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Conspiracy Theories

In order to unite it under one banner to return to Jerusalem and set up the Islamic foundations with genuine established rules, real justice, real principles of equality and real laws, which in the lands of Islam, everything has Everyone must comply by following the will of God the Lord (swt) which is unique and without partner (es) being at the top of justice and laws established by the infidels and hypocrites, for having sent the last Messenger and last Prophet of humanity that is Muhammad (saaws), but also in order to unite the Muslim community to defeat the cult of the occult, hidden in the shadow of the religions, that are the pyramids of the illuminati at the service of their false Messiah and his single eye, which is none other than the single thought of elites being close to Zionism, then horns of satan in Saudi and fascism of secularism has implemented the Novus Ordo S eclorum slavery of 3 great pyramids of Giza are capitalism, socialism and communism, political whose evidence you are presented to the Chapter new world order from this website.

The absolute truth of Allah (swt) which is another Bouraydah that does not burn, threatened to hell all those who do not judge with truth, ibn Al-Houssein bright its light ( ) RA ) reported that the Messenger of Allah (saaws) said: “the judges are divided into three categories: one in heaven and two judges in hell, one who is in heaven is a man who has known the truth and found with her. , then a man who has known the truth and has been unfair in the judgment, then he is in hell, and a man who was on trial for people with ignorance, then he is in hell. “hadith narrated by Abu Dawood.

Prevail on any other religion and ideology, not only the truth revealed in the Holy Qur’an, but also the Muslim Islamic religion by obeying has all the will of Allah (swt), the Lord of the universe who is not blind, and who is not displayed with a single eye of the single thought of socialism and communism of left wing parties, not only on the ultra-materialistic printed US dollar in 1933 by the Democrats of the left parties near Franklin Roosevelt Delanoe that engenders corruption and deception of the human rights of a left totalitarian very anti-Islam causing disorder with its secular principle and legislative of the single eye Masonic of Socialists and Communists plunged into their plot to separate the religious worship of the State, by a tyrannical, dictatorial and totalitarian ideology which is none other than the rights to rule the delinquency, crime and their established order anti-religions in having forgotten homework and submission that humanity must be against the will of the one God who is without partner (es).

Allah (swt) the Lord of the universe (swt) that is unique and no partner, and who is not blind after having been printed in 1933 by the followers of unbelief and infidelity with a single eye on the principle of a single thought of espionage who sees everything, and who then thanks to the web-bot system and through the knowledge of the Total Information Awareness System shown below ‘ TIAS ‘ implements censorship against religion on behalf of DARPA and you can understand his system of attack on DARPA being very close to the National Security Agency, that she even is nearby the CIA and the White House a certain Democrat’s Barack Obama, while also close to the UN Socialist and capitalist reducing people into slavery, as proven by the evidence in this chapter, while believing to overflowing, and abundant wealth by the grace of a political cult of falsehood, deceit and manipulation setting up the dictatorship and censorship, as clearly stated in a hadith of the beloved prophet Muhammad (saaws) shown below, concerning the signs of the hour…

Secularism in Islam and the Muslim land (es) in the non-Muslim land = Separation (process( ) the commandments of God (swt() =
Disobedience to Allah (swt( ) and his last Messenger Muhammad (saaws( ) = Fitna bigotry , , Kufr and infidelity to the commandments of God (swt)…

Holy Quran : Sura 4 An-Nisa (the women) /versets 115 and 116
And whoever does split from the Messenger after the right path appeared to him and follows one path other than that of the believers .” , so we’ll leave it as it turned and burn it in hell. And what bad destination! Of course, God does not forgive give associates. Apart from that, he forgives whom he will. Anyone who gives God partners wanders far astray. »

Holy Quran : Sura 9 At-Taubah (the repentance) /verset 71
believers, and the believing women are allied with each other . . They order the suitable , prohibit the blameworthy perform the Salah , pay Zakat and obey Allah and his Messenger . Those to whom Allah will make mercy , because Allah is mighty and wise . »

Holy Quran : Sura 30 Ar-Rum (the Romans) /versets 31 and 32
‘ Return repentant to him, fear him complete the Salat and do not be among the idolaters, among those who have divided their religion and cults have become each party exulting in what he had. »

“. each party exulting in what he had “: (including the party of the followers of the secular order that is secularism ))


With below and as a proof and a warning for the sects of all kinds which, because of their pride and their pride to be born in the Arabic language, thinks he’s on the right direction, here is a hadith authentic which is to meditate in being reported by a large number of scholars including: imam Ahmed, ibn Abi ad-dounia, Abu Dawood, At-Tirmidhi, ibn Habbane, Al-Hakim. but also reported by several companions of the beloved prophet Muhammad (saaws) including: Awf ibn Malik (ra), Abi darda d’ ( ) RA ), Ibn Abbass (ra), Ibn Umar (ra), Sa’d ibn Abi Waqqass (ra), Abullah ibn Amr ibn al-SSA (ra) Oumama Abi (ra).

The Jews are divided into seventy sects, Christians are divided in seventy-two sects and My. community will divide in seventy-three sects. “And in a Variant” all will go to hell unless to comply to my tradition and my companions. »

With proof of language code and encrypted the Holy Koran, but also language code and number of Hadith to give meaning to their interpretation:
71 sects + 72 sects + 73 sects = 216 sects, then in the opposite direction to the number 216 to return to the origins of the message that has nothing to do with secularism (division), including the preaching of the Prophet Muhammad (saaws) debutat in 612 a.d. in pordonnant to the Prophet Muhammad (saaws) ” O you who are wrapped in a coat stand up, warned. ! and magnifies your Lord ! »

And after that the first Koranic revelation began 2 years earlier in the cave of Hira the 26 Ramadan of year 610 ad with this first word revealed “ “. Lily ! by the name of your Lord who created , which to created man from a grip . Lily ! Your Lord is very Noble, who taught by the pen [the calamus] has taught man that which he knew not . »

Besides, this hadith has been authenticated by At-Tirmidhi as being a good and authentic hadith according to Muslim then also by Al-Hakim the recognized as authentic. as well as Ibn Arabi in the rules of the Koran but also by Ibn Taiymiya in the collection of the quote as being authentic and famous in the books of tradition and codes, but also by Ibn Katheer in the beginning and the end including its chain of transmission was considered as being correct and strong according to the criteria of the Sahih, and finally by Al-Albani as being a hadith authentic in the collection of the authentic reported by Al -Tirmidhi.

Then on the description of the Antichrist, this is displayed below 3 Hadith sahih referred 1817, 1818 and 1819 who received consensus of Al-Bukhaari and Muslim, and who I hope will awaken your spirit, so really, you like the beloved prophet (saaws) and so really, you believe in Allah who is not blind, in a sign of his worship without no partner or associate you can view pages 843 and 844 of the chapter on the Hadith concerning the Antichrist and signs of Time in Riyadh are-Saliheen’s police station “Gardens of virtue” book of Yahya Ibn Sharaf Ed-DIN An-Nawawi to universal editions.

Hadith 1817
of after Anas (
ra), the Messenger of Allah (saaws) said: “there is not a Prophet who has not warned his community of the. perversion of the one-eyed liar! Be aware that he (the Antichrist) is one-eyed, and that your Lord (that he may be glorified) is not blind, and it is written between his eyes K.F.R. ( miscreant or infidel). »

Hadith 1818
From Abu Houraira (may Allah be pleased with him), the Messenger of Allah (saaws) said: ‘ I’ll give you information about the Antichrist, that no Prophet has given previously. ” He is blind, and he will bring with him the illusion of a paradise and a fire. What it will claim be paradise that is fire.

Hadith 1819
according to Ibn ‘ Omar (
ra), the Messenger of Allah (saaws) spoke one day of the Antichrist in the presence of people, then said: ” “. Allah is not one-eyed, and know that the Antichrist is blind in his right eye that resembles a grain of withered grape. »

See the greenback to the Illuminati very anti-Islam displayed below with the blind eye of espionage, conspiracy, surveillance and voyeurism having been cleared of traffic by the Illuminati have changed the American dollar cuts for better install spying to see you better, to hear everything and know everything with the principle of the Big Brother in their symbolic union with Al-Qaeda and the country run by military dictators close to the United States America and China, in order to install the tyranny then established censorship against the religion of truth, that is the Muslim religion anti-nouvelle materialistic gives of their new world order of surveillance, Exhibitionism, voyeurism, the materialism (dounia) and military dictatorship.

Because in truth, the enemies of the Muslim religion, all the anti messianic who do not want to submit has all the wishes of the Lord of the universe (swt) in this verse below revealed in the Holy Qur’an.

Holy Qur’an : surah 2 Al-Baqarah (the cow) /verset 98
“[said:]”anyone who is an enemy to God, his angels, of his “» messengers, Gabriel and Michael… [God will be his enemy] because God is the enemy of the infidels“.” »

Also below, this is an authentic hadith of the beloved Muhammad (saaws) references 1860 who received Al-Bukhaari and Muslim consensus displayed in Riyadh are-Saliheen’s police station “ book ” The gardens of virtue” of Yahya Ibn Sharaf Ed-DIN An-Nawawi to universal editions can be found on page 859 of the chapter on the Hadith concerning the Antichrist and signs Time intended for the hypocrites, the plotters and other impostors of materialists, Laity and of military dictators who chose the American, European, Russian, or Chinese, and against which the Prophet Muhammad (saaws) ) will be a witness against all these gathered conspirators who are fighting over the goods of this world, not only for their research of the goods and the delights of this world that their sopnt offered by the rich and powerful nations in being immersed in a race to riches to the Summit of power, to subsequently install the false charges of extremism or terrorism, see even of links with terrorism that subsequently be implemented for centuries and centuries against real religious wisdom and the gift to discern between good and evil, between what is genuinely Halal and haram, not only voyeurism, surveillance, torture, oppression, tyranny, espionage and censorship.

