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The Quran Scientific Evidence

With displayed on the banner above ‘Rayat’ the odd number of 1999 (09991) in rationality with an even number of the Kaaba to 1 618 033 who is none other than the sign code and encrypted Union O for the community Muslim woman between 19 letters of the Basmallah with the 99 most beautiful names of Allah (swt). In a link obvious with sign by Allah (swt) who is none other than that of the last eclipse solar total of the 20th century that took place on 11 August 1999 in order to open the era of the 3Rd Millennium and which was found throughout the northern hemisphere of Europe but especially in Paris who is none other than the city of light (truth) in rationality with the other city of light (truth) is the Holy City of Medina. The encoded 19 digit letters of the Basmallah which is other than the true ‘el haq”and one of the 99 servants of Allah has been verified (accessed) during a night of the 9th month of Ramadan of the lunar calendar of the Hegira (1433) emigration in the direction of Mecca, and just before the Hajj from 2012 in conjunction with the 9th month of the solar calendar in2012.

Holy Quran: surah 17 , Al-Isra (Centre) / verse 85 ‘ and they ask you about the soul, – say: “the soul is the order of my Lord”. “. And you have been given only a little knowledge. “But we must see the website titled the rise of dust of atom (soul reinvigorated/reactivated) on the rise from the dust of atom at the service of the Lord of the universe, Allah (swt) to understand what it means to be in the service of the Lord of the universe, Allah (swt). In a sign for the “obedient” truly Muslim community to all the wishes of Allah (swt)

Noah and the flood at the time of the Sphinx, the pyramids and the stones erected (obelisks)
the secular cult francs masonry and the Illuminati of the privatisatsions of the censorship and slavery

Here’s poster below, the archaeological evidence of cataclysms, which one occurred at the time of Noah (aws) there are more than 13000 years, which was followed by a flood on the builders of pyramids and stones (obelisks) dresses in a warning for the following generations that are supporters of the builders of pyramids and stones erected near their new secular world of the laity and order Satanists close to Zionism and the Anglo-Saxon evangelists of the big 3 pyramids of Gyzeh of capitalism, socialism and the Commuanisme of the slavery of the Muslim peoples, whether they are Arab and non-Arab, blacks as whites, while being surrounded by their small pyramids materialistic and financial close to their Sham Democratic which is put in place by the esoteric doctrines and mystical Zionism practicing the Jewish kaballah, but also by the supporters of the Evangelical Trinity has nothing angelic in their races to close wealth Arab monarchies then the Sufism, polytheism Hindu from his Trinity brahminical, also close to the worship of spirits and the saints of maraboutism, animism and shamanism, but also by the supporters of the secular masonry of atheism, agnosticism and Astrology.

The global cataclysm having annihilated the world of pyramidal civilizations established by a global Masonic Brotherhood of illuminati, who are within the new world order of the 20th and its paradigm of the 21St century, hidden in and behind the world of politics, finance and media manipulating, creating and manipulating your spritualite gra; it has their global conspiracy by creating themselves their own religions, as if it created a statue has its own image, because the emblem of the compass and square which is none other than the sign of builders of pyramidal civilizations having been put in place with their financial wealth world then built with their multitude of TOP SECRET classified projects from the program of Star Wars, which in 1983 was initialized by Ronald Reagan in a reconciliation 6 years later and has the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989 in a globalization with the East, because of the evidence that you are presented to the chapter Roswell and 1947 this website which the plotters want to censor in making the link between the case of Roswell occurred in 1947 with time loop after picking up one of their own UFOs on which the illuminati were able to rebuild the foundations of their pyramids.

Among other and amongst many others, the gravity anti sliders project with the means to perform to the past of the humanity of the time, just as travel shows the scientific and technological evidence displayed in chapter Roswell and 1947 of this Web site, not only in order to lead to the creation of the Zionist State of israel, but also in the context of the creation of the new world order of the 20th century that currently and under your eyes, and then within a far right neo-liberal society and neo-consommatrice, brings anarchy and chaos of the left-wing extremists vowing an exclusive cult has the prevalence of evil and wickedness of mind each and others on the honest people who are increasingly more rare, is located be followed by his new deal materialistic of the over-consuming, of the super-productivite for the super-profit of the social elites of left and right at the top of the pyramid of the 21St century as the illuminati of left and right want to set up for centuries and centuries.

The new world order that was not in conformity with the will of God, and who is being followed by his new gives Allah will not comply with the will of God, your ala Allah soubbhana za wajal that no one has created, that no one has created that no one has shaped the self-image of humanity or all another creation created by the hand of humanity, the Lord of the universe (swt) which has not been led either by a global conspiracy that led GM Neanderthal who was created from the Australopithecus, to make you believe that Adam (aws) the first modern man called; by the plotters Homo sapiens sapiens, would be the descendant of Neanderthals.

Because humanity whom Adam (aws) is the first man, was never created by any so-called alien entity and even less by the global conspiracy of elites of the humanity of the 21St century, one who according to the laws of the GRT space time and grace has its secret technology, has the ability to travel time to implement their conspiracy, and including some followers of the Masonic Lodge of the lawyers of the devil who infiltrated the Governments of the republics of lawyers, so their number is obvious, call this conpiration a fantasy.

That is, then as any created thing in the vastness of the universe of the visible and invisible worlds, so this either so-called alien life existed as the plotters would have you believe in shaping your spirituality has their own image (to their unique belief which is none other than that of the single eye), so in this case and if you’re good intelligence, it would be located on a planet, as well as to a point located in the vastness of the universe of the visible and invisible worlds. While limited on the time scale, because all things have an end, and, unlike God alone who’s the only one e; be eternal without being limited on time. while being without partner (es) in the creation of all things, including the creation of Adam (aws) around the unique cult of pure monotheism, surah 112 of the Quran pretty as a reminder, for the intelligence that must dissociate itself “split” World of elites and the policies that shape the religions have their own image, so really, you believe in the day last in not faisnat never left the cult of disbelief and the plotters.

As this evidence that anything is limited on time, including the global elites, and conspiracy, so far in Saudi Arabia with the dynatsie usurpers, and then as a warning and warning for all associateur and idolatress believe has the existence of alien life that would have created life on Earth, because of this new religion created by the illuminati in response to an appeal by Ronald Reagan to all over the world, whose proof of his speech is displayed in video to the chapter New world order from this website, she is shown below and in your eyes, by several planetary cataclysms that occurred there is here is now thousands of years, as a warning and caution for any plotter rivaling God in the creation of all things in order to reach the top of the pyramid, to then install the censorship and the dictatorship of Pharaoh following the path of the Antichrist with its single eye belonging has a certain ethnicity of red brown skin to frizzy hair (al-massih ad-dajjal) with powers occult with the principle of the single eye which is other than that of the clairvoyance, telepathy remote reading minds, then the surveillance and espionage of the secret service (the occult powers) who are put at its disposal, in a link between Satan, illuminati, and witchcraft esoteric and mystical with the powers of technology of the 21St century.

With the biggest cataclysm hovered; silence having due to the opening of several interdimensional vortex (gates of Heaven revealed in the Holy Qur’an) caused the total destruction of the world of the pyramids builders during the last glaciation period of the Quaternary era lasted 100 000 around called driace recent years which ended more than 10,000 years ago, have not only caused the flood and the destruction of the world of the pyramids builders initialized by the global masonry of 20th and 21th century who wants you to believe the existence of extra terrestrial by impersonating the gog and magog, but also and especially the extinction of large terrestrial mammals, such as the mammoth, then one of the lazy Giants who measured nearly 3 metres high, in a term more paleotologiste bears the name of Melodon see of Megatherium as attested by the evidence shown below, some specimens are still entrenched in areas of the globe, with evidence of its existence was reported by several witnesses credible took for a human being, but also by evidence of footprints of grups (big foot) 12000 years about displayed prominently below old listed in exhibit b) which were found in Bahia Blanca in being remained etched in the rock of the sediments in the region of Argentina in Patagonia which is derived from the word Pata gone, which means big foot (Big Foot) with a great resemblance with that of man , but have nothing do with the prints of the man, because they belonged to the people of giants that are other than the giant lazy land that some called Yeti known under the name of Big foot living isolated safe from the evil of men (the biggest pre earthly founder).

Not to mention the extinction of species that were caused by this me; me cataclysm, as for example, the giant Kangaroo, who lived in Australia, then the giant short-faced bear that lived in Alaska and the Yukon, then a saber-toothed Tiger and the Black Wolf (Canis Lu Latin pus) and including the oldest fossils having been discovered in geological sediments (muddy water) dating of it y to 14000 years in Iran, are those of a domestic canine (dog), who is none other than the daughter of the Black Wolf, having trained inevitably the reduction of more than 3/4 of humanity having been swallowed up at the time of Noah (aws).

In fact, this discovery explains for her reason you find in parts of the Pacific some of these populations from the blending of Asian, Hindu and African peoples, notably in Papaousie and then in New Guinea as well as in Tasmania because of evidence when it y to 43000 years and during the glacial period, the island-continent of Tasmania was connected with the Australia, because of a “land bridge” in not only forming a single continent, all as confirmed several researchers in palaeontology on the real reason why giant kangaroos of prehistory have disappeared from the island of Tasmania you can contemplate on the Tasmania the first men of the island and the giant Kangaroo

Also sequel to the mass extinction of species that took place there are about 13000 years occurred after and during the recent diace lasted approximately 100000 years, it is important to note that all peoples descendants of Adam (aws) which is be our ancestors who have absolutely nothing extra terrestrial, are only the 2 tribes of Gog and Magog addicting cannibalistic practices given the scarcity of the nouriturre caused by the mass disappearance of large terrestrial mammals, including another, the mammoth cited above, while engaging in esoteric and mystical practices because of their invocation of the spirit world who worship fire as a God according to the rites of esotericism, Mystique, the shamanism, the maraboutism, Voodoo which like their descendants today, not only use the same ritual practices of invocation of spirits with objects of all kinds, while getting into trance in their religious ceremonies in being possessed by evil spirits located in the invisible world which we all around then located has an another time loop from our separate to an invisible barrier of copper and iron that we do not see.

Esoteric and mystical practices like Sufism, shamanism and the FFS which are only Satanic rites of theoretician, witchcraft, then association with Allah (swt) innovations in real Islam, that should be banned from the Muslim religion, in order to not associate anything with Allah (swt), the Lord of the creative universe of the mind with a positive and negative duality of Atomic Energy of the protons and electrons which, because of a clash of these same electrons and protons gives life has an inert body (without movement, without thought, without energy).

