic elections removed democracy to the people who placed the F.I.S. in power, that despite what the other think, this religious parties was democratically elected by the people and for the people, to be demonized by the followers of the close single thought of socialism and the media controlled by the followers of the dictatorship, Socialist, a bit like today then better with Hamas in Palestine, that the European Union and the United States have demonized in having been advised by powerful advisers close to Israel and Zionist thought having it even practiced terrorism against the British from the Holy land occupation of Palestine which was colonized by followers of the Hill of Zion with their famous kiboutzines were agricultural farms and Zionist settlements close to close to Socialist, who was then followed by the Zionist settlers ideology Captaliste ideology on a principle of secularism hiding behind Jewish identity.

A blind terrorist ideology which in the true Muslim religion is be totally contrary to hope that one place in God (swt) patience which is a form of faith-based and not of despair, to unify and unite the world Muslim for not to divide, and he thus restore its Islamic cohesion against all his enemies, who lately, there are more and more, because it will result in the consolidation of the Muslims and mutual assistance between brothers and sisters the same religion to defeat all enemies together, which currently gathers and unite in being outside as inside the religion are the reformers of materialists and lay people, but also and above all, in order to enter Islam non-Muslims and the non-musulmanes to make the brothers and sisters of the same religion, but on condition that the brothers and sisters of the same religion will continue to follow and practice the same religion of patience, endurance, of quotation and obedience has all the will of the Lord of the universe (swt) that doesn’t sound like none of all creations, and not falling into disbelief for the eternal life of the to the beyond, just like today, unfortunately, some misguided fell in this disbelief because of evidence of an authentic hadith narrated by Djarir Ibn Abdullah (Allah the authorized) who during the sermon of the Prophet (saaws) farewell had heard of the beloved prophet Muhammad (saaws) who you are lowest in this chapter relayed.

A conspiracy which is located across the world (including the false pretences in Arab countries), after having been put in place by the children of Israel following the case dxe Roswell in 1947 and her false Messiah, as well as by his allies who are very close of its Zionist ideology, as for example, the Pro-Zionist reformed Protestant churches which are very famous and very known for their vision manicheene and very anti-Muslim sentiment of our religion, but also, as for example the masonry lay very close Israeli secular ideology, without forgetting the sects of the Church of Scientology just as close to each other for control of the Zionist movement on Jerusalem and Palestine, just as shows evidence which are presented in this site Internet, the conspirators hidden in their internet forum want to undermine, even demonize because of their manipulation of any kind being very close to their false Messiah deceitful and manipulative to have adopted his technique and tactics of manipulation of boudrillard, demonization and lie in a common point with this global turmoil very conspiratorial, or arrive then the sects of all kinds that are very close to the Raelian sect and its emblem of a star Israel, having through media manipulation, set up the ideology and belief in the existence of an alien and their UFOs which some misplaced (es) and other visionaries, await their landing on Earth.

Evidence of their global conspiracy set up by each other, which not only, you are brought on a table served Al-Ma’idah in Roswell and 1947 this website chapter, but also and especially nuclear genocide chapter committed against women, old people and Muslim children, both in Iraq and in Afghanistan, as well as in terms of islam and faith and which you can see evidence of the destruction of their cult of the pyramids displayed on the first page of the chapter the evidence scientific of the Holy Quran to this Internet site, but well heard and inch’Allah (swt), if you take the time to read these chapters, and if you develop your sense of curiosity to know and understand what lies in the shadow of occult powers which manipulates you and indoctrinates you to become the slaves of their systems, so that inch’Allah (swt) and God willing, you can out of ignorance, indoctrination and manipulation of any kind, before it is too later, as on the day of judgement, these same conspirators and the hypocrites who accompanies them, you would totally saying nobody had forced you has the follow, not only after you have used to build their project pharaonic comparing with the Lord of the universe (swt), but more importantly, after you have manipulated, indoctrinated and misplaced.

Especially, after these same conspirators hidden in the shadow of global dictatorships and of the United nations, have set up Barack Obama secretly pursuing the same policy of previous administrations, in order for Northern Governments American (USA and Canada), then those of China, the Russia, of the African continent with its project of the African Union and the European Union impose their hegemonic will on the world, but also on the religions, by establishing a Government global, in a new deal for the new world order, and especially on the Muslim world, which is none other that the last rampart has their project began in 1947 with their resolution 181 , which was secretly imposed by the United States in Exchange for their financial contribution of their single eye having been printed on their greenback in 1933, to then be ratified by the 33 plotters and their allies of organizing abstentionistes 13 United nations, with their head, United States Protestant Evangelical and reform very anti-Islamic and very manipulative being close to the Zionist ideology, and who is none other that the father of the State of Israel, after being warned by travellers from the future of humanity in the case of Roswell, not to create the State of Istrael, so that the world of the future of humanity is not destroyed, because all changes, including time, we cannot change the events, shows just like the evidence displayed in Roswell and 1947 this website chapter.

Especially after; s that Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque in photo below, have been tainted by the Zionist of Israel regime and its allies the having implemented, then the Muslim people of Palestine and Gaza abandoned has its own fate by the dictators of today who think especially a their throne by being close to capitalism, and for others still think that especially has their power in having been set up by the fascism of the secularism of the atheists and agnostics close to the proletarian dictatorship tends Socialist, rather than think and worry about the 3Rd holy place of Islam and the Muslim community in Palestine and Gaza, as well as the false democracies of the world close to fascism and dictatorship of the Capitalism, not only established by the followers of Zionism and the Hill of Zion that are Evangelical protestant who have nothing angelic in their policy for the evangelization of the Muslim lands, lands which are subject only as to the divine, because of evidence of their many provocations, as commands for example, by launching calls via media manipulation and provocation has briler the book sacred Muslims. But also by the evidence of their aggravated proselytizing and very aggressive which takes place against the whole Muslim religion repopulate Muslim lands, by their allies that are the Zionist settlers with a close materialist ideology of capitalism making the most of demeusurement their capital and their bank accounts by the practice of interest and speculation.