Hadith 1860
‘ Oqba Ibn ‘ Amer (
ra) reported that the Messenger of Allah (saaws) visited the graves of the martyrs of the battle of Baqi, and prayed for them, 8 years after the battle, as if it was his farewell to the living and the dead, then he ascended the minbar and dit: ‘ I’m your precedeur . , and I will be witness against you. Your appointment will be the basin (in heaven) I can already see my room. I’m not afraid for you associations, but I’m afraid you’re fighting (for goods) of this world. He said: ” it was the last look I addressed in the direction of the Messenger of Allah (saaws)”

A principle of secularism that should not be exported to and in Muslim countries after having been implemented by some cabal of Masons francs with their principle of universalization of human rights hypocrites want to put and put in place in Muslim countries, to organize the persecution and oppression against siblings of truly Muslim, so that thereafter and 2 sides of 2 banks the Mediterranean, the fascist tyranny of secularism to the principle of military dictatorships, censor the religion of truth that not only opposes all forms of tyranny and established censorship is against the Muslim religion who has the same human rights and real equality in rights and duties between the man and the woman by the principle of Islamic justice, which opposes all forms of injustices, inequalities, has of tyranny, dictatorship, censorship, surveillance, of voyeurism, corruption, terror, violence, crime, crime and race to riches.

By an inalienable principle of a religion of truth and submission has all the will of Allah (swt) that is without associate, a religion that opposes has this decadence, all this debauchery exhibitionist and retrograde located to the middle of a materialistic paradigm (dounia) of the new world order of surveillance, this violence, this crime and this tyranny, where not only the humanity, but also the true Muslim spirituality Islamic has lost its central place that deserves it in this new Masonic order in this new world order of the Illuminati who secretly preparing the coming of liar also called Lee the “Al-Massih Antichrist Antichrist “with frizzy hair and Overbite that is located has another temporal loop of ours, because the signs having been left successively by several generations of illuminati, but also by various esoteric and mystical sects practicing the cult of” spirits “Jinn“.

Not only with the sign displayed on the American dollar, which was deleted at the beginning of the inauguration of Barack Obama, and after quue this dear turned my back has the Muslim religion converted to the Church Evangelical Protestantism Church of Christ belonging to the reformed Alliance which here is the list by clicking on reformed evangelical churches in order to become the first African-American president placed at the top of the pyramid by powerful lobbies, without having a real and extensive experience of international politics and the world which we all around to be entered in the world of politics, only in 1993 to then become 2007 some 12 years later President of the American superpower in the service of powerful lobbies behind the blind eye.

But also and especially with the sign of deception and imposture of the universal declaration of human rights shown below, in a clear link between the materialistic cult (dounia) of the blind eye having been illuminated) ( dazzled) at the top of the American pyramid, with the cult of the new religion of the Socialist illuminati, who is none other than the principle of secularism putting in place (dounia) materialist by separating the dinner of the Muslim religion and its people through the of its dictators who heads the nations, in a very anti-religious policy implemented by the cult illuminati having been illuminated (dazzled) materially by the blind eye of the pyramid, American, of espionage, of the Exhibitionism, then voyeurism preparing the arrival of their misleading false Messiah who was posted with his eye blind, not only as a result of the fall of the wall of Berlin in 1989, who in 1990 caused the American military intervention in the middle of the world Arab Muslim (Saudi Arabia), then the rapprochement between East-West blocks in obvious complicity between illuminati groups lay of the neo-conservative left with groups of the right-wing policy all close to Zionism.

Holy Quran : surah 5 Al-Ma’idah (the table spread) 82 to 86 /versets
you probably will find that those who eat the most violent hatred against Muslims are the Jews and the Gentiles. , and that those who are most willing to empathize with Muslims are men who say : “we are Christians“. This is due to that they have among them priests and monks and they do not watch with pride. And when they hear recite what was revealed to the Prophet, you see their eyes overflowing with tears as they are seized by the truth of the message, and they say : “Lord ! We believe ! Inscribe us among the witnesses . Why don’t we believe in God and the truth he sent us? Why don’t we would hope that our Lord make us come into the company of righteous people” God will grant them as a reward for their statement of grounds under which flow streams, where they will remain forever. And this is the reward of those who do good. As for those who will not believe and who have treated our signs lies, they will be doomed to eternal fire. »

With sad result and any confirmed evidence which are presented in this chapter of the human rights, in order to overcome peacefully on any world order of the lie, falsehood, Exhibitionism, of violence, of anarchy, chaos, setting up the new world order of the anti-christ, which is other than the dictatorship, tyranny, voyeurism and having been decreed by the unbelievers of the parties political censorship of left, right and the extremes with their principle fundamentalist secularism thirsty of materialism, of finance, of savings, consumption and power they want to renew by a new materialistic deal by the Masonic order of the Illuminati having been established since the second war world, a lot of hypocrites and frauds spend for Muslims (are) have come to love and Kiss, heart, body and soul with an exclusive cult to the order established by the illuminati (are), the establishment of division, materialism and rivalries leading to wars and els races to the riches of the established rehearsal which in Muslim land is contrary to the universal principles of the Muslim religion of Islam “As-salam “between brothers and sisters of the same religion which is be thesingle religion of truth and submission approved by Allah (swt) including the inalienable principle” wear a scarf delicately placed on the head in any public place or private company, so that the believing women hide their breasts, their ears and necks.

These same principles as the dictatorship of secularism and the Sham of human rights want to forbid believers and totally obedient women has all the will of Allah (swt), not only in the middle school and University, and everything as evidenced by several laws who was voted in the republics of parliamentary lawyers and doctors, but also into your banks and in your middle of the work, ensure that the public service as in the private function, and just as proves the testimony of a young Muslim woman shown above titled video Hijjab, human rights, secularism, sauerkraut

And, in order to censor the Muslim religion but also and above all the truth to light, and to make your daughters and your sisters who was born in the Muslim religion, of poor women exuberant display in public place by calling what is forbidden and What is contarire peace, but after their oppression against religion have been revealed in the Holy Quran and the hadiths of our beloved prophet (saaws) having been warned our community against the decadence and bine exhibitionism of the followers of this new world order is followed by its materialistic paradigm of the 21St century, which will not last long.

And this grace has a suppression organized by the top of the pyramid against our religion with symbols representing our liberted’expression that gives us our religion which is above that of the laity (hijjab, minarets, etc.) and all censoring and shaping our religion of freedom has their own image that suits them, kind of like when we shape a statue has its own image for a vile profit financial and material by banning the construction of minarets that represents ‘ symbolic call to prayer, see even the symbolic appeal to the Muslim religion for nons Muslims to call them in obedience to the will of Allah (swt) that is without partner (es), and while the amalgams between burka and minarets, but also between Niqab and burqa who have absolutely nothing has between one and the other and then between strangers Black and Muslim religion for better branding religion then discredit her in Arabic faisnat a great harm to the last Messenger Muhammad (saaws), and their outrageous behaviour of foreigners has our religion that comes to a certain category of the population of the suburbs is being detached from the real Islamic religion because of the followers of fitna “secularism” between Muslim State and its people, you are displayed in video below as evidence of generalisation and the trivialization of delinquency and crime and disorder that followers of fitna wants to censor, see and by a sleight of passes falsify the true figures on crime materialistic thugs governing and anti-Islam who loves the disorder and Allah (swt) ) dislikes for a vile materialistic, financial and political advantage of the anti-islam and foreigners a religion Muslim origin Magrhebine, Berber and black African eager climb quickly in the level of the decadent society Western, which among other things certain personalities designated below, also has this subject it is interesting to read some Hadith about this trivialization of delinquency and crime established by this false political racial victimization in posing for the saints by clicking on the intermediate time signs

With by elsewhere below are verses from the Holy Koran, presented as a reminder of a painful punishment or the refuge for the Sowers of disorder will be the fire of hell, what are the followers of victimization who likes to sow disorder and must know that Allah (swt() never fails its promise after warned an African population and original African that are these same victimization followers who had not received the message and which by the grace of the children of Israel to have them show the path of this policy of racial victimization, like sow disorder by accusing the other as anti-Semites by sowing disorder in Muslim nations and into Muslim nations with set up the dictatorship of the anti-Islam close to the unique look of the laity, of the mercantile, consumption, materialism, finance and emigration who thinks have been blessed to sow disorder in wanting to shape the world in the image of the United States of America.

Holy Quran : Surah 7 Al – has ‘ raf (the mountain of judgment) /verset 202
“(As the wicked), their evil partners sink them into the aberration then they stop ( ). sinking). »

Holy Quran : surah Al-Baqarah (the cow) /versets 205 and 206 2
‘ As soon as he turns his back, he travels the land to sow disorder and ransack culture and livestock. . And God loves not the disorder . And he was told: “Redoute God“, criminal arrogance takes hold of him, hell will do, and what bad bed, certainly ! »

While all these amalgams have strictly nothing to do with each other in a very repressive policy implementation against Islamic religion by several political personalities from powerful lobbies materialistic and secular left and right extremes hiding behind a principle of national identity and secularism, as for example J.F. Coppé, Elisabeth Badinter, B. Kouchner, N. Sarkozy , Simone Veil, etc...

But also by different personalities with no ties to the Muslim religion, while hiding behind a principle of secularism fascistic and oppressive, as Gisèle Halimi, Dounia dilapidated, Sihem Habchi and Fadéla Amara from of the powerful lobby of neither whores nor submissive, then especially Rama Yade who welcomes with a radiant smile, the Colonel Muammar Gaddafi displayed in photo below.

And then amongst the male junta having no connection with the Muslim religion while hiding behind a principle of secularism fascistic and oppressive, arrives on TV trays and the airwaves to level policy Mr Aziz has hidden in the shadow of Dominique Villepin, then finally hidden in the shadow of socialism and political and anti-religious associations, sometimes Trample Malek, Julien Dray, Harlem desire that today and magically lies be careerist and Wheeler-dealers such as being a member of the PS and their powerful lobby SOS Racism of a Socialist Dominique Sopo whose picture is displayed below all too close to the masonry francs media control and dominated by powerful lobbies Zionist and Evangelical in a policy of globalization and internatoinalisation of socialism and capitalism and the privatization of land in a global policy of expulsion of peoples Muslim (es) of Palestine, Jerusalem and West Bank in another global policy of Zionist land restocking Muslim Palestine, Jerusalem and West Bank.