Hence the existence of revelation having been coded and encrypted avecpar example the word “djinn” (spirit) had been transmitted in the Holy Quran literal sense by the relativity of the etymology of the word “gene” that exists between evil evil spirits who are passed down from generation to generation, and which some of the 30000 genes are hereditary identity of humans themselves passed on from generation to generation, not only from our ancestral origins between good and bad spirits. but also because of the genetic diversity that it is had in the past between the good and the bad genes characteristic of the person who not only, define our nature, our personality, our spirit, our individuality, but also and especially our energy, our will within an invisible world that we see not, then within the visible world (ours) all 2 collected by science in GRT of Allah (swt), thanks to an invisible connection between the world of spirits that we do not see with those of today practising the esoteric and mystical cult which invoke the spirits, and after blocks of iron and copper barrier was built by the people who helped has its realization, the servant of Allah (swt) that was Dul-Qarnain, such an invisible border connectivity that we have not in the past, was built between our modern world and the unseen of the Gog and Magog located has another loop time of ours, the invisible world of minds that we can touch, just as says a site on Islam which you can contemplate on jinns (spirits) and genes and everything as God says in the Holy Quran below.

Holy Qur’an: Sura 6 Al – An’am (cattle) / verses 130 and 131
‘ O community of jinns and humans, not occurred you messengers, chosen among you to explain my signs and warn you of the. meeting date? They will say: “We testify against ourselves.” The present life misled them; and they would themselves admit to having been unfaithful. It is that your Lord destroys point unfairly cities whose people are not yet notified”

Which also explains why today some of their descendants practice cults of esotericism and mystical, like for example the occult powers of the single eye of Freemasonry with clairvoyance, astrology and the telepathy but also has distance, as for example the cults esoteric and mystical Sufi, Jewish Kabbalah, the FFS and the African Voodoo, then worship Asian shamanism believing to the appeasement of spirits (Jinn), when this practice is accompaganait as has our time, with the use of protective amulets which in all reality, is only a return to the worship of the theoretician and sorcery you order so to put you in a trance and communicate a distance, not with God who is without partner (es), but with the spirits of those who indulge in the past, and just like today this practice to occult of Sufism, Kabbalah, telepathy, clairvoyance, astrology , Voodoo, of maraboutism, the cult Masonic illuminati based on the Trinity, then the esoteric cults of the Hindu Trimurti and Buddhist thus shaping religion has their own image.

Then especially the cult of shamanism, which in the past also was practiced in certain Native American cultures who lived in areas of the Plains, the basin and the South West of the United States, then by the practice of the dance of the serpent at the Apache, but also in the company of the “False Faces” as well as among the Iroquois, as elsewhere today, we find these same practices of shamanism and of maraboutism in certain African tribes, including in the Sufi sect, and in Islam, is that an innovation in spiritual matters, was that it would be preferable for the sect Sufi back on the just spiritual practice of Islam that has nothing do with any esoteric, and even less with a any rite shamaniste associated with the cult of the Brahmanique having been introduced in the Muslim religion Hindu trimurti.

Indeed there is. the reason and following company archaeological excavations on the site of Clovis in New Mexico, was found arrowheads, which one in photo below dating from about 12000ans, with in addition lower in this chapter, photos taken in the United States of pyramids of Earth Amerindian of Cartersville Georgia then from South Charleston, West Virginia that were other than the pyramids of the Mound Builders (esoteric Freemasonry) whose latin name Tumulus means eminence, and which as its name were titles attributed to the Kings, Pharaohs as well as their notable just as the translation of the latin word suggests on mound and Lordship.

The global elites that on all the surface of the Earth were building their cults pyramidal on behalf of future generations of humanity from the 20th and 21St century, first with the help of their remote-controlled drones has distance, and then with their fleet of antigravites having gained the ability to travel to the past, while having made visit to the 2 peoples of gog and magog who worshipped Satan through their rites of human sacrifice, witchcraft. esotericism, shamanism and canabalisme, while taking these flying objects for deities. Besides the subject of Gog and Magog, then for good understand the symbol of a temporal distortions having been opened in the world of the gog and magog then contemplate and read so chapter the end of a world of this website to understand this relativity between secret experiences, time loop and the pyramidal world orde who does not wish to reveal the truth, as well as the dictators and lay people claiming imposters from national socialism who governs the world says “Muslim”.

Of totalitarian fascism that has nothing do with the Muslim religion, by displaying the top and strong portraits and the colors of their dictators who supports their policy on socialism and pan-Arabism which contradicts policy of the pan-Islamic and the universal Muslim religion which does not have any difference in breeds and even less in languages and nations, except in one community Muslim of Islam that is truly and totally submissive to the will of Allah (swt) who by their cult of deception, doesn’t do not pretend to be submitted has all the will of Allah (swt) originating in the oldest language found in the central region of Mesopotamia of the fertile Crescent, the region where was born the oldest of languages Semitic (Akkadian) which are native all the Semitic languages called Assyro-Babylonian, who, after a cataclysm, located in this region, then spread to the South of Me; Mesopotamia (the current region of the Persian Gulf) and in a very distant Akkadian was the oldest Semitic language of all Semitic languages from the family star, 1er son of Noah (aws), hence the Semitic etymology that exists between the name of Sem with the Semitic tribes of nomads because of an alliance between families of Arameene language, Arabic, Hebrew, Cananeene, Phoenician etHamarique who she was from the plateau of Ethiopia, in having left Mesopotamia to then mix with the people of Africa.

The semites of Akkadia which are hearth that the ancestors of the Arabic, form communities and families Hey; braique having forgotten the wishes of Allah (swt), after having followed then sought protection from deception and deception plans of the ultra materialistic and anti-religious with has their head, the United States, the European Union, the great Russia and the Chinese empire for everything from Freemasonry of these nations offered them after having been dazzled by the cult of enlightenment materialistic in the race to riches for rivalries, and when you turn your back to the will of Allah za wajal, to the religion of the Muslim community that must be truly submitted has all the will of Allah (swt) through the Ach-qualifies) the testimony of faith), you know what you’re risking after asking the servant of Allah soubbhana Allah your ala was Dul-Qarnain you build a fence of iron and copper to protect you from the evil of the gog and magog, who Furthermore, Dul-Qarnain. the servant of Allah, has absolutely nothing see, nor with Alexander the great and still less with the horns of Satan that pervert the mind and plotters want to believe all who are unfaithful peoples has the true religion of Allah (swt) in no p rechant not the religion of truth, and well understand their plot, then head on the chapter on the end of a world of this website in order to contemplate the evidence of the hadiths displayed on video transmitted by a scholar of Islam.

Then in this rebellion against divine will, come the ethnicities owned a family of Chamito language, which today Berber tribes, in particular the amazigh, who lived in the North Africa as a result of the flood, but also the communities in the Horn of Africa from the East, whose families somalis so that the Guanches of the Canary Islands-speaking families in part, the same families of Tuaregs and that all were originally from the son and Cham the 2nd Hamites families; me son of Noah (aws), where there still the reason why we find the etymology of the word Cham who relates to people born language Chamito from families and the sons of ham, which was a result of the flood, have populated the Horn of Africa from the East the North Africa and the Canary Islands, in order to give birth to the peoples of the sea of Crete and the Aegean Sea due to their intermingling genetic with the ethnic groups of Indo-European that they were from the 7 families of Japheth the 3rd son of Noah (aws) with peop the shores of the Mediterranean and Anatolia.

That especially those of the civilization of the Cyclades to 3200 BC (there are more than 5000 years) during the time of the age of the bronze, and during early history that was characterized by the use of bronze metallurgy, she is famous for its marble worked Obsidian idols who were found up to the Portugal and the mouth of the Danube in Germany, which proves its dynamism and the reason for which the cataclysm occurred then by destroying this civilization for its cult of idolatry that she dedicated to the multitudes of deities, whose dolmens and Menhirs, stone dresses which here are some photos below, with the photo of Stonehenge in England, right then on the left picture the Carnac Menhirs in Britain located in France at the time of the Neolithic, and who is none other than the stone age was followed by the sedenterisation of groups of men that took place just after the global cataclysm, this is 13000 years.

A cult of stones Yes that was taken over by the peoples of the Middle East at the time or the Neolithic begins just after the cataclysm, and planetary, around 9 000 BC, and then suddenly around 3 300 years BC this the Neolithic period ends with the spread of metallurgy and the invention of writing, which explains that this cult of the idolatry of the stones dreees was at the time of the jâhilîya widespread in Arabia and around the Kaaba, and the God, Allah za wajal “The all generous” have subsequently passed to the beloved prophet Muhammad (saaws) who did a lot of work for humanity, 90 of Sura 5 Al verse – my ‘ idah (the table spread) transcribed below, and this, in order not to follow the cult of stones Yes (in photo below).

Then comes the cult of the divinatory arts, not only in order to be protected through gri-gray or any other material object, then the same in trying to predict the future of an individual or an entire people by the interpretation of omens, the omens and the gris-gris, as for example the practices of clairvoyance, witchcraft, esotericism, mysticism, of maraboutism, Voodoo, shamanism, Kabbalah, the masonry, or Astrology who between parenthesis and amalgam that some misplaced make, Astrology has nothing to do with the science of astronomy, she, and unlike astrology which the cradle is located in Mesopotamia, which appeared in the course of the 2ND Millennium before our era, based on the study of the elements of a star, a planet, an asteroid or a satellite in order to calculate the time or geological materials, while astrology is be a divinatory art only, in order to determine the spiritual character of a person or of an entire people, but also and especially to predict the fate and the future of an individual or an entire people by the study assumed the location of the stars and elements, as for example by location of the 12 zodiaquales, and all signs asking protection from objects which are only of Shirk (of the association) with God (swt), as a result of idolatry and a total bewilderment of the cult of pure monotheism, practices and ancestral cults devoted and dedicated to the worship of Satan, but for the good be material of these followers as also stated in the Holy surah of the Holy Quran shown below.

And the origin of the cult of stones Yes back to the 21St century and which is other than the management of time travel which here is the evidence displayed in photo below, with all first the Obelisk located Socialist dictatorship has Moscow erected by Lenin, then in the background of the Vatican obelisk in Rome, then then comes the Obelisk of the Washington Monument, whose architect is Robert Mills who made the original plans in 1838, then his right comes the Argentine Obelisk of Buenos Aires is located in the center of the Plaza de la República, then has the right of it comes the French located on the place of the concorde in Paris Obelisk which was imported from Egypt after the discovery of the used Rosetta Stone has Champollion to decipher the hi eroglyphes, to find out what the plotters of tyrants and dictators of the 21th century want to hide and censor, it not the followers of the Antichrist are pyramidal elites who took power in the United nations, by the grace of a democratic deception that oppresses people located at the bottom of the pyramid, by reducing has slaves, as for example, with this doctrine pholosophale capitalist to work more to earn more, and then with that of socialism which is to consume more for you endetter more, after these 2 materialistic ideologies have been put in place by the philosophers ennoncé in Roswell and UFOs of this website, the circle chapter very closed near illuminati of Zionism, capitalism and socialism together in Freemasonry has nothing to do with Judaism.