While the Holy City of Jerusalem, was intended only to be placed under the authority of the community having been chosen by the Eternal God, that of Islam (peace) being truly submissive and loyal has all the will of Allah (swt ) without no partner or associate, in a sign having chosen among the Arab people, and as a Messenger of God (swt), one of them, that was the illiterate Muhammad (saaws) who received the first message transmitted by Gabriel (aws) having said: “Iqra, Iqra” (read, read) for the community who has been deprived of this holy place is the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and has nothing has do with the dome of the rock to the mosque of Omar, which was built in 688691 by Caliph Abd El Malik being close to the family of Moawiya out , that of dynasty Umayyad, due to a manipulation of the infiltrators in the middle of the Muslim religion, which among other things, the Royal family of Jordan, very close Chérifienne and Saudi royal families, who through the liberality of King Hussein of Jordan a was able to finance the reconstruction of the dome covered by sheets of gold, in place and place of gilded copper plates which until then, covered the dome of the rock, in order to draw your attention to the dome of the rock by passing it to the mosque Al-Aqsa and thus divert your attention from the real Al-Aqsa Mosque that has nothing to do with the mosque of Omar, because of their proximity very close between conspirators and undercover within the religion Muslim, not only with the United States, but especially with Israel and Freemasonry Socialist and Communist close to secularism.

But to answer their plot close to children of Israel and Zionist ideology as the most beneficent (swt) wanted by having a language encoded and encrypted revealed his scheme in the Holy Koran, Jerusalem is reconquered peacefully then placed under the control and authority of Muslims, and the land of Palestine, released from these settlers close of Zionism, who have not been invited by handing the keys of Jerusalem to the sons of Islam, so that not only the city of Jerusalem in the land of Islam, not falls not under the danger of the Chinese peril, but also for this city of Islam, which is currently prohibited has a large majority of Muslims around the world, to inch’Allah (swt) entitled and in all fairness, has all the universal races Islam who have been privately and allowing them to pray in this 3Rd place holy to the Muslim world that is the Al-Aqsa Mosque, after that this place Saint of Islam, have confiscated the community by this regime Zionist establishment by the masonry International having rebele against the wishes of Allah (swt), ones not to populate the Holy Land, after having sworn to do, some fascists of the single thought, are people of the book of Naturai Karta for extremists, all as some fascists of the single thought close to the Red danger (Communist) and pink (Socialist), are posing real Muslims fully integrated (ACE-Salafis) extremists, as well as its real not corrupt scientists, because they believe in any integrity without be corrupted by the object of temptation, which divides and which brings the power on which it is written “in God we trust” and who is none other than the US dollar $ Satan who preaches financial prosperity and universal rights to sow disorder on t wanders until land of Islam, for a low profile material, financial and political of the hungry of dounia and the delights of this world censoring what gets in their common interests: the true Muslim religion that combat all forms of excess, of vices of tyrannies, of bad manners and anti-religious dictatorships, then all forms of perversity and dishonesty, including that of the policies.

Jerusalem et Al-Aqsa

And in the case or inch’Allah (swt) the plotters with their ploy would oppose the wishes and the divine commandments by implementing their plot, then they know clearly without being caught off guard where by cowardice, that the scheme of Allah (swt) will implement him also, so that the Muslims of tomorrow can preserve the 3 holy places of Islam as Al-Quds, Medina and Mecca until the return of the true Messiah Jesus (aws), and from the moment or will be the appearance of the false misleading Messiah close to Zionist, Evangelical, esoteric and mystical ideology, then the principle of secularism with its single eye of the single thought has been printed on the universal declaration of the rights of man of the United nations, also close to the hypocrites “munafiqoune” having been clearly denounced in the Holy Quran, that are those who follow their materialistic dounia and the delights of world passions, but also if God (swt), depending on what the other hidden in their hearts in not wanting to get back on the right direction, as well as on the path of total obedience to the will of the Lord of the universe (swt).

So all and all, in being allied with each other, Allah (swt) astray them towards the misleading false Messiah to frizzy hair and Overbite, which will be released out of his time and a rock place (of a mountain chain to the North/East of the Syria and) Nord/Ouest of the Iraq) at the time of the second of the 10 large temporal waves which will follow one after the other, followed by his followers, so then this false Messiah could not get inside the 3 places Saints of Islam and that they are not defiled of his vices and his manipulations of its perversity of spirit, whose description of the false Messiah was given by the last great prophet like Muhammad (saaws) who said in several hadiths narrated by Muslim and others, because of the shape literalle Arabic “Katatoune” than the misleading false Messiah has frizzy hair (very curly and Overbite) by being small in size and walking with her legs spread and a stout, then with an almost open eye then the other virtually closed become enfleet rotten, due to a bacterial infection in his eye which will look like a prominent grape, in anticipation of the following temporal waves, including the return of the true Messiah (aws) which will kill the false Messiah Deceiver in joined at the door of Lodd, then people of Gog and Magog cannibals out of another time wave breaking across.