And to make connections between universities, left political, corruption and justice (Julien Dray) then click Sciences PO, SOS Racism, media and Socialist Party but also and especially for making the link between occult financing with false propaganda media and manipulative from the world of media, then click on occult powers, finance and corruptions, which among other things, political newspaper propaganda anti-islam left that is the Metro newspaper displayed above Dominique Sopo, in a linen obvious between powerful lobbies materialistic with parties that are followers of the cult of the blind eye of the Antichrist and those who are not Muslims because of their 3 very anti-religious ideologies, but above all very Islam with all their amalgams they do with our religion.

And, only as for branding more Muslim religion of Islam has nothing to do with the behaviour of these strangers to the Muslim religion, the religion of Allah (swt) who has no connection with these little devils having no real (peaceful) Islamic Spirituality to the people autochtaunes in Europe, because of a growing materialist worship of parents who them is blown by the policies and their powerful lobbyists dedicated has a cult materialist of the followers of consumption Socialist, the fossil and the hammer Communist of the industrial productitive of capitalistprofit, but also and especially for the cult of fascistic secularism or all these materialistic ideologies are immersed in the races to the material wealth of the political power, to install later, censorship against the Islamic religious world who fights any form of corruption, censorship, injustice, crime, crime and tyranny.

Because this isn’t because you’re an Arab or black you’re automatically Muslim, similarly it is not because you wear a “Niqab” niquabs, earthen, and attention due to a mix that must discern “not Muslim “, you’re automatically Muslim”submitted“to peace”Salam“in order not to offend the non-Muslim population with no knowledge of Islam, and it, of” by Evangelical and politico-sioniso-Masonic conspiracy, then by that of the churches of scientologies, so that then brothers similarly religion go to the Afghanistan to combat other brothers the same religion once they have been exploited and manipulated by the plotters of Masons francs, are neo-conservatives Zionist regimes, Laity, Saudi, and followers of the churches of scientologies and Evangelical crusade against the Muslim religion, to make room for the cult of decadence, of the retrograde of Exhibitionism, of the debauchery, surveillance, espionage, of nudity, of victimization, voyeurism, chaos, crime, crime organised, wars, traffics in any kind of violence , of corruption, of the race to riches to make you fall into disbelief by installing censorship and tyranny.

The secular fundamentalists very anti-Islamic and ultra materialistic unwilling the Muslim religion that can bring balance, peace and justice, which on television and during the hours of large audience with the debate on national identity and the sign of the Niqab, which had nothing to do with the burka, make amalgam between foreign (Arab and Black African) with Muslim religion and who have absolutely nothing to do with the Muslim religion “obedient and submissive” has all the will of Allah (swt).

Because in all reality and Muslim women wear a headscarf (hijjab) gently on the head, it’s part of dress which is be a form of faith in Allah (swt), and a domestic sign of modesty that exteriorizes and showing off in the direction of the world which we all around as being a sign of belief and faith in Allah (swt), not only and especially Earth non-Muslim , by the opening of the Muslim religion to the other believing women of religion Jewish and Christian with no animosity and hatred against Muslim women, all believing women standing against all political parties and all forms of extemisme in a new world order where nudity is displayed everywhere in public place, without any modesty and restraint where evil has spread everywhere, except of course, for the followers of the cult of the eye one eye of the Antichrist and those who are blind in one eye and deaf in one ear, because for each and each Arabic language that are inside of the Muslim religion, their hearts are filled with nationalism, greed, thirst for material wealth, race for power, hate and jealousy with respect to the other non-Muslim communities, irretrievably makes them leave the right path of Islam, and to the other non-Muslim populations that are not fit has receive the message of Islam, their hearts are full of hate, racism, fundamentalism and Islamophobia against followers of Islam who have nothing has see with the first category of people hidden in the Interior of the religion of Islam and who do him great harm.

Because wear hijjab in all private and public company is all really just a gesture of faith, of belief, of peace, modesty, humility and purity in a sign of submission to the will of Allah (swt), the creator of all things, including the creator of the body and the soul of the woman, just as says below several hadiths of our honest and truthful Prophet what is good loved Muhammad (saaws), for within a just and peaceful society being truly based on equality between the 2 sexes, man is not caused by his attraction to the beauty of the body of women who love to show her attire without any shame or held to within a feminist society for a vile business profit of the mercantile of the powerful lobbies of Western fashion or you find powerful lobbies anti-religious and very close to the powerful lobbies homosexual and lesbian. That this same world of politics might later vote very repressive laws against religious.

And these same Hadith is supported by legal advice contained in the book the 3editions the universal pen translated and annotated by the Doctor Hebri Michael written by eminent Muslim exegetes, including in particular the Al-Qaradawi Youcef doctor based on the word of Allah (glorified be and magnified his name), who not only was transmitted to the Sura 33 the Confederates (Al-Ahzab) in verse , Juz No.22 and no.43Hizb, but also and especially in verse 59 of the same Sura of the 66 nations of confederates on a crusade against the religious world of Islam, similarly and very explicetement in surah 24 An – Nur (the light) in verse 31 and that all 3 you are shown below, but with last displayed in photo below, 24 An – Nur (the light) surah page having been translated in French the meaning of the verses that appear one translation healthy and free of criticism following the royal decree n ° 19888 of 08/16/1400 of the Hegira on request of the King of Saudi Arabia, verse 31 of surah 24 An-Nur, light.

This light as controversial by the interpretation of the various sects which indicates clearly that in non-Muslim land, and in order not to shock , not to hit and not to seek confrontation with an opinion of the indigenous and native population Western that is largely majority having peacefully welcomed Muslim populations,. that only the neck and the head covering the hair (and not the face) must be covered with the veil in being pulled on their chest, not only, so that the believing women can hide their breasts, but also their hair and necks.

“O prophet!” Say to your wives, your daughters, and women of the believers, to bring their large sails on them : they will be quickly recognized and avoid to be annoyed. God is forgiving, merciful. »

“Stay in your houses; and don’t you show not in the manner of women before Islam (Bedizenment). Complete the Salat, pay the Zakat and obey God and his Messenger. God wants that get rid you of any soiling, o people of the House [of the Prophet], and purify you fully . »

Without forgetting the hadiths that you can contemplate you even in the book the 315 legal opinions in Islam located on page 422 and 423 in the chapter on the attire that Muslim believing women should have in place public, which, among other, a dress which should cover all of the trappings of his body ( forms of her body), but except for the face and the hands, by an outfit that doesn’t have to be transparent, as it is Unfortunately the case with a very thin and very light fabric dresses making appear the nakedness of the woman, and by an outfit that doesn’t have to be short, as is unfortunately the case with the mini skirts showing the legs up to the calf, and ntight as i are pants greenhouse showing forms of the female body ( ) buttocks and legs up to the calf ( ) has less, it is covered with their mainsail (a big robMuslim e) do not appear the trappings (forms of the) the female body).

Also about exhibitionism and nudity these same legal opinions are not only supported by 2 hadiths reported by Termidhi and year-Nessa’i posted below which according to Aisha (may Allah be pleased with him, and he be pleased with her) who is none other than the wife of the Prophet Muhammad (saaws) and the mother of the believers, the Prophet Muhammad (saaws) said the women of the tribe of the Banu Tamin wearing of transparent dresses… «» If you are believers don’t never wore such clothes »

Then on the port of the niquab or the Burka covering the face and hands, here’s the second hadeeth narrated by Muslim and Termidhi put a light with the controversial verse 31 . of the Surah 24 An-Nur (the light) that is posted above and then translated with the meaning of the verse, and that according to Aisha (may Allah be pleased with him, and he be pleased with her), the Prophet Muhammad (saaws) ) has said, turning a Asma’ a… «» ” When the girl reached the age of puberty, she must reveal that this and that : pointing to the face and hands .

But similarly, and in another hadith verifiable by the references that you can check on 85 page in the casebook of the 40 Hadith of imam An-Nawawi located in chapter modesty arises from faith printed in the Al-Buraq editions and that according to Abu Mas’ud ‘ Oqba Ibn ‘ Amr Al-Ansari Al Badri (may God the authorized) reported having heard the Envoy of Allah (saaws) concerning the free will of the woman who is free to choose and live his religion as seems it, it is reported by Al-Bukhaari, what follows: ” Inna mimma ‘adraka-n-nasu min kalami-n-nubuwwati-l’ – ula: ‘ ida lam fa – sna ‘so ma’ tastahi your

In French: ” Among the teachings of the early days of the prophecy and that people have held, it y it: If you have no sense of modesty, then act.” “as seem you to .

Then, in a sign intended for any tyrant and lost of the wisdom of the just Islamic Middle, but also for any other tyrant like Fadéla Amera Sihem Habchi and his feminist company anti-religious of the powerful lobby of left of “neither whores nor submissive” set up by the Socialist Party, who at the beginning of our century created and organized the repopulation of the first kibboutzimes of Palestine then created the secular State of Israel of the 3 great pyramids of Giza, which today with their perversity of manipulative mind of politics of right and left we provoke it should never cause, not only after have manipulated then exploited the Muslim religion while having manipulated from emigration to a vile profit material and political personalities.

Because after all, if with the Sham of the rights of man and of the woman a few tyrants and dictators of left and right extremes want to forbid women from Muslim denominations, not only their own freedom to wear the niquab, but also their right to wear the scarf over their head, then it would be considered as a sign of blatant inequality of treatment between all women, which in particular between the believing women who hide their appearance and their attire to not be considered a vulgar merchandise item, with those who up public and has the view of everything each are allowed a show their nakedness and the shapes of their bodies for a vile business profit of the mercantile and merchandising of the powerful lo economic bbys of Western fashion, whether in your shaping of your mind that starts from your childhood in schools, in secondary schools and in universities, in hospitals and other public places devoted a exhibitionism.