Not to mention the divinatory arts practiced by mediums and other telepaths who think they can explain premonitions spychologiques of individuals by a spiritual intrusion unauthorized in the thoughts of another soul (mind), which fit has rape characterized the person and violates his freedom of conscience and meditation by a breach of his thoughts.

Then more later and following the cult stones dreesses born of the Neolithic period (the stone age), comes the appearance of the Minoan civilization was on the foundations of the previous civilization, developed from 2700 to 1200 in Crete BC, and this, a result of a major cataclysm that destroyed the previous civilization, taking its name from the legendary name of King Minos with its famous labyrinth of the Minautore (animal half man/Bull) on Minos and the Minautore

This same civilization Minoan taking its name from the legendary of Minos King having been it also wiped out following a major cataclysm occurred during the IIe Millennium BC BC between 16601613 before JC but that has nothing to do with the time of the Prophet Moses (aws), the cataclysm that was none other than the erruption volcanic Santorini, which was followed by a huge tidal wave and climate disruption is being felt all around Mediterranean, Turkey and until the Sinai in Egypt, and just as confirms recent discoveries of archaeological and geological company by a team of American Oceanographic exploration led led by Haraldur Sigurdsson (University of Rhode Island) leading up to the spring of 2006 a series of explorations on the seabed of the Black Sea, the sea of Crete, and the archipelago of Sant, see the site in question on Santorini

Then shortly after giving birth to civilization pre-Hellenic Mycenaean of the reserved recent (end of the bronze age) ranging from 1550 to 1100 BC. It takes its name from the city of Mycenae in the Peloponnese.

All these peoples of the sea who came from all the peninsula Greek, Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea, which originally were all from each other, not only languages Chamito of North Africa, the Horn of Africa and the Canary Islands through the family of ham, but also of the peoples of Semitic Cananeene and language Pheniciene from the family of Shem after undergoes a violent cataclysm that led a few centuries later, the invasion of Asia minor (the current Turkey) where there still, history on the Iliad of Homer with the Trojan war or we know today from archaeological excavations, there were in the same area at least 9 cities built on top of each other, and the first city was built to the course of the 3Rd Millennium BC (there are more than 5000 years).

Then the peoples of the sea who then invaded Assyria populated by the Phoenicians the country of the Chem (the current Lebanon, the Syria and Palestine) who subsequently and due to their mixing with the Phoenicians of Semitic language from the Canaanite branch, were at the time the most active traders of the Mediterranean, also are the Phoenicians who started the first trading posts around the Mediterranean, including Carthage in 814 BC in the current Tunisia, but also that of the city Phocean of Massilia in the 6th century BC. and who is none other than the current Marseille.

Then it is still the people come to the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Sea (the Assyrians and the Phoenicians) who later invaded the 2 kingdoms of Israel and Judah because of their idolatry, as demonstrated by several evidence posted to the chapter Islam and the faith.

Then in the great family of Noah (aws) comes then ethnicities Indo-European from the 7 families of Japheth the 3th son of Noah (aws) who, as a result of the flood, lived the India in the direction of the Indus Valley through Persia and the Afghanistan and Pakistan to return to populate Europe through Persia, the Afghanistan and Mesopotamia, where there even the etymology of the word ethnic belonging to the Indo-European languages designating peoples of origin Indo-Aryenne that belong to the family of Indo-European languages which in this case the Hindi, Bengali, the Marhatte, the Sinhalese, Urdu, including the Persians and the Medes came from Asia across the plateau of Iran, and whose emigration Perse ended in the valleys of the Zagros.

As well as the people of Indo-Aryan Elam of Iran coming from the family of Japheth son of Noah (aws) with populous South/West of the Iran to 4000 before J.C. from India due to clear evidence that civilization Elam at the time, was completely linked has civilization Mesopotamian of the Chaldeans is from Ibrahim (SAS) who did not speak Arabic, but the language of the Chaldeans, the Assyrian which more later and as revealed here as the Canaanite language learning which of his own free will and by his own free will was undertaken by Ibrahim (SAS), and this, without that there is no constraint of anyone who, when the father of believers of monotheistic religion, Abraham (SAS) emigrated with his family to the land of the Chem which has its time, the land of Canaanites was populated by Phoenician peoples come from the sea who founded counters on the maritime side of the current Lebanon, the Syria and Palestine (see the map of the middle and Near East below), the land of Canaanites where Abraham (SAS) learned their language so that it is a return to the sources of the monotheistic religion with the family of the Semites, and between all the families from Sem, the first son of Noah (aws) in order to give birth to the Arabic of Ishmael (aws) family branches, Phoenician then place on Earth blessed and sacred of the Kaaba, and in order to unite what God has ordered to unite by grouping all semites families universal Islam, those who today is the universal family of humanity from a different languages and different ethnic groups because of their multiple mix.

The descendants of the sons of Shem, son of Noah (aws) having been blessed for all the universe after with a part of his family, was saved from the flood, except his son having been carried away by the waves, and Ibrahim (SAS) who was not the son of Azar but his adoptive nephew because Azar was his adoptive paternal uncle, and Ibrahim (SAS) was the Son Tarih, son of ‘ Aber, son of Chalikh, son of Arfakhachdh belonging to the family of the Semites descendants of Shem, son of Noah (aws), also read other sources by clicking links in blue including Ibrahim and his father but of course, if it was censored by the tyranny of the lost who have incurred the wrath of Allah (swt), then you can check it out on Ibrahim and Tarih to contemplate the reconciliation between the genealogy of Ibrahim (SAS), which was a no Arabic having been trained by the early Muslims where the biological father of Ibrahim (SAS) is called Tarih by comparing it with the genealogy of Abraham (SAS) lists by Christians where the father of Abraham (SAS) is called Terah on the ancestors of Abraham

Do you no a similarity and a link between the 2 names of Terah and Tarih?

Quite simply, because things have to be done by the free will of each and each without there is no constraint exercised against anyone, besides the impostors of lay people who have nothing of Muslims, the meaning of “lane dinoukoum WA liya dine”have you forgotten after have been made clear in the Holy Quran? And, because of evidence that is displayed below address for fans of the one-eyed liar, but also for the blind who read the book through the lines in having passed clearly in the Holy Quran, in the matters of religion there is anywhere forced, so that all the fascists of nationalists and gathered tyrants, you meditate on these 3 verses 255, 256, 257 of surah 2 Al-Baqarah of the Holy Koran, but above all, on these 4 words to meditate or there is no compulsion in religion, and more clear meaning for fans of the cult of the blind eye of tyranny and the censorship of the dajjal (the infidel and misleading), that there is no compulsion in anything , because there isn’t that one, one God without partner (es)!

Holy Qur’an: surah 2 Al-Baqarah (the cow) / verses 255256257
“God!” Point God but he, the living, the by itself “self-subsisting”. Neither drowsiness nor sleep don’t grasp it. To him belongs all that is in the heavens and on Earth. Who can intercede with him without his permission? He knows their past and their future. And its science, they embrace what he wants. His throne “Kursiy” is beyond the heavens and the Earth, which the guard costs him no trouble. And he is the most high, the most great. No compulsion in religion. Because the right path is distinguished from error. Therefore, whoever disbelieves in the rebel while he believes in God seizes the strongest Cove, which will never break. And God is all-hearing and all-knowing. God is the defender of those who have faith: he gets them out of darkness into the light. As for those who disbelieve, they have to the Tagut defenders, making them out of light to the darkness. These are the people of the fire, where they remain forever. »

The Prophet Ibrahim (SAS), who around 1900 BC was a native of the region of heart (Our) on the current shore based Euphrates right by the the Ur Namur 3th dynasty Sumerian King located in Mesopotamia, now in Iraq Ibrahim (SAS) had left then left with his tribe and heading to Palestine where he died (SAS), but after spending a time in Egypt where he met of the handmaid of Sarah was Hagar the Egyptian, due to emigration and all as shown in the map of the ancient Orient posted below that liabilty different migration flows that took place since the 3Rd Millennium (3000 years BC) up until the year 570 BC as a result of territorial expansions of each city State which for some was represented by their Eagle, and others, by their Falcon landed on their kind.

Falcon displayed on their kind as one who was asked by the Sumerians on the purple of their ships in having reached Egypt after that Mesopotamia was hit by an asteroid, according to the evidence brought to light by a geologist French Marie-Agnes Courty which demonstrates clearly that an asteroid percutat one region of Iraq, about 5000 years ago, all as the website has science confirms this by showing some pictures of the evidence archaeological and geological you can contemplate on http://www.futura-sciences.com/fr/news/t/terre-3/d/interview-un-impact-majeur-sur-terre-il-y-a-4000-ans_10181/

The Falcon of the Sumerians, who was raised on the purple of their ship with other archaeological evidence are that the rock carvings and petroglyphs in pictures below suggests clear after he was found at Ouadi Sabu in the Sudan, which represents ships of the age of the Bronze of the 3Rd Millennium, there are more than 5000 years.

The presence of these skiffs in the desert would be the memory of first Sumerienes migration from Mesopotamia who founded the first Egyptian dynasty, including the emblem of the faucun that was posed by the Sumerians on the Crimson to their ships “having reached Egypt, was then taken over by the cult of Egyptian mythology with the eye of horus, and this, without forgetting other archaeological evidence it also was found in the same place on large differences between the clubs of type” pyriformes”invented in Mesopotamia and who was technologically more advanced than the clubs say”discoidales”and which at the same time were the oldest clubs used by hunters in East Africa, and which you can read the article in its entirety, that is all very recent on http://patrimages.over-blog.com/article-34176560.html

And, by another displayed below, clear evidence that Ismail (aws) is certainly not the ancestor of the Arabs, not only by the genealogy of Ibrahim (SAS) who spoke no Arabic, which begat Ishmael (aws) but also by the very noble genealogy of the trustworthy Muhammad (saaws) who was sent to all humanity that is regardless of race and language in having received the revelation of the Holy Qur’an in order to warn all communities of a painful punishment.

Adnan begat my ‘ ad, which begat Nizar who turn begat Matt who begat Ilyes, who begat Moudrika who begat turn Khouzeyma that begat also nicknamed Nadr Abu Qays because it is the ancestor of the Qaysites tribes who begat Malik who turn begat Fihr also nicknamed Qoreish (see video to the chapter Islam and faith) who begat Ghaleb, who begat has his tour company, which begat Ka’b which itself begat Kilabqui begat Qocey who begat Abd Manaf begat then Hashem Ibn Abd Manaf of the family Hashemite who begat Abdel Motalib who begat ‘ Abdallah who begat Muhammad (saaws).