And if really you are in pursuit of knowledge and knowledge (the dinner) to understand the significance of these hadiths by meditating on the evidence, then no only, head to Roswell and 1947 chapter that makes the connection between distortion time with UFO, vortex and the Philadelphia experience, but also and especially to the 7th page of the chapter the scientific evidence of the Holy Quran to this website that makes the link between general relativity with the principle of resurrection, and inch’Allah (swt), but if your mind is open enough and you have enough light to understand, without having been previously manipulated and indoctrinated by various videos on the internet that propels it at the top of the poster to be seen in large number, as well as on other internet site created to lead astray the believer (es), then inch’Allah (swt), you will understand the functioning and the common point of relativity; General space-time vortex with time loop.

Because Allah the very majestic, is not associated with (es) with anyone to create a paradise or resurrect the dead from the living, and certainly not with this global elite who feels blessed to build an earthly paradise by building a pyramidal buildings of very high construction, and by poorly paid slaves, foot lame and poorly dressed as shown in photos shown below for the good evidence be material, luxury, financial and temporal worshipers of the pyramidal cult of massih dajjal, what are the global elites, including those of the countries of the Gulf are close followers of the cult of the single eye placed at the top of the pyramid in a pyramid.

Of fact below it is a hadith for the enlightened (es) of true knowledge and true knowledge (dine) everything as for the lost also, immersed in their races to wealth for the good be material and temporal (dounia) which the Hell and just as it is revealed in the Holy Qur’an displayed below, makes you fear poverty, into their ploy to better you reduce a slavery of the modernity of the 21st century for the good be material and financial elites placed at the top of the pyramids, and those with those who put them in place in the pyramid, as these powerful multinacional are banks with the famous bank cards such as VISA, Master Card, American Express, but also with Coca-Cola and its dose alcohol as proves it a video that is PE at the top of this chapter, in a common commercial with McDonalds, Virgin, Boeing, Airbus, Fly Emirates, Barclays, Kappa, Accor, Club Med, and with the blessing of the powerful groups media like MTV, MCM, AOL, not to mention the powerful multinacional distribution hub, Wall Mart, as well as the powerful multinacional of mobile telephony such as SFR, Bouygues or Vodafone, etc, because the list of pyramids is too long.

Here is a hadith authentic sahih from the book of imam An-Nawawi, called the 40 Hadith translated by A.K. Kinani and A. Valsan, published by Dar Al-Koran Al-Kareem editions in Beirut that you can see more detail in the book Riyadh -Saliheen’s police station about the signs of the hour (revelation) which according to Omar Ibn Al-Khattab (ra) companion of the Prophet (saaws) and 2ND Caliph of Islam who reported what follows below, in a sign, since I received it well and that I bring the evidence, that not only, are intended for the hypocrites in the Gulf countries, but also in a sign of the revelation for the lost (es) of reformers in the service of their tyrants, putting into practice their censorship and their global dictatorship, being in the service of their massih dajjal (Antichrist) in war against the true religion by Allah the exalted, the Lord of the universe (swt) which the plotters are immersed in their little ploy to keep from revealing the truth having been predicted by the Last Prophet Muhammad (saaws) who is not a false prophet Mr Barack Obama and allies of the United nations, by providing evidence of your hypocrisy and your unbelief, that of the elite at the top of the pyramids close to satan, on a table then the evidence of a dazzling truth of light which was revealed by the seal of the prophets, the seal of the messengers that is well liked Muhammad (saaws).

“One day we were sitting with the Envoy of Allah, that appeared we a man in clothes of bright white beard very well carved out of an intense weeps and intense dark hair, without that there is no visible trace of travel on him.” None of us knew him. He came and sat down in front of the Prophet (saaws), placed his knees against his and placing the palms of his hands on her 2 thighs, he said to him: O Muhammad (saaws)! Informs me about the time the Prophet (saaws) said: “the questioned doesn’t know any more than that who is asking.” The man then asked: what are the warning signs? “It is, said the Prophet (saaws), when the maid will bring his mistress, and when you see poor herdsmen, barefoot and badly dressed, compete in the building of high buildings.

Here above, the man went, as for me “Omar Ibn Al – Khattab (ra)”, I stood a moment. Then the Prophet (saaws) asked me: “O Omar! do you know who questioned? “” I said: “Allah and his Messenger know more.” “This is Jibril (the Archangel Gabriel peace be upon him) said the Prophet (saaws), who came to teach you your religion.”

The shepherds (patres) needy, feet naked, badly housed and badly dressed whose evidence are displayed in pictures below, being reduced a modern slavery to financially support their families who await their return to the country, while performing prayer on the sand and in any place of worship face as buildings of high buildings that they have themselves shaped for good material and financial of the followers of the cult of the pyramids that are the horns of Satan in the world, not only built for the well being luxury followers of liberalism with libertinism, but also for the good be followers of the principle of secularism are the unruly and rebellious to the will of the Lord of the universe (swt) thus reducing the believer (es) a slavery modern, under the gaze of a single God who is without partner (es), and especially, who is not blind with a single eye, as the followers of the single thought, the dictatorship of the United nations who want to globalize its principles until land of Islam, all as you demonstrated instant proof of these below displayed pictures which are supported by the hadith of the beloved prophet Muhammad (saaws) having been sent to announce a wonderful reward.