Also below, here’s a video or you hear a French strain explaining the burqa which had nothing to do with the Niqab and politics of diversion of mind established by the media at the service of the secular principle of the personalities left, right and extreme policies.

Even if non-Muslim land, as for example Europe then in the West in General which is a land of immigration and conciliation (dar-el-suhl or dar-el-ahd), therefore land of preaching and preaching (dar-el-dawaa), we’re not agree and one does not adhere to the traditional, customary practice and ancestral of the niquab came from Saudi Arabia, who in non Muslim land has absolutely nothing to do with the religion ofIslam and the principle of reconciliation between the different peoples of different faiths, simply because in the land of home a non-Muslim majority as East Europe, Islam means Salam, and Salam mean peace, and that no Muslim land , Islam is definitely not a religion of confrontation and conquest to subsequently install tyranny nun, see even the dictatorship secular military and censorship.

And this, in order to free the believing woman and all forms of oppression and tyranny Muslim secular comes from the horns of Satan in their own confrontation with the sect having implemented fitna between sounittes after it was created and implemented by Lawrence of Arabia, for then the Muslim religion is discredit by the masses of Western media handling and indoctrinating the masses populations for a vile advantage of secularism and policies which divides humanity and Muslims for a write of Israel, the United States, the Russia, the European Union, China and followers Arabic and non-Arabic of the principle of secularism to sow disorder, corruption and fitna “divisions” in their quest for materialism, power political and finance.

That not only land not Muslim who is a land of conciliation, the wise and the scholars of Islam have through peaceful freedom of expression, which should never be submitted has no tyrant, none censor, any oppressor and no dictator who wants to gag freedom of religious expression, and then to meditate and think freely in any court against any form of tyranny and oppression, peacefully reason young women Muslim who in NON Muslim land and around their individual free will who wear the niqab, have this individual freedom to the pros and cons, if they wish to voluntarily wear the niqab in function of the World of dar-el-suhl or dar-el-ahd that the round where the popuplations are a non-Muslim majority while assuming they same their own responsibility and their own behaviours, at the judgment last in the face of wajh (face) of Allah (swt) or they will have no intercessor on their behalf, husband or brother, imam, Sheikh, or father knowing not discern from a Muslim land and a non Muslim land, in order to not to seek confrontation with Western populations benighted by the manipulative media, by a masses ideology which is contrary to the Muslim religion of Islam, but also to not shock and hit a very hostile public opinion has our religion which has no knowledge of the Muslim religion, manipulated and exploited by the propaganda false media, then one of the elite political right and left, but also by the extremes came from Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and the United Kingdom. In order to not depart from our religion, this population was majority non Muslim and welcoming which is completely manipulated by the mass media, but also by the political mass who exploited and manipulated obscurantism and totalitarianism religious.

But if Earth NON Muslim and in the middle of a non-Muslim majority population very hostile a our religion and in a sign of their worship to Allah (swt ) ) these young Muslim women want from their free will wear the niqab by modesty, purity, humillite after Allah (swt) submitted their heart in order to lower their gaze to be left alone by the worshippers of the shaytane (the devil) and his demons that you can see in the video below, then at the same time be protected against the wicked and voyeurs, then as a Muslim and by legal means and pacifist, we have a duty to protect and defend their aspirations of women of faith so that these believing women can wear the Niqab (including NON Muslim land) in a sign of their refusal of an ideology of Anglo-Saxon of the mercantile and merchandising (sale and purchase) including the body and the face of the woman Muslim who violates has his dignity as a free woman who is truly believing and truly Muslim, then independent groups of associative and feminist pressure, like for example the powerful secular and feminist lobby of “neither whores” , nor subject“, in an of the mercantile and merchandising policy don’t place by of powerful lobbies”pressure groups“political and economic based on principles and values” Judeo-Christian and Evangelical Western and Anglo-Saxon fashion shaping the Muslim world has their own image.

And this, once these same very draconian laws have been applied in the service public very anti-religious secularism, but especially very anti-Islamic in order to protect the world of powerful lobbies order of public and private sectors having been established by the perverse and devastating economic and financial globalization effects based on identity fundamentalist of the Judaic of Evangelicals, but after this cultural identity and worship have in 1979 and following the Communist invasion of the Soviet Union, manipulated, weapon, trained then instrumentalise in the direction of Afghanistan the Muslim religion having defeated the Communist ideology that wasn’t another just as tyrannical regime and oppressif those of capitalism and socialism, after the one-eyed Antichrist eye was printed on the Green below American ticket with setting up the horns of Satan in the Nejd region, the greenback which is none other than the earthly symbol of the color of heaven by registering for the disbelievers printed in latin Annuit Coeptis , which in French means our Company (one of the world’s elite), and Novus Ordo Seclorum , which in French means New agenda for centuries, that who in 2007 was cleared by the U.S. federal reserve in order to hide the evidence of their global conspiracy was put in place by an elite of the political and economic bourgeoisie world left, Center, right neo conservative extremes, to make you believe, and because of their business would be heaven on Earth, but after all, don’t you have not observed the world around you all around.

Because on the day of judgment and before the Lord of the universe (swt), the other, be it religious obscurantists could not discern a Muslim land and land or population is majority not Muslim, or whatever the anti-Islam concealed in non Muslim land, they and they assumeronts their behaviors and their hostilities against the Muslim religion, and including a title of reminder and a warning to the enemies of the religion Muslim and the religion of Islam (peace), their lands belong to the Lord of the universe (swt), the creator of the heavens, the Earth and the universe, whether those of France, Saudi Arabia, of Afghanistan, Pakistan, of Algeria, from Morocco, Sudan, of Tunisia, in Libya, the United States of America, Israel, Africa South, of Russia, of China, of the Japan, of the Canada, of Australia, of the Brazil, India, and Germany.

Similarly, in one sign that the time for change and come for others astray in Saudi, in Afghanistan or Pakistan for making the wrong has the Muslim religion by having export their ideological principle of obscurantism to countries where populations are a m non-Muslim ajorite, while giving a negative image of Islam among the non-Muslim populations of Islam, because in truth, the France, the Belgium, Britain, the Russia, the Spain, the United States, the Germany are culturally and identitairement Nations comparable to the Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and the Afghanistan. Then Europe and the American continent, are they really land of tolerance and foster? These same nations which, because of their deception, exporting their fundamentals to and in countries where populations are a Muslim majority that has been offered to them by the Illuminati, and this, with the complicity of dictators and entirely corrupt hypocrites and concealed in the false democracy of the powerful lobbies of the diaspora who have been illuminated (dazzled) by the side material and political socialism, communism and mercantile capitalism which divides the world Islamic.

Especially, when a Muslim religion of Islam which is a way of life, a philosophy and a way of thinking mind the principle of secularism of the atheists, and agnostics, policies, Pagans, totally corrupt materialists who thirst of Dounia and the delights of low ca world, but also the principle of the racist fascists who think they are superior to other peoples, all those and all those who plot to censor, see to renovate the Muslim religion to the adpater has their way of life to make a vile profit commercial, as well as the soubbhana Allah God your ala indicated clearly in the Holy Qur’an, which is shown below, but on the other hand, when labor was cheap and not too indignant person and when in the same time we want to break the claims of a European workforce, there, close your eyes on the Muslim way of life, a wise with your 3 large pyarmides of Giza, you will understand, inch’Allah (swt) )

Holy Qur’an : surah 2 Al-Baqarah (the cow) /verset 120
you don’t get approved neither Jews nor Christians when you’ve followed their confession. Say: “it is other way of truth than that of God !” However, If by chance you were to their desires, after science that you received, you might find you before God without defense or rescue. »

However if these women want to wear the niquab as seem them anywhere private and public company after thinking carefully weighing the pros and cons by their free will, then they should have the same freedom to dress as the ur looks, as feminists and other sexist tyrants of the left and extreme left parties have obtained the same freedom to dress, undress and show off as see fit them in any place public and private company , especially, with their slogan from the years 70 created by the Mmovement Liberale Femme (MLF), and after that this mode of the exhibitionist and nudity was introduced in the French company, not only by liberal feminist extremism came from the United States to divide what God has always wanted to unite: the man and the woman in the community Muslim, in order to found families, because of the sanctity of marriage and fidelity, contrary to the wishes of some and others plotters who want to divide what God wants to unite.

Especially, after all these outfits banned in Islam have been imported in Muslim and European cultures by extremism and without faith nor law of hippies from the United States with their slogan of love and peace, smoking grass, sending in the air with sex and rock and roll by sharing the manna and quails, the women and girls sometimes, then set up clothing outfits in order to export it to Muslim through the countries personalities close to communism and socialism, but also through personalities close to the ideologies anarchist of far left are these manipulators of political conspirators with their ideals manipulating our brothers and Sisters of Islam against the capitalist system that is just as totalitarian as the others, but also through the close character of the Liberal and neo-conservative of the mercantile extremism that comes from the United States and the West in general with the help of hypocrites and imposters who pretend to be Muslims born in religion is of Muslim descent, but also and especially through sex tourism and Western fashion.

And if laws are voted against the right to dress as we see fit in any place public and private company, and the fundamental principle of freedom of expression offered any free woman to speak, to think, to cover or to show forms of s We body as him seems to place public and private company as stipulated in the universal imposture of the rights of man and of the woman displayed below, then in all fairness, then according to the fundamental principle of equality and the same treatment among women, these same laws must prohibit the Exhibitionists feminist and sexist extremes, and left their rights to exhibit their nudity, to wear mini-skirts , dress with trousers greenhouse and very tight showing the shapes of their bodies, as well as wearing transparent dresses showing off their body shapes on the principle of equality between all women, and according to article 18 of the universal declaration of human rights which you can read the imposture of the article in question afichee below, one of the followers of the secularism having it set up to divide to better accommodate the dictatorship in order to implement the exhibitionism to a vile trade profit of fashion, and at the same time, to better rule the Muslim population…

Then notice to the fascists of laity, fundamentalists and extremists of feminists and from sexist political movements who want to separate what God has always wanted to join, as well as imposters, hypocrites and tyrants who want to force some women has become fashionable exhibitionism Western for a vile trade profit of fashion by their own tyranny be established against individual liberty, don’t become the enemies of Islam, messengers, Angels, and God , surely you will be amongst the losers, just because before wanting to fight religious extremism has abroad, fight already at home, in your Western jungle, the extremism of freedom Capitalist you want to globalize in Muslim, because of the principle of globalization imperialialiste established for vile commercial gain, economic and financial elites and their herds of sheep and goats that are thirsty to riches races, world-renowned and power, that is the one-eyed and the blind in the middle of an order established by the elites where the one-eyed man is King .