Because in truth, and by obvious evidence that the references are verifiable displayed below with the authentic hadith of the beloved prophet Muhammad (saaws), Ishmael (aws) has never been the ancestor of the Arabs, simply because he was her same crucible with his mother Hagar by native Qahtaneenne tribe called Yemen from Djourhoum of the branch of Qahtan, the tribe who learned their Arabic was Ishmael (aws) and, in Exchange for the water of zem – zem the Angel Jibril (aws) had sunk to the mother of Ishmael (aws) so d ‘ abbreuver his son, but the tribe of Djourhoum he learned their language without asking for financial or commercial wealth in return, as do many imposters now in Exchange for their teachings of the Arabic language in being immersed in their races to financial wealth and well-being to be temporal and material, just as the hadith in question shown below indicates conceranat the history of Prophet Ishmael (aws), who learned the language of the tribe of Djourhoum of the branch of Qatahn, which are other that the ancestors of the tribe of the Queen of Sheba who has their respective time, 2 families of Qahtan and the Queen of Sheba were only a single tribe coming from the current Yemen and happened by the place sacred to the Kaaba to be diri GER in the direction of the Jordannie (proves it just like the map displayed below), but through the trade route of “Kada”, who at the time of the age of the Bronze from before 2000 BC to 1200 BC was certainly to the “Decapolis” of the city of Pella, located in the current Jordan surrounded by walls remained so for nearly 1500 years, below which in a reverse of the word, is other than the coded language of Kada bringing together a (TP) group comercial 10 cities having been erased from the map by a violent cataclysm for their cult polytheism that was doomed was the theoretician of the notables, as attested by the archaeological excavations undertaken by an Australian team that You can contemplate on The Decapolis in Jordan

The tribe of Djourhoum who was looking for a water point (the point of water of zem – zem) who found himself below the Kaaba, the point of water Agar shared with the tribe of Djourhoum just as says it the hadith in question you can check the book Riyadh -Saliheen’s police station “Gardens of virtue” of imam Yahya Ibn Sharif Ed-DIN An-Nawawi to universal editions which is located on page 868 then references by the hadith number 1867 that Abd Allah ibn Abbas (may God the approved both) who said the Beloved prophet Muhammad (saaws) said:

“That Allah have mercy on the mother of Ishmael (aws), if she had left running Zemzem” or: “if she had not taken the water with his hands, Zemzem would be flowing on the surface of the Earth”. He said “Her purpose and nursed her child” then the angel said to him: “do not be afraid to be lost, because this place is the location of the sacred House of Allaah (the aba ka), which will be built by this boy and his father Abraham (saaws). And Allah never abandons his protégés. (The place) where was to rise the sacred House rose from the ground like a hill, and it was eroded by the waters of streams that flowed from all sides. She (the mother of Ishmael) remained thus until the day where spent a group or clan of (the tribe of) Djourhoum who took the road of Kada, and established their camp at the bottom of Mecca. They noticed that a bird was flying around a specific point, and they said: “apparently this bird revolves around a water point, but we know well that there is no water in this valley. ‘ They sent so one or two Scouts, and here they found water. They returned to announce the good news to their compatriots. The people of the clan went there and found the mother of Ishmael standing near the water. They said to him: “Us allows you to move us close to you?” She said: “Yes, but you have no property on the water”. They said: ‘We agree.’

The beloved prophet Muhammad (saaws) said:
“this pleased the mother of Ishmael, who loved the company they settled there so, and did know their families who joined them in turn, the child grew up and learned to speak Arabic.”

And this was the reason why Ishmael (aws) settled in Arabia being welcomed by the tribe of Caravan where he married one of the women of the tribe with whom, Ishmael (aws) and his mother Hagar had been discontented by the Djourhoum clan who had taught the Arabic language has l ‘ ancestor of Muhammad (saaws), then subsequently founded a family around the Kaaba in the hadith which is displayed below then verifiable by you even in the same book of Riyadh are-Saliheen’s police station located at the same 868 page and the same hadith references by the number 1867.

According to Abd Allah ibn Abbas (may God the approved both) said that the Prophet Muhammad (saaws) said:
‘(aws) Ishmael by becoming an adult, it pleased them to the point that they married to one of their daughters. The mother of Ishmael (may Allah the certified and he be pleased with her) died and Abraham (SAS) came after the marriage of Ishmael, for news of his family that he had abandoned by the wishes of Allah almighty. »

And, after the Prophet Ibrahim (SAS) thought the sacrifice by a thought and a vision of him having been blown away in the spirit, but when sacrifice his only son Ishmael (aws), he was replaced by a RAM, but the initial goal was to rebuild the Kaaba as the Archangel Gabriel (that peace be upon him) had announced in the hadith above, then Abraham (SAS) when he returned in Saudi on sacred Allah za wajal in order to take Earth from the news of his son that he was seen in a dream “in his thoughts” sacrifice him by telling the wife of Ishmael (aws) to give him the message so that Ishmael (aws) changes his door (change the wife), because it and because of his complaints was never satisfied with what God had given him, just as says it the same Hadith references by n ° 1867 located in the book of Riyadh are-Saliheen’s police station on page 868 of the chapter “The Hadith concerning the signs of the hour”.

But all these communities born from Islam and the descendants of Noah (aws) from each and others in order to unite what God has ordered to unite (the Muslim community) by the Holy Word of Allah za wajal that was revealed in the Holy Qur’an below at surah < b 10 > 13 Ar-Raad (Thunder), not only against the anti-religious, against the materialist, against the masonry of the Illuminati, against the manipulators who victimizes is to better create fitna, against the fascists of lay, then against the tyrannical oppression of nationalists that their policy on a fascist ideology of pan-Arabism, but especially against the misguided religious community murdering innocents not guilty of only corruption on Earth, and that all gathered in their alliance of tyrants and censors in war against the religious world to censor it, want to lead astray you in a very bad direction, the tyranny of censorship, of lying, idolatry, terrorism and chaos, because of their manipulation in any kind, in order to implement the world order of the 21St century, that of tyranny, the prevalence of evil, perversity and censorship in war against the truth.

Holy Qur’an: Sura 13 Ar-Raad (Thunder) / verses 19 to 26
“one who knows that what is revealed to you from your Lord is the truth, is similar to the blind? Only the men of understanding reflect well, those who meet their commitment to Allah and does not violate the Pact, which together what Allah has ordered to unite, fear their Lord and fear an unhappy accounting, and that endure in the search for the pleasure of Allah, the Salat and spend (in the well), in secret and in public, of what we have bestowed on them, and repel evil with good. These, the right remains final, gardens of Eden, where they come in, as well as those of their spouses and descendants, ascendants who were good believers. Each door, the angels will come with them: “peace be upon you, for what you’ve been through!” – as is good your final home! [But] those who violate their Covenant with Allah after hired it, and break what Allah has ordered to unite and commit disorder on Earth, will have the curse and the wrong remains. Allah widely extends his gifts or restricted [them] to whom he will. They rejoice in the life on Earth, but the life of this world will appear only as a temporary enjoyment compared to the hereafter. »


THEN the archaeological PYRAMIDS evidence
and the global cataclysm that occurred there more than 13000 years

With as evidence of global cataclysm attested then revealed in the Holy Qur’an, here below in photos and video evidence of archaeological discoveries overlooked by the mass media around the world, and one can see why the new materialistic give of the 21th century the enlightened want to spread for centuries and centuries because of the global financial, industrial and economic globalization dipping a little more humanity, not only in its rivalries individual, but also in its race to raw then has one of wealth and power.

Evidence that are censored by the mass media of Masons francs hidden in the world of Economics, politics and finance who become your future leaders who are unbelievers and imposters who pretend for what they aren’t “d are submitted”, especially the impostors of tyrants who rule in Muslim countries for the good be their person and their politico-monarchique suite having forgotten to apply the divine laws of the Holy Quran, the Sunnah and the charriah to avoid This anarchy, this division and this chaos within this new world order pyramid followed by his new materialistic gives, or nobody does not respect anything or anyone, dictators of materialists has being detached by religious advisers go to “submitted” Muslims who, in all reality, are just hypocrites of “notable” materialistic and very well positioned in the echelon of society who love the material side, but after having been illuminated by the devil who got on the road of the true God (swt) through the United States, China, the Russia, the India of the Japan and the European Union that their imperial symbols are displayed in Roswell and 1947 this website chapter.

The laws that the true God Allah za wajal wanted for all of humanity, including for the notables of tyrants and slavers in the Maghreb and black Africa of today with the same perversity of spirit of the materialists of Mecca at the time of the Prophet Muhammad (saaws), materialists and polytheists who had plotted to assassinate the Prophet (saaws), because the true Islam spiritualist, always night has all their materialistic interests of nationalists frustrated good be material and the level of the position in society of corrupt and corruptors, those against whom, should apply the laws of the charriah for making the illegal trade with slavery, threats, witchcraft, the scam and the maraboutism while doing great harm to the beloved prophet Muhammad (saaws), was the religion of Islam and Allah (swt) Muslim all powerful that never said to go steal and defraud poor sheep astray away our religion, especially,. After that this illegal trade scam, lie, witchcraft, of tyranny, dictatorship, slavery and the flight was banned from our religion by the beloved prophet Muhammad (saaws).

Because, after all, if you have a headache, which would go you?

Charlatans marabouts and sorcerers crooks immersed in their races to the material and pyramidal wealth to social position in a perverted society which will you believe to be possessed by a demon any? Or else will take you an aspirin manufactured by powerful pharmaceutical lobbies of the West, such as Tylenol and other aspirin effervecents.

The same crooks of marabouts who in truth are only disbelievers not preaching not true religion intended by Allah and preached by the seal of the prophets, the last Messenger, Muhammad (saaws) who not only will promise (but beware, against the) all of your bank account) can bring back be like you, get a job then maps of stays for the continent their accomplices in Africa to make you believe be eldorado European you believing that you will earn even more money in their settlement policy of the European Earth for these same scammers if close to the marabouts and their tribes just as close African political powers to steal your account in the Bank after you meet unscrupulous marabouts, as evidence for the quacks that are the disbelievers of African origin, but also and especially for the other impostors are materialists who pretend to be Muslims while doing great harm our religion of Islam, this is posted below an article published in the left-wing newspaper called the Parisian who date 7 March 2010 that says a lot about the African lie which is not in Europe to spread islam in order to return the non Muslims in the one and only religion that will be approved by the Lord of heaven and Earth, but also of black Africa, which lies in the policy of massive emigration to Europe, be in Europe in order to colonize the land of Europeans everything away from the religion of islam with their manipulations of all kinds, and especially with the perversity African pretending to be victims of racism of whites, that them, and legitimately because of the pervrsite of the African has be to impersonate victims, while Allah is not one-eyed Africans ladies and gentlemen, and you will see on the day of your compensation (last judgment) before the one we can’t deceive and that it does not display with a single eye of a new Secular world order at the top of the pyramid of the Franks masons, as you’re wrong the ignorant in Europe that are Communist and Socialist secular and materialistic religion friends believing that will be heaven on Earth. As a warning for global infidelity to God’s laws.