Not only for those participating in Jihad (holy war) in order to appear the truth to prevail on any other materialistic ideology policies and followers of the blind eye of secularism, while freeing up their chains Muslim slaves, but to make a wonderful announcement to the poor shepherds, barefoot and badly dressed who fulfilled the salate “prayer” being reduced is the modern slavery of the20th and 21th elites century in the midst of globalization established by the dictators and the hypocrites close to the pyramids of the single eye of their false Messiah, who makes it rain on the territories Arabs turning into orchards where flowing streams, and which evidence you is presented in photo below with the hadith in question supported by this evidence posted on has been rain in the desert with its principle and evidence of this conspiracy you are presented to the chapter evidence scientist of the Holy Quran on HAARP and atmosphere of 7 heaven with 7 layers land a title warning of a painful punishment for any fan of the one-eyed liar, including its ideology of the dictatorship of the United nations is close to the Israel capitalist ideology, of the Great Britain, the United States of America, the Russia, the European Union, and especially of the fascist ideology of the dictatorship of Socialist and Communist of the India and China see same European build the earthly paradise with slaves Muslims “submitters” barefoot, poorly dressed and very wrong country shown in photo below, while having huge financial difficulties has buy food, while other plotters are fructufier demeusurement the capital of dictators in countries of nationalism Arab socialism, as well as accounts Bank families hidden in tax havens converted to capitalism.

Whether the followers of fascism capitalist, Socialist, Communist, Zionist or whatever fans horns of Satan had risen to eastern cities Saint of Medina and Mecca close to climate manipulation of the United States and its allies, then indoctrination and military dictatorship of the Arab countries, or whether the followers of licentiousness and the principle of secularism are the unruly (es) to the will of the Lord of the universe (swt) reducing their own wills believing them (es) Muslim (es) has modern slavery, under the gaze of the one God (swt) which is without partner (es), but above all, under the gaze of the one God is not blind after have been posted with a single eye, dictatorship and fascism handling of policies having been illuminated at the top of the pyramid, by being with the other immersed in their rebellions against the wishes of Allah (swt) in the middle of a time of races to the riches and the towers of Babel that is the current era of the very high technology and modernity very high comparing with Allah (swt).

The era of science and enlightenment that is more ignorance and obscurantism, but Vice, manipulation, corruption, indoctrination, the obstinacy of the dictatorship and the political censorship, then one of slavery modern and the perversity of spirit of the elites and their sheep to the 21St century.

And those who do not believe and who do not want to submit to the wishes of their unique Creator who is without partner (es) (swt) saying throughout their Sham “Bismillah ar-rahman ar-rahim”, then, were people from the fire, where they there remain forever, after being warned of a painful punishment, in being secretly immersed in their war against the true Muslim religion, that not only fights all forms of slavery, of dictatorships and political fascism, and appeal has a certain Code of morality and principle for human dignity, then has real principles of justice and equality.

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The United States with its culture of liberal extremism followed by secular fascism of the rights of man to disorder and chaos after have been decreed by a single thought of the followers of French secularism to implement the anti-religious dictatorship close to the armed forces (Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Mauritania, Yemen, Jordan, Morocco, Algeria etc.), which you can see in your eyes the truth of the hadith posted above, or in a unilateral chaos and disorder world, the servant ended up lead to his mistress, and this evidence, everything everyone (parents who are not bad faith) will see it in the world which we all around, in literalle of a whole clear parable language, meaning that the child becomes the mistress of his mother for that has turn the mother becomes a slave to his own child, after putting in the world by the simple made to rebel against the authority of his mother and his father have been given to parents by the Lord of the universe (swt) that is not associated with the world e of the illuminati, either in front of the justice of men in private life, which inevitably becomes an inverted pyramid that will be reversed to be seen in the sense of religion and the commandments of God (swt), after ruling the disorder anarchy, chaos, corruption and terrorism having been generated by the Israelite dictatorship, British, French, European, Russian, Chinese and American.

The philosophical pyramid reversed the perversity of mind (secularism) having been set up by the politicians of all persuasions confused teacher rebellion in schools through teachers very little scrupulous and not very Smart by using their power, not to teach, but to call this poor youth has manifested in the street completely manipulated and exploited by the followers of politics practicing indoctrination, then the run against the authority of their parents, after having taught them that they were free, which in the Islamic world is totally contrary to the wishes of the Lord of the universe (swt), because of the evidence revealed in the Holy Qur’an that you is broadcast below, as a reminder to this rebellious youth become aggressive then totally manipulated and exploited to be finally inffluenc on a very materialistic doctrine by the world of politics of all stripes, who with their rights human, and then with their rights of the children and soon with their animal rights, divided families and the humanity of the divine commandments are laws of the Lord of the universe (swt) who asked was what it said, and I quote: “and be beinfaisants to your father and mother, then stay away from the turpidutes openly or secretly”from your parents, do not harm them any sentencing, and to not let them harm, so really, young people like their parents and not the rebels and the followers of the close policy of secularism and the laws to the disorder and the divorce between religion, States, parents and families.

Holy Qur’an: Sura 6 Al – An’am / verse 151
“say:” come, I will recite what your Lord has prohibited: Don’t associate anything; “» and be beneficial to your father and mother. Do not kill your children because of poverty. We feed you just like them. Stay away from the turpitude openly or secretly. Don’t kill that in all fairness the life that Allah has made sacred. That’s what (Allah) recommended you to do; Maybe you understand. »