Eventually religious extremism is not caused and do not cause the terrorsime, especially after the manipulated and exploited since 1979 against the materialistic side of consumer ideology of the Socialism and communism, but also and especially as a warning for anarchists of faith without laws that are atheists and agnostics other.

Because in truth, its feminist impostors and their male followers from the fashion world which has nothing to do with any principle of modernism, they and they love that the cult of the $ material and the race to riches for power offered to them through enlightenment that they and they received of the one who was on the American greenback, just as you can see you even below where it is clearly registered IN GOD WE TRUST : In God we believe to see In God we do trust to create the great fitna (division) within the Muslim world to conquer and continue thus a establish world order of obscurantism (of ignorance and deception) by a new political deal of the 21th century to a last day that will be terrifying for those who follow this new world order, as well as the materialistic concept of military dictatorships set up for 3Rd Millennium.

All the conspirators of Illuminati and Masons francs together hand in hand in order to apply the laws of censorship, voyeurism and the resulting tyranny and putting up with the principle of secularism, not only on the workplaces that have nothing to do with the public function, but also in the middle of the sphere of privacy, among other things, to censor the right to dress religiously as good seems to us in any public place in the sphere of the economic globalization , political and financial, and understand this as well, this right to dress as good seems to us in secular nations like France because of the fundamental principle of globalisation of the free movement of goods and people in economic and social a globalized unique mash wanted by the Illuminati themselves, but with their principle of Novus Ordo Secloum displayed below on the greenback materialists, then that of the various esoteric sects and Mystics who follow their passions, not wisdom and reason.

With below, here are 2 Hadith authentic Al-Bukhaari and Muslim intended for all siblings all the same religion and warn you do not fall into disbelief alongside those who disbelieve having manipulated them then exploited for vile material profit, to make you tough and patient in waiting for the sign which occur in Mecca, as announced by the beloved prophet Muhammad (saaws) and prophesied, the sign of the narrated hadith by a scholar of Islam who is displayed in video called on Al-Mahdi Hadiths which you is passed back to the chapter Introduction to this website.

Including the first references No. 1559 in having received the consensus of all Muslim scholars, located at 730 page in the book Riyadh’re-Saliheen’s police stationgardens of virtue “of Yahya Ibn Sharaf Ed-DIN An-Nawawi to editions universal. Ibn Mas’oud (Allah the authorized) reported that the Prophet (saaws) said: “insult the Muslim is impiety, and fight of disbelief

Then for the second chapter 90 and page 371 by the hadith that received consensus references by the No. 698 which according Djarir Ibn Abdullah (Allah the Chartered) has reported this from the Prophet liked Muhammad (saaws): “the Messenger of Allah (saaws) ordered me, during the farewell pilgrimage , to ask the people to observe silence and listen to his sermon“.” Then he said : don’t become disbelievers, after my death (saaws) in you show .”

From elsewhere in their triangular pyramid and if you are a keen observer, you’ll notice displayed below and above the position of the blind eye of the Antichrist that is placed at the top of the pyramid, not only and in a symbolic equation means the global alliance of the world bourgeoisie of Frankish Masons who sees everything with the help of the secret services, as demonstrated by the one-eyed Antichrist displayed below eye with the inscription “Total Information English Awareness System“(TIAS) and the latin inscription of Scienta is Potentia, which in French means the connaissnace is be power and” that is other than that of the Big Brother who is watching you by a Pact of alliance with Oussama Ben Laden and Al-Qaida have been implemented by the very secret of The National Security Agency (NSA) agency which is none other than the new American instrument for a total surveillance of the communications world, but with the complicity of the media world, Internet, business, politics, finance and television in order to protect their great pyramids of oppression set up by their Nnew Order Mglobal of decadence and from tyranny of the social classes easy and well positioned in the level of the pyramid society of the 21St century where bees goes out, and if the bees goes out, then the world order of the world bourgeoisie of all stripes, will be also upset of combe Fund being replaced by the real world order intended by Allah (swt), peace for a period limited to be resurrected and judged…

With in addition, you will notice other evidence of the blind eye displayed on the universal declaration of human rights as unbelievers, infidels and hypocrites want to universalize, it protects the mafia, traffickers of all kinds, the assassins, as well as the war criminals from the world of politics, armament, industry and nuclear power, as the powerful crowned world heads: USA, European Union , Russia, China and all their allies worldwide who provide materials first necessary for such genocide comettre, whose one of the Genocide nuclear committed on Muslim civilians, and in Islamic nations, one that you can contemplate nuclear Genocide of this site chapter Internet, then human rights protects political personalities corrupted and their corruptors, especially personalities policy in the Arab world who pretend to be Muslims and who subsequently being immersed in their races to the material wealth, become themselves the tyrants and dictators oppressing their peoples and not corrupt clerics who denounced all this decadence, all this debauchery sexual and everything which is retrograde to humanity.

The imposture of universal declaration of human rights which protects the world powerful lobbies who corrupt democracy, as well as offenders who don’t respect anything or anyone devoting a cult exclusive to the destruction of property and people, all by setting fire has our suburbs, because when we love destroy everything, all break, all burn, all hit and then insult everyone by bad words, then all fly in a country that has peacefully yiannias their ancestors, can only be that of followers of the eye blind of the antichrist of chaos, anarchy and violence, so that later, military dictators, tyrants and enemies of islam can set up, not only the monitoring of big brother, but also the tyranny and the censorship against the religious world, therefore, youth in suburbs and in the name of God (swt), carefully because you make the game of the enemies of Islam who wait that moment opportunt and long-awaited to settle their censorship and tyranny against the principle of true freedom of Islamic religious conscience, so that by your own free will, you can discern the truth of the lie conveyed in the Holy Qur’an, which is supported by the real Hadith having not been tampered with by the plotters.

So that finally, this same statement of human rights could not protect the victims, goods and people, whether elderly or not, just as proves it videos posted above that the followers of the Antichrist we censored on Dailymotion , and this, unlike the laws of her charria Islamic which protects both made attacks on honest citizens, to the poor, to the weak physically in need of protection, as the property of individuals, but also so that the leaders and their tribes do not have the opportunity to fly the State coffers (the money of the people for the people) whose religion Muslim and by application of the laws of the charriah and Islamic jurisprudence, condemn and Chase as well the corrupt corruptors implementation of powerful lobby groups materialistic in the worlds of politics, finance and business in their new world order where evil done predominate, and God only knows how many they are these time, African, Arab, European, North American, Asian and South American countries.

And this, in a signal clear address to some and to others, by the laws of the charriah prevention by sending a very clear message to the corrupt and the corruptors who would be tempted by the devil to bring chaos, crime , delinquency for better install the tyranny and censorship against the world religious for the benefit of the infidels, unbelievers, hypocrites and lay people who love politics using the pretext of extremism or fundamentalism religious after having care to handle it to use it in the direction of the Afghanistan by a diabolical manipulation which took place against the world truly religiously Muslim Islam (submitted to the peace) in order to to make a weapon of war and terror in the world after that the enemies of peace (Islam), the United States and then their Zionist allies, as well as the churches of Scientology and evangelicals who have nothing angelic in their policy of evangelization Muslim lands, have manipulated then exploited the Arab militias in the direction of the Afghanistan, and to understand the manipulation that has held globally against the world of Islam, then go visit the chapter 911 of this Web site

With shown below, and further proof of the imposture of the unique eye elites doing parties in politics of left, here is the article 18 of the universal declaration of human rights of 1789 achieved subsequent to the declaration of 1789, and probably during Assembly of 1791 or 1792 which is none other than Assembly today, representing a tiny minority of the people with his unique eye and its principle to globalize its legislation because of its unique pesnee, one that the political left masonry wants to globalise and globalize, including in Muslim land, with as a first step, to Europe by the Union European social classes middle and upper society who have the power to pass laws against the religious world, and then to the continental level of each continents lived, as for example in Asia, Africa and the middle and Near East, etc… to get rid of religion and what it represents for the bottom of the pyramid

Just as proven the videos which are presented in this chapter, and as proved here again on the first step of their conspiracy in having first been implementation has across Europe, starting with France, born in the US of a revolutionary Masonic thought very materialistic, and whose plans of France having succede one after the other are presented by clicking on leaders in the history of France Similarly, it is important to note the very close link between Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France with the program of the European Union set up across Europe, contemplating the declaration which is identical has one shown below by clicking on secular French Masonic symbol

The universal declaration of human rights of the blind eye and set up by the masonry of the United nations, after having followed the declaration of the French masonry had ratified it by 3 times, which for the first time in 1952, in 1974 then one last time in 1981 by this expensive Government Socialist in Mr. François Miterrand, and this, in a Banana Republic that proclaims loud and apply the rights of humanity, but in having taken care to forget to apply one of the fundamental principle of the spiritual freedom of conscience, of thought and of expression in any place private society, y understood against Christian and Jewish women, without having to live a any persecution and oppression of any kind in respect of one or an individual free to think and express themselves, not would be around through a hijjab (of a port scarf) delicately placed on the head and that night nothing to any fundamental principle of secularism, which was to the contrary, protect the believing women because of the fundamental principle, in any mode of life “including lay” it No exsite no compulsion in religion . And that the principle of secularism is also a way of life, so a form of religion by a tyranny of the single thought put in place by the followers of the cult of the eye, and unique of the Antichrist, by the fundamental principle of the law of God transmitted in l e Holy Quran and displayed below.