Then in the same race at the material and pyramidal wealth between crooks and charlatans of all edge between Africa and the West, comes the soothsayers, astrologers and other charlatans who officialize you know your future and your intended for a vile material profit, while there is God who is without partner (es), that not only is the only one to know your future, your intended individual, but also and above all that of all humanity having been since the big bang and the volone of Allah ( SWT) decreed and written in the heavenly book which is with God (swt).

Therefore, keep you of all these charalatans and impostors bloodthirsty your raw $ and above all, do not get manipulated by these charlatans who by laziness and abuse of power limited on time, uses religion to fill their bank account, but also and especially to take advantage of your ignorance and your belief in God being true believers, because a return has l ‘ time of the jahiliyaa who was none other than that of your ignorance and the osbcurantisme of manipulators followers of al-massih dajjal (Antichrist) to frizzy hair, in order to submit you for good modern slavery be temporal and luxury of tyrants while using and manipulating religion, and thus protect their taste for luxury and well-being temporal material being, which is him with certainty, be limited on time, but this alone of the infidels has the true religion that had nothing to do with the worship of the golden calf could not believe.

Not only in order to bend the financial generosity of the country of golf, United States, the Russia, China, from Japan and the European Union are very big although fat posing for the poor as being never satisfied and rassassie of this Allah (swt) has given, and that laziness, but also, by taste for luxury and racing to the riches, after having been illuminated by good be material of the new world order set up by the Antichrist, the Qur’aan Samiri, live well being you mporel for themselves and their family same ethnic group because of their racism hidden towards other ethnic groups by forgetting the other ethnic families that are those of all mankind who is without distinction of colour of skin and language, and by exploiting the social system of unbelievers, atheists and agnostic to empty state coffers and reducing the native population into slavery, including one in Europe.

But above all, and at the same time, by a materialistic rapprochement between East and West (the West and the Gulf) in order to bend the generosity of the powerful pharmaceutical lobbies, in a tense and very generous hand toward religion of the third world, with in the pyramid of the powerful pharmaceutical lobbies world order, comes number one: Pfizer (USA), then Glaxo-Smith-Kline (GB), Merck & Co (USA), Johnson (USA), Astra Zeneca (UK), Novartis (Switzerland), Roche (Switzerland) and then in the Dance of the concurrency of the pyramidal wealth for the world market and European races, comes Sanofi-Synthelabo and Aventis, and then China with Sinovac.

Evidence those benighted voluntarily, out of ignorance and indoctrination of the policies that reduce you in slavery, because this evidence shown in the video below, if you have a brain for understand and ponder the meaning of your ignorance, as confirms this website the roots of evil and who are other than it takes to cut was the root of the new secular world order which is none other than the political corruption of men by the lobbies of finance and of the pharmaceutical world in an allusion made a case Cahuzac and his bank accounts hidden abroad just like this dear Manuel valls hidden in bank accounts Switzerland with their Socialist International of the Liberal masonry which will not change the system of corruption of the pervs are Socialists with its international in black Africa and in China, then in the Juntas-led Arab country military, and especially the United States and then in the Liberal England of the Labour Party (Socialist), because this system of Western corruption arranges the banking interests of political leaders who make laws that protects their production interests and policy, but also those of the lobbies behind them.

But of course, if the evidence of their war against this website who tells the truth with this revealing link has been deleted (the roots of evil) by the tyranny of the secular world Freemasonry that censors the evidence of their total war waged by the lobbies pharmaceutical against the Islamic policies powers which do not want to be laisicer by the tyranny of the masonry of Satan with his cult of secularism, but also by their Masons francs from the branch of doctors who prescribe you some drugs not covered by the ‘social security’ and therefore not covered by your insurance that pay you dearly, so therefore visit this revealing link titled the war waged by industry against our and your health

Because to tell you the truth, if the experience of this website was a charlatan (an impostor or a liar), then for what reason we censorship as well as the links displayed in this Web site that returns has a code 404?

A real say supporters of Samiri (Antichrist/Antichrist) are the censors and the plotters with their globalization of Satanists, including the fire of hell wait for them. Because when you fight the truth while her censoring, then compensation for the day of judgment, will be the fire of hell. Then notice to lovers who like to censor the evidence of their globalist conspiracy who manipulates and indoctrinates peoples towards a very wrong path (the hell) and after being warned by the last Messenger of God and last warning of God, Muhammad) saaws).

Political personalities because of left and right who is plotting in the shadows with their lobbies at the service of Israel by their eternal brotherhood has Israel and its principle of globalization, this kind of personalities political in the world of the Franc Masonry that seeps into meetings of each nation and in the highest circles of States as Ministers, as well as in the United States, there are many in this secular world new order into a crusade against the powers political Islamic can not corrupt, because these Islamic political powers are subject to the laws of Allah, unlike the fake Muslims are lay people who sell the religion of Muslims (ISLAM) as a prostitute in the Babylon of the secular masonry with its Tower of Babel by the mixture of peoples and Nations to corrupt and sow disorder by the cult of the globalization of a false religion (secularism) comparing with that of the true God that it displays with a single eye to the top of the Tower of Babel (PY) RAMIDE).

But above all, by evidence of the total destruction of a pyramidal civilization which was very advanced and which was eventually swallowed by a gigantic tidal wave that occurred there more than 13000 years during the last glacial period of the era Quaternary, in a solemn warning for future generations, but above all, to the 7 totalitarian regimes bringing together their space programs posing for God, Angels or some extra land in order to mislead the each and the others on a very wrong direction, that of idolatry, the materialistic cult, the race to riches and disbelief while wanting to dominate and control the world so scratch off the surface of the Earth, not only the truth, but also and especially the true peaceful spirituality of Islam, unique religion which is intended by Allah, and, since the first man Adam (aws) called the humanity has to submit body and soul’s peace and the will of God.

And all this Masonic global conspiracy in order to amass colossal fortunes for the sake of those who are think elected as being sons and girls of light that make that spread chaos, disorder on Earth, then manipulations , tyranny and anarchy that is spreading all over the world in order to serve the tyrants who supports their policy on nationalism, and others lost in black Africans, on a so-called identity of ethnicity in order to sit their power, these same tyrants who are unbelievers and imposters in the service of satan by spreading hatred and racism in other communities, and others lost, terrorism while murdering innocent people not guilty of corruption on Earth.

THE new world order of new PYRAMIDS of censorship, the Suppression of ANTI-RELIGISIEUSE,

One of the 3 new civilizations pyramid of tyranny and censorship to an ideology of the Communist super-productivite, to that of the over-consuming of socialism, then finally to that of super-profit of capitalism which rises against the religion of Allah (swt) by being all 3 immersed in their materialistic rivalries for financial wealth, and then for the power to take control of the wealth of material first in a race to conquer space in order to censor the truth about the Muslim religion of Islam which stands up against any tyrant, against all censor, against every oppressor Schemer and manipulator plotting in the shadows to censor the truth.



One of the Republicans with Paul Laxalt of French origin, became in 1963 (year of the Kennedy assassination), lieutenant Governor of Nevada until 1967 before becoming the 22th Governor of the so close to Navada Ronald Reagan and the Bush family with his cult of luxury and her lust, then their games of chance that rhymes with prostitution and mafias, which they also rhyme with crime and traffics of any kind, including those of the trafficsude drug with heroin and cocaine as i go with arms sales, not to mention the sex shops global until Islamic land and with everything that goes with it (sex tourism, and sometimes tourism of dedophilie in very poor countries)), because of course it pays into the coffers of Elite Illuminati, but also in those banks and Kings (imposters) Arab who will have to prepare to go to hell with their leaders as Ronald Reagan and Georges Bush (father and son) with hidden behind them, the powers hidden from francs-masonry that sows disorder and corruption on Earth, and until Islamic land, as in Morocco for example, including those of corruption that corrupt power, including Royal, just as was the case with the current Senator from Nevada’s Harry Reid in the case of Jack Gordon (future husband of La Toya Jackson) who was so close to the clan of the Jackson 5 with their Michael Jackson (illuminati) just as close to Ronald Reagan, when the current Senator from Nevada, Harry Reid, authorized the FBI to record his conversations with Jack Gordon (the husband of the Toya Jackson) to take in the Act of bribery on a Senator, for an amount of $ 12,000, not to mention, that Senator Harry Reid was threatened with death, when his wife Landra Gould so finds a bomb placed in his car, and you know very well, who said mafias, said hidden behind the mafias, and with certainty, the party of Republicans (neo-conservatives) with their cults of Satan are Evangelical protestants and their powerful Zionist lobbies hidden in the shadow of the party Republican, neo-conservatives in the system, having been with certainty, behind the assassination of the clan family of Kennedy (John and Jack), which I can tell you now, friends of israel will not last much longer, because the name of Israel with its pyramid and their parties of Republicans (neo-conservatives), are going to be wiped off the world map, and anyone is going to oppose this, then know that Allah does not protect the pervert and plotters against the worst of the punishment that the creator of heaven and the universe, then the invisible worlds (swt) can inflict on its creation, as a warning to supporters of the cults of Satan in the United States, those who are in Arab countries and Europe who are If near neos-conservatives (Republicans) in the United States, but also Protestant evangelists and the children of Israel entered leus rebellions against the wishes of God.





Then comes the pyramid of the luxury and lust Western Wafi in Dubai built by Muslim slaves poorly paid, poorly clothed and naked feet into a cult of stones dresses francs-Masonic in the monarchies of the hypocrites with illuminated the cult of the dajjal (antichrist), which was imported from the United States for the good be material and financial elites of the countries of the golf trips of the Freemasons vying in the building of high buildings in order to achieve the God of Muhammad (saaws) then Moses (aws), while sending in the air with champagne, of young homosexuals who came especially from the West, then women from Russia by flight charters, and sometimes in their decay and their complete sexual perversity, with the shemales who will cover the face by wearing a niqab to better blend into the Muslim mass in order to pass unnoticed, and all this perversity and decay, happens in “Muslim” land in the name of the God of Free Masons lay Evangelists and Zionists, who is blind without any spirituality cannot discern good and evil, the haram and halal, because he does not believe in God.

Muslim (es) of the Arab world and of the West, then worldwide, wake up and chase the anti-religious and lay of the land of Islamic, until the Holy places of Muslims are contaminated by this Western perversity, but above all, before don’t one day terrifying branding that will be followed by a judgment last in front of Allah who is not blind, as the God of Free Masons lay in war against Muslims, and especially against the laws of Allah that every real Muslim should fear after Let all this decadence and perversity Western in Islamic land.

With displayed below-desosus, the pyramid in the world of business and finance has Bangalore, India with his Masonic monarchy and its system of castes, so close their maitreya buddha and their (spirals) that are other than their electro-magnetic clouds (their vortex) which will close in on them same and have nothing has do with the gates of heaven of Allah, to trap and trap which is has inside their vortex (their UFOs) by a break in the continum of space and time, with a little message for the f rancs-masonries of Satan linking Allah with Satan, since this website is sureville by the partsians of dajjal: prepare francs-masonries of Satan with your supporters, because you don’t have anything yet seen and nothing veccu.