But be careful about the word of Allah (swt) revealed in this verse that says “don’t kill in all fairness life that Allah has made sacred”, za wajal Allah also says in the Holy Quran that a pardon is much better, as evidenced by the Holy Word Allah (swt) revealed below, because this wisdom of forgiveness among brothers and sisters the same religion, and just as he is revealed in verse 178 of surah 2 Al-Baqarah (the cow) shown below, is part of the religion Muslim who between brothers of the same religion, is be one of the characters and the attractions of Islamic morality, especially, after the killer asked forgiveness from the relatives of the victim, then in acceptance of the pardon by the victim’s family, the assassin must pay a compensation to the family of the victim, as it is revealed in the Holy Qur’an displayed below, but has conditions, however, that the life of the ayan person killed, is not that of a Muslim in having been assassinated by a foreign soldier , which is paid as a soldier with a gun, and willingly, knowingly cause to invade Muslim land, to establish a way of life and Western principles implemented by these elites that are incompatible with the way of life Muslim, not only with weapons, using them against Muslims, and without having been invited by the majority of the Muslim people, to then remove the lives of believers Muslim (es), see even that of the civilian Muslim (es), where then for y export all its perversity of foreign soldier and of non-Muslim “viols of women and of young Muslim girls, including the cenure media does not”, as was the case in Iraq with over 150,000 civilians Muslim (es) murdered unjustly by the American forces, not to mention atrocities “acts of torture and violating all kinds”, as is currently the case in Afghanistan with some followers of perversity, but also in the Caucasus with the Russian forces.

Besides has this topic, so see the evidence posted on the site of WikiLeaks that the dictatorship of the elite American want to censor, because these “Muslims” also have the right to defend and protect the lives of their families, as well as their tribes, as well as their way of life, that of a Muslim (e), on the path of Allah (swt) “following its principles and its basis of jihad”, because in fairness, the life of a Muslim (e) believer (e), then their families, of their tribe and their way of life , are sacred before Allah (swt) and it is the judgment of Allah (swt) to fear, because just as it is shown below as evidence for the lost (es) of corrupt close of secularism, then esotericism and the mystic who miraculously forgets one part of the revelation, Allah (swt) dislikes the unjust who thinks doing good and who are the opposite of good, because on Earth, they don’t practice and does not apply the principle of divine justice.

Holy Qur’an: Sura 7 Al-Araf / 196 to 200 verses
“while my master, it is Allah who has sent down the book (Quran).» It is he who is responsible (for protection) and virtuous. And those whom you invoke besides him are able to rescue you or to rescue themselves. And if you call them to the straight path, they do not hear. You see them looking at you, (but) they do not. Accepts what we offer you reasonable, order what is suitable and away ignorant. And if ever the devil asking you to do evil, seek refuge with Allah. Because he hears, and know everything. »

Holy Qur’an: surah 2 Al-Baqarah (the cow) / verse 178
‘ O believers! Retaliation about those killed is prescribed for you: free man for the free, the slave for the slave, woman to woman. But those to deal with his brother will be forgiven in any way, has a proper request and must pay damages of good grace. This is a relief from your Lord and a mercy. So, anyone after that transgresses, will have a painful punishment. »

Holy Qur’an: surah Ash-Shura (the consultation) 42 / verse 40
“the sanction of a bad action is a bad action [sentence] identical.” But whoever forgives and reform, his salary is up to Allah. He does not love the unjust! »

aint Quran: surah 42 Ach’ Shura (the consultation) / verse 43 to 46
“and who endure and forgive, this indeed, is part of good provisions and resolution in business. And whoever Allah astray has no protector after him. However, you’ll see the unjust say, seeing the punishment: “Is there a way to return [to Earth]?” And you see them exposed in front of hell, confused in the debasement, and watching a stealth look, while those who believe will say: “the losers are of course, those who make their own loss and their families on the day of the Resurrection”. The unjust will certainly suffer a permanent punishment. They won’t protector from Allah to rescue them and whoever Allah astray has more no way.”

And all these signs of vice, obstinacy, injustice, modern slavery, corruption, then manipulations, indoctrination and the perversity of spirit of the 20th and 21St century, they are in front of you and everywhere in the world, having been exported to the middle and Near East, and then to Africa and the Iraq through Afghanistan to the Gulf, which the plotters are intending to export it to the Iran and the 2 holy places of Islam (the Mecca and Medina) with their worship pyramids and stones dresses set up by close to the dictatorship of nations having once been elites (in the past) reduced to nothing by several cataclysms planetary, after having been revealed in a coded language : By 2 times they semeront corruption on Earth, to warn the Muslim nations against the conspiracy of the children of Israel, and whose archaeological evidence of these planetary cataclysms are displayed has the first page of the chapter the scientific evidence of the Holy Quran to this website, the archaeological sites that the ones and the others were plunged into a race to wealth to regain its flying objects, in order to take control, and debris from which, the plotters within the United nations of 20th and 21St century rebuilt their flying objects with no echaperont not their predestined, already occurring in distant past, their destruction, for wanting to do It’s hard to believe heaven was on Earth, built by Muslim slaves, under the single eye of the single thought elites.


THEN the callback and the caveats for any FOLLOWER of the PYRAMIDS and the ASSOCIATION
but also for the lost (ES) that are FOLLOWERS of DICTATORSHIPS, then of ESOTERICISM and MYSTICISM (OCCULTISM)
having INFILTRATED the RELIGION Muslim to serve their common interests
implementing censorship and DICTATORSHIP against the true RELIGION
with the Sura AL-FATIHA (the opening or the PROLOGUE to the repeated 7 ).

Holy Qur’an: Sura 42 Ash-Shura (the consultation) / verse 13
‘ it has legislated you in matters of religion, he was required to Noah, what we have revealed to you “to Muhammad (saaws)”, as well as what urges us to Abraham. Moses and Jesus: “establish religion; and are not a matter of division.” What you call the idolaters seems huge. Allah elects and close him who he wants and guide towards him who repents. »

In order to unite the Islamic community, then restore the real governance of the Islamic nation with the true Muslim spirituality of Islam (peace) between brothers and sisters of the same religion as the beloved prophet Muhammad (saaws) was implemented and which was consolidated by the first 4 Caliphs of Islam, following multiple falsifications and manipulations of any kind set up by the enemies of Islam, as in the lands of Islam the direction of a nation is inseparable and inseparable of the Muslim religion and its scientists to keep the peace between brothers and sisters of the same religion.