Holy Qur’an : surah 2 Al-Baqarah (the cow) /verset 256
no constraint in religion . ” Because the right path is distinguished from error. So, anyone who resisteth the rebel while he believes in Allah seized the strongest Cove, which will never break. And Allah is hearer and Knower. »

No compulsion in religion” that religion is also, also be a way of life, a philosophy, a way of thinking, freedom of conscience that should not be a constraint has by another form of philosophy, including that of secularism was put in place by materialistic ideologies of communism, socialism and capitalism, because that by putting in place this tyranny against the believing women who are free to practise and express their religion, both in private as in public, this goes against article 18 of the universal declaration of human rights stated below…

Therefore the proof of the imposture of the universal declaration of human rights having forgotten rights of religions in private land (places of work as well as those of education), not only on the issue the freedom to manifest his religion or belief alone or in common, both in public and in private by the Sham article which is not applied in the private workplace. Unlike rights offenders, the mafias and organized crime and criminals have obtained, which yet and dawn d ela statehood Zionist and lay of hiding behind the Jewish religion, Israel was ratified the 10 December 1948 then adopted by nations United in being based on the declaration of 1789, with as you can see on the photo above located at the top of the Earth pyramid, the blind eye of the Antichrist that is other than that of the false religion of Egyptian set up by the personalities of the world of politics, finance and the global economic crisis concealing their technological mastery of time to travel against humanity located at the top of the pyramid, and that is other than the program Star Wars of objects flying anti gravity designated as witnesses illuminated in the history of humanity that aren’t that sliders identified amongst many other as being the ASTRA 3B TR you can see by clicking on 1947, Roswell, Israel, area 51 and temporal distortions

With below the Charter of the United nations, the list of 48 Member States having ratified the Charter, similarly, that the 8 abstentionistes with a view to the establishment of a new world order that was decreed the September 1990 and was supposed to be “foundedon the moral values of the founding fathers of the United nations which the statement shown below part of the moral valuess and spiritual of the masonry, through the speech from the Grandmaster of the Illuminati that you can contemplate the chapter new order Global of this website…

With the list of States having ratified on 10 December 1948, the proclamation of the universal declaration of the rights of man, including the secular States who call themselves Muslim like the Turkey, and which in all reality , do respect not their commitments as a result of his act declaring the ban on the veil in its universities, but did you read , and Yes, China figure also in the list as well as the United States and this dear and sweet France :

United States of America, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, France, China, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Denmark, Egypt, El El Salvador, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Greece, Guatemala, Haiti, India, Islamic Republic of Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Liberia, Luxembourg, Mexico, Nicaragua, Norway, New Zealand, Panama, Paraguay, Netherlands, Peru, Philippines, Republic Syria, Dominican Republic, Turkey, Ukraine, Uruguay, Venezuela, Afghanistan, Iceland, Sweden, Thailand, Pakistan, Myanmar.

Only 2 nations not took part in the vote on the proclamation of human rights: the Honduras and the Yemen.

List of 8 abstainers :
with well of course first and foremost of which is the South Africa practicing apartheid which refused the claim to the right to equality without distinction of birth or race, then comes in the race the tyrannical and oppressive States in 1948 at the time the Stalinist Marxist regimes Communist such as the Poland, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, the federation of Russia, the Ukraine and the Belarus, then comes in the race of abstainers Saudi Arabia which denies equality of rights and duties between man and woman.

While the Holy Quran says just the opposite, with a title of evidence for the blind, the deaf and the blind here is displayed below the Holy Surahs of the Holy Book, then a video transmitted in a reminder of the superiority of our religion on any other religion, including on the Sham of human rights set up by the principle of secularism which separates the nation of his religion and motivates a scholar of Islam at the divorce between the man and the woman for a vile material benefit of the powerful lobby of the republics of lawyers, who also this video is supported by several hadiths of the beloved prophet Muhammad (saaws) who you are presented below, the Messenger Muhammad (saaws) who will be a witness against the plotters, not only as a warning to the Saud dynasty had risen in the province of the Nejd for usurping the Caliphate to the Hashemite dynasty to succeed to the throne as being in charge of this great fitna, but also against the other conspirators that are followers of secular politics with a single eye and a single thought based on the ideology of pan-Arabism which contradicts has the Muslim philosophy of the pan-Islamic and peace between brothers and sisters of the same religion and freedom of peaceful expression in Muslim.

Holy Qur’an : surah 2 Al-Baqarah (the cow) /verset 223
your wives are to you a field of labour; go to your field as [and when] you want and work for yourself in advance. Fear Allah, and know that you will encounter. And do graceful ads to the believers ! »

Holy Quran : Surah Ar – Rum (the Romans) /verset 21 30
and among his signs he created you, for you, wives for you to live in peace with them. and he put between you affection and goodness. In this are signs for a people who reflect. »


1 ) “O men ! You have rights over your women and your women have rights over you. Fear God in your behavior toward women. I recommend you to be good to women, the best among you is he who behave best towards his wife“narrated by Bukhari and Muslim.

( 2) “the best of you is the best (in his conduct) to his family and I am the best of you upside down my” family“.” Narrated by Tirmidhi.

( 3) “the believer who has the most complete faith is one who has the best character and who is the more gentle toward his wife.” Narrated by Tirmidhi.

( 4) “the believer whose faith is the most perfect is one whose morals are the noblest. The best ones are the best to their wives “Narrated by Tirmidhi.

( 5) “that no believer hates his wife, is it naime not in it some character traits, there are others that he will appreciate” certainly“narrated by Muslim.

The 10 December 1948 the 58 Member States which were then the General Assembly of United nations, has adopted the Universal Declaration of human rights in Paris at the Palais de Chaillot) resolution 217 A (III)) but if this link is censored by the supporters of the false freedom of expression to the UN close to Massih ad dajjal (Antichrist) to frizzy hair, because of the evidence of This censorship with this UN.

And to commemorate its adoption, the human rights day which is another that of the secular dictatorship, it is celebrated every year the 10 December . Besides, to learn more, read the dedicated section in thehistory of the Declaration of human rights but also and especially by clicking on set up in 1942 by the 5 super-powers conspiracy of the global dictatorship of the United nations having put in place the order established by Satan and his followers.

Preamble :

Whereas the recognition of the dignity inherent in all members of the human family and their equal and inalienable rights is the Foundation of freedom , justice and peace in the world .

Considering that the disregard and contempt for human rights have led to acts of brutality that appal the conscience of mankind, and the advent of a world where human beings human will be free to speak and to believe , free from the terror and misery , has been proclaimed as the highest aspiration of human .

Whereas it is essential that human rights are protected by the rule of law so that the man is not forced, as a supreme resort, to revolt against the tyranny and oppression. (where only she comes, including nations governed by the followers of secularism and the single eye of the United nations who have set up their own statement which has their own tyranny and their own oppression against religious and believers) What are the non-materialiste which denounces their Sham)

whereas it is essential to encourage the development of friendship between nations.

Whereas in the Charter the peoples of the United nations have proclaimed again their faith in fundamental human rights,in the dignity and worth of the human person, in the equal rights of men and women, and that they were determined to promote social progress and to establish better standards of life in larger freedom.

Whereas the Member States committed themselves to ensure, in cooperation with the United Nations, the universal and effective fundamental freedoms and human rights respect.

Whereas a design common to these rights and freedoms is of the utmost importance to fill full commitment.

The General Assembly proclaims this universal human rights Declaration as the common ideal to be attained by all peoples and all nations so that all individuals and all the organs of the company, with this Declaration constantly in mind, strive, by teaching and education, to develop respect for these rights and freedoms and to ensure, by progressive measures of national and international recognition and enforcement universal and effective, both among the populations of the Member States themselves than among those of the territories placed under their jurisdiction.

Article 1 :

All human beings humans are born free and equal in dignity and rights . They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards the other in a spirit of fraternity.

Article 2 :

1. everyone can take advantage of all rights and freedoms proclaimed in this Declaration, without distinction none, including race, color, sex, language, religion, political opinion or any other opinion, national or social origin, fortune, birth or other status.

2. in addition, it will be makes no distinction based on status of political, legal or international of the country or territory to which a person belongs, that country or territory is independent, supervised, non-self or subject to a limitation any sovereignty.

Article 3 :

Everyone has the right to life, to the freedom and the security of person.

Article 4 :

No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade are prohibited in all their forms.

Article 5 :

No one will be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment.

Article 6 :

Everyone has the right to the recognition of his legal personality.

Article 7 :

All are equal before the law and entitled without discrimination to equal protection of the law. All are entitled to equal protection against any discrimination that violates this statement and any provocation to such discrimination. (including that of belonging to a religion around a hijjab port where the right education and labor would be denied )

Article 8 :

Any person is entitled to an effective remedy before the competent national courts against acts violating the fundamental rights granted him by the constitution or by law.

Article 9 :

No person shall be arbitrarily arrested, detained or exiled.

Article 10 :

Any person is entitled, in full equality, to a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal who will decide, or of his rights and obligations or of the merits of any directed criminal charge against it.

Article 11 :

1. every person accused of a crime is presumed innocent until guilt has been legally established during a public trial where all guarantees necessary for his defence will have been provided.

2. no one will be sentenced for actions or omissions which, at the time when they were committed, did not constitute a crime under national or international law. Similarly, it will be not inflicted no greater sentence than that which was applicable at the time when the criminal act was committed.

Article 12 :

No one will be subject to arbitrary interference in his private life, family, home or correspondence, or attacks on his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.

Article 13 :

1. every person has the right to freedom of movement and choice of residence within a State.

2. every person has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country.

Article 14 :

1. in the face of persecution, every person has the right to seek asylum and to benefit from asylum in other countries.

2. this right may not be invoked in the case of prosecutions actually based on a common crime or acts contrary to the purposes and the principles of the United nations.

Article 15 :

1. everyone has the right to a nationality.

2. no person shall be arbitrarily deprived of his nationality or the right to change his nationality.