With displayed below, an aerial photo of the pyramids Chinese in the province of Xian symbolizing slavery and oppression of the cult of the masons francs dating back thousands of years, by colonization and their presence in the ground of Muslims by the Hans from China, in identical worship has the Muslim Zionist and Western land colonization through globalization and privatization of the riches buried under the ground and in the water.

Then next is the best-known of all the pyramids, dictatorships and the escalvage with the Trojan horse (infiltration) by posing as a friend of the world of islam by the symbolism of the Sphinx, and who is none other than secularism, with its 3 great pyramids of Gyzeh in Egypt dedicated to the materialistic doctrines of the banners star to 5 branches displayed on their flags which introduced the ideologies of communism, socialism, and especially the ideology of the races to the wealth and privatisatsions of the Antichrist with the calf in the Samiri of a banner Gold Star 6 branches displayed on the Zionist flag which the fire of hell flank everywhere with his notion of peupple elected to guide the Muslims and the rest of the world with its Anglo-Saxon Protestant evangelists having implemented globalization and privatization of the wealth of Muslims to better appropriate them, as it is currently the case with the wealth and the land of the Muslims in Palestine immersed in Islamic land, in their races to the riches to then take possession and submit the Muslims around the world to the wishes of the secular Freemasons meeting between conspirators protestants, Evangelicals, Zionist, atheists. agnostic, apostates of islam and fake Muslim (e) with the principle of their God displayed with an eye single by his materialistic without any spirituality unique thought, nor moral and without any discernment between good and evil, and that is why, as the God of Freemasons is not his other eye, because Allah took him his light.


With in the representation of the continenet of Atlantis revealed by Plato after having been swallowed up (swallowed) by the bowels of the Earth in the time of Noah (aws) here’s proof that was found off the Cuban coast and then covered with ice and snow in a warning to the Franks supporters masonries of the unique eye with their principle of secular globalization.

A civilization early more than 10,000 years in common between Harapeens and Arameans who emigrated toward Mesopotamia and Palestine, whose archaeological evidence has been effetiuer recently all as confirmed by Futrura Science site then that You can contemplate on Khambhat but also on archaeology in a warning to francs-masonry with their unique thought of privatizations, races to the wealth, economic and financial liberalism which corrupt the powers political and sow disorder in Islamic land directed by Koranic law, those who in the name of Allah and by the 19 letters of the Basmallah, cannot be corrupt was a globalist ideology and pro israel with its new world religion secularism.

Oceanographers at the National Institute of Ocean Technology of Madras have made a discovery of the most importance, that in January 2002 the NIOT team was able to make disclosures, and, after having measured the levels of pollution Navy in the Gulf of Khambhat (Cambay-ex), and after having recorded sound from the bottom of the ocean images, when several months later they realized that they had obtained images of ruins, very old for a great city having swallowed up to 40 meters below the sea level, while sharing some similarities with sites of the civilization of the Indus (23001700 BC).

The ruins extend over 9 km along the shores of a former River, and can be distinguished: the remains of a dam, a building the size of an Olympic swimming pool collapsed markets Recalling the great bath of Mohenjo-Daro – Daro, a monument rectangular 200 x 45 m is as broad as the Acropolis discovered in Harappa, another building which is a kind of bread basket made of bricks of mud with a length of 183 meters, rows of rectangular constructions which are similar to the foundations of ruined houses, a system of drainage and roads, and this, all as demonstrated by the recovery of the sunken city with the dessien displayed above having been made according to Nilanjan Das of the Indian Today newspaper.

The team rebounded tools, polished stone, ornaments and figurines, the human remains of pottery, semiprecious stones, ivory and fossilized remains. Samples of fossilized wood were sent to two Indian laboratories for dating, one proposed 5500 BC, the other 7500 BC (between 8000 and 10 000 years).

This dating would of Khambhat the oldest site discovered in India, and this discovery could mark the end of the theory according to which urbanization spreads to Asia from the West to the Indus River, while it has spread from Asia so far in West passing through Africa and through the middle and Near East (Mesopotamia) first of all, through nomadic peoples from Asia as a result of major disasters in the Pacific, and then through the Arapeens peoples who were already insalles in India, whose evidence is be is this city of Khambhat who was swallowed up, and which the Arapeens survivors are then directed to the middle and Near East in Mesopotamia (present Iraq) become subsequently and to the over time the Aramaic peoples who settled in Syria, and which the children of Israel are from of these Semitic peoples, this is then mixed with other Semitic peoples of Arabia and Africa East through Ibrahim (SAS).

According to R. Meadow which is a specialist in archaeology of South Asia, this dating from the Neolithic site in the Gulf of Khambhat (between 8000 and 10 000 years), would be quite in line with the developments in Muslim.

Elsewhere the geologist Harsh Gupta think it’s a gigantic earthquake that caused the destruction this sunken city which is located 30 km from the coast, it appears that this is an area to high seismic risk, and that the earthquake of 2001 Bhuj showed the vulnerability of the region to these phenomena sesmiques, article by Raj Chengappa and Anm Ram of the mail newspaper international publication No.610.

With also the name Assyrian gave to the word Ziggurat which means ‘mountain’ and whose etymology is being Zaqaru ‘culminate’ translates ‘climactic mountain’ by the way, don’t you find so not significant found in Egypt these same constructions of Ziggourates (pyramid degrees) with that of the step pyramid of Djoser of the third Egyptian dynasty which was the first pyramid degrees erected has Saqqara to 2700 b.c. in pictures below?

Which proves that these are the Sumerians who founded the first Egyptian dynasties, but with the help of Illuminati, and then the dictatorship of the Pharaohs of Egypt has hardened over time by a new construction of Ziggourates shaped pyramid with the face of the pyramids became smooth under the 4th dynasty, and this, with the architectural apogee which produced the 3 mostly great pyramids of Giza, which that of Cheops, Chephren and Mykerinos kept by their Sphinx winged (half man/half animal animal) including the foundations of the sphinx date to before the time of the flood that occurred it to almost 13000 years, where the reasons for which traces of erosion caused by salt water were discovered at the base of the sphinx, just as researchers and scientists relates further down in this chapter.

The 3 great pyramids of Giza representative of slavery, including the origin of their construction are from the Babylonian temple at degrees of 7 floors all placing yourself at the top of the building, and without having the merit by the grace of the Sham of a “discriminatory action affirmativ” imported from the United States of America, also has this connection, and in order to understand and to meditate on the subject of merit, then the skills and time by observing the real world that surrounds you predominate by perversity, manipulations and lie and then by the corruption and tyranny of the single thought of the laity, it would be interesting for all these people dishonest, corrupt, manipulative and dishonest thirsting for riches financial and power politics, then materialism and luxury in order to reduce in slavery peoples of downstairs to read the 2 hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad (saaws) who you are presented below, as evidence of the perversity of each and other demeaning people honest and good faith that shows the truth of dictatorship and tyranny followers want to censor, in being reported for the first hadith by Hakim and for the second hadith by Al-Bukhaari.

“Among the signs of the hour: the wrong people will be honoured, denigrated, good deeds and practices will be rare while much talk” (Hakim)

Then again amongst the signs of the hour ‘when command will be entrusted to those who are not worthy.’ (Bukhari)

This is not only through war, divorce, corruption, hatred, manipulations, falsehood, deceit, one or so-called membership has an ethnic community based on the color of skin, then through esotericism, of Astrology, mysticism, dictatorship, and the saddest of all this, when comparing with God in his creation, in a tower has 7 floors to get to the top, and which in a more appropriate term in the bible, the zigourate has 7 degrees floors are located be identified as the Tower of Babel which surah 2 Al – Baqarah of the Holy Quran in verse 102 transcribed below refers to this temple of knowledge and knowledge which is none other than the temple of the cult of the blind eye that was located at Babylon, that of Freemasonry that hides the truth through lies and manipulation.

But above all, the disbelievers Devils grouped into a cult of Freemasonry that taught to the men of the past of humanity and through the massive tear (cracks or breakage) space-time and inter-dimensional which may not be closed with the Ark of Covenant, not only the magic and the occult powers of esotericism and mysticism based on the worship of spirits (jinns), including the Christian Trinity, the Jewish Kabbalah and Sufism and maraboutism (shirk), which in the true Muslim religion is totally haram (forbidden), but these same occult powers taught the laws of Hammurabi (1750 to 1792 BC) who was the 6th King of the first dynasty of Babylon, including between another, the laws of disunity between the man and the woman with the principle of divorce set up by powerful occult groups together in Freemasonry based on the worship of the spirits, just as Allah za wajal stated clearly in verse 102 of surah 2 Al-baqarah which is shown below, and the stele of the law code of Hammurabi was found in Iraq which is being the oldest known law code has this day, is none other than the evidence of this teaching of the followers of the cult e of the spirits with Allah (swt) and associating Allah (swt) with Satan.

Holy Qur’an: surah 2 Al-Baqarah (the cow) / verse 102
“and they followed what the Devils tell against the reign of Solomon. While Solomon was ever disbeliever but Devils: they teach people magic as well as what came down to the two Angels Harout and Maroot, in Babylon; but they taught anything to anyone, they have said first: “we are only a temptation: is not miscreant”; they learn from them causing disunity between the man and his wife. However they are able to harm anyone with the permission of Allah. And people learn what their night and are not beneficial to them. And they knew, certainly that person who acquires [power] will have no share in the hereafter. Of course, what hateful goods for which they have sold their souls! If only they knew! »

Not to mention, to 300 years BC he had to possess the intellectual ability 20th see 21th century to imagine the idea of design, see even to invent the electric battery of Baghdad and which was found in Mesopotamia, as confirmed by the below video that some plotters would want décridibiliser, in order to better conceal the temporal distortions making transport an individual to another world in another era of ours, and which these invisible worlds revealed by language that is encrypted and encoded in the Holy Qur’an in order to reveal the truth, and so really, the plotters within the United nations hand in hand with the manipulators and the dictators of the “Muslim” world have an any love for humanity, while having truly fear of judgment, just as Allah za wajal told clearly in the Qur’aan at the same place where the chapter and the verse in question is shown below, in order to not interfere the fake has the veite to not hide the veite, that distortions of space and time.

All the charlatans and the plotters the elites of politics teaching their principle of astrology that has nothing do with the principle of the astrononie, in order to hide the truth about the construction of their 12 signs of the Zodiac, and that in all reality, are other than the 10 vortex displayed below, spread over the entire surface of the globe which are other than parallel distortions space/time whose experience dates back to 1943, to then be put in place by the Ronald Reagan Star Wars program in the design of remote controlled UFO’s distance.