Moreover, this website was not created to create fitna (division), but to bring together the Muslim (es) from around the world, really having the fear of judgment day, while contemplating the world round, after fitna (division) was created by the grace of a community with ritual practices belonging to the materialistic cult of the blind eye (massih ad-dajjal), that’s just jealousy, lust for power, of rivalry, lusts, censorship, tyranny, of hatred, of witchcraft, of wealth financial and political race was put in place in the middle of a community that had been unified.

Then in this introductory chapter, and in order to make the presentation of this website created by the will of Allah (swt), in order to show the evidence that are displayed in this website and which are supported by the hadiths of the last Prophet of humanity is Muhammad (saaws), as well as to denounce the perverse and devastating effects of globalization are spread in all communities, and all levels of society, be it in terms of emigration, economic and financial and legislative, political and cultural, material where each and the others, are not only plunged with each other in their races for power and control of the world to establish their global political order, then the peoples of downstairs. against the other reduced in slavery for the good being of elites and the hypocrites that are unjust and the followers of politics that divides humanity.

And all this of course, not only by the observation of the world of the reality that we all around and that only reflects only a very sad reality, drawing all spirituality revealed in the Holy Qur’an what are the commandments of Allah (swt), but also receiving This spirituality on the authentic hadiths of the beloved prophet Muhammad (saaws) which you can contemplate the signs all over the world, but in some countries, and of course, logically given their proximity with the single eye and thought unique who sees all, are censored by the mass media of disinformation and censorship, very close to powers and multinationals, with thanks to the privatization of socialism and capitalism, taken control of your mass media, including the Maghreb United, for better to teach you and you rock their song of a star academy.

Because actually, and proves it as everyone who you all around, the shock of civilizations and cultures do exist, except of course, for the followers of the deceiving Messiah (Antichrist) very close to Evangelical and secular and Zionist ideology which contemplates the world around us all around, and who read or listen to the revelations of the Holy Quran and Hadith authentic with one eye and then with only one ear, having finally only one part of the brain that works, that of the single eye that the plotters eventually impose with their unique thought, that of dictatorship and tyranny as close to their false ultra-manipulateur misleading Messiah, misinformation and falsehood that censors the truth.

And this, to warn all communities combining the Eternal God (swt) with anyone, because at the time when the Lord of the universe asked (swt), an eternal painful punishment come to them with certainty and diligence, if the ones and the others don’t is not reform (be they or it does not change what is in them or they), with a title of proofs of the Holy Word of Allah (swt) intended for each other who lost the Muslim community, here are 6 verses of surah 56 Al-Waqi’a) the event) shown below, so that all together, they meditate on these same verses, in a nod to someday terrifying address for any follower of manipulation and bad religious teachings, to get them back quickly on the right direction of a single religion of Islam, while putting into practice the true divine justice on Earth, as Allah (swt) does not love those who practice the injustices, to beg forgiveness from Allah (swt) and truly reform and radically on the right direction, so that they be granted forgiveness of Allah (swt), to engage in holy war against this world of conspiracies, of injustice, manipulations, corruptions and the vices, after being set up by the political and materialistic doctrines close to the 3 great pyramids of globalization, capitalism, socialism, and communism surrounded by all their small pyramids created by elites, with their principle of secularism (eye unique) that they want to export in the Muslim land, in their war a little veiled, against the Muslim religion, demonizing her, after him have manipulated then manipulated against their creation that was communism.

Holy Quran: surah 56 Al-Waqi’ (event – title shot of verse 1) a / verses 1016
“the first (to follow the orders of Allah on Earth) are the ones who will be the first (in the hereafter).» What are those nearest to Allah in the gardens of delight, a multitude of the elect among the first [generations], and a small number among the last [generations], on beds adorned [gold and jeweled], is leaning and facing each other. »

All the hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad (saaws) then the words of Allah (swt) revealed in the verses of Allah (swt) that are presented to you in this website together evidence of a very sad reality, that some conspirators would undermine the credibility, see even censor any signs of these events having been predicted, which we can contemplate these signs all around us, but in the world of reality which plunged nothing magical, unlike the Sufi doctrine in his world fairytale has nothing of reality, can only invoke Allah (swt) to allow them back on the true spiritual and religious philosophy of Islam, in order to unite the Muslim community, and after that all the hadiths of the Prophet) saaws) have been left by his closest companions, which in particular, by the 4 first Caliphs of Islam (AR) known as the Ar-Rachidun, but also in being named in the Holy Quran to as As-salafi who with integrity and without corrupt being practiced and were putting up the divine justice on Earth, while actually having the fear of the judgment of Allah (swt).

4 Orthodox Islam (ra) Governors in the order of their election and their names are displayed below, after that this form of theocracy was established in being subject to the orders and the divine commandments prescribed by Allah (swt ) in having been sent to surah Ash-Shura (the consultation or consultation) or is being revealed very important verse of the Holy Quran, which highlights the fundamental constitutional of the Muslim community and theocratic under the principles and the divine commandments which are inseparable from the governance of a nation through a community consultation without handle it, everything regarding affairs that govern the Muslim community, and everything as it is stipulated in the verse that is shown below.