Article 16 :

1. marriageable age, the man and the woman, with no restrictions as to race, nationality or religion, have the right to marry and to found a family. They have equal rights in marriage, during marriage and at its dissolution.

2. marriage may be entered into only with the free and full consent of the future spouses.

3. the family is the natural and fundamental of society and is entitled to the protection of society and the State.

Article 17 :

1. any person, alone as well as in community, is entitled to the property.

2. no person shall be arbitrarily deprived of his property

Article 18 :

Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, of conscience and religion ; this right includes freedom to change religion or belief and freedom to manifest his religion or belief alone or in common, both in public and in private, by teaching , practices, worship and the performance of rituals.

Article 19 :

Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression , which implies the right not to be molested for his opinions and of Search , of receive and spread , without consideration of borders , information and ideas by any means of expression either .

Article 20 :

1. any person has the right to freedom of Assembly and association peaceful.

2. no one may be compelled to belong to an association.

Article 21 :

1. any person has the right to take part in the conduct of public affairs of his country, either directly or through freely chosen representatives.

2. any person has the right to access, on terms of equality, to public service in his country.3. the will of the people is the basis of the authority of Government; This will must be expressed in genuine elections which must take place periodically, to equal universal suffrage and the secret ballot or an equivalent procedure ensuring the freedom of the vote.

Article 22 :

Everyone, as a member of society, has the right to social security; She is entitled to obtain the satisfaction of economic, social and cultural rights essential to his dignity and the free development of his personality, through national effort and international cooperation, in view of the Organization and resources of each country.

Article 23 :

Everyone has the right to rest and leisure and to a reasonable limitation of working hours and periodic paid leave.

Article 24 :

1. everyone has the right to work, to free choice of work, to equitable and satisfactory conditions of work and to protection against unemployment.

2. all are entitled, without discrimination, to equal pay for equal work.

3. everyone who works has the right to a fair and satisfactory remuneration assuring him and his family a life consistent with human dignity and supplemented, if necessary, by other means of social protection.

4. every person has the right to form trade unions and to join trade unions for the protection of his interests.

Article 25 :

1. any person entitled to a standard of living adequate for health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing, medical care and necessary social services ; She is entitled to security in case of unemployment, disease, disability, widowhood, old age or other cases of loss of livelihood as a result of circumstances beyond his control.

2. motherhood and childhood are entitled to assistance and special assistance. All children, whether born in marriage or out of wedlock, enjoy the same social protection.

Article 26 :

1. any person has the right to education. Education shall be free, at least with regard to basic and fundamental education. Elementary education is compulsory. Technical and vocational education must be generalized; access to higher education must be open in full equality to all according to their merit.

2. education must aim for the full development of the human personality and to the strengthening of respect for the rights of man and fundamental freedoms. It must promote understanding, tolerance and friendship among all nations and all racial or religious groups as well as the development of the activities of the United Nations for the maintenance of peace.

3. the parents have, by priority, the right to choose the kind of education given to their children.

Article 27 :

1. every person has the right to take part freely in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts and to participate in scientific progress and the benefits that result.

2. everyone has the right to the protection of the moral and material interests resulting from any scientific, literary or artistic production of which he is the author.

Article 28 :

Every person has right to reign, socially and internationally, an order such as the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration can find full effect.

Article 29 :

1. the individual has duties to the community in which alone the free and full development of his personality is possible.

2. in the exercise of his rights and in the enjoyment of their freedoms, everyone is subject only to the limitations established by law exclusively to ensure recognition and respect for the rights and freedoms of others and in order to meet the just requirements of morality, public order and the general welfare in a democratic society.

3. these rights and freedoms may, in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations.

Article 30 :

Nothing in this Declaration may be interpreted as implying for any State, a group or an individual a right any to engage in an activity or to perform an act aimed at the destruction of rights and freedoms which are statements.

Article 30 :
If this declaration may be interpreted as implying for any, a group or an individual, why in this case the Charter of the United Nations the universal declaration of human rights was created, and then ratified by the founding members of the United nations, then as René Cassin precursor of the proclamation says just the opposite, and which at the time was the delegate of the France has the General Assembly of the United Nations, and, as evidenced by the below reasons according to articles 55 and 56 of the Charter of the United Nations:

In its course from 1951 to the other, René. Cassin, delegate of France to the General Assembly of the United Nations and when the resolution was adopted there, note that the Universal Declaration constitutes an element of interpretation of article 56 of the Charter of the United Nations, that imposes a legal obligation to Member States of the Organization to cooperate to achieve the goals, therefore implementing implementation and the application of the legislation in force of the universal declaration. Indeed, “respect universal and effective the rights of man and fundamental freedoms for all, without distinction of race, sex, language or religion”, in article 55 of the Charter of the United Nations, among the objectives that the United Nations will promote was the fulfillment of the latter

So that finally it is not applied, and we know she reason, because to understand, just to watch the videos at the top of this chapter and read the text displayed below some photos and videos, especially, once a certain George Herbert Walker Bush ordered on September 11, 1990, and before the American Senate, the Foundation of a new world order based on the moral values of the founding fathers of the United nations.

Also, this hadith of the beloved Muhammad the trustworthy (saaws) destined for all the lost designated above below, so that they come back fast on the right direction for not not Airbus the punishment that has been promised to them, because if you are not blind or blind, you can see you same all around you, and Hakim (may Allah be pleased with him) that the Prophet (saaws) said about the time: “ “The wrong people will be honoured, rabaissees good, acts and practices will be rare while much talk.”

And speaking today in your opinion a lot, if not politicians, royalty and the materialists of all stripes who like to compete in this materialistic construction building of the Tower of babel put in place by this new world of order even by religious extremists of tyrants and censors and other charlatans of televangelists thirsting to govern and found their own churches while competing in building constructions very high in the middle of a tower of Babel ‘from the Ziggurat/pyramid”and all posing for the Mahdi see for the Messiah, while there is Mahdi Mahdi and Messiah (aws) (aws) Jesus, son of Mary, who will follow the Mahdi, because this one and all as confirmed authentic hadiths, including some that are related by Sheikh Mohammed Hassan in the video titled hadiths on Al-Mahdi displayed in chapter Introduction this site Internet where it is clearly stated that the Mahdi will be pushed by the (aws) Messiah at his return to Earth and after having killed the false Messiah (the Antichrist/ad-dajjal), in order to direct the salat) ( the church prayer service) at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, after having been prevented by the Zionist regime of Israel took control of Jerusalem.

Following a spiritual misguidance of materialists and other tyrants of lay people who because of their tyranny, and then implement their censorship by being hidden in the middle of this new world order retrograde is just a sham, a lie, hypocrisy, one total decadence, not only for the vice and wickedness of mind each and others, then for grave nudity, crime and organized crime, but also for all the corruption implementing dictatorship, censorship and surveillance that is displayed everywhere in public, as place being a devoted cult has the exhibitionism and voyeurism in the middle of a company or the place of human dignity has lost his place in the middle of a world of one-eyed and followers of the borgne where the one-eyed man is King at the top of his pyramid, and Central for all the followers of this new world order hide in their heart and their soul, because of their materialistic lust of any kind, which that exploitation of the vulnerability of undocumented who arranges some emigration materialistic and secular who thinks he’s been blessed, who has residence permits, see dual citizenship, that of the 2 sides of the 2 shores of the Mediterranean, but also shops, workshops sewing, businesses, and nightclubs, discos, bars, hotels, apartments and cellars and very lucrative taudits rent to the undocumented, the poverty-stricken herdsmen who in the middle of a world of pyramids are other than people of down who are are reduced the status of slaves by ultra-materialistic profiteers taking advantage of the system of generous Western to reach the top of the pyramid and eventually install censorship and tyranny, not only in order to gag religious who denounces this perversity, but also and above all to continue a take advantage of the system and eventually continue so well to exploit the rift to an so-called misery of undocumented, by the practice of modern slavery and of the esploitation of human beings humans in being set up by a certain secular mafia that comes from black Africa and Africa North, but also of Turkey, as attested and proves testimonials of Muslims that is presented in the video below called slavery African well organized by the secular mafias.

But especially and as evidenced in video below titled brother Omar Ba illegal in Dakar testifies on slavery with a testimonial from a real brother Muslim Senegalese, who previously was a former stowaway from Dakar having him same veccu this agony of modern slavery and the traffiquants of papers that will taste the torment of the fire, which today and hamdoullilah, as a free man and after undergoing this modern slavery of slavery in Africa against which the beloved prophet will witness Muhammad (saaws), brother Omar Ba denounce this traffic of beings humans, and which I invite you to read his book, “I came, I saw and I think more“but to give you a taste of history, then click on Omar Ba: I came and I don’t believe (the good material being offered by the)” Kufr Socialist and Communist francs masonries of the near Devil of secularism)

Because as the title of his book suggests, brother Omar Ba no longer believe in the lie of the eldorado European which is relayed by the false propaganda materialists populations black African and North African who left Islam from being at the service of followers of the Antichrist, those who loves to appear in order to get noticed by the practice of the Exhibitionism, and who are the followers of the materialistic philosophy of the misleading ad-dajjal who do believe in the supperflu to well benefit financially from this slave traffic that is supported, then encouraged and supported by the rebels of the left with their materialistic ideology.

So finally, this same very well organized and very well oiled African mafia can continue by waves as slaves and smuggling has very cheap being undocumented in order to send them towards what they do believe as the European eldorado, such a wheel that rotates to continue this way in order to make the most of the industry of undocumented, where mothers and fathers in Africa mourn their children having sunk in the waters of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean left on the boats filled with humans and sometimes pregnant women from Africa to be directed by smugglers to the so-called el-dorado, but for the good be material of the slavers are fishermen and the corrupt to North Africa, which those belonging has the social class, political and trade union officials, the military, customs of North Africa and black Africa ratings corrupt the soul and the spirit by well organized networks that are great sinners of slavery, for the good material of emigrants from Europe and Africa which the Prophet Muhammad (saaws) will be witness against you on the day of judgment, even against those who govern you, whether you are King at the Morocco, president in Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Mali, Niger, or Senegal in being all followed by their marabouts self-proclaimed kalife sorcerers and their tribal family clans that governs the country, and please know that as a slave you have zero protective and no no intercessor against the punishment of God (swt), because after being warned by having received the Holy Quran, no Messenger rissalah will intervene in your favor and no Messenger will protect against the punishment of Allah (swt) for making the unique religion, an association of God with Satan, because your rituals and religious practices.