The program of the star wars between China and United States faisnat following a ultra secret of the philadelphia experiment occurred in 1943 , having allowed them to open a rift in the space/time which they can close that caused all the abnormal phenomena occurring in the 12 triangles, which especially in the Bermuda triangle, for time travel to the past of humanity with their drones and stealth UFOS, which among other things the Astra TR –3 B and others, putting himself on the path of God (swt) revealed in the Holy Qur’an the gates of heaven that are other than the vortex interdimenssionnel, and whose experiences and evidence of their plot, then you are presented then displayed to the chapter. B13 > Roswell 1947 and of this Web site.

A global conspiracy introduced in order to time travel by the opening of Vortex (gates of heaven having been copied from the creation of God) and through parallel and interdimensional, distortions which these phenomena of distortions appear close to Cuba in the Bermuda triangle, called also the triangle of evil displayed in image below, included in the 5 signs of distortion parallel time/space located at the parallel 23° 2622“North latitude on the Tropic of Cancer with the 5 other signs of distortion parallel space/time located on the parallel of 23° 2622” South latitude and at the level of the Tropic of Capricorn in function of the tilt of the Earth on its orbit around the Sun.

With Moreover, the North American aerospace defense command located at the nearby Canada of the Evangelical movement in the United States which this link tells you more about NORAD at the Canada

Where one, the triangle (evangelist) is superimposed on the other (Zionism) not making only one star, that of David and Zion Hill is the Triangle gold favouring a pentacle, whose two main points, indicate two strategic points. as well as the center of this variable geometry that is found in Ottawa and then to the Saguenay by the Cap Trinité (3) of the infidels and the Cap eternity of the temporal distortion and parallel, and it is simply magnetic Assembly, and the environment in which the 2 triangles superimposed on the other which produce electromagnetic fields out of the ordinary that can be perceived by devices of lost as for example the F-117 aircraft guidance and found by NORAD in the years 50, as evidenced by the video below.

The telluric forces are amplified in certain times of the year and can therefore live of unexplained phenomena increasingly large number, such as poltergeists, healings, representations of flying objects unidentified, as well as the triangles superimposed on the other shows on this card below, such a star of Zionism, of the laity and partisan evangelists of Antichrist that are the enemies of the Muslim world on a crusade against Islam that censors this website fighting the partisans of dajjal (Antichrist), which here is a proof if you speak English on paranormal encyclopedia

This are through its 10 doors of the time warp and tridimensionelle space with its 2 electromagnetic poles (north pole and south pole) references on the map below as 61 and 62 who are the 2 ends of the Earth will appear the big 10 signs that leading up to the end of time, all CEMM those (distortions) of the time hotel that have been observed throughout history in the triangle of Bermuda, which at the time of the votage of Christophe Colombe, but also to Canada, then in China and in Africa, as demonstrated by this desosu a map representations of this distortion of space time which follows the case of the Philadelphia Experiment on the USS Navy El Ridge took place in 1943 that led the case of Roswell in 1947 with the UFO having made a leap in time, including the secret of this case is revealed in this Web site in the chapter Israel and the UFO with the Roswell case.

Because today and malgers all these signs of the supreme hour, the Muslim world must enter in Jihad (holy war peaceful and non-violent) against lying, tyranny, dictatorship and manipulation and censorship, where only they come (including the West and its manipulative media in the service of Israel), in order to make appear the truth that is knowingly concealed by the dictatorship of the United States, Russia, China, the India of of Brazil, of the Union European secular at the service of the children of Israel and their accomplices have infiltrated the Muslim religion, including a title of reminder for anyone claiming the Muslim nation.

Here is displayed below a hadith sahih (authentic) so don’t not commit the 7 depravity, that this life on Earth here below, and not performing only salate (prayer) in the meantime that leak from the front on the day of the Jihad focusing on the dead and enjoying the life of this world (with dounia) participate in the jihad in order to make appear the truth and transmit knowledge (the dinner) while defending peace (Islam) between Muslims, and fighting on the way of Allah (swt) to show the truth about knowledge (dine) on a nuclear genocide (the forbidden tree) committed with impunity on a large scale by the powerful of this world who are close to Evangelical sects, Zionist and lay on the internet and in the media the monopoly of information and control of political power who censor information on their practical malicious mischief has the respect of the community of Islam and on women, children and the elderly without defence.

Because when the Muslim world plunged summer in the biggest corruption (backshihs) located at all levels of society, then in the vice, in divisions in sectarianism, in perversity, in dishonesty, in bad faith when some (s) and by pride and pride, then ethnic don’t want not to recognize their bewilderment, then Jihad must be made, after the community was handled then manipulated by the enemies of the Muslim world who pretend to lambs and friends from the world of Islam which are immersed in their lies, their censorship and in their races to the riches in their tyranny against leaders Arabo-musulmans having been placed then protected by the Illuminati of the West, which are at the service of Satan and their fake Messiah (Antichrist) and the 3Rd temple of the Jews.

So then the Muslim world is plunged into chaos terrorism having been implemented by these same conspirators to harm has the Muslim religion and demonize it at the same time, in a vile profit financial and political enemies of religion Muslim, then Jihad must be declared and carried out by all each in order to make appear the truth, especially, after Barack Obama said to him drawing Zionist-American lobby AIPAC during his speech of June 8 2008 that was not totally broadcast by the media, that Muhammad (saaws) all was a false prophet, thus posing as the Antichrist, which we as a Muslim (es) and in front of Allah (swt) who is not blind, have a duty to defend its memory.

THEN comes the builders of PYRAMIDS on the Indian CONTINENT
on behalf of the Illuminati of the 21St century having VISITED them,
with first all the PYRAMIDS of CARAL in Peru
who not only PRACTICED human SACRIFICES,
but also slavery, abduction of women and children,
censorship, the @SOOTHSAYER, SHAMANISM and the cult of the solar TEMPLE

6 Caral pyramids are located in the desert close to the Pacific coast of the Peru, in Lima region, Barranca province, 180 km north of Lima, it are the remains of vestiges of the oldest pre-Columbian city of America known to date. It was built by the civilization known as Caral, still called Norte Chico or Caral Supe. Tests at 14 of reeds found within its carbon date its construction between 2000 and 2600 BC, which makes it the oldest American city and one of the oldest in the world, contemporary of large pyramids of Egypt.

AND finally the command of God (SWT): Kul Kul FAYA
to which all ELEMENTS of the universe are submitted

The world order of slavery, polytheism and idolatry that once, he more than 13000 years ago was destroyed and reduced to nothing by a violent earthquake had changed the axis of rotation of the Earth by a reverse movement of the core of the land that reversed the poles, because it was built on rivalries between nations, between individuals and the injustices for good be of those who have eyes bigger than stomach and good teeth sharpened to devour everything finishing by submitting the lowest in their own wishes by taking God Almighty, while themselves, as well as their elders, as well as those who follow them, refuse to follow the right direction desired by the Lord by creating them same their own religions, their own new world order with their unique thought they eventually impose a all and all, and this, without respecting the criteria of choice and think each and the other, in order to build their own empire oppressif and tyrannical by the absolute power of the material for their well being individual wealth, one who on Earth down here, is ephemeral, as attests civilizations that you can contemplate the remains of their foundations with videos and photos above below, those that were created with the help of the flying objects identified anti gravity that are neither angels, and still less of the gods having gone through a temporal world to another through time dictorsions, which you can contemplate the evidence on Israel and the UFO with the Roswell case in order to understand the global conspiracy that take place under your eyes and the shelter looks by keeping the big secret that is censored by the powerful of this world of the United nations, because these same groups of powerful in the world think having created man “Adam” then they think having revealed the holy books.

Holy Qur’an: Sura 42 Ash-Shura(La consultation) / verse 13
‘ it has legislated you in matters of religion, he was required to Noah, what we have revealed to you “to Muhammad (saaws)”, as well as what urges us to Abraham. Moses and Jesus: “establish religion; and are not a matter of division.” What you call the idolaters seems huge. Allah elects and close him who he wants and guide towards him who repents. »

Holy Qur’an: surah 7 Al – has ‘ raf (elevated area) / verse 59
“we sent Noah to his people. He said: “o my people, worship Allah. For you, no other God but him. I fear for you the chastisement of a mighty day.” »

Holy Qur’an: Sura 29 Al-Ankabut (the spider) / verse 14
“and indeed, we sent Noah to his people. He remained among them a thousand years less than fifty years. Then the flood carried them away while they were unfair. »

Holy Qur’an: Sura 71 Nuh (Noah) / verse 26
“and Noah said:”Lord, don’t let on Earth no Infidel. “

Holy Quran: surah 11 Hud (Messenger from of ‘ Aad) / verses 36 to 49
“and it was revealed to Noah:”of your people, it will be more believers than those who already believed. ” Do not grieve about what they were doing. And build the ship under our eyes and according to our revelation. “And more appeals to me about the unjust, because they’ll be drowned”. And he built the Ark. And whenever notables of his people passed by him, they mocked him. He said: “If you make fun of us, well, we we make to you, as you mock [of us]. And you will know soon which will come a torment that will humiliate him, and who will be a lasting punishment! “Then, when our commandment came and the oven began to bubble [water], we said: ‘[in the Ark] load a couple of each species as well as your family – except those against which the decree is already pronounced – and those who believe’.” However, those who believed with him were few. And he said: “get into the car. That his race and his anchor be Allah. Certainly my Lord is forgiving, merciful.” And she vogua with them amidst the waves and the mountains. And Noah called upon his son, who remained in a discarded (not far from the Ark) place: “O my child, climbs with us and does not stay with the unbelievers”. He replied: “I will betake myself to some mountain who will protect me water”. And Noah said: “there are now no protector against the order of Allah. (All shall perish) except the one to whom he has mercy”. The waves came between them, and the son was then the number of the drowned. And it was said: “o Earth, absorbs your water! And you, sky, cease [of rain]! “.” The water lowered, the order was executed, and the Ark settled on the Joudi, and it was said: “That disappear perverse people”! And Noah called upon his Lord and said: “O my Lord, while my son is of my family and your promise is true. “You’re more than just judges”. He said: “O Noah, it is not your family because he committed a vile Act. Don’t ask me what you have no knowledge. I urge you so that you are not a number of ignorant people”. So Noah said: “Lord, I seek your protection against any application for which I have no knowledge. “And if you forgive me and don’t me mercy, I’ll be one of the losers”. It was said: O Noah, turns up with our security and our blessings on you and on communities [from] those who are with you. And he is (in) will of the communities to which we grant a temporary enjoyment. to work on them and then a painful torment from us”. Here’s some news of the unseen which we reveal to you. You didn’t know, neither you nor your people, before that. Be patient. The happy ending will be the stakes. »

Photo aérienne de l’arche de Noé (aws) ayant laissé des traces sur le Joudi (Le mont Ararat en Turquie) avec des documents classés secret défense et déclassifiés par la CIA suite à un rapport confidentiel qui fût remis à l’ancien président Clinton, et ce, pour celles et ceux qui maîtrisent la langue de Shakspeare :

“The agent wrote the memo after reading a newspaper article that suggested the Mount Ararat imagery might be made public due to former president Clinton’s decision to release historical documents. The memo said such imagery ”might or might not be included in the declassified materials.” The other document concerns a review of materials about Mount Ararat by the same administration between 1990 and 1992. Former CIA director James Woolsey asked what a more exhaustive review of the materials might cost. The document reveals the price was considered too high, and Woolsey was told it would take six months to complete the study. The project apparently never got off the ground. Insight is still seeking additional records, but most government documents and imagery associated with Noah’s Ark remain classified. The CIA plans to make thousands of satellite images available on the Internet, but it’s unclear whether they will include photos of Mount Ararat. The magazine is reviewing its options and considering whether to pursue other images taken by the CIA with its KH-9 remote-sensing satellite in 1973 and its KH-11 satellite in 1976, 1990 and 1992 .”