Holy Qur’an: surah Ash-Shura (the consultation or consultation) 42 / verse 38
“who respond to their Lord’s call, perform the Salat, shall consult with each other about their business, spend of what we. assign them.

The true principle of the Ach-Shura has not that of democracy, but that of the theocracy that was not subject the corruption of the powerful lobbies, as is the case today, when the real themocratie was set up by the 4 first Caliphs Ar-Rachidun designated below who were other than pious Muslims As salafis practicing divine justice with integrity (not corrupt) in being honest, truly sincere and without having any perversity of mind, true believer (es) totally submitted (es) and faithful (s) only wishes of Allah (swt) without no partner or associate in order to put into practice the divine laws in all fairness, because they are the ones who will succeed, unlike many today who practice not and does not apply the real equality and divine justice, whether for each (the weak and the poor) who endure, as to others that are powerful, dictators and the rich of this world who benefits and who put in practice their thinking u Mo’Nique, believing to be untouchable then above the divine laws revealed to all mankind.

Besides, in the Muslim religion, this event Ach-Shura who is none other than the consultation between plotters Sufis and franc-maconniste which commemorates the massacre of the family and of the closest companions of the Prophet Muhammad (saaws) After Abu Bakr (ra) who had sworn to protect the family of the Prophet (saaws) left this world in 634 a.d., first by the assassination of Ali (ra) in 657 , and then with the massacre of the grandsons of the Prophet Muhammad (saaws) as Hussein and Hassan (ra), but also with the murder of the people of the House of the Prophet Muhammad (saaws) what are these closest companions become Caliphs of Islam, which Omar Ibn El-Khattab (ra) assassinated in 644, then Uthman (ra) murdered in 656.

A seizure of power of the Umayyad and the Abassides close to Franks masonry Sufis biding their time in the shadow of the Umayyad who was set up then prepared by the plotters, by ruling out one by one, not only and first of all the members of the family the Prophet Muhammad (saaws) and then the closest companions in order to take the power smoothly and in a velvet glove with a coup who prepared and implemented by the plotters have infiltrated the religion, then make a political lay movement while manipulating and then instrumenatalisant the religion to serve their common interests, and thus create fitna (division) between 2 become Muslim clans later, 2 political movements Shiite and sounnite establishing and implementing of the kind monarhies Western Christian monarchies.

This evidence took place at the time of Moawiya having established this monarchy with his son Yazid who are the founders of the dynasty Ommeyade having established their capital in Syria (today secular country) continuation of the dissent of Moawiya subsequently became 5th Caliphand founder of the dynasty of Umayyad after transferring the capital from Medina to Damascus. Which the Ommeyade dynasty was then overthrown by the dynasty of Abbasid biding his time in the shadow of the Sufis and its masonry francs through their own monarchy by a transfer of their monarchical power towards the city of Baghdad to the East of Holy cities of Medina and Mecca.

Then in 678 after JC Moawiya proclaims his son Yazid as heir to his empire (see map of the empire, Umayyad to 750 shown below with the card of the Abbasid to 820empire), thus calling into question, because of their principles of tyranny and monarchic dictatorships, all of the elective principle and theocratic Caliphate which was institute by Abu Bakr (ra) and after him have usurped before being overthrown a turn by the monarchy Abbasid (7501258) which was founded by Abu Al-‘Abbas Al-Saffah, descendant of ‘ Abbas (ra) and uncle of the Prophet Muhammad (saaws), then and from 750 ad the dynasty of Abbasid making Baghdad the capital of Damascus, Medina and Mecca instead.

Franc Maconnerie soufis et monarchie Abasside

Maroc Alaouites Cherifiens et Omeyyades

The first 4 Caliphs of Islam aright who were liars or cheaters, thieves, or are corrupt, or corrupt, swindlers, or tyrants and even less the censors, and this, for fear of the last judgment, Unlike the usurpers, who currently and in the past, and continues to lead the Muslim countries while having divided them into factions, sectarian and religious, after having been set up by the plotters partiquant witchcraft, just like this was the case in the Jewish religion is being divided into various factions with the practice of the occult are those of the mystical Kabbalah (appealing to the world of the Jinn), just as was the case with Christianity having been innovated from the inside by dividing the new Christian empire, which at the beginning of its existence, was very close to the true religion of Allah (swt), between that of the East and West, by the practice of the occult sciences of the mystical Kabbalah.

A plot set up by the dissident of the Khawarijes “the horns of Satan” sect from the banu Hanifah come from Eastern cities holy to Medina and Mecca close to the Bedouin tribes which Allah (swt) highlights in the Holy Quran, and who at the time of the Prophet Muhammad (saaws) were already in the East of Medina and Mecca, which being from the tribe Hanifah Saudi dynasty is at the origin of this fitna with the plotters to Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates, after in 1990 dynasty Saudi, have without first consulting the Assembly religious ulema (scholars of Hadith), guest on the holy ground and sacred Arabia, allies close Socialist of the fascism of French secularism, but also the neoconservatives American and British close to dictatorship capitalist, that are Western armies to invade all Muslim nations, with the head of this coalition of 33 plotters, the United States followed by the France and its fascism secular intellectual who sends its mercenaries intellectuals and philosopher claiming of the Muslim religion and knowing nothing of this religion and its foundations in a vile political profit Israel and secularism has implemented the globalization to disorder and corruption with the blessing of the liar in the United States.