Because the sign of the number 22 of this website that is displayed with the 19 letters of the Basmallah is only a warning from the essay of 19 points of light occurred in 2006 off the coast of the Senegalese took a picture by a noble believing Muslim who does not associate the cult of the witchcraft of the infidels of the marabouts with Islam, as well as the idolatry of materialism, and Moreover, was a photographic sign attested by several imams in his neighbourhood broadcast video which is entitled to sign the 19 letters of the Basmallah Internet and the side of the video entitled the internet sign of the 99 +. beautiful names of God by a clear relationship, having a direct relationship with the year 1999 , you can contemplate InIntroduction chapter of this website…

The video 2 and the 2 signs posted at the Introduction section which are only the warning of Holy surah Al-fatiha (the opening or the prologue) that you is broadcast on the same the Introduction chapter titled Al-Fatiha and Islam-2012 intended has all the slavers and has all their accomplices of marabouts and sorcerers who associate Allah (swt) with the shaytane ( ( Devil), Holy surah of the opening of a last judgment representing a painful punishment that will be eternal, whether Arab or non-Arab.

THEN in this secular Republic
having implemented the UNIVERSALIZATION of the universal DECLARATION of human rights

This is the crime, the perversity of the spirit of the little demons who pretend to be victims of racism, as the Zionists who accused you of being anti-Semitic to censor you and not to reveal the truth about their own behaviours, their words and their own depravity of mind that shows what they hide in their hearts and in their dishonest mind posing as a victim of racism, but after that the pervert of lay people have put in place their statement by pretend to believe in God (swt).

Not only in order to prove the superiority of Muslim laws on rights to sow anarchy, crime and chaos, but also to contemplate the behaviors of the pervert of the spirit that are displayed below, and inch’Allah ( SWT) you will understand that their behaviors of small demons that demonstrates then reflects exactly what they hide in their minds and in their hearts, because of their wickedness and because of their love to destroy everything, burning everything, break everything and everything hit (including the elderly), as well as of all fly by bait of gain and easy money a draw (even violent), and do to lie while not respecting nothing nor nobody except their own community because of their ethnic racism that they hide the view all and all.

In fact, if there is a powerful secular lobby issue emigration who believes to have been blessed in being concealed in the Halde, and who wants to pass laws very draconian to censor and prevent the update of some truth which doesn’t Nathan secular principle, being eager show figures on racism through laws has the American with affirmative action, either on applications has offers of employment or refusals regarding entries in nightclubs (Disco) , because when one is a pious, or a devout Muslim, we won’t have this kind of night place reserved for the infidels “kafiroune” of lay people, so do so also appear the real figures on convictions, whether those handed down by the courts, as those filed in police stations concerning crimes and offences which are committed by those who pretend to be victims of racism, but it also complaints which are classified without further action, see lists has the following year in order to hide the true figures of crimes and offences committed in the year and for each district.

Because in truth, everyone doesn’t have a chance to live in the Bohemian bourgeois sections left and right like a certain issue elite of secular emigration which indicates between gillemets and supposedly “have cottoyer a sharp sensitive neighborhoods” concentration of different ethnicities from emigration”, was less than the last lot of followers of the massih dajjal (Antichrist) hiding the truth by the lie, where Here again, the origin of the etymology on l‘s notion of the blind and single eye of massih dajjal who manipulates your mind and figures , around the language hidden lies and deception which means be a follower of the Antichrist with a blind eye and a single thought of the dictatorship heading towards censorship, who has a eye open and who doesn’t want or even what suits him, then theanother eye which is closed and is not voir what’s bothering .

Simply, because the truth bothers him and that it goes against some its financial interests, political and economic, then the followers of the Antichrist massih, and justice for all, you speak of figures and of affirmative action has take, also in a sense that in othere.

Which in this case, the figures concerning the behaviors very anti-Islamic perverts of the spirit which is of Muslim descent and as well in being domiciled in large cities than in its suburbs and his campaign by posing as victims of racism, although in all reality and that unfortunately in the West, there are racists that I do not like the racists against that judgment of the Lord of the universe will rise with certainty has the horizon, because they are adptes of the cult of satan because of their hatred of all mankind by creating the fitna (the division) between all black, white, Asian, Indian and Métis communities by making the wrong whole humanity.

Not only for some, because of their behaviors of servants of the devil as well they have between them with the indigenous populations of Europe, while doing great harm to Islam, to the last Prophet Muhammad (saaws) and especially to Allah (swt) that is not associated with Satan, see even to interest Western populations to the Muslim religion in order to get them into Islam, unlike the behaviour of Indian and Asian populations , which yet, do not belong to our Muslim community, and for the other fascists of racists hidden in all communities around their funds of sickening thought that they hide in their looks and in their heart of nationalists who don’t makes you really not want each and others to mix with all these pervert the spirit that all pass themselves victims, unlike the behaviors of the issue of emigration which is very pious and Muslim population with the fear of the judgment last of the Lord of the universe, just as stated below in the Holy Suras of the Qur’an, when God warns the community of believers of all origin and of all ethnic groups combined against his punishment , of our own free will, and because of our free arbrite to differentiate between the good and the bad, and then by our own discernment we obligation to make between good and bad actions to all humanity in the search for the pleasure of Allah.

The difference and the discernment between good and bad deeds that believers and the believing women have obligation to be reformed, especially when the latter are born into Islam, and when they return in Islam because of their conversion, and not to enter Islam to do evil, preaching hatred, see even to reform Islam by introducing your rituals, your traditions and ancestral customs voss who don’t have nothing to do with the single religion of Islam that will be approved only by the All majestic, as Allah za wajal stated in the Holy Qur’an below, especially once you are committed to follow the beloved prophet Muhammad (saaws) because of the pronunciation of the Ach qualifies that there is only one God Unique which is without partner (es), and by the teachings of the Prophet (saaws) displayed below.

Because of the teachings of Islam and the legacy of the Prophet Muhammad (saaws) et hadiths (may peace and salvation be upon him) we have a duty to speak out, to adapt, to follow the meaning of Islamic values , or in other term, that our actions and words are in accordance with our beliefs and our ideology. We are therefore calling to put into practice what we believe.

A this topic here, the Holy Quran below warns those whose actions follow words, or those who do not put their actions with their faith in compliance. Allah – that his name is exalted – says:

Surah 61 (ranks) 2 and 3 /versets
‘ you who believe! ” Why do you say that you do not ? It’s a great abomination with Allah to say what you do not. »

Surah 13 Ar – Ra’d (the Thunder) 11 /verset
«…» Indeed Allah change point the condition of a peopleas long as individuals that makes up the change what is in themselves… »

And this, in order not to harm, nor Islam, nor has the Archangel Gabriel (aws), nor to the beloved prophet Muhammad (saaws) by being truly Muslim “subject and obedient all the wills” Allah (swt()“, but above all, not to do harm to Allah (swt) in” combining your behaviors and monstrous words which take place against European populations, the God who is without partner (es) with Satan, European populations which, because of the immense grace of Allah (swt) have not only welcomed peacefully your ancestors, but also you same so that by your own good behavior and your own good words that must take place against the European natives who are different that the first inhabitants of the European continent can freely and peacefully return to Islam just as says it Allah Allah your ala soubbhana za wajal in Holy Quran below.

Surah Al-Imran (the family of Imran) 57 /verset 3:
“and when those who have faith and do good works, he will give them their rewards. And Allah loves not the unjust »

And certainly not to keep away the European populations because of your behaviour and bad words, – that’s the worshipers of the shaytane of descent African hidden in the suburbs and cities while spreading in the campaigns, the idolaters who notice the promised punishment reserved for those and those who associate with Allah (swt) that should never be associated with (Satan) with pretend to not know how to discern good from evil for the perversity of mind and wickedness as the adoratuers of the devil have in their hearts and their minds, just as confirm the Holy Word of Allah broadcast below, the sacred word that is not in be taken seriously, such a soul of the weight of an atom to be presented before the Lord of the universe, where your soul will be taken by the Angel of death in order to be presented the Lord of the universe (swt) for then there be placed back in your inert body on Earth !

Surah 3 Al-‘Imran (the family of Imran) 30 /verset:
the day when every soul will be confronted with what she will have done well and what she has done wrong ; Commission wish that there is between it and this evil a long distance ! Allah cautions you against himself. Allah is compassionate to [his] servants. »

Because in this case, how is it that populations Asian, Hindu and the community of believers and the Muslim believing women (es) with great piety have no problem of integration in Western society, in genuine fear of last judgment which will be spoken by the Lord of the universe (swt), after you have peacefully made the word of Allah the exalted revealed in the Holy Qur’an a humanity that has a heart to conquer “ the Adama“.

Simply, because peaceful behaviors of the true believer (es) Muslim (es) call mankind to diversity, in order to share knowledge and knowledge, and not to conquer the material and financial wealth offered by the followers of the Christian religion, which then directs you to very bad behaviour to the rest of humanity with this principle of consumption and races to the riches in the middle of these pyramids of the slavery of the elites, to better stand out. whose behaviors of each and the others have no relationship, quez either near or far, with the Muslim religion, that of peace.

The astray of Islam of the peace, who then and after that the Shaytane I embellished them this world with human rights and race to riches established by followers of the single eye are the laity, become then by becoming of the p ften animals having more no relation with the human species, by breaking everything, stole everything, burning everything then hitting everyone, to offer us racism, hatred and division between the communities of humanity, after having planted the chaos, disorder, something that Allah za wajal the all majestic, like not at all, so then these same cabal of illuminati that are the fascists of the left political parties.

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