With further evidence of the Holy Quran that you are displayed above below, here is evidence of the very, very old civilization of builders of pyramidal foundations and high buildings whose history was notably reported by the philosopher Plato Greek, and which Noah (aws) and his family was saved from the aneantisssement of this civilization on the Ark of the Covenant, except his son, who was one of the drowned, and, following the melting of the ice that occurred there more than 13000 years during the of Cabinet to the Quaternary glacial period, as evidenced above Holy surah number 11 Hud of the Holy Quran Al-Karim also declassified documents classified by the CIA in a report by the former Director of the Mr. CIA James Woolsey, who was handed over was the former president of the United States of America Mr. Bill Clinton, and, as a result of satellite photos taken in 1973 at the top of Mount Ararat with KH-9satellite system, then again three years more later in 1976 with the KH-11 satellite system and again in 1990 and 1992

THEN studies GEgeological practiceE on the very basis of the SPHINX
UniversityE of BOSTON

A geological Discovery having been practiced on the site of the pyramids in the plateau of Giza, and the level of the foundations of the Sphinx, by renowned international scientists, in the light of the discovery of traces of erosion having been ignored directly caused by salt and water, at the moment even where land to known variations of its orbit and slight modifications to its axis of rotation, around of the Sun that occurred there are about 13000 years, this has had the effect cause of strong climate oscillations by changes of seasons, with in addition later, a loss of field strength magnetic sues and his shield protecting all forms of life on Earth against cosmic and solar radiation, this which caused a breathtaking rise in temperatures over the entire surface of the globe, which during the last glacial period of the Quaternary era that took place there are about 13000 years, inevitably caused a global flood caused by a sudden melting of the glaciers, which then covered several hundred meters most of the continents, then the increase in the level of the oceans which drowned large land areas, as well as built pyramid cults to the edges of the water, then then, and return a normal Earth orbit and its axis of rotation around the Sun, caused a rise in temperatures and the drying up of lands that had been drowned during the flood, and then hundreds of years more reappeared traces of old foundations pyramid of very high buildings around the world, and particularly, the Sphinx of Giza, which was rebuilt on a very, but very old foundations, and whose archaeological and geological work that has been made in the 1990s by renowned scientists, are shown below, therefore, International dating from the construction of the Sphinx of Giza is much older that Egyptologists as Director of the Museum of the Cairo want to affirm this well and to believe (which themselves, receive their grant and their wages through museums of reputations, and including these same museums, receive their subsidy by the ministries of culture and his single eye, one of thought) unique ‘State’ everything by subjecting the people of downstairs has their own wishes, the wishes of the powerful notables of this world who get to God.

John West suggested that erosion of the Sphinx was not of the winds or the desert sand, but rain water. However the oldest great period of rain known in Egypt was at the end of the last ice age the Quaternary be 12000 years b.c.

To make this new theory is able to convince the more reluctant Egyptologists, J. West was to obtain the cooperation of a renowned geologist expert, whose work and research would suffer any critical. In the early 90, J.West found the scientist in the person of Robert Schoch of Boston University.

Broad minded, R. Schoch accepted little academic mission. Examination of the site to which it was confirmed that the sphinx and the walls of the pit in which it rests are characteristic signs of water erosion. He also found that the surrounding temples had been carved into the same rock. He then revealed a curious anomaly: the Sphinx and the wall surrounding it had been attacked by erosion on 1 meter in thickness, while nearby Rocky strata, of the same nature, did not suffer the same damage.

To reinforce his argument, J. West sought to know at what time the rock around the Sphinx had been cut for the first time. “Details” that would allow him to determine the period of construction of the monument. He thus brought Houston Thomas Dobecki. By studying the State of the sediments around the Sphinx, T. Dobecki thought he could date its construction to reliably, on the assumption that more erosion of the rock by water would be profound, more its duration of exposure to the rain would be long.

According to the analysis of T. Dobecki, the body of the Sphinx would have been cut by steps and the front of the monument would be older than the rear, around 3000 years. R. Schoch concluded that Khephren had to discover the unfinished Sphinx. It would restore the monument, as well as the temples nearby, including dallant granite the limestone soil of the site. According to him, due to his age, the Sphinx would have suffered several campaigns of repairs during the millennia that followed. He argues that the Egyptians had to figure it out with a different face, because his head is proportionally smaller than his body: so the statue was modified and adapted to the style of the ancient Egypt.

Nevertheless (or nose, as we speak of the Sphinx), Professor Robert Schoch, mindful of his reputation, was limited to 8500 years to date the Sphinx, probably to not accredit the theory of a civilization very, very old which was destroyed during the flood in the days of Noah (aws).

Whatever it is, is to recognize that we are rather far from the 4500 years generally accepted by the scientific community, (the one who work in the service of the powerful of this world that cares to hide the truth in order to preserve their new) established order which directs humanity to wars, famine, anarchy and chaos in a world made of rivalries, such the world of the pyramids of high buildings).

Then the team of J. West. And Thomas Dobecki used a seismograph and discovered the existence of a large rectangular Hall and unknown tunnels located five meters below the legs of the sphinx before. According to T. Dobecki, this room includes too many intriguing items to not have been performed by humans.



Before continuing, it is perhaps to insist on the fact that the plateau of Giza still hiding a number of inviolate closets. Thus, two architects French, Jean-Pierre Goidin and Gilles Dormion, financed by EDF and protection French geophysical company, discovered in 1986 of the anomalies of constructions in the pyramid of cheops. Their measurements micro indeed revealed differences of density and mass in the corridor leading to the Queen’s Chamber, which would prove the existence of parts unknown. Finally, Sands of a nature alien to the site were taken by drilling on these areas.

The following year, in 1987, a Japanese expedition (led by Professor Sakuji Yoshimura) see the videos above titled civilization found in off the Japanese Coast, confirming the discoveries of two french but also revealed 4 cavities under the Sphinx.

Electronic cameras located two first cavities (4 m long by 2 m wide) on both sides of the Sphinx, probably interconnected. The third cavity (1,50 m long, 1 m wide and 7 m deep) at the height of the left shoulder and his background would be made up of a material harder than the limestone, perhaps metal, just like the pyramids Chinese found in China. A last, smallest cavity would operate under the legs of the Sphinx and could contain something similar to a sarcophagus.

Despite all these clues, the excavations in the vicinity of the Sphinx, at least officially, didn’t have never could be allowed, with a lot of naivety, we could ask for what reason (s)?

Not only because these are qualified with some contempt of pseudo science by elites that censors information about real dating from the construction of the pyramids, but also and above all about the real origin of the builders of Pyramids (Illuminati), but also because the philosophy of Egyptologists working has the balance of the corrupt, dictators, tyrants and materialists widespread in Egypt and so close to the American elites, with their ideas globalization of the cult of the pyramids, was implemented from 1947 with the case of Roswell being at the service of the Zionist State, Israel and the United States of America having set up the globalization of privatization, censures and dictatorships, while preserving their global power at any price on the Russians and the Chinese, either by condemning all who dare mess up the rules of their new world order, which is none other than the neo-conservatives so close to Evangelical sects and Zionists in the world is accusing you of terrorist or fundamentalist, because you denounce their deception, their depravity, their tyromperie, their corruption of the religious and Muslim States that the are less (led by religion), but also because you denounce their dictatorship and their manipulations that indoctrinates the mass of people who becomes immersed in ignorance and which are located at the bottom of the pyramids from the slavery of the supporters of dajjal) Antichrist) where (Antichrist).

The photo above of the constellation Orion in a lineup of great distance with the star Sirius in a great sign that are 3 stars Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka of magnitude 2,2/1,8 and 1,7 but all located in perfect alignment and in conjunction with the 3 great pyramids of Giza of triangular shape which are guarded by their sphinx headed to the East, in order to face the wills Divine in the direction of the Kaaba of cubic shape, to the 3 holy places of the monotheistic religion (Jerusalem, Medina and Mecca) in a challenge to the single creator of all things launched by followers of the cult of Satan, and which you can see in photo above, not only the origin, but also and especially the source of its same pyramidal foundations triangular, because the archictecture of the pyramids, but also because of the shape of the fuselage of the anti ship gravity traveling through time, to the spent posing as the angels of Allah the high, see for the gog and magog, and unlike has Allah za wajal, these same received is be at a specific location and at a specific time, as the Foundation of the 3 great pyramids of Gi Zeh guarded by his sphinx which from a single ancient civilization was built on the ancient pyramidal Foundation with it are more than 13000 years and as a result of the flood was wiped out by Allah za wajal in the last period cooler of the Quaternary era, see below the archaeological evidence with video titled Noah (aws) the flood and the pyramids of the Horn of Satan

Then comes then the second place of the universe with the constellation of the big dog, including and especially the star of magnitude –1Sirius,6 because of the color of his white and highly brilliant star located in the southern hemisphere of our own Milky way in a sign of very high foundations created by humanity having built the pyramids of triangular shape and then guarded by the Sphinx a Giza and its constitutional laws of secularism in below who want pictures to export and settle in Muslim countries facing the divine will revealed in land St. close to the Kaaba, and who is other than the first temple of humanity, the cube and the cube root or anything to rules, divine laws having been established in the building of high buildings for the Foundation of civilization and fair within humanity, in order to preserve peace and tranquility so that peace and tranquillity can reign in the universe in a sign of understanding and clarity that civilizations displayed above are only the remains of foundations of a very ancient civilization of humanity who had an exclusive cult and worshiped has one that is not eternal, but who were destroyed by the Lord to have associated with him a cult of worship that is not eternal while the having associated with the Lord, which he the God Allah (swt), through its science that identifies all this world, is without places, contrary to all things located has one bright spot of the universe, just as evil and the perversity of spirit of each and the others and their lies then different manipulations are everywhere in this world, but after the infidels have rebel against the wishes of God (swt) in having required to Allah (swt) to show its face (swt) in order to believe in him.

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