A dynasty Saudi thus overriding the wishes of Allah (swt) to put into practice the principle of Ash-Shura, which is none other than the religious consultation of all the assemblies of ulemas, in order to make a favorable or unfavorable opinion has the request for invitation on the ground Holy and sacred of Arabia of the coalition of the 33 armed Western secular and no Muslim, being allies of Israel, and certainly not, in order not to put into practice the principle of consultation policy between Western plotters and schemers Arabic for a vile advantage of financial interests, political and energy common very anti-Islam, after have exploited and manipulated Islam to the Afghanistan.

Especially, after the plotters have divided the community by the grace of the subject of corruption that promotes inequality of traitrement then the injustices and finally terrorism, hatred, jealousies and divisions between brothers and sisters the same religion, which arranges them conspirators hidden in the shadow of the occult powers of policy, economy, consumption, then the media manipulators and Liars, but also those of the powerful lobbies of the armaments industry, and finance with their principle of secularism and their unique eye posted at the 12th page of this Web site, after being set up by the enemies of Islam who want to you see you kill each other and you divide and rule, in being immersed and together with each other in their trick after having infiltrated the Muslim religion, in order to serve their common interests, that are those of politics and finance, in shaping the Muslim religion to their own image, and everything not preaching the true religion of truth, real justice, honesty, equality, righteousness and fraternity between brothers and sisters of the same religion, who on Earth and in Muslim nations, must be put into practice by application of divine wishes, in order to not become enemies of God (swt).

Policies together with the infidels, corrupt reformers and the laity, immersed in their Masonic global conspiracy, not only, in order to manipulate, exploit and provoke the Muslim religion, by a world manipulation suits powerful occult forces, lay people, and then a powerful Zionist lobbies, as well as the powerful lobbies Evangelicals in the United States, the Canada and in English-speaking countries in general, eager to rebuild the temple of Solomon (aws) which by the will of the Lord of the universe (swt) was destroyed in 70 a.d that Al-Aqsa Mosque is built on the very foundations of the second temple, and always by the will of the Lord of the universe (swt) which is no partner in his command (es).

The Al-Aqsa Mosque that belongs to Muslims all over the world, and including the international Islamic community, has been deprived of this place St. in Jerusalem, then humiliated and belittled by a Zionist regime believing themselves to be the people elected to the United States, and all in particular, elected by Barack Obama, who as a Trojan horse was set up within the C.F.R. (Council of Foreign Affairs) close to the United nations and the IMF, in order to be at the service of Zionism for a Je; Jerusalem one and indivisible who, according to his wishes would be placed under control and under the domination of the Zionist authority which divides humanity, including a title of evidence for the blind who don’t want more to manipulate, you can contemplate the speech of Barack Obama to the chapter Roswell and 1947 of this Web site.

For you, “thinking of Muslim religion”, do not fall into disbelief and infidelity to the commandemants of Allah (swt) to the side of the laity, then the infidels in Allah (swt), but also to the side of the disbelievers concealed within the religion Muslim and who does not preach then does not teach the true religion of peace between brothers and sisters of the same religion. By insults and attacks that is impiety, that fighting other Muslim (es) by arms, and some either his language, his race and his nation, especially, after the unbelievers and infidels in Allah (swt) then close plotters of the power, manipulation, exploitation and the stigma of religion, have implemented the fitna (division) between religious advisors of those leaders, by warning of the beloved prophet Muhammad (saaws) including the 2 his caveat hadiths are displayed clearly below, and which are reported by Muslim, then by Al-Bukhaari, including the first of the 2 references no. 1559 hadiths is available at 730 page in the book Riyadh’re-Saliheen’s police station” The gardens of virtue”of Yahya Ibn Sharaf Ed-DIN An-Nawawi to universal editions.

Ibn Mas’oud (Allah the authorized) reported that the Prophet (saaws) said: “insulting the Muslim is impiety, and fight of infidelity”

Then for the second hadeeth narrated by Muslim and Bukhari references no.698chapter 90 and page 371
Djarir Ibn Abdullah (Allah the authorized) has heard of the Prophet Muhammad (saaws) the following: “the Messenger of Allah (saaws) ordered me, during the farewell pilgrimage, to ask people to observe silence and listen to his sermon”. “Then he said: don’t become infidels, after my death (saaws) in you where.”

In you show:
because you are brothers and sisters of the same religion and whatever your nation, your language and your race, because there is only a single and unique Muslim religion of islam peace between brothers and sisters of the same religion Muslim woman who is without borders, but without being a follower of secular infidelity close to socialism or capitalism see same of Communism that divided the Islamic international nation, including in the middle of globalization at all levels, matter of Muslim faith who in the name of Allah (swt) and for love of the Prophet Muhammad (saaws) must be United against the enemies of Islam they are has the Interior of religion by making alliance with the enemies of Islam (Israel, USA, France, England, Germany, European Union, China, Africa, South America, etc..) than outside of the Muslim religion.

Now, and who does not teach true Islam of Islam (peace) between brothers and sisters of the same religion, and to not fall into disbelief, you have been warned by 2 authentic hadiths which are narrated by Muslim and Al-Bukhaari, you can check out you, you have the references which you are presented above, whether the followers of terrorism which incurs the wrath of Allaah (swt), as well as the close cabal of secular fascism of the Socialists and Communists, but also manipulative close to politicians, then evangelist and Zionist ideology, close to the ideology of capitalist had exploited the Taliban against communism, in an address in the direction sign in those who want to earn the gardens of paradise, which was never, and will never be on Earth down here, except of course, for those and those who with one eye closed, contemplates this world of wars, wealth races and rivalries for power then terrorism, lies, manipulation, indoctrination and exploitation of religions for a vile advantage of enemies of the true Muslim religion has nothing esoteric or mystical.


But God is more scientist